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  1. Samsung NX500 + 30mm pancake in the mid of 2019: NO hack, standard bitrate, all in auto: unbelievable result to my eyes (but I’m experienced))) I still keep three NX1 with hack (for bitrate) but decided to keep NX500 without hack just for stability, and use it as a main Photo camera. But sometimes use NX500 as a run-n-gun for video, and each time I’m impressed… https://youtu.be/4WJq5OSWhx4
  2. It was entend to slow-mo, thus it was 60p. The only front camera was 4k
  3. you could use headphones to troublesoot signal chain. before i've invested in sounddevices mixpre3, i used to monitor audio via additional phones-amplifier designed for mobile phones, thus it boost audio signal and eliminates poor audio output cercuit: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1160529-REG/fiio_a3b_a3_portable_headphone_amplifier_black.html why simply not to rename files: date-time created???
  4. rgb boost: 1.99 exp comp: -1.6 black level: +15 others auto...
  5. It was a sunny day, thus i've used "RGB boost" preset in order to keep Dynamic Range acceptable..
  6. +1 i keep nx1 in RemoteAccess mode, and always charg-ing and hdmi-ing torgether. +1 for 3d item, because one of my nx1 has been in service after hdmi cable was touched not realy freandly...
  7. Simple replicator for possible extension... i newer tried to plugin there anything...
  8. No, that's drive me crazy, because original usb-release cable has NO electronic inside, but ONLY simple knob... Any advise???
  9. usb Shooter release cable: is a simple knob, which connects ground of usb cable with white one. if green one shortened to the ground, the pre-focus activated (the same logic as a main release button on the boby). There are No digital signals involved... But, for some reason, i can not duplicate release cable via hand made one. That makes me creasy...))) You can buy nx1 usb release cable on ebay for 10 dollars, and it is a fantastic little tool. I wish i could marry this cable with charging option...
  10. NX1: “Shot 2 Rec” + “USB Charging” = simultaneously : HELP Dear Comrades! I do really appreciate your help. 1. “USB Charging” works perfectly fine 2. Shutter Release via USB port works perfectly fine 3. I spent entire day trying to create ONE usb cable with BOTH functions simultaneously. It looks like i understand “usb pin-outs”, but i do not understand why i fail. i have a usb-release-cable-knob (works fine) but i'm going mad with pin-out logic for USB release.. Please, HOW to create a USB cable with BOTH: release knob + charging. Thanks in advance…
  11. Pardone me, i had to issue v2: Settings are simple: RGB boost + ExpCompensation -1.6
  12. https://youtu.be/ZGGFmZCboBw Just finished project filmed with this trick. Now Im comfortable with some contrast shots. Thus, it is definitely works in a real live shooting..
  13. I gues no. At least i failed. The shutter angle remains the same, even in manual mode M only ExpComp affected. ISO already locked by minimum value in this case. But negative vector trick definitely deserve to investigate...
  14. Kisaha, thank you fot the comment! Do you think it is possible to "HACK" its settings (or unlock) in order to be able to use it with A,S,M modes instead of locked P mode???
  15. I,m intrested in this profile, because it blows out colors nicely. Espetially Red with people face. It Does blowout, but it looks nice and organic. The only problem with Cinematic profile : P mode fixed to 1/30, and P mode makes Unpossible to use my manual optics... Any idea on how to descover picture profile has been used in Cinematic???
  16. There is a “Cinematic” PictureProfile hidden and locked in C1 (custom) mode. It is available ONLY via Custom mode (C1, C2) “open” menu. This profile boosts ISO and grade. Unfortunately it locked to Program Mode (P), so it is not really usable for me, because i never use P mode… But “Cinematic” looks interesting, and it could be interesting to see its components PictureProfile wise. Any idea???
  17. I tried, and suspect "Gamma DR" in VideoMode when active, replace PictureWizard from Photo setup. Not confident, IMXO only
  18. I’m thinking on RGB trick discovered: As far as i understand Samsung RGB logic (realised in PictureProfile tuning) - it is the middle point of a curve. Thus, when we rise all three together, we make picture brighter and less contrasty without touching exposure (ISO). I can report: i have very nice improvement with boosting BlackLevel up to +15 on top of new RGB boost, + Expose Compensation - 2. I can strongly recommend ALL NX1 users to experiment with RGB boost…
  19. Just boost R G B colors to max (sounds creasy but it works) in custom1 picrure profile. Everything else left untouched. You will see it strait...
  20. Man You made my day!! Your trick with colour boost is simply one of THE BEST tricks with NX1 i ever tried! RESPECT TO YOU MAN! I can definitely see less contrasty curve in a more pleasant way. On top of that EXTRA STOP, which is additional bonus! I double checked with Manual Mode (M) also: it works the same way, for both: video and photo also (jpeg definitely).. There is a bit of colour change in miner, but, all together makes picture more pleasant to my eye. RESPECT TO YOU MAN! and thanks for such a great trick discovered…. The same as you, i will try to shoot at leas
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