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  1. I am not sure if you were talking to me, but the price difference is substantial, even worst in Europe. 6K is great and all, but doubling the price doesn't help. It crosses that psychological line that people say "screw it, it is so cheap that O am getting this anyway". A price of almost 2800-3000€ will cause a lot of potential buyers to pause and check the cheaper 4K or more expensive and more complete options. P4K plays ball alone in the lower tier of things. @BTM_Pix it is a huge hit here in Greece, and a huge portion of GH5 users got one anyway. All the kids got one, speedboosted with a 18-35mm and destroying the market charging 40€ for a days work! "How many people cancelled because they got fed up and moved on to another camera (after all people couldn't just put their projects on indefinite hold) or their circumstances changed or they didn't like CDNG being removed?" - not many, what else to buy in this price range?! 6K is good and all, but it won't be a standard, 8K is the standard, and after you buy the 6K then there will be an 8K for similar money, because how mimuch to charge for a Pocket camera?! 4 out of the 6 main Film and TV production shops here selling them with some initiative usually (right now one of those is giving a Peli-like case of 100€ for free). If I have seen it on tourists hands filming Acropolis? No!
  2. 1) Canon is having dedicated almost all its resources to their new RF mount, so I wouldn't say that EF is going anywhere either (natively at least) 2) m43 isn't that bad, more and more companies use it e.g. BlackMagic, JVC, Sharp (their prototype 8K camera), DJI and probably the next professional 360/VR cameras 3) you are an advocate of mobile phone's cameras, imagine all the technology going to an m43 sensor 4) this camera in no way will sell more than the P4K.
  3. The question is: Pocket 4K or 6K? Obviously the resolution..does it worth it? Speedboosting or just adapting an m43 sensor can provide many creative paths. The huge problem for me was that m43 had significant noise levels from lower ISO, now that we have 3200 as base ISO that is not an issue anymore. I tend to stay with my original idea of ordering the 4K. Also, the 1295$ are 1500€ here, so the 2495 can be very close to 3000€ in Europe-money, so that is something to consider as well. Also the size and weight, with a m43 lens the 4K will be always be more mobile, and I am not sure what the 6K can do to our Ronin S we some already own.
  4. Thank you very much, If I had the time I should be doing some testing myself. Some Zeiss and Voigtlander can go as low as 25! I am not sure about this one, but there must be some difference. First of all, I have to clear out that my knowledge in optics is like most people in this forum, pretty basic! Since the Metabones release, I tried to learn as much I could about the subject matter because it is something new to me. e.g. I read in the BM forums that BM cameras and the P4K specifically, are prone to fugus eating the sensor(!) glass. Are those "missing" millimeters from the sensor responsible for that? I seriously want an official statement address the sensor issue A) why only BM uses those kind of m43 sensors? Are they cheaper maybe? B) what is missing from the sensor stack? C) how does it affect native m43 lenses? 2 of the productions companies I work mostly (the others shoot FS7mkII and one C200 cameras) use GH5, LS300 and Pocket4K cameras, and we already use some Metabones. Now, I may order a personal P4K soon-ish (I have a project in September/October that I would like to strictly use my own equipment) and I want to do it right; also, when/if the GH6 is out next year, and if I want it, do I have to spend another 750-800€ for another adapter?
  5. The one Sigma 35mm I found, is the F1.4 DG HSM and infinity is 78.8 and close distance the exit pupil is 81.9. The Milvus 35mm is 66 for comparison, so the difference can be more substantial here. It is a lens to lens difference, if you have an AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR @ all, where the exit pupil is 146.3 then you do not care much, if at all, but if you have wider primes, or Zeis, or legacy film lenses that can go as low as 50, then maybe you care. There was a talk of weird examples on the internet about P4K and Metabones, we saw a video above that the film maker stated that Metabones don't match well the P4K, depending the eye of the creator and viewers, but also the lens used, there were complaints, or not. We spend thousands of 💰for the best lens/camera combo, and then you put a 20€ vND in front of your lens? Some do. Everyone has various limits, some want the best of the best for their P4K, some are fine with lesser - and much cheaper, solutions. Now, if you are buying a Metabones and you own just the P4K, then you shop the special adapter, the issue is for people owning multiple m43 cameras. I will be waiting for a few more tests and I would like to see the difference in performance with native lenses also.
