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  1. Hi Andy thx a lot for all the time end precious informations shared. I have a gini followfocus, from i think 4 years and i love it. Really massive well dumpened stuff. I still have a question what about the bit dept on internal and external recording? Is the hdmi output 4:2:2 ? Or it's only 4:2:0 ? And what is the maximum bitrate in external recorder for 1080p video ? . Thx a lot again.
  2. Really really curious about that. Nice to see a comparison e some grading tests True , im thinking if is anyway better a 4:2:2 8 bit recorded to 4:2:2 10 bit wrap in external recorder, compared to the internal record that is in MP4 but 4:2:0 i guess ? i mean for grading e some low budget chroma 4:2:2 is a bit better over 4:2:0 even if in 8 bit only. Really curious to follow next steps and feedbacks. Also strange many videos over the G7 but almost none on this camera and external recorders output.
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