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  1. Waterloo! I contacted again today the local BM distributor and have NO clue at all when they are bringing P4K to the country. 20 October I am starting a project. The plan was to use a new camera (or else the producer will rent a C200). What other camera with similar ISO performance can you suggest with use with EF lenses?
  2. Sorry to hear that, because I own the 12-100mm and I am waiting for the P4K. I was suspecting such a behavior, but your experience means that it may be even worse. I have used the 12-100mm extensively with the GH5 and I was very pleased with the run and gun possibilities.
  3. Yes, I am sure some wonder about the possibilities of using m43 lens as run and gun solutions. I am interested especially in the 12-100mm Olympus.
  4. I would like to know about the Oly 12-100mm as well.
  5. that is a very good question, as I haven't received my P4K yet, I do not know. I suspect that it won't be as good as on the Panasonic/Olympus cameras. I am afraid all newer-ish lenses will be like this though, from every brand. One good reason to stay in the same brand for camera - lenses. 12mm to 14mm is a big difference in the wide end.
  6. I shoot in 4f-5.6F anyway. Usually there are lights in performances (dance, music, theater) or else the audience can not see. GH5S and Pocket4K have no problem with native 3200ISO. GH5 is very noisy anyway.
  7. Kisaha

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    One costs 1495€ and the other is rumored for 2200$, which in euro money will be around 2499€. Ofcourse It is NOT only the image that counts. I happily chose the compact form of Mavic vs the better specs of a Phantom.
  8. Kisaha

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    I do not see how this is a Mavic competitor. It is obviously on a different class altogether, and rumored to be priced above 2000$ for sure.
  9. Thanx for taking my positive criticism mildly! today in the internets is very easy to misunderstand intentions! I love this lens! I wanted it to be my next buy, as I do some architecture photography now and then, unfortunately, as I am a sound man first, I tend to spend more on sound these days (I just literally ordered the Rode NT-SF1 Ambisonic mic, which costs the same as the Lowa lens! https://www.thomann.de/gb/rode_nt_sf1.htm Cheers
  10. Preferably, the 0.64X one!
  11. Kisaha

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    there is no comparison between them in my opinion, in everything: image quality, flying experience, safety (if I had the older one I would have lost it 2-4 times already). It was very hard to mix and match footage from the old one with bigger cameras, now it is a lot better, and the variable aperture offer some more creative opportunities (it is still wise to go from 4-5.6f though, but still it is something). It is kind of expensive, if you add everything you need and the extra batteries, and still a bit rough in the edges (in image quality), but still makes the older Phantom ones look like something from the stone age, and the IQ is quite similar. Mavic Pro original was already terrible back then, I know because I was hiring Phantom operators to do our aerial footage, now we hire people with Inspire to do the more complicated things, but establishing shots and simple stuff, that I can do.
  12. Great shots, but I noticed that you cut the heads a lot. In your video, a couple of steps back or a 24mm view would be nice to see, for both the front and the back character - it was taking out some of the tense for me. This is also exaggerated by the fact your back actor's voice is too prominent in the mix, his quality of voice brings him in front anyway, so needs a special mixing and post to bring him at his natural position on the scene. You are expecting to girl to be louder with no room at all, as it is, but the male character is further back in the room and has to be positioned there in post. Maybe this is your style though, so just don't worry about it, I can not truly judge from a few screenshots and a clip! I just mentioned it because it is something I was doing too, but working with very good and experienced DoPs (I do mainly sound in TV) through the years, I realized that I was overdoing it. I do have a set of FD lenses from my AE-1 that I haven't used for ages. I tried and find an 24mm that I was missing, but I like to shoot wide (in S35, that is) and finding a good and reasonably priced wide FD lens is a nightmare. I do like my Samyang 16mm.
  13. As I said, I can't find the Ryzen 3900X anywhere, so I am probably going for the 3700X and maybe in a year or two the 3950X will be ripe enough to fall in my hands! This is what I am looking for, more or less, need it to be relatively quite and cool and not cost too much. Any suggestions or questions are welcomed. Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C Windowed Mid-Tower Case Tempered Glass Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus WiFi AMD Ryzen 7 3700X with Wraith Pirsm Cooler Corsair Hydro Series H115i PRO RGB Liquid CPU Cooler HyperX 64GB Fury RGB DDR4 3200MHz Non-ECC CL 16 (Kit of 4) [HX432C16FB3AK4/64] Asus GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER ROG Strix 8GB Corsair HXi Series HX850i 850W Gigabyte AORUS NVMe SSD Gen4 500GB Intel 660p Series 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD Western Digital 4TB Red SATA III For NAS
  14. This is true 100%. So if anyone cares mainly for H264/H265, maybe an i9 9900K is the best solution. If anyone cares for pure computational power (or even Red raw) then a Ryzen 3900X is maybe the best platform right now (7nm, PCIe 4.0, more cores/threads). I am looking for such a Ryzen build, but I have one verys serious problem. Can't find the 3900X anywhere! And when it is available, is around 600€.
  15. +1. one of my best purchases. Fit my camera bags too.
  16. The Portkeys HS7T, which is the SDI version is 399euros. Considering that every SDI version is 50-100euros more expensive anyway, do you consider it a good option? The FS7 is more than 100euros less, par example. https://lilliputdirect.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=785&search=fs7 These 2 and the Fotga (which I am awaiting an answer from FOTGA, https://www.amazon.com/DP500IIIS-Camera-1920x1080-Mirrorless-Camcorder/dp/B07WFS65LC?th=1) are my main 3 options.
  17. I just remembered that NX1 did 4K from 6K 5 years ago! I still use 1080p and 120 frames are "too" windowed. Whatever you choose, except 4K, have to use a calculator!
  18. Sucks! On another note - that still sucks, I have pre-ordered an P4K 20 days ago and the latest official reply was "it can arrive in one week, or two months"..
  19. Everything from China and U.S are highly regulated here. You have to pay taxes and customs to even silly things. Why you went Feelworld after that? I know almost everybody ones one, but they feel cheepish to me with terrible menus (at least if compared to the SmallHD I own!).
  20. Thank you very much guys. Can't find the 7" Fotga in Europe. The Feelworld really does feel cheap. Has anyone have bought anything from the Liliput EU shop? It is the only one with SDI and not costing more than I am willing to pay!
  21. I am researching for a cheap monitor for my sound jobs. When in camera I use my SmallHD Focus 5" but I need something bigger with SDI to monitor when I am doing sound and I need to input from the BlackMagic monitors. This seems good but it is 350-380€ in EU FEELWORLD FW279S
  22. I am doing a similar search but I do not want to go above 999€. Only very expensive (Eizo) monitors can go to 4K DCI. I am not aware of cheaper ones. Still the LG 32UD99 seems like the best all around option for under 999$€£.
  23. The Fp seems like the next big indie hit. A lot of good ideas in such a small body can make the difference. "Interestingly I also bumped into Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki at the show and had some small-talk. I had my venerable Samsung NX1 with me, and he remarked that the product manager for the NX1 went to work for Sigma’s camera team on the Fp! So they are in good hands as this camera was genuinely ground-breaking and ergonomic." Maybe planning an interview with the product manager would be super interesting.
  24. 1000 times this. You already own the tools to produce great looking video. If you definitely want to buy a video centric camera a C100mkII should be enough and mix and match and all.
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