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  1. @BTM_Pix because XC is such a brilliant design, maybe not perfect for a lot of us, but there is certainly some market for it. I was reading somewhere a year ago that XC exceeded Canon's predictions. It is a hard sell at this price for 2020 though.. I believe Fuji has everything, and there is more profit in selling a cheap-ish "cine"/video camera than a APS-C camera when full frame photo cameras have the same or similar price tag. We are still waiting for the new JVC also, I am certain there will be one at some point in 2020 or 2021.
  2. 1) euro prices are very different, there is the "EU premium" as we say here. The price are full taxed and including VAT, which for my country is 24%. 2) companies do not buy from ebay. Even me, a tiny small dot in the corporate world prefer to buy localy because of tax incentives. I preffered buying my Pocket and most of their accessories locally for those reasons. Same with ALL my EF lenses. My NX lenses are mostly from EU, as I could find a lot better offers back in the day, the difference was huge, so I didn't care much and the warranty was EU anyway. My sound gear is from very specialized shops like Audiosense.be/Boyznoyz.nl and pinknoise.co.uk (a lot before Brexit, now I prefer supporting EU shops), so, no ebay there too. 3) it is huge to have local/European warranty for when you need very fast turn around and no questions asked and the such. 4) it is a small market, buying locally you are part of the industry and that helps in other ways also (e.g networking) Prices here from the official seller, which almost everyone buys Canon video/cinema equipment from: 1D X mkIII = 7.812euros C500mk II = 20.956 C300mkII = 10.805,36 C200 = 7.050 C100mkII = 3.286 XC15 = 2.418euros If I was buying an XC15 or C100, I would probably search buying cheap, or used, but for anything above, I would buy the normal way. It is very difficult for me to find any of those prices fair in this new market, even if everything is 10% cheaper. A nice S35 video camera from Fuji, less than SH1 - but more video specialized - price would be amazing.
  3. Cheapest C200 cost is 7.050euros here. To rent C100mkII is still 90euros per day, C200 is 150 (C300ii 200 by the way, the new Sony 250). The rent house, which is the cheaperst and probably have the nicest people running it, is 1-2 hours away with heavy heavy traffic from our base and our homes, so there is no easy way to go get the equipment, so you need too much time to go get the equipment and take that back, so that is significant too. If we leave for a 2 or 3 day shooting, we go the previous day before the trip, but for 8-10hours internet stuff, we just can't bother. If you rent the camera, we rent a bigger tripod also, probably lenses and other things, so the cost rises proportionally, so they throw us the 5D, a set of L lenses some Sachtler Ace and the guy from the company brings everything on set, together with lighting (they are specialized in lighting mostly) and I get my sound equipment and maybe an Edelkrone or something extra (which I am not getting paid for that anyway, so I try to bring as less as possible!). Every day of shooting, I was preparing the C100mkII on a shoulder camera bag, and it was ready for the whole day, C300 does NOT fit on a shoulder camera bag - or I wouldn't recomend it - and I have to make and break it the whole day, if it is 1 location, that's great, but usally we do a lot of Km per day on different locations. Usually we use a 7" monitor for director/clients/dP, but yes, the screen of the C100mkII was really terrible, not so in position - I liked it there personally - but in brightness. An XC10 body, or a slightly smaller C100 body, with 4K 60p 10bit, 120frames 1080p would be sufficient for almost everything I do and I use a camera for. For bigger jobs I am usually the sound man, so I do not care about cameras there at all. 2ch inputs, even with mini XLRs and internal ND is all I need! The Pocket4K stays anyway. I wanted it so much to be that camera, but after so much money I have spent (cages, Tilta Nucleus, adapters, external batteries, media) still it is not a C100mkII replacer. The best I can do is just the camera and the 12-100 Olympus, but then there are so many other issues every time. I still get my NX cameras most of the time to be honest. It is the only logical think for Fuji, they are already too late in the game, they do not have anything to worry about, especially when a cheap-ish video/cine camera can increase the sales of their other cameras too, if one wants one system for photos to video, and 2-3 similar cameras for multicam. At minimum I want to have a specialized video camera, a good pro hybrid and a smaller one for everyday use, but good enough to be a 3rd or 4th option, or as a back up just in case (something like the XT-30 probably). They can make a few more zooms, like the Canon ones at 18-80, 70-200, or an 16-80 and even a wider one, and sell them for a few thousand dollars, and still there is a big market for them.
