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  1. hey, i am doing the same type of shoots with my a7IV and have never had a problem with overheating. I think you will be just fine with this camera. Sincerely, the only down size of a74 vs fx30 is the rolling shutter which sometimes can be annoying for panning and camera moves. Other than that, there is no real difference in the work you'll be doing. And with the a74 you'll get full frame and the photo side. Again, had no problem with overheating and was doing shots in Africa in December last year. Check out my film and if the quality suits you, go for this camera. My film here:
  2. Honestly i didn't have any issues with heating so for. I didn't shoot for long times though. If you are doing mostly video, i think afs3 it's a better choice. BUt for sure a7IV it's a great camera too. You can't go wrong with either
  3. thx a lot for the answers. Really helpful. I was using DJI Rs3, i just love the combination between sony out-of-this-world auto focus and the stabilization of this gymbal. I don't know if i turned off the IS incamera, i'll have to check it. Thanks for the advice guys. Much obliged.
  4. hi guys. Looking for a bit of advice . I upgraded from nx1 to a7IV and so far really happy with the quality of the footage in slog3. I did a trip in Kyrgyzstan and the country with its horse riding men inspired me to shoot this westernish travel video with my sony a7IV: It's just the quality of YT is just a mess. The original prores export looks way more clean and a bit brighter too ( which is strange ). So, do you have any recommendations for settings i should use when exporting for yt? I am using final cut pro. Also the rolling shutter i knew it was bad. But i have this problem with the motion cadence. When i have a slow pan the image is just has a freeze like it can't deal with the movement or so. It's just not smooth as it supposed to be. This is also from the rolling shutter too? thanks for your advice. Much obliged!
  5. @Andrew Reid when do you think you'll be abale to share with us an A7s3 full review? I am looking forward for it. I remember that I bought my NX1 afetr i saw your review and had been very happy with it for 5 years or so. I sold it a year aga waiting for the A7S3 to come to life and now i am a bit confused 🙂 I am not happy with the footage i have seen from this camera 😞 Although on paper it seems the best camera for 4k footage, when i am looking at the footage i don't see the huge lap coming from NX1. Also, the 28 mega pixels for stills i will miss for sure being a hybrid user in that regard. Thank you for your comment.
  6. I am just tired of waiting for sony to relese just a glimpse of hope regarding A7s3. i just regret i invested in Sony lenses as a prove of my long term trust investment in this brand. My agony goes long distance and I am now regret selling my NX1 which i truly loved and never let me down. I am looking to Canon R5 with a bit of craving. I am starting to think that marketing team behind Sony cine line is just dumb. HOW? I mean, HOW would you release such an ugly PPT after you even postponed the event in the first place. They just took more time to make sure they'll fuck it up. Si pissed of right now. Sorry for getting it out here. Just don't mind me :)
  7. i have the same "problema". Was waiting for sony 7as3 to help me decide but it looks like nothing in the near future. Thaugh decission indeed.
  8. meanwhile, please have a look on my last play with NX1: i am really considering x-t3 to replace my NX1 - too bad it has no ibis.
  9. Have a question here : is it, or is it NOT possible to have 10bits and 4k60p on a full frame body as tiny as A7s2? I am looking forward, like many on this forum, for the next gen a7s but it seams like tech is not there yet to have this on board and i think it would be a bummer not having this. Nikon doesn't have it internally and as much as i like nikon colors and bodies, i can't get over it. Now my hope relies on Sony. Just don't want to be disappointed. I am waiting for 2 years now to upgrade mu NX1 body and i couldn't find anything to worth it. I just love NX1 but i need better low light, and 60p. With the firmware and the native support for h.265 the codec on nx1 still holds up good enough. Can't say the same for the a7s2 codec. Anyways, Photokina is only a month ago and i hope a7s3 will be presented there.
  10. IS it just me or the new new Nikon z cameras are oddly close enough in features to Samsung NX1? there was a rumour back in the day regarding Nikon had bought Samsung tech when they decided to exit the camera market, remember that? Now look at the similarities between cameras feature ( of course apart of the sensor size): - codec bitrate, almost the same as nx1 after hack - rezolution and fps both in 4k and 1080p - just keep in mind z cameras launching 5 years later than nx1 :))))) - even the lenses are having the same design and front size 72mm. Even the neame is the same "S" line and there are more feature to look into but i don't wanna sound paranoic. maybe is just me though! what do you think? it's a shame that the 10bits are just external and there is no 60p in 4k. That would have been the perfect combo. I am still struggling to upgrade my 5 years old Nx1, apart of the sensor size.
  11. hi guys, i am sort of directing a mini web series and i have to deal with actors coming from theater backgrounds. They all over acting and it's horrible. I don't have experience in blocking actors and dealing with the way they deliver the lines and i need any good advice i can get. I am reaching to you for any good to know advice you can give, any sort of golden rule when you are blocking them, how to make them comfortable and natural and how to direct them to be more natural and not to over act. I know this is something you can not learn overnight and am planing on reading books and train myself for the future, but know any sort of advice would help me a lot. So many thanks in advance. cheers.
  12. i am dreaming of this : https://shop.redrockmicro.com/product/retroflex-for-blackmagic-pocket-camera/ But i would never complain about this amazing camera. For what you get, at this price point, you have to be really mean to complain. It is really a dream come true, almost came true till September. My fingers crossed for a nice rolling shutter. If the motion cadence is as bad as NX1 in full 4k, than we might have a problem no matter how great the image looks like.
  13. o have only one question about the new pocket : why do you think they ditched the articulated screen in favor of the fix one? I mane it was only about the money? how expensive was to at least make it rotate up and down like on the samsung nx1 to be able to shoot from lower or upper angles which happens all the time when you go handheld? probably they assumed that you will rig it all the time but than you would loose the run and gun style of a pocket camera. i don't even wanna go into details of the ceo interview when he's talking about shooting yourself - such a silly way to make it appeal to the new wave of vloggers and travelers or whatever is that niche. This camera dosen't need that and it is certainly not designed for that. How the hell would you shoot yourself without seeing what you shoot?
  14. Am not preordering anything. I am just happy to have plenty of options to choose from. I am waiting for sony to release the a7s3 and everything will be laid on the table to be picked. We are so lucky to live these days. I eman to be able to choose between gh5s - BMPCC4k - and soon to be out a7s3 - nice!!
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