  6. Yeah, why not. Do whatever you'd like, on a complicated world a little simplicity can be beneficial for all! If you can work around a bit to your original idea maybe you have something.
  7. Size DOES matter. Wake me up when there is an 1" sensor there.
  8. I hear a lot of people complaining about a lot of things recently on the internet, then you just realize they are 14-24 years old, and it's on the internet! I, too, am very happy with what I have seen in my life. Starting pro work at 1999, I seriously do not have much to complain when I can get a dual ISO speedboosted m43 camera with raw(even with a B in the front) and a perfectly fine, professional even, editing program for 1500€ and I can fly my own 10bit log 1" drone and stabilize my cameras and have computerized sliders and other such devices. The horror of Adobe Premiere 15 years ago! 400 ISO was the absolute maximum, cameras and lenses cost an arm and half a leg, to shoot aerial production companies were flying actual planes. It is good to have some perspective in life!
  9. I wouldn't worry that much, I am not a mass customer/consumer, and I believe their phones are perfect for what they do and what they need. When I was shooting SLR - they were shooting some plastic Kodak. When I was shooting a dSLR - they were shooting some Canon compact, suddenly, for 4-5-6 years EVERYONE was buying dSLRs! That was the abnormality, right now I find it perfecty normal. The market self regulated, with a hint of the future. I do not think that the masses worry much about Canon or Nikon, and recently we had a resurrection of film and vinyls. I still buy both. Fuji makes very good money with their film business, especially for a "dead medium". I do not really worry for Canon, and I do not care. Still have lenses, FD and EF, but haven't buy a Canon body for a decade. Everyting is getting cheaper, with more features; except maybe Porsche's, they will never be cheap!
  10. What??!!what what?! I am sure water mills in the 16th century were enough for most industrialists for 100-200 years but then they said, "let's try steam".. Definitely your computer is worst than my desktop PC and I am planning to spend 3-4.000€ for a new one, and you do not know what you are talking about a 10 years old Porsche, or even a 20 years old one, and Golfs were terrible 10 years ago, and still are (dead last on customers satisfaction surveys for years and years and a lot of scandals under their belt). Turntables cost from 30€ to the price of a Golf,so.. Making a camera now is a lot cheaper than 10 or even 20 years ago, so definitely they can have a profit with a lot less sales and there will always be a need for professional and dependent equipment. The wrong picture was when years ago everyone were buying cheap dSLRs with kit lenses, shooting 300 pictures on AUTO and then putting them on their closets for ever, that was sad in my opinion and not the specialization of today. Canon is missing the point, BlackMagic is having the best years of its existance, DJI was nothing in the digital revolution and now they are everywhere. Also, I do not understand why everyone underestimates the camera aspect of a phone, making a basic phone costs literally nothing (maybe 20-40€ in total), most money are spend on camera modules and camera/video processing and screens. You were spending 100-150€ for a low-ish film camera in the 90s, 100-150€ for a digital compact, and the same now for a similar camera phone (plus 20-40 for the phone aspect).
  11. And how many of those A9 sold, I wonder! There are new camera models out every couple of months, and they already do not sell that much. I predict prices to go down even further in general. X-T3 and EZ cameras and BlackMagic Pocket 4K and A7iii are setting the trends now. of course these are refurb deals, the Z6 has 90 days warranty, which is ridiculously low.
  12. Kisaha

    Sports videography

    The F55 is used as an A, B and C cameras, not just A, that makes a huge difference in personel and budget; and the FS7/FS5 are for game days and not for run n gun. "TZ: Our primary A/B/C cameras have been the Sony F55 since Season 1. For documentary work, this camera can't be beat. It has every feature built in, and is light, very dependable, and shoots true 4K (Netflix approved!). For Season 3, I was lucky enough to shoot on the new R7 recorder and shot the whole show in the new X-OCN LT format – what a game changer. We shot 16-bit compressed RAW, with the same file sizes as the XAVC codec we shot the years before. This alone future proofs the camera for many, many years... ...for game days, we upscaled to around ten cameras. To cover the games we added two end zone long-lens cameras, and I chose the VariCam LT because of its dual ISO. This enabled us to shoot ISO 5000 at 60 fps with a Canon 50-1000mm 5.0-8.9 lens even under the worst junior college stadium lighting. It worked flawlessly, and with our stylized “game look” the cameras match up very well. We also added four FS7s: two on the sidelines and one positioned high and wide to cover the game in the more traditional televised style. This also leaves one FS7 free to roam through the crowd to get crowd reactions. Meanwhile, the FS5 was used as a static coach's booth camera to get the reaction shots."
