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  1. He says he doesn't want to reveal anything at the moment, but they will meet there (=GH6 announcement). I just can not believe that there isn't a GH6 coming. There is no way it isn't on the pipeline. They have the S series to care for now, let them sell some -few- bodies and lenses, release the new cheap-ish primes in September and finish with the firware updates, and then 2021 will be m43 time! The m43 cameras make the sales and bring revenue to the company, there is an Olympus user base that part of it will go to Panasonic the next couple of years (Olympus has a strong m43 user base with a lot of expensive lenses), especially if there is a higher resolution sensor with GH5S ISO capabilities, that will bring m43 closer to larger formats. Pricing is another issue though, we see FF go for 1200-1400$ right now, maybe that is a turning point. If they can not beat those prices, maybe there is no point in offering m43 video workhorses and put out mediocre cameras just for the existing user base and just increase slightly the resolution. 1999€ GH6 will be a hard hard sell these days, except if brings amazing innovation.
  2. Ask yourself, except IBIS, what the S5 can do better than the GH5S? Save some of your money for whatever reason, you are still very young and you may have other needs later on. I am waiting to see the GH6, to have the whole picture in front of me, it is time for an upgrade, and Panasonic just finished with the S cameras I believe (for now), it is time to concentrate on the GH6. Early next year, we probably have news, or even the release it self. You do not care much about photography, so any will do fine, the A7sIII seems like the most serious video hybrid under 3.500$, but then you have to invest to lenses and the such. Lenses is the biggest part of a photo/video system, and can eat inheritances up quite easily! If you go with the holy trinity on Sony and the A7sIII, you are looking for a high 5 figure price already. If you have the GH5S, you still have a great video tool, I wouldn't worry that much. Anyway, around Xmas we will see a lot of offers from camera makers, and probably have the first GH6 rumors, so come back then, it is my advice!
  3. How much in total money? The 2080quids offer is amazing, adding an EF adapter would be just enough for me, but I would rather have this 16-35. If I see such bundles around me (from an E.U country) I would be really tempted, for 2300euros (if that will be valid, I really doubt it will be so cheap in euro-land) you have an excellent starting pack, and I am not so crazy with the variable apperture of 20-60, as 5.6f-8f, is what I most use in full frame. Constant 4 would be amazing of course. The crop is a bummer though, not punching in just stupid (I use the Focus anyway), and we have to see the overheating.
  4. I hate to admit it, but Sony is doing all the right things lately! I was waiting for so long for Canon to do the right things, and I stick to EF most of the times, but now Sony just seems like a wiser direction. Still I believe Canon is a better lens company though. I do not like all the Sony lens desings.
  5. so, what are the Video limitations so far? I saw a lot of overheating issues, do S1 and above have that as well? What about the crop factors in various modes? Lesser EVF/Monitor, small HDMI, lesser water/dust proofing, smaller/older tech battery are not small things compared to the S1. I am not sure why everyone is damning the S1, Pana has to bring most things from S5 to that camera, and continue sell it for a bigger price, as it should. Of course maybe it is not (hardware) possible, we will see.
  6. I am not a mgpxls junkie at all (not a FF one either, actually I believe APS-C is the golden ratio) but straighten the horizon, fixing some lenes's imperfection will eat some of those megapixels fast! I am not even sure 20mgpxls are enough (spoiled by NX 28mgpxls, since 2015), but maybe the R6 will be alright. Sii has similar sensor, why do not try that one?
  7. There are many full frame systems around, I am not sure if we need another one. There are billions of people in the world, I am not sure if it is fair for Fuji to make everyones wish true.
  8. GH5 is still THE workhorse video camera, the S5 is full of video limitations, or at least, not as advanced as we hoped to be for a current camera. Not able to punch in on a video tool, is just not good..what is the point to buy a small-ish camera, if the AF is not top notch and if you have to use an external monitor a lot of times. I read the reviews and I can not say that this camera will drag me to the Alliance (even though it sounds like something out of Star Trek!). I am not sure if this release is so significant to fight an R6 and vND EF adapter combo.. I have a white 70-200 collecting dust for a couple of years now, even being capable of using all those EF lenses being in milions of households (literally!) is a huge boost for R cameras, the vND is solving most of my issues, can use my EF vdslr suitcase as well "natively". What are the messages they sent to S owners? why not just bring a huge upgrade to the S1, and release a 1699$ S5 camera, or even better an 1499$ one, to fight the RP and the such. They already had an 1999$ one! A7iii is already under 1799$ and I can see it go down more real soon. I am not sure if Panasonic plays the game right. In sales I saw 4.7% for both Panasonic and Fuji, I can see Fuji with a few more lenses (newer designs, better video zooms) and a couple of bodies from now until next summer, go above Panasonic in total sales. Who would have thought a couple of years ago? I wouldn't, Pana has a strong video and camera department, and Fuji seemed like the odd one out, but that is not the case anymore. I believe Pana needs a new GH sooner than later, or they are going to loose a lot of sales. Selling a "new" full frame mount is not an easy task. A7sIII is like the Canon camera we were all waiting for, after A7iii, Sony makes meaningful releases. They are more serious, they have confidence, they are established now. Alas, the Siii is not a hybrid camera, none will buy it for the photo side of things. I was just disgusted by earlier Sony releases, but I have to admit, they fixed most things now, not much to complain, maybe a bit better ergonomics. Is the A7iv going to be the best hybrid ever? IBIS is so much overated.. I dunno..just thinking out loud.
