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  1. Hello everyone, I am the owner of a small development shop. At the moment the business is not running good. This brings me to new marketing channels. I playing for a long time with the thought to start a YouTube channel. But i dont have the conviction that anyone will watch my videos. I am an extrovert but i have massive problems to speak in front of a camera. I don’t know what i should say or how i should hold my hands / body. It is very hard for me to speak 20 seconds without an error (I have this only on camera) so that i ended have a video with 100 jump cuts. - How do you speak free on camera? Do you memorize a script or is it completely free? - How do you feel when you see you on the video? I feel terrible. - What is the biggest positive thing initiate by your channel? - Do you have some tips for me how i can start my channel? Big Thanks and keep rolling. PS: Sorry for my bad english.
  2. I used a Hackintosh the last from 2002 - 2015. My Advice dont do it. Its a pain in the ass. Every update breaks some thing, mostly the audio interface. After my Computer Science degree i switch to an 'real' Mac and never looked backed. If you depend on this computer an hackintosh is no option. You can solve problemes only by yourself and some nerds in hackintosh forms. With an 'real' mac you can drive to your next Applestore.
  3. Hello, i have 1000€ to spend for a new camera. What we have: - Nikon D600 for Photos - Sigma 35mm, 1.4 - Nikon 85mm 1.8 - Atomos Assassin - Zoom H4N - Sennheiser ME 66 - 2x Lightstorm LEDs What we need: - 4k - Great colors We need the Cameras for Interviews on YouTube, like Tony Northrup or Matt Granger. I dont need super fancy color grading, i would prefer no color grading for a fast workflow. I have this two cameras in the focus: - Panasonic G7 + Speedbooster = 800€ - Samsung NX1 + Novoflex NX to Nikon Adapter = 1000€ Which camera would you buy?
  4. Hello, i am a newbie in the video world. How important are field monitors with scopes like Waveform, Vectorscope, RGB Parade for the work in an interview setting. I thought about buying an Atomos shogun for this, i don't need the recording with my G7. Is the Aotmos hype or a an important tool on the set?
  5. @andy lee Thanks for the infos. I thinking about buying a atomos ninja assassin. The open question for me is the format over hdmi. Is it 4:2:0 oder 4:2:2 and 8 or 10 Bit. Do you know this? And another question. Do you change anything else than natural profile saturation -5 , contrast -5 on the camera. @Stab The 6:00 limit is a problem with the filesystem. On fat32 the max filesize is 4GB, this is around 6 Min with 4K
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