  4. yes, such a camera could speed up our workflow significantly and still have some room to wiggle things. I do not know about the 14 stops thingy though, that seems a bit exaggerated, but I wouldn't mind if it was 13 or 12.5 or whatever! Braw is great, but it isn't "instant delivery" as we used to do with C100mkII footage. We can keep our PK4K/6K for whenever we need Braw or a different flavor, or as a second camera, or as a cheap and indie "cinema" camera, but a C100mkIII could be our workhorse. It is not only small screens though, there is a huge increase on consuming media on smart tvs, tv boxes, Apple stuff, e.t.c The industry starts to move from 6" phones straight to 55-80" Qleds and OLEDS. Especially dynamic consumers 30-60 years old that usually got the money. Pocket needs too many things to become a "workhorse", we all have loved the Canon simplicity at one point in the past.
  5. It is a matter of things, first of all it is a bit more expensive to rent than the C100mkII, the competition is very aggressive by very young people so the budget is undercut already, and finally they go, instead of rent at all, and waste some time to go pick up equipment and the such, let's use what we have in the office. Also, the C200 is a bigger camera than the C100, fully build, it is like building a 3 level building, not very convenient, while we had the C100mkII almost always ready to shoot. To make a very competitive "smaller" video camera is easier today than 5 years ago, it is not by chance that so many voices on social media and forums talk for an XC10 type of cheap video camera. That is vey doable, and such a pity BlackMagic missed a strike by using such a weird design on their own Pocket cameras. There are so many options these days, and I rather have something shooting 10bit for personal use. Braw is so nice and convenient of the P4K though, that is just so easy to shoot raw these days.In anyway, 10 bit is perect for most uses. I would buy anything else before the C200, even if it was 5.000. C100 was out a thousand years ago, it is not the same as selling a 4500$ (which will be at least 5500$ in Europe anyway) camera with only a couple of 8bit options!
  6. Amen... I think some people don't get it though..they are posting hundrends of youtube videos for a few months now, and stil they do not get it..even after your post Andrew.
  7. What C300 guys? we still do not have a C100mkIII a bazillion years after the II. I do not need C300 size/weight/price, the C100 was our workhorse for so many years, C200 isn't even close. Last 3 internet jobs we did we used a 5Diii that is available in the company for pictures, until recently we were using a C100mkII all the time, now, we did a few jobs with a C200, but the head of the office doesn't find it necessary to rent a C200 anymore, so they do not rent at all, while lights and sound have the same budget as before. For years we are crying out loud for an XC body, even if it EOS - M that would brilliant, a few dead cheap M lenses and perfect EF adaptation. If Fuji does make a video centric camera in ergonomics/desing/features, not only in description, I would go all in Fuji, now I am not very impressed with a lot of things (lenses, ergonomics/menu). Noone can really make a body with internal ND? Is that so complicated to achieve? This is mainly the only issue I have with smaller cameras, internal ND filter and a few sound ins/outs, are what we really need for our video cameras, and I do not need a C300 style camera, if I want a bigger camera I can rent, but a smaller one will be my everyday workhorse. Fuji, do it already..and have some more videocentric lenses. I really respect the opinion of lenstip, and says for the 16-80mm, a lens a lot of us were waiting https://www.lenstip.com/571.11-Lens_review-Fujifilm_Fujinon_XF_16-80_mm_f_4_R_OIS_WR_Summary.html "We expected a lot and we got much less. We found out the Fujinon is optically a sensible lens with a universal focal range, fast and accurate autofocus and a very efficient image stabilization. Unfortunately there were some flaws and their number, taking into account the price tag of $800, we consider to be definitely too high. To sum up I find it difficult to recommend this lens if its price doesn't drop fast by at least 25%. I hope it will happen soon and the fans of the X system will have more reasons to get interested in purchasing the tested Fujinon." I will stay with my Olympus 12-100 for the moment as an all around lens, and my 16-50mm 2-2.8f NX. I do not shop only bodies, lenses have to be the right ones.
