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  1. Thank you @BTM_Pix for all of the work developing and realising this kit, looking forward to it's delivery. Remembering: all tech support messages to admin@cdatek.com. The forum seems like it is a good place to discuss more general stuff. So.. I held off on the follow focus and other add on's so far, but thinking now about which bits to pick up. Would appreciate any recommendations I have been looking at the Tilta Nano and focus wheel, but remember some discussion about an additional cable for powering the Nano to get more torque, or maybe I need the bigger motor
  2. These two pieces of software can do similar things but they really are quite different. Studio Artist is really just focussed on 2D effects like those seen in the video above, and these effects are some of the most interesting "natural looking" motion effects I have come across using affordable and quite flexible software. AE (aftereffects) has a lot more to offer alongside producing these type of effects, which makes the two difficult to compare. You are correct the range of things AE can do makes it quite complex, but that also means it can be deep and get you to places that other peo
  3. PS. I am not affiliated in any way with Synthetik Studio Artist, but bought a few licences of the software for some of my students to use to explore with during a video project a while back.
  4. An example from Studio Artist, all of the effects work on both stills and video, some of the effects recreate "natural media" like paint, it can be very flexible working with different effects on separate layers, like most software it needs exploration to find what works for you
  5. After Effects can be fun to explore once you understand the workflow, and the workflow is covered in a lot of Youtube videos so don't be too worried about a steep learning curve. Also take a look at Synthetik Studio Artist they have a demo that would allow some exploration, it's an endless demo that uses a watermark so at least you could check out if it's useful for you, good luck.
  6. This looks great, appreciate the work that has gone into the development, does the module have to be positioned in a particular orientation? could it be positioned in portrait, upside down or under the lens or even hand held?
  7. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed at the time.. Maybe Panasonic could still add it?
  8. The GH5 didn't get the high-res mode update unfortunately, not sure if this was a hardware limitation but it would have been a nice addition as the G9 had a lot of updates from the GH line.
  9. Looking on ebay (completed listings) there seem to be quite a few GH4's going for around the $350 mark, If you have settled on the GH3 it was an ok camera, but the GH4 was a great improvement to the GH line, the addition of 4K and especially the 96fps for me was a big improvement over the quite restricted GH3 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_Complete=1&_udlo=&_udhi=&_samilow=&_samihi=&_dmd=1&_ipg=50&_fosrp=1&_nkw=panasonic+gh4&_sop=15 Alternatively the g85 has ibis and might be worth a look, a lot of people swear by t
  10. To me this sounds like good news, BM are developing sensor tech that will likely be available in other cams down the line at different price points
  11. If you search lens repair spanner these are often used to get inside..
  12. I came across this video from Richard Gale some time ago, who removed the coatings and tinkered with the Voigtlander 40mm, I am interested in experimenting with coating removal too,
  13. Do you have a link to these? Thanks
  14. Really like my Contax Zeiss 35-70 3.4, bought it to be a flexible addition to some other Contax primes. http://youtu.be/JhpT3UfJub8
  15. I do see quite a subtle pattern looking closer.. Was looking at the video projected and it wasn't that noticeable (hence the reply) the addition of some grain has helped when I've seen this in the past.. and lowering the local contrast would also help with the white and blue verticals. The Tiffen ultra contrast filters help but that direction is quite subjective. Maybe Panasonic can fix it with a firmware update..? ?
  16. Hope Panasonic gives us some variable frame rate options for anamorphic shooting.. Maybe also some higher frame rate 4K options with cropped readout al la P4K. The possibility of better mapping of the V-Log L curve would also be appreciated @Amazeballs on VLC player I'm not seeing any tearing here.
  17. Hi @christrad I read a post on BMD's forum yesterday.. POST... "My camera update went til 70%, once there all the usb devices disconnected and windows showed a "can't recognize the usb device" it was stuck and it wouldn't show any activity. Now, the camera doesn't power on and the front recording led is blinkg in white. ¿Is there any way to reset the camera? or it is a brick now EDIT: I sent a mail to BM support and they answered right away with the solution: copy of the response, in case anyone needs it: Confirm that the camera is still connected via USB, switch the po
  18. It was thinking about matching sections of sounds with the live events like tweaking a synth. but I think in my attempt to consider using a bunch of cameras all recording a live event at different frame rates, I may have confused the aspects of different devices ? I will try some practical stuff.. always good for solving problems. Thanks ?
  19. The intention is to have the audio at normal speed but in sync with the slowed down 96>24 fps video. I am planning to create the audio alongside operating the camera, but in order to do this I am looking for a method of monitoring the audio stream C (which is audio as played live, but cut up and only listening to a quarter of the full audio duration). "Experimenting is the fun part! It doesn't necessarily have to produce results at all." I couldn't agree more ?
  20. @no_connection Thanks for the recommendation, Yes I use "Paul's stretch" software for other effects stuff and it works really well, but I am not sure how that could be used, other than post processing. @KnightsFan Thanks for trying to make sense of the stuff bouncing around in my head ? The idea I am trying to explore is around the creation of a rig that includes image and audio capture equipment, to record the process of live music production. (Think GH5, electronic synths, samplers and audio devices) and the monitoring that I am trying to produce is to help with the manipulation of
  21. The idea that I was trying to explore/explain was around playing music at the same time as recording HFR video, I think I need to try some practical experiments, as I may have confused things by considering the slowing down of the audio, I am looking to monitor the audio "live" for a short time, then not monitor for a period of time, then monitor "live" again repeatedly so that I can be aware of the live audio (in a shortened "processed?" way) this would hopefully allow me the potential to sync camera movement, focus and zoom to the audio being recorded. The chopping up and monitoring the
  22. Thanks for the prompt responses everyone ? As is always the way, in trying to explain this, it is making more sense slowly.. (I think?) If it becomes possible to sample the live audio and monitor shortened audio samples, there probably isn't any need to slow the audio down through processing at the time of monitoring. As seen below if the live video (a) was recording at 96fps and played back at 24fps (b), then the live audio (d) would be chopped up and just the first 25% of the audio monitored (e), so that the person monitoring would hear the changes to the audio, then the live
  23. Thanks @leslie for your thoughts, sounds like some interesting effects on the video. It’s the live aspect that I’m going to struggle with, but I may be able to work with just monitoring a chopped up and shortened version of the audio, without the need to slow anything down.. still trying to work out what might work for that.
  24. A crap sketch of the general idea.. But still trying to understand this in my own head, so I maybe completely off the mark as to if it's possible?
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