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  1. What's peoples thoughts on the Tascam audio thing on the hot shoe - the thought of XLR cables dangling from that already weak and delicate point makes me wince almost as much as micro hdmi. Attaching a wireless receiver would be ok but not sure about anything more. Would be curious to know if the internal audio quality has improved on the R6ii from the original R6, I have used a Sound Devices MIX pre mounted under the camera and fed the audio directly into R6 and the quality was ok but not as good as Panasonic S1
  2. Do you have a source for this can't seem to find anything concrete? Am trying to put forward a case for this camera at work...
  3. Good luck with the sale, we had been looking at used R5 since the overheating fix but the 30 minute limit makes the new R6ii a better fit. When will you actually be able to get hold of one, the R6 is our primary stills camera and we couldn't be without it for very long?
  4. Ah would love to be able to check out an Onyx OLED screen, how big are they, imagine it's a very different experience to say the huge scale of IMAX?
  5. Hey that's great and all power to you, I'm just pointing out that after what happened with the R5 it isn't too much of a stretch to think that maybe just maybe they could also fix the R6 overheating with firmware if they really wanted to - and then the tight arses I work for wouldn't need to buy a new camera (they won't anyway...)
  6. Looking at the specs the R6 is actually slightly bigger than the R5 but anyway we are just speculating here... maybe I'm just too cynical but after what happened with the miraculous firmware fix of the R5, call me dubious. You seem to be very happy to give Canon the benefit of the doubt and more of your hard earned and that's fair enough.
  7. I have access to an R6 at work and have to say it's the most frustrating camera I've ever used - the image is lovely but the overheating, and 30 minute limit stop me from using it most of the time. The micro hdmi is an accident waiting to happen although I tend not to use it anyway as Canon has slyly stopped the use of the touchscreen if you attach a monitor. They want you to buy the R5 for this simple 'feature' that works on most other cheaper cameras I've used. No idea if the R6ii remedies this but it's Canon so am sure there'll be something missing My main irritation with Canon in all this is that I am pretty sure the 2 main beefs I have with the R6 could be sorted with firmware. They magically fixed the overheating with the R5 but have neglected the lowly R6 wanting folk to spend their hard earned money on the R5 and now the new R6ii. I have a feeling that when they've sold enough R6ii's they will allow the R6 to work without overheating just like they've done with the R5 a while after releasing the R5c. Not sure I want to play that game
  8. Yes it seems to have sorted the 2 main issues I had with the camera - overheating in 4k 25p which would always happen after about 40 minutes whatever the weather, and the stupid 30 minute recording limit. RS should indeed be better, the only other weakness I felt was the dynamic range but that seems to be all across the Canon mirrorless range so not expecting any improvement there. The R6ii looks like a good solid camera that can hopefully be relied on to do a days work
  9. If you really want to get your hands on the Z9 they are always available from the usual grey market suspects... Panamoz do offer a 3 year warranty which I hear they are pretty good with. Unfortunately the price isn't as good as Japan but still a decent saving from the UK price, of course with all the caveats of grey import
  10. I like shallow dof but only when it's motivated ie adds to the story. I just realised it's the same director who did 300 - I hated that too and mainly cause it was basically actors plus some cgi background. I think the constant ultra dof in Army of the Dead made it feel similar - like it had all been filmed in front of green screen, there was nothing that would ground a character in their environment, they seemed completely seperated from each other, makes me feel kind of nauseous after a while. Maybe I'm just too old and sensitive. Anyway yes sorry back to the fx30...
  11. Ha yes couldn't make it through that film, was such a disconnect between the characters and their environment - reminded me of the early days of the 5d mk2 when everyone was filming everything wide open - just because you can doesn't mean you should
  12. ade towell

