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  1. I said that immediately on the P6K forum back then. 9 of August 2019: "4) this camera in no way will sell more than the P4K." And you replied "If those people now come back I'm guessing it might will be to the 6K and that the 6K will have a longer life so might well outsell the 4K in the end." Then I said, among others: "P4K is so cheap already that I doubt we will see a significant difference in price anytime soon." 15 of August:" ..and suddenly the P6K thread is dead silent! Do you remember what was going on when the P4K was announced? The P6K is an excellent and very reasonably priced option for 6K and EF aficionados, but the price and features of P4K spoiled us all for ever!" P4K is da thing!
  2. At this point in history, I would be happy with anything, really! Even EOS-M!
  3. I saw this on dpr. Do not know if it is any significant but I would love to see my NX lenses on a Z50! https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63526091
  4. I always considered the NX 16-50mm S a better lens. 2f in most of the 18-35mm range (so, just 0.2f difference), wider at 16mm and a lot more tele at 50mm and incredible OIS.
  5. Samsung NX. Still using the ecosystem both professionaly and for my hobby. Great selection of cheap lenses and pancakes. Last weekend I had the NX3000 with the 16-50 PZ, I did an event coverage with 2 NX1 and 16-50S and 12-24mm, a few days ago used the NX500 with the 16-50PZ and 50-200mm for the kids plays, and now I gave the NX3000 and the 18-200 to a friend for the holidays, and I am away for a family trip with the NX500 and the fisheye/30mm/45mm. I bought my first NX in 2013. After 20 years in the business and a lot more in film and video and photography, NX has a unique place in my heart. It was everything we wanted, and a huge Asian capitalistic corporation was doing everything they could to make it true! What a rare moment in history.
  6. This and the Mini follow focus seems like an ok combo for very cheap situations. Are they available to pre-order in Europe? Some Fotga stuff are ok too.
  7. What holder? I am looking for one right now! T5 drives are the best value for money, still use a CF for small projects and ultimate quality. SD for lesser ones.
  8. Official price here is 2799euros, but you recently can find it from not official resellers for 2400euros, which is a substantial difference. Most possible P6K buyers have bought a P4K already though..
  9. At least we didn't have a massive "beach: barefoot or flip flop?" controversy!
  10. If GPU acceleration is true that is a big thing, because I just got an 2070 Super (paired with the 3900X) a little while ago. I didn't see it anywhere at their site though. I got the update anyway. Cheers!
  11. I noticed that some here already use the Nitrate, but I didn't have the time to look that up until now. I have the simple version and I am not sure what more does it offer that it isn't already there. I would appreciate any experience you have with this all new version.
  12. I buy a lot of stuff from amazon.de and they have a lot of Ugreen products. I have the Tilta cage, and as you can see it fits nicely there https://www.cinegearpro.co.uk/products/tilta-cb-usbc-20-usb-type-c-cable-for-bmpcc-4k-cage-rig20cm
  13. I have some stuff from Ugreen. They are higher grade than the usual Chinese accessories. I use the Tilta cable.
  14. Ultraboost for sure. I am wearing one right now! They have black friday discounts at the moment, or you can try at an outlet. Usually they go 30-40% down in just 3-4 months after release. You can get 2018 version for even 50% at some outlets. I have 1) supernova with Boost and climahot (fur) for cold 2) another Boost with more stability 3) ultraboost for very light and breathable 4) boost with GoreTex for rainy days or lightly off road situations.
  15. I found Adidas various Boost shoes to be the most comfortable. I have various ones for different occasions (for warm days, with Gore-Tex when outside on a rainy day, for cold days e.t.c). Shoes are maybe the most important part of our equipment!
  16. I am not sure how wise this move was. Obviously, this is a market that hasn't even reached its peak yet and Panasonic had a foothold already there, however small that was. They also loose some of their financial diversity. Taiwanese are going all in, and gain some interesting patents for their troubles. All in all, Sony Semiconductors is practically a monopoly right now.
  17. 8K is significant for VR and 360 video. Those fields really need the resolution. Even in those cheap cameras 4K vs 5.7K has a difference. But imagine an 8K camera with m43 sensors on it, it can be probably intercut with P4K and current or future m43 cameras quite easily.
  18. That is false. 416 is an RF condenser, the only cheaper mic "build like 416" is the NTG3, all else are marketing nonsense. Deity just put some glue on the electronics! http://recordinghacks.com/microphones/tag/rf-condenser I own the DPA 6060, how they sound for the size is just amazing! Countryman are very good also, no need for extra cash there.
  19. I would like to see BM add m43 profiles for correcting native lenses. I am using the 12-100 Olympus, which is alright if you start from 16mm or something, but it ain't usable under that. I hate speedboosters and adapters, they always create problems, but they are ok for manual lenses and my Samyangs. For run and gun I would suggest go native (m43).
  20. It is good that we have so many options these days. Why you sold the 600? I do not see the Deity as a serious upgrade,very different mics anyway. The Sanken is the feel good hit of 2019 for me. So practical and good performing that it has canceled most of my mics that I had to sell a couple already. I do a (TV) prime time comedy right now and it is used like 80% of the time, it is that good. Balance your budget carefully and you may find room for a better mic. Money spend on sound are money well spend. A good sounding microphone now, will be a good sounding microphone in 20 or 30 years, and there are no new mounts or better focusing systems to render them obsolete! It is no coincidence that most of us soundies keep an 416 with us all the time, a design of late 60s, that will work no matter what, when other more natural sounding but more delicate mics can fail. I know some people still using their 70's 416 T-12V! Another thing is wind protection, that is may more important than the mic itself if you shoot outside! I would prefer a 500$ microphone on a Cosi, than a 1500$ microphone on a foam and fur setup! So, I would strongly recommend the Cinela Cosi, check the video when they use it with the GH5, this is the Cosi Medium which is the right one for the Sanken. the best production sound source on the internet right now, hear it from a real working professional with some experience on his shoulders. My opinion is, either go really cheap, because it doesn't really matter and if one cares for sound can find other ways to improve its game (e.g put a microphone like the 600 on a stand where it matters more), or spend more and get something that will not change next year.
  21. Congrats guys! Very important project. How are you going to match all those different cameras? Do you have a specific workflow for that? What filters do you use on your Mavic?
  22. "- Revolutionary acoustic design – delivers unmatched acoustic transparency and a natural, uncoloured sound similar to a broadcast shotgun mic." So why do they still sell their other NTG microphones? This is an exaggeration for sure. This is clearly competing against newer Deity and Azden on camera mics, do not see many of us sell our Sennheiser/Sanken/DPA/Shoeps microphones for this. I still believe the MKE440 is the best on camera solution, directional stereo is the best idea. I also expect my Sanken CS-M1 on the Cosi to be a lot better in every aspect (sound quality and characteristics and wind and handling protection) and that is really a boom-able solution. Certainly seems like the best on camera mic Rode has to offer, but that doesn't mean their older designs were very good. In all my years in video productions and 20 years as a soundman, I only owned the micro and I recently bought the NT-SF1 from Rode. It is good that there are a lot more new audio products in the market, I just hope some young people will educate more themselves into sound production.
  23. Haha! They obviously read from a teleprompter and they do not seem very charismatic anyway.
  24. Actually, the NX30mm 2f seems to be smaller at 61.5X21.5mm (and 85gr)than the 63X25.5mm (and 100gr) of the Lumix and quite fast at 2f. Canon EF-M 22mm is 60,9X23,7mm 105gr. https://www.samsung.com/uk/camera-lenses/30mm-f2-0-pancake-lens/
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