  8. What you say, doesn't make any sense. There are amazing S35 cinema and/or documentary lenses. They didn't start making movies and documentaries a couple weeks ago, you know. You are reffering mostly to photo lenses, which is the wrong way thinking about it, really, but if you want to use photo lenses to shoot video, stop complaining and choose among hundrends of options like the rest of the world. If you want to go dead cheap and still shopping for cine zooms, there are the 2 Fujinon lenses 18-55 and 50-15- T2.9 and the 18-80/70-200 CNE Canon lenses, as well the Sony 18-110mm
  9. I do not know why, but I need this!! European release? The whole presentation was just that?
  10. I believe the Zooms loose a lot of power when left inside. Also they need to be pluged occasionally, so not to loose internal clock and the such. I don't remember exactly, but after some time, both my huge NPF batteries AND the Eneloops inside, I find them dead.
  11. I am using it with the Audio Technica 4025 and has been really good so far, better solution than a softie, as it creates the "blimp" effect, the size and shape can be problematic for camera placement. You need to hold the mic somehow too, it doesn't solve that problem, I am using it with the Rycote Lyre 7HGmkII, excellent product as well, but on a stick or a tripod. There is a similar Lyre for on-camera placement.
  12. @IronFilm I love mine too, that and the Sanken 1M (they go together anyway) are my most used piece of equipment for the TV season 2019-2020, that doesn't change the fact that is the best softie around, but not a zeppelin design.
  13. The cameras in question here are the NX1 vs the X-T2, admittedly the Fuji is better in low light, but in everything else is subpar. I do not consider the a6300 anything else than a hobbyist camera and I wouldn't dare to compare it with an X-T2 or an NX1. How good are those Viltrox's?
  14. The system is dead and cameras are evolving every year, so I wouldn't buy it now. With that said, The great advantage of the system are its lenses. Great pancakes 30mm fish, 16mm, 20mm, 30mm, great all arounder 16-50PZ lens, small and cheap 12-24mm, pro 16-50mm 2-2.8f, the 50-150mm, creamy 85mm 1.4f, 60 macro and many others. Personally, NX3000 with the 16-50PZ on a leather case for throw anywhere stuff/NX500 for every day or even as 2-3-4-5 camera in multicams and usually have the 10mm fish eye, 30mm or the 12-24mm on that, great and light landscape combo with the NX 28mgpxls and tonality. 2 NX1 for pro stuff usually with the 16-50S and the 45mm - amazing portraits lens. Still use on occasion any of the others or a 50-200 and a 18-200 (this is the worst lens of the system, but convinient for video with silent and very good touch/AF and great OIS and is my do-it-all-do-not-care lens when I shoot in the beach, or in boats, e.t.c). I bought the P4K as a stop gap tool, and waiting the new mirrorless systems to mature. I am very interested on Nikon Z, but the system is so incomplete, I wouldn't dare to start buying anything yet. Canon seems to be waking up, maybe it isn't too late, Sony seems to struggle to understand how to make a good video and photo tool, so older Canonikon, if they really decide to pull out their heads out of their arses, can seriously produce excellent parts of their new systems. First full frame mirrorless Canon's were a joke, they will be immediately forgotten with every new release. Eos M system is very interesting for most amateurs/prosumers, one can buy a nice middling photo camera and 2-3 lenses for a little bit more that 1000€ these days, (a 15-45 kit with one of the older bodies, the 22mm and maybe the 11-22mm/55-250/32mm macro, or whatever that is) = sufficient for anyone that do not want to spend a lot, do not care to upgrade the next 5-6 year and take a few thousand pictures per year. Easily adapt dead cheap EF-S lenses too. I personally do not like the X system, I get why people like it and I love Fuji since my film days (stock) and I owned some bridge and compact ones, but I bought into NX early and every of their oldee Fuji cameras were seriously lacking for pro work, especially the first ones were totally unusable for pro video. Mostly Nikon friends were carrying them as carry around cameras