    Fuji X-H2S

    https://www.cined.com/fujifilm-x-h2s-lab-test-rolling-shutter-dynamic-range-and-exposure-latitude/?fbclid=IwAR1jMyV0aHZ4iFDP6tTIYiWoUQ_jkQjCrZoayCQ3dj4wDCYDyT9u398-icI Good dynamic range and rolling shutter with solid codecs and lovely colour - a lot to like with this camera
  13. I've been using the Meike nd adaptor for a little while now and it has been faultless, so much nicer than usual vari nd, no obvious colour change as you get to maximum nd and the 9 stops is enough here for me in the UK afternoon sun with f1.8 lenses at 800 iso. It may be a different story If you use faster lenses and live in brighter parts of the world of course...
  14. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-to-finally-bring-a-successor-to-the-cinema-eos-c200/ Looks like there may be a C200 mk2 coming, sounds like a C300 mk3 with swappable EF and Rf mount. Seems Canon are investing in apsc they just need some decent RF lenses to show they're fully committed as I agree the lens situation isn't great at the moment
  15. A big pro for me is no 30 minute limit recording Biggest con is the lower quality 4k50p unless you take a big crop Solid camera though for 4k25p
  16. I will never sell my GH2, still gets plenty of use as a 3rd camera, and with the hack no stupid 30 minute limit
  17. I much prefer the image from the Fuji but I've got to agree with Django, if you're following a 3 year old around the Sony's AF will definitely be better
  18. I have read good things about the Meike nd adaptor and looks much better value than the Canon version. I have the plain Meike ef to rf adaptor and it has worked flawlessly since I got it about a year and a half ago CVP seem pretty positive about it
  19. Good points about the 5rc Good points about the r5c I also wish they had just gone for the best 4k they could and stopped compromising other stuff chasing 8k. Be aware if you mainly shoot 4k60p that on the R7 I believe it is line skipped unless using the severe crop mode. 4k 24/25p is the sweet spot for this camera it seems. Do like the no time limit though, overheating is still to be properly tested but fingers crossed the smaller sensor has a positive affect
  20. Yes to the OP this is a proper case of chasing your tail - the R6 you already have is capable of creating similar to the examples you have shown - with all respect you just need to learn how to use it properly (I include myself in this). Together with lens choice and grading, use of light and framing are 2 major factors in creating beautiful images - these skills can be learnt but a new camera won't help
  21. ade towell

    Fuji X-H2S

    Was interesting seeing Gerald show how to squeeze out 14+ stops with the NR off and doing it in post though. Not seen those sort of numbers on mirrorless before Props for Fuji using full size hdmi too
  22. ade towell

    Fuji X-H2S

    This looks really nice, the kind of video specs I was hoping from the Canon 7R - well done Fuji. Looking forward to seeing if the DR increase is real, with those Fuji colours will be a real powerhouse And yes the new video based zoom is very welcome, 16mm at the wide end would have been pretty much perfect but mustn't be greedy
  23. Wonderful work all of it, camera, lighting, costume, special fx. Bravo
  24. I'd say it's the type of Canon apologists that I read on this thread and all over the internet that allow them to get away with this crappy kind of crippling because despite al the gotchas they know that people will keep buying their cameras in droves. I'm a Canon user (damn you Canon for your great lens legacy), but will call them out whenever they're low balling their customers - there is no excuse for the ridiculous crop on 4k 50p on a new camera in 2022. The jury is still out on overheating but the signs aren't great, they've seen what they can get away with in the 'best selling' R5 and R6. Saying it's better than Sony's ancient half arsed A6xxx series is hardly praise worthy The 7d was Canon's flagship crop dslr camera, the 7R seems like a toy in comparison. I hope they are going to bring out a properly weather sealed mirrorless crop camera with decent video specs, cause this isn't it. This is Canon dropping the quality - a worrying sign
  25. I'd imagine the non crop 4k 50p will be rubbish like Canons line skipping of old. On closer inspection the R7 isn't really a 7d replacement with poor buffer, no top lcd, no battery grip (so far) and lack of decent weather sealing. Disappointing really even for wildlife photography, wonder how serious Canon are with aps-c if this is their flagship, the 7d was top of the line and a solid and very popular stills camera
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