  9. We just wrap a feature shot with the FX9 and it is surprisingly small for such a camera. If the 6 is smaller, is a lot less than you think. Also, the FX9 is a full frame workhorse, I am not sure there are full frame workhorse videocameras smaller than this.
  10. I stopped photography activity completely since July 2019, that will hurt my next years also. I am rearranging my prioroties and business model I think (I am not sure I have full control right now anyway), that is why I am not 100% sold to any camera or system. I have to do some extra homework on adapters, as this S5 could be a good small/light solution, but my priority will probably be, to use more my EF lenses.
  11. You earned 11.000 from just one job?! I used the C100mkII/C200 a lot in my life, still not having a 10bit codec in there is just unfair! I do some low budget 8bit stuff for social media mainly, but I do not do a lot of post, and certainly do not earn 11.000 per project!
  12. 78% sure that will be a disappointment! What we want will be the "other" 6500$ Canon! Is this 3.5K going to have any 10bit modes, for starters? If not, then what is the point in 2020? Maybe, even the A7sIII will be a better video tool than a basic Canon video one. Does anyone known what lenses can one adapt to these S cameras? What about EF? Why they do not have an m43 mode? A la crop mode? Imagine an S5 able to use natively an m43 lens. Is that even possible or I had one too many Negronis again?!
  13. ahm..oummf...I am a bit like this at the moment, not ready to invest on a new system, some m43, EF and EF-S lenses around the house, a Pocket somewhere on a closet, full set of NX system (4 cameras, 8 lenses), I was hoping the R6 would be "that", but it isn't, and more so I have a small issue with something that is unfixable, the mgpxls count is a bit on the lower side for me. I will be waiting for the GH6, for sure, no way in this economy I buy anything out of G.A.S, but I am not that excited about anything, really. Everything is missing some important point for a damn middle hybrid camera (even going to smaller sensors I am not 100%). If they achieve GH5S ISO performance with a bigger resolution for photos, then I could probably be fine with the GH6. If they "solve" some of the R6 issues early next year (together a price drop), it can be that. Nikon is trying hard, can it be? the alliance needs more lenses, and cheaper ones. Will the A7iv be the best Sony all arounder ever? Will Fuji bring a totally amazing camera, without missing some small, but important, points? All of these need some new lenses as well, maybe Canon has the advantage with the clever vND EF - RF adapter..
  14. I do not think that all are so dramatic. There is a huge m43 user base, and the smaller sensors have advantages, while m43 being in the special territory of not that small, and not that big, with all the advantages and disadvantages that brings. I can propose another theory, everyone is getting excited with the big sensors, but what about smaller ones? It seems that most photos and videos are shot with tiny mobile sensors, why not a much larger m43 one?
  15. Do you know about the electrochromic rear view mirrors? "With the electrochromic material added to an auto-dimming mirror, electric voltage changes the way in which it absorbs and reflects light. An auto-dimming mirror usually has a set of cameras or sensors (photodiode-based photodetectors) that are light-sensitive semiconductors, which turn light into current." There are more basic functions like glasses, e.t.c It seems that when applying a tiny electric voltage you can control such mirror at will. If anyone has the ability to put a very good neutral material in front, and control the darkening with steps (or f stops) then we would have amazing eNDs.
  16. Isn't it a couple of years late though? Now most mirrorless offer similar, or better, specs (IBIS), have XLR audio (Sony, Panasonic, BM), even RAW (internal for BM, external for others) and the only thing they lack is internal ND. We are at the back end of 2020, not 2017.