or 2nd for photographu. Their lenses are very expensive for what they are and their older fast primes need some re-engineering for video, or fast AF. What we were getting from NX ergonomics, touch screen interface, technology and menu wise, Fuji started with the X-T3, and still NX was better on so many aspects, X-T4 is a whole new beast of course, but I haven't used it, so I can't really comment. Suggested price is 1900€ here body only, not very cheap. The 16-80 is getting very bad reviews, the 16-55 is slower, heavier, bigger and more expensive than the Z, still no fish eye which I use a lot - even for dance performances dead in the center and low, can offer some stunning and interesting views like a secondary wide shot, or a wider shot. The ergonomics are getting better, not there for me yet, Z50 seems a lot nicer, but Z6/Z7 needs another generation to mature and become THE TOOLS for our job. The opinion above to buy an X-T2 and a GH4 is just a joke, as those are ridiculously worst cameras than the NX1, if anyone wants to invest on X, starts X-T3 and m43 starts from a more recent model. No way X-T2 and GH4 are good video tools in 2020! They weren't even two years ago, X-T2 is ok for photos of course, GH4, not even that. GH5 and the similar, are like 3 generations ahead!
  15. I work on the capital, where the TV studios are, and my wife works on a smaller city, so after I quarantined myself in the capital first (just in case), I finally spend time with my little ones. It was a difficult year away from my family (actually, the family was away from me), and a lot of hard - and meaningless TV comedy - work. Unfortunately, I was about to earn the 50% of my income these months (March - April - May) but everything is canceled, or I canceled everything anyway. Health is more important than anything else. You are very good at what you do @mojo43, your style isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I am trying to get inspiration by your work and maybe speed up a little, but maybe you need to slow down a bit yourself, like 1-2% or 3! I feel that some images have to breath a little bit more and give some frames, you say so in the middle of your video as well! I do not use voice overs, never, but it was a necesity in this one, I guess, I want to see more like the Georgian stuff, really liked that one, had more depth and substance. Little details of course, but I get that you want to be super awesome at that!
  16. It is a softie! If it was doing everything, they wouldn't be selling any Pianissimos for double the price. It is perfect for inside, because it is still very light and the boom op can swing it hard. ALL the boomen I had this year loved it, and we had many entrances from outside-inside that I would be affraid to use anything less, and you can use it outside too. With some low cut it works great, but it is not a normal blimp. The trick is the air around the mic in blimps.
  17. Thank you very much @BTM_Pix !! This is a nice little device, as I am old school, I prefer dedicated hardware for specific jobs. The cost is fine. I was considering streaming services for some time now, even though I am not sure how this thing can fit my business profile, but we have to adapt anyway.. At the moment I have lost all my income, while rent and bills running wild..
  18. 2 cameras are enough for most things, I just rather have 2 "real" ones - with interchangeable lenses - than a USB cam. I do not have to be alone in this. Even if I was, I would prefer to have a wide and a different frame, probably more tele, or a lot more tele!
  19. I was thinking multi cam, USB cam sounds too low fi for us pros (or we say so!) but the friend with the van solution, too specialized. Probably self operated, not dying to be in front of one after 25+ years behind so many of them. Better portable, or fully mobile - but not extreme, like with a mobile phone, even though, if it is easy, that would be interesting as well. I've got a gaming laptop and a Surface Go, a BMP4K and 4 Samsung NX cameras at the moment that I can use. Unfortunately I do not do business with my old company because I was working straight 2 years on TV daily comedy series and I have lost some of my older connections, so no GH5 and no JVC LS300 anymore.