  13. It is a terrible design with awful ergonomics and engineering. I would rather have any other small camera that exists. I am recording 73 straight minutes on the NX500 on scorching Mediterranean heat and has never overheated to me.
  14. Good find for anyone want to go cheap. As I mainly shoot manual, I would be careful with this: "Manual focusing, however, can be a bit fiddly with barely an inch separating infinity from the Sigma’s minimum focus distance of 28mm"
  15. They can't go back from this and the other promos and statements. It will be a disaster for both companies if they don't proceed. Hm..This promo comes from the India distributor.. They could sell a few thousands there for sure. I am sure Nikon is far more reputable there than Blackmagic, and I am sure Canon sells a lot of cameras there too. Nikon is bringing the assurance of the classic choice with the groundbreaking (or just modern) specs Canon never did. I would never buy a camera on a promise though, even if it is printed in India!
  16. Not even in 2015, and the GH4 10bit was a joke.
  17. And BM and Z-Cam eating Kinefity's lunch already! Cameras are getting seriously cheap these days, and why not?
  18. +1 These are the ones I have spoted myself. I have a pair for my Zoom F8, but I want to have backupa anyway. How do they sound? I remember people complaining for weak signal and/or hiss and stuff. Have you tried a phantomed power mic or any kind of mic?
  19. That's exactly the point Metabones does with this adapter. Most sensors are close to 2-2.5mm, the m43 are 4-4.5mm so they need special construction. BM is m43 but unlike the other m43 sensors, their sensors are close to 2.5mm. That changes..well, something. "1. The difference in sensor-stack thickness between the camera the lens was designed for and the camera actually being used. 2. The maximum aperture of the lens. Wide-aperture lenses are going to be more sensitive than narrow aperture lenses. 3. How telecentric the lens is. (More specifically, how far forward the exit pupil of the lens is.) A lens with the exit pupil far away from the sensor is not affected by the thickness of the sensor stack very much. A lens with the exit pupil very close to the sensor is affected a lot." So, a combination of those 3 can yield specific undesired results. The worst case scenario could be an ultra fast wide angle rangefinder lens. As I said, it can be nothing in practice, in theory definitely is something, so we need an independent test to learn what we are missing, or not, in real life. For those who want the best performance out of their cameras, these adapters are going to sell, no question about it.
  20. (Cheap) old glass is the most affected it seems, because they didn't have any sensor stacking back then! I am sure there will be some tests soon. Can't wait for the results.
  21. Thank you very much for the info. This seems like a pretty significant issue. In short, for everyone using old film lenses, Samyang/Rokinons, and a lot of different primes (you have to know the exit pupil location of that particuliar lens, which you can't, except you have an optical bench or the manufacturer states it), you are gaining a lot with this specialized speedbooster. If you shoot mostly zooms and teles, not so much.. Depending the sensor stack and the lenses exit pupil location, the difference can be (with 1 as max, and 0.85 as an hypothetical perfect lens) 80% worst! Now, in real life both are very difficult to happen, but I see a lot of combos that can take this number to 30% loss, or something (I am not sure if I can read the table right, maybe this number is too pessimistic). I can tell from the data that APS-C and FF are near 2-2.5mm sensor stacking. For some reason, most m43 are 4-4.5mm, so Metabones doesn't lie, BM cameras with m43 mount need different Speedboosters. That's all in theory of course, but there is not only smoke.. I wonder what those extra layers do on the other m43 cameras and if the BM P4K sensor can still be considered the same as the GH5S.. As I see it, one more specialized item to rise the total P4K cost.
  22. Definitely ProRes RAW. Still do not like external recorders. After watching the video I realized how good the BlackMagic menus are!
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