  17. How can not GH6 be a thing? First of all, GH series must be the most successful Lumix cameras around, at least in my country. Then, GH5 is getting older, they must be working on this for at least a year or so. There are unlimited m43 lenses and a lot of Olympus users will be reluctant to buy more Olympus bodies, so there is opportunity here for Panasonic (I saw a percentage of sales at 4.7%, same as Fuji, if next year they are at 6%, then that's a thing). A huge issue I had with m43 were, resolution (my hybrids are 28mgpxls) and of course low light performance in photography and videography. P4K and GH5S sensor solved the second as their native high ISO is all I need, but 20mgpxls at m43 is just not enough for a hybrid camera (for me, and one reason I am very disappointed with R6). A smaller sensor will always have benefits (much cheaper, easier heat dissipation, ways to improve IBIS, weight/size, e.t.c). There are still a lot smaller sensored cameras used professionally all around the world, a m43 sensor is not that small and I can see uses that can be the optimal solution (360 cameras, security, industrial uses, e.t.c). There is the appropriate thread for this discussion though. This S5 sounds amazing so far but we have to see the final release as there are more S cameras to differentiate and everyone releases cameras on an unprecedented level. We are still waiting the new Canon video cameras, probably a X-H2, the A7sIII release, probably something from Sharp and JVC, and whatever m43 camera will be next. Then, it's the mount. Do you go full in on a new system with admittedly the worst AF system in industry and super expensive lenses? Or you go to a lesser camera like the Z series, or a more expensive with limitations like the R5 or the lesser R6? Or a 24-48mgpxls (we have seen everything in rumors!) GH6 that can be a video camera workhorse with the smaller and lighter zooms in the industry?
  18. @MicahMahaffeyWhen you input "a6300" when you talking about "indie cinema", I just lost my mind.. Everything is cool, technology has bring us amazing quality for a fraction of the cost but oranges are oranges and apples are apples. Panasonic does amazing things to close the gap but when you talk about "indie films" you talk about films you do with your friends, or "indie films" that shot with the usual cinema cameras? Because we shot indie films here, but with C300 series, FX, even up to Alexas and Reds. The cost of a camera rent for a short is miniscule, that would be my last issue. Your "sensor issue" as well is like you haven't read another thread in this forum before..You are like waking up in the 5DmkII days, I thought we are past that. Being out of focus isn't artistic and I bet you are OOF most of times, or you shoot with 8-11f. We shoot a feature with an FX9 right now, a pro shooting, and guess what f stops are using most of the times...hint:no, it is not wide open and we use Canon Cine primes, not a photo zoom.. The movie you are mentioning is with moded A7 cameras. Have you checked the lenses they used? Do you know how many films around the world made with an A7s since then? 0(zero), and with cine cameras? Literally thousands.. You are taking some personal choices and I am sure they are great for you, but I wouldn't advise anyone else to worry as much as you do for those matters. My first ever m43 camera is the P4K, and now that they have solved most of the issues I had with the smaller sensors, I genuinely waiting for the GH6 more than any other full frame camera. I am using the lenses I need for the project.
  19. Using native lenses is always very convinient. I have an Olympus 12-100mm for my smallest and lightest set ups as a do it all zoom and some adapters (2 Viltrox, Aputure) for EF lenses (mostly primes, to be honest, as the Olympus negates the need to adapt a zoom EF most of the times), so I have 3 different focal lengths with the same lens. I was planning originally to buy the new special Pocket Metabones adapter, maybe I will, as it is the most specialized for the Pocket camera. Maybe you should go with this one if you do have the budget, it is supposedly much better than anything else. The dead cheap NON speedboosted Viltrox is a must have also as it just doubles the focal length, so the 18-35 trasforms to a 36-70mm, or a 50mm to an 100mm, e.t.c Depending the project you can choose accordingly, and that is the magic with the P4K camera.
  20. I know I said it before, but I am not buying anything before I see the GH6. This is appealing to me, but the price point at this economy sends me weird signals! If I can judge from previous Canon releases, 6250$ will translate to 8000€, or a bit less. Not exactly pocket money. Of course my main job is sound, so take this with a grain of salt, but even for small productions (very low budgeted) that I do, my fully rigged Pocket or a future GH6 would be enough I guess. I just can't see the point when there are great vido cameras such as the Pocket, GH5, X-T3/4 and even most mirrorless if you care for internet content. I am just trying to be pragmatistic at this point in my life and not let G.A.S lead my life anymore!
  21. The title of the thread is "Monitoring Headphones", if I was about to talk about real monitoring headphones I wouldn't be helpful to you at all, because you obviously do not want one. I tried to give you the option of a "colored" sounded pair of headphones so you can do more things than just monitoring video sound and I believe is a golden compromise between everything, mind you that I use my Sennheiser and BeyerDynamics on the field and others when mixing home, others when listening to music, e.t.c and the Sony just rarely anymore, Maybe you just need gaming headphones and you are asking on the wrong forum.
  22. "If you do not understand why you need different cans than a gaming headset, then buy whatever" I thought we are a video forum, if someone can not distinguish the needs of a video maker and that of a gamer, then how can I be helpful? And I quote my self again "They are perfect as a middle solution as they are not flat like other pro headphones." As I have already told you, they are the most "colored" of the pro headphones, so can be used for listening music and playing games and still is a pro production tool. I am just repeating my previous comment with more words.
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