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  1. You may have to install Windows to be able to use the USB shooting mode. Samsung barely made an app for Android and iOS and now that doesn’t even work at all for iOS and spotty for android. I tried to see if Lightroom would allow live shooting but it didn’t. Not sure there is a better option than using Windows at this point.
  2. Haha! Just responding to myself here but after actually installing the Hack(s) I have my NX1 fully working. Though my v60 card may only be able to do like 160mbs though I was hoping to try 320 with a v90 card and see why that does. Does anyone know about using a straight external drive such as a Samsung T5 as a recording disk? The camera seems to act a bit wonky when connected to HDMI, I’m not sure if this is just me. i would love to get an átomos or monitor but the sound that they emit is not desirable to me. I want something super silent. But idk how you tell the hard drive when to record a clip. Maybe this is basics but as is my level of quality on this thing internally at 160mbs is awesome on my various FD lenses. Favorite of which is the 50mm f1.4! I wonder what’s the highest (Mbs) anyone has been able to record??? Is there anyone out there ??? This crap is super interesting!
  3. Keep the topic alive! I this camera is actually still years ahead of most cameras! For the price of $500 on eBay you can have a camera near the quality of an FS7 or a RED! From what I have read on this post it seems having 3 customer picture wizard profiles makes it appropriate to switch as needed. I have found that moving the Hue to -6 also improves the tone of the image and so I set all 3 Custom Profiles to the same settings (-10 Sharpness, -3 Saturation, -5 Contrast, -6 Hue) except for the RGB sliders. So in bright contrasty light, I may use Custom 1 with the settings of R: .88 , G: .86 , B: .87 to bring down the gain on the sensor (to my basic understanding) and in Higher Dynamic Range Situations, May go to Custom 2 with the boosted settings of R: 1.88, G: 1.86, B:1.87 and Finally I have a Custom 3 profile with R: 1.44 , G: 1.43, B: 1.44. This is a bit more contrasty but still with a wide DR. All of these Settings also are running on 16-235 and Black Level at +15. The results are pretty amazing just from playing around. Makes me want to find all the NX1s out there and hoard them!
  4. I know u am super late to this camera but I just got one, and I've been learning a lot from all of you all who paved the way. I have found maybe one reason why the sensor is 1) very sharp a 2) very saturated on greens. It seems that the color filter is not a standard RGB Bayer filter/pattern but a RGBG color pattern that allows the camera to record more detail (if you look at MTF charts of lenses, the ones who can capture green better are usually the sharpest through out the range). I have also found in the video above that the settings suggested in my last post are a great way to create a LOG profile in the Custom picture wizard area. Anyway, I was looking at Vimeo with a link for a video setup guide for Log on the NX1 but the link no longer works and I can't seem to find that page/guide. Anyone have it available?
  5. Would love an adapter even a used and dumb adapter. If anyone has one hit me up!
  6. Hello, I am still brand new but I found this video and some info that might be helpful to get a log like look from the Nx1.
  7. Hello, I am barely getting into this camera and I have found all these posts and history incredibly useful. I have not tried these hacks yet as I am not sure a lens needs to be present to install any of this software (still waiting for an FD adapter to come in).I have tried the simple Dev Tool Hack to make it work without the lens but I cannot get it to work. On my Mac I created a TextEdit file nx_dev.adj and put smart_camera in the file. Saved it but it says like 3xxKB. Not sure if this is the wrong program to create this file in.
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