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    Leica Q2 (DCI4K)

    What are you talking about? @DjangoDoesn’t look better than any of the competent full frame mirrorless cameras today. I see blown out hightlights, micro jitters and a fixed focal length. For stills yes maybe it’s worth the price, for video it’s a fucking joke.
  2. I know how to correctly expose v-log-l (and s-log), but thanks for the condescension. As many already know the GH5s has a problem with its sensor/software and this has been debated in numerous articles and videos for a long time. Google is your friend. It then comes down to the user’s and the clients tolerance for this kind of image issue. Chacun son goût.
  3. Yes it’s an inherent problem with the body and v-log-l.
  4. V-log-L on GH5 and Gh5s is known to exhibit severe noise in shadows even at base iso. Even when properly exposed and with the highest bitrate. It’s one of the main reasons I’m holding my breath for the S1.
  5. I’m mostly concerned about the internal noise reduction, I really hope it’s not as aggressive as the one seen in the a7III at iso 6400 and above, even when dialed all the way down. If the S1 retains more detail but with slightly more noise in the aforementioned iso:s it’s an instabuy for me.
  6. https://www.l-rumors.com/atomos-ninja-v-offers-4k-10-bit-422-hdr-recording-with-the-panasonic-lumix-s1/
  7. Haha I also have that weird smell from my second copy. Wonder if it’s serious....
  8. @Geoff_L Sounds like the Z6 will be a perfect match for you. I forgot to write this but when it comes to stills quality between the two, there’s no contest.
  9. So I just got my second X-T3 after having sold my first to get a Z6, but then got struck by remorse and rebought the Fuji. After getting used to the Z6 and being able to compair them side by side some things are worth taking into consideration if you’re looking to buy one of these cameras (sensor size notwithstanding). 1. The build quality of the Nikon is second to none. The X-T3 feels flimsy and wonky next to it, and my copy has a slightly misaligned lcd. The previous one had a slightly misaligned grip cover. Feels cheap and not very confidence inspiring. And the lcd on my current copy is almost impossible to clean from fingerprints whereas the Nikon lcd wipes off super easily. Very strange. But I don’t think this is due to the assembly in China, the Japan made Fuji cameras I have owned have never felt well built with various bugs to complement them. 2. Easy of use. The Nikon switches very smoothly between stills and video with separate settings stored in each mode respectively etc. The Fuji is a mess. 3. Heat management. When shooting 4K 400mbps all-i (h264 or h265), the Fuji gets very hot very quickly. Has anyone tried to record a longer interview or concert with the X-T3, internally? I imagine it will overheat around the 45min mark. The Nikon never gets more than slightly warm. 4. Autofocus. This is where the Fuji shows it’s a more mature mirrorless system with a smaller sensor: with the newer lenses it’s faster, more accurate and more reliable than the Nikon, both in video and stills. In low light it’s autofocus obliterates the Z6 in all modes. 5. Auto white balance. The Nikon is amazing and never manages to get it really wrong, even in difficult mixed lighting. The Fuji is fine in daylight. But I absolutely love the fact that you can lock the auto white balance on the Fuji, such a handy feature in a pinch. 6. Video quality. The X-T3 is by far a more capable video camera with outstanding codecs with less artefacts. The rolling shutter performance is noticeably better and the Eterna profile with DR400 looks stunning out of the camera with a beautiful highlight roll off compared to the Nikon. The colors of the Nikon is very appealing though, it feels less instagramish than the x-t3. 7. Sexiness. Despite all its shortcomings and frustrations the Fuji is more fun to use, I feel. As Andrew noted, the Z6 and Z7 are very utilitarian and a tad too big for my liking. Very subjective matter this, ofc. Final thoughts: If I were to rely on a camera as a working tool, day in and day out I would keep the Z6, but as I’m not making a living off of the camera I might sell it. But I was almost shocked when I got the X-T3 again, it literally feels like it’s gonna fall apart in my hands compared to the Nikon (and I imagine the Canon EOS R).
  10. @thephoenix are you trolling?
  11. On a wide lens (24mm) it’s barely noticable and very usable I think, besting the a7III.
  12. Get this, ordered the official Nikon lcd protector for the z-series of cameras from Japan. Touch functionality is excellent BUT it’s matte and it muddies the details of the screen like crazy, almost unusable. So don’t go through the troubles of getting it. Another complaint no one has brought up from what I can see: Z6 splits the video files into 4gb chunks. Still. Ridiculous. They should fix this with firmware immediately, just like Fuji will with the x-t3.
  13. I thought the point of this forum was to share ideas and tips and tricks and knowledge, not litter the threads with posts about what we think this or that particular device is lacking and how we would buy stuff if they only had this or that feature :)))))))) :PpppppPPPppPp like, we all know the new canon has a big ass crop in 4K and only one card slot, just like the Nikon, and we all know there’s no full frame consumer camera that does 4K 60p internally, fucking move on ;););););)
  14. I agree with you. I’ve done some quick testing with 4K video, turning sharpening all the way down, as well as the NR, leaving midtown sharpening at zero and increasing saturation a wee bit on the flat profile. Looks really good and very easy to grade. And the IBIS is phenomenal, certainly better than my previous A7rIII. Rolling shutter in 4K also seems well controlled, not great but definitely usable.
  15. I agree with you, it’s a more balanced hybrid than the GH5 imo, hence why I bought it. But the gh-series have been video oriented since forever and it’s obvious that Nikon has some catching up to do with regards to tweakable settings, codec etc. Still a lot better in the autofocus department though Something i really love with the X-T3 is the possibility to lock auto white balance. Why aren’t more camera companies implementing this? It’s perfect for docu work.
  16. I just got my Z6 and so far in terms of output I think it has the Sony beat (at least the ones I’ve owned and used, a7rIII and a7III). The video autofocus seems to be on par with the Sonys. Colors out of camera are nicer, the IBIS better, the flat profile with sharpness dialled down looks more organic with a decent dynamic range considering it’s not a true log profile. The Z6 however still has nothing on the GH5-series when it comes to rolling shutter, overall useability and codec.
  17. You are not usable or useful. The X-T3 looks surprisingly good in incandescent lighting and the auto white balance is a lot better than other cameras I’ve tested. IBIS is extremly overrated, mostly hyped by vloggers and amateurs.
  18. I have it set so that it toggles on and off.
  19. @Brian Williams You know that there is a white balance lock setting on the x-t3? It’s genius. Let the camera set the white balance of a certain scene, which it does pretty well in most cases, then push the button you assigned to lock white balance. This is something I wish more cameras would implement.
  20. @jonpais Can't you tell when a lot of people on here have had enough of your condescending bullshit and know-it-all attitude with nothing to show for?
  21. I’m sorry but does all this whining about “waxiness” come from when you went to Photokina, put an sd card in an attached X-t3, filmed inside the convention, took the card home and subsequently went online to share your findings with us? Hahahhahahahahahah.
  22. What? I don’t find waxiness to be an issue but I would never use this camera past iso3200, iso6400 is not “extremely clean”. Wtf are you talking about?
  23. I just watched this video. The grade is debatable but there are plenty of skin tones in there that don't show the least bit of waxiness. Eterna, ungraded: He also compares the skin tones with the 1DXII and the A7III. The Canon looks the waxiest and the Sony looks the worst.
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