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  1. Where did you see mentionned that 4k60p is not cropped? I didn't see any mention of a crop, but I mean it doesn't necessarily translate as no crop. It would be nice though.
  2. Little Photoshop size comparison between this and the S1H. Quite smaller !
  3. Here are the first pics of the camera : https://twitter.com/nokishita_c/status/1299265717515112448?s=19 To save you a click
  4. Yep I have a Panasonic S1H and i'm happy with it, and I bet it could come close to that. But yeah the lens plays a big part of thid look but it's the overall look not only the anamorphic thing. Grading is excellent, the picture is not clinically digital. It looks good!
  5. Ok so here's my take on it done on Resolve (not that easy needs finessing) :
  6. I really love this footage : The most "cinematic" video I've seen from this camera so far and makes me want to buy it !
  7. I personnally use afc all the time for stills on my S1H and so far 90% of my pictures come in focus. Even when my son is running it works well. Unfortunately it's not as good for video and even when it keeps tracking the subject, it's not very smooth and quite distracting. But for stills it's actually pretty nice (and i'm a former Sony and Canon user so I can compare with their af system).
  8. Yup i saw that Sigma but as much as I like Sigma, their latest offerings for L mount is kind of hit and miss regarding autofocus. I know this one is a DN lens so built directly for mirrorless cameras, but I have to see if the autofocus is actually usable or not. I'm using a lot continuous af on my S1H for stills and i'm happy with it, works well with the native 24-70 f2.8. And also from manual focus point of view, panasonic lenses allow linear focus, and even the focus throw. I really like it. So i'm hesitant to buy other brands than Panasonic. I wait to know more about the new panasonic primes (price, size, etc) before making my choice.
  9. According to L-mount rumors ther will be some new affordable lenses as well in the next weeks. It's the biggest problem of this L mount alliance. Affordable lenses. Let's hope they'll come asap, i'm really ready for those 24, 50 and 85 primes
  10. I personnally find it quite good on my S1H. I feel it's the best focus peaking i've ever used on any camera i owned (several sony a7, several Panasonic GH, BMP 4k...). I thought it would be hard to nail focus but with use it's actually very possible.
  11. Really excited to see whats this is all about. If it can compete with the next Sony a7IV according to @AndrewReid then something is different from other Panasonic cameras with this one. Let's hope they offer some breakthrough new DFD technology wich comes close to PDAF!
  12. It's official : https://www.panasonic.com/global/consumer/lumix/s/s5.html
  13. I don't know about the 24-105 but the 24-70 f2.8 seems parfocal to me. When i zoom in it keeps focus without any problem. Panasonic said that they build their S line lenses for photo and video use, and that is obvious even with cheaper lenses like the 20-60 wich is parfocal if I remember well.
  14. I said good SHOTS, not shorts.... It's just a little short film, nothing spectacular but I do find there are some good images. Yeah the skintones are not as good on Canon on Panasonic S1H, but I find the DR quite good in some of the shots.
  15. Exactly my thoughts. Why stay or plan to buy a brand that don't really might what we need, a brand that have a record of having intentionnally crippled a lot of their products (all the companies do the same to protect their upper lines of products, just not the way Canon did it every time)? Panasonic for years has delivered. Sony is finally listening again, even thought they're more conservative than Panasonic. i can't understand why would we support a company like Canon which don't give a shit about us, indie filmmakers !
  16. Sometimes i want to sell my S1H because of its AF that's not on par with the offeringd of the competition. But then I think about my needs and realize I don't shoot sports, i don't shoot fast action, i usually shoot interviews, corporate, docs, and i'd love to go more tow fictional kind of shoot (narrative). And i tell myself why would I need another camera for those controlled environments i'm shooting in? Panasonic bodies are so reliable, but hey they're not as trendy as all those cameras from Canon ans Sony that all the bloggers show. That's a shame. The AF is a lame excuse to me. I rather have a reliable camera, a workhorse with not so good continuous af than an unreliable camera with fast blazing af.
  17. Some good shots and DR seems pretty good : The making of is here (french but you can activate the automatic translation) :
  18. The lenses in the link from @Super8 link refer to Nikon DSLR lenses and not Z-mount.
  19. I really hope a Panasonic EVA 2 comes by the end of the year or next year. If they imrpove their autofocus, and put an L mount on it it would be a great camera since the EVA 1 is already really good.
  20. I stumbled upon thins incredibly good video that truly highlights the S1H capability to produce gorgeous cinematic images when paired with good lenses and good operator skills : Skin tones are very good, overall image shines in my opinion.
  21. The S1H is weather sealed, doesn't overheat, and is suitable for high quality capture.
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