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  1. Spot on. There is a reason why every time I attend an event (wedding , conference, sports etc) most of the camera men are using a canon. There is a reason why many organisationuse the C_line for docs... There is a reason why majority of the bloggers on YouTube use a canon. Sometimes doing the basic so well is key. I have said it before, their market isn't the video pixel peepers and spec sheet ambassadors.
  2. Guys, even if the camera had magic lantern raw features it won't make a significant difference to their sales. This is just a sign of the times we are living in. Smartphones cameras and so many alternative options available in the camera market.
  3. Not mine, But see colors and detail . Oh hand held and all
  4. Did they mention a pre xmas release date?
  5. Something In between the UM4.6K and the Production 4k. This is what the UM4Ki image should have been like . Personally, I like it. This image ticks both boxes, Doc look, Film look and its more versatile
  6. People need to learn how to grip dslr like cams for smooth shots. There are so many techniques . The strap stretched with a pistol handle. does the trick Got my cam today FINALLY!. not bad for a 1 month wait.
  7. Wohooo Just got told my Cam as arrived and ready to dispatch. Ordered last month Birdmanhandrup.gif Exciting times
  8. I think I might sell mine once it arrives. Make some tidy profit.
  9. I have this glass. Just waiting for my cam to arrive
  10. Beginning to like What I am See it from this camera. A few ques: Does it allow you to import luts? Amy 3rd party battery grip in the market? Touch screen punch in focus?
  11. Film convert + Richmond Park or Brighton seas front
  12. Miles better than the GH5 > Cant wait
  13. https://youtu.be/BfBg9QVG8Dc Shot on the x-t3
  14. Came in to post that. Great colours
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-mHizBLaMk This ca, is pretty decent
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