  20. +1 to @kye But in general, what one needs to make something professional these days? Anyone have some equipment example?
  21. There are a lot of videos that policemen literally beat people with long sticks in India. Of what I see, the less serious about the pandemic are U.S, U.K and the government of Brazil, but not the citizens. We know from history, and learned by science, that such pandemics are very common and occur every 80 or so years. The Coronavirus epidemic (or pandemic) has been described in many epidemiology books and it could have been easily started from Vietnam or Thailand or even anywhere in Africa. I was reading one chapter from a Minnesotian doctor and the chapter is exactly the same as what really happened. He gave real life examples on an interview of how specific animals can create such diseases. You don't have to look much further to spot something similar and probably more cinematic. Have yo heard about this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/news/national/scientists-worry-brain-wasting-zombie-deer-disease-could-spread-humans/rjpiryXSOn92IxD9qVx1ZL/amp.html
  22. 100$ (85€) are just not enough, and you have to count the holding base also. Most cost effective solution that works is probably the Rycote Supershield. Check them out, still not as good as the more expensive ones, but at least 10X better than other softies (4Χ better than the Cosy, and half price almost!). My Cinela Cosy cost 600€, and it is still a glorified softie. Sennheiser 900€, the Rycotes I have around 500€. There are the Rycote Cyclone that are even more expensive (one expensive piece of kit I wouldn't recommend) and the Cinela Piano and Pianissimo are 4 digits price. Physics are difficult to be beaten by cheap.
  23. Especially now with the pandemic, everyone turns to the state again, like the good-ol' socialistic days of the 80s, when the dream of the United States of Europe was driven by socialistic governments and leaders for a whole decade and a half. It is obvious that health has to be provided by the state, to all citizens. No private hospital or health institution can accept anyone with Corona right now. At least in Europe, except if it is ordered by the state/country. Already there are rumours of some Air companies to become national again. Air Italia is a certainty. So, the two poster services of this new capitalism - private health care and air ways, already shown signs of weaknesses to a real crisis, and not stupid man made recessions of an already screwed economic system, like in 2008. The system just re-arranged itself in 2008, now it will be re-arranged by the circumstances that can not truly control. This is da shit, U.S and U.K want to "open for business" in 3 weeks from now, but the only business that will thrive in 3 weeks, will be funeral services, unfortunately - and I hope not. This will be a real blow to the policies of those nations there. You can not ignore real world issues like that. This is not a 3rd country, 3rd tier epidemic, this is an all world pandemic (unfortunately for us humans, it is a 3rd tier disease. Imagine an Embola pandemic or the 21st century version of the Spanish flu. We are that little). A few good things. Some companies in Europe "illegally" reverse-engineered some parts that couldn't be brought from overseas fast enough and 3D printed them. 3D printing for health care is going to another level. A company based in Prague provided the health system for free 1000 masks (big ones that protect the whole head, it is like a mini shield) with things they resourced in Prague "in one afternoon". Most doctors and national health systems are providing data on an unprecedented level for the very first time in history. Cheap and easily made tests are very near in manufacturing already and we hope for a drug at the minimum (which unfortunately is 18-20 months from now, the testing process can not be hastened much, imagine if you inject 2- the wrong thing!). People will respect more our basic needs and resources. Our way of life is not sustainable.
  24. You always have to budget for wind and handling noise. Sound Professionals do that. From best to least: Cinela - Sennheiser (It has saved me unlimited times, I bought the set for 900€ back in the day but is my best set up) - Rycote - Rode Rode works, but better save some and go Rycote. Smaller, lighter, simpler and better construction, better performance. I have Cinela Cosy also, and is great as a super-expensive-well build-better performing softie. This is a kit with my Sanken CS-1M.
  25. Not missing them that much! Thanks!
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