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  1. Don't they refund your fees back if the item is returned by the buyer? Regardless, Screw Ebay, I use marketplace & Shpock instead.
  2. Good point. However, I sold an old cam, bought crypto(Ethereum), allowed it to appreciate, sold and bought an upgrade.
  3. Dunjoye

    R5 vs R6

    Maybe, it's just the videos have seen shot with it on Youtube. My EOS-R is clean to be fair, but from an Ex 1DC user, I always used this as a bench mark .
  4. Dunjoye

    R5 vs R6

    Why are the images on both these cameras appear to be grainy? Most videos I have seen anyway..
  5. BMPCC 6K PRO @£1879 is very decent. I have the pocket 4k, I was not interested in the 6K as an upgrade, but this 6Kpro addresss alot of issues (Screen Battery & Filters) and makes it a better run & gun alternative. I think I might upgrade
  6. Good news is it's a phone and should depreciate rapidly, it would e worth half the cost this time next year.
  7. Nice, Everything looks good at Sunrise and Sunset though.
  8. Canon are going to block that battery hack in the next firmware update. Bunch of pagans
  9. The real thing I meant an actual video camera. Yes, I know all cameras have theirs short comings, on hybrids even more. It's all subjective I suppose. I believe every hybrid camera within the last 5 years is very capable of doing majoirty of the job. There as been significant improvment within the last year with regards to image quality and practical UX. It's time to jsut get out there and shoot.
  10. All of these attachments and extras. Why not just get the real dedicated thing? Sometimes you have to respect some cameras short comings and figure out work arounds. Yes, its usually all subjective, but the term "Usable" gets thrown around here alot and I just see it as an excuse for people to get out there and shoot.
  11. A mirrorless photography camera with an XLR input? 🤣🤣🤣 Some of you guys are hilarious
  12. The EOS R is very capable and underrated by many. I have had alot of fun with it as a hybrid. C100Mk2 + 4k capability. Nice work.
  13. What's even funnier, were people that were saying the heating issue was a lazy excuse for Canon not implementing raw & higher bit rate on their DSLR years back are now the same people complaining about over heating on the R5 & R6. I guess there is no pleasing some.
  14. Liking the look of the R6. Looks like a 1dx ii with the clog and few extras. I will happily trade in my EOS R+ bmcc 4K For it.
  15. I'll go for a used Eos R, if I was in your shoes. Sounds like you want a hybrid, that does both decent enough. 5DMKii is a old system. Apart from photo, I can't see any appeal in owning one in this day and age.
  16. From my experience, I have noticed I get a more richer and robust footage shooting User profile (All sections dialed to 0) better than shooting C-log on the EOS R and 1DC.
  17. Yeeea. its like £239 retail
  18. Looks nice. I was bidding on one of these via ebay to a UK seller brofre missing out. £138. How long is the battery life on it now withthe grip. Is it worth it?
  19. 1080p ALl-i is much better than the 5dmkii/iii It's not raw, but it's very usable.
  20. Beautiful colors as expected. But doesn't have that 1dc mojo. Something about the video form that camera man. I cant explian it.
  21. Canon left the DSLR vid game for 10 years with no innovation and now they are about to hit with a bang like they never left.
  22. Hmm, Those specs are wild. I will be surprised if canon jump to 8k on a mirrorless at this time in their lifecycle. 4K-120 will be welcomed. The codec must be biscuit to run both 8K & 4K120fps imo. Well I believe it when I see it.
  23. If yall wanna walk around with a dinosaur egg with an integrated sensor, good for you.. Count me out.
  24. Dont really see the issue with Rollin shutter tbh. Easy work arounds. The 1dc had bad rolling shutter but was still used in high end producition
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