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  1. Yes am curious too, from everything I have seen they seem to work pretty much as they do on my R6. For mission critical AF I would probably use the Panasonic lenses but need to do some testing. it's meant to start shipping at the end of the month, fingers crossed...
  2. Yes i hear you I had the micro HDMI on Fuji XT-3 break even with a clamp on so have always been a little wary of them since I looked at R5 but the 30 minute limit put me off. The R5c with no IBIS, poor battery and lower quality AF was not for me. The R3 is a beast and if you can afford it looks like the best mirrorless Canon offering by far. The price of the R6ii is high here too in the UK - £2779 whereas the Panasonic S5ii with 20-60mm and 50mm 1.8 lens is only £2399. A bargain I reckon. Both lenses are geared towards video with silent AF and the zoom even has focus breathing control. A lot of the more affordable RF primes such as the 35mm and 85mm have noisy and quite sluggish AF. Have just bought the Sigma adaptor used for £100 so will have full use of all EF lenses on the S5ii and AF looks pretty decent. We will see...
  3. Yes that sounds like a good workaround
  4. That's great they've got anti flicker. Good that for you it fixes everything but for me I think the R6ii only really sorted 2 of the main problems I had with the R6 - overheating, and the 30 minute limit - but not the other main grievances I had - poor DR, relatively poor IBIS, lack of touchscreen with external monitor, and that fookin micro HDMI. The S5ii ticks all those boxes
  5. Oh yes and synchro scan is a really useful thing I missed from Panasonic, helps with flicker on screens and also some LED lights had strange refresh rates.. Super handy and it's on the S5ii Sorry for all the seperate posts, doesn't give you long to edit
  6. Other little things like the kooky way to get white balance on Canon cameras was annoying, and that I trust Panasonic much more than Canon to support the camera better with firmware updates going forward. Always feels like Canon wants you to buy their top of the range camera if you want decent support - the R6 suffered from being in the shadow of the R5
  7. Ha sorry we both seem to be jumping across different threads - think I answered the lack of interest in 4k50p thing at least for me on the other thread. The S5ii is definitely not perfect but so many of the annoyances of the R6 are now covered, the R6ii for me still lacks what I feel are important features. Maybe it's because i was mainly using EF lenses with adaptor but found the AF on the R6 to still be something I wouldn't want to rely on - even simple talking head shots it would sometimes lose focus which I thought was its bullet proof bread and butter Anyway all good we just have slightly different needs and tastes, hard to pick a bad camera these days
  8. Yes it's a crop for 4k50p but that doesn't bother me as I don't really use it, am sure it's a big deal for some though... With the Canon R6 I thought full frame 4k50p would be a great thing but I have only used it once when I thought I might want some slow mo but didn't and ended up conforming it to 25p anyway. I have a possibly irrational dislike to unmotivated slow mo - I am obviously in the minority here but it is very rare when I see it used in a way that actually adds to the story. I do mainly documentary stuff and realise it can have its uses but generally it's not for me
  9. I think the only reason Panasonic now has PDAF is because Sony finally decided they would sell them a sensor with it functioning. It seems Sony has made another generational AF leap with their new AI assisted AF system and so threw Panasonic a bone. Sony seem to have taken a lead on AF these days with Canon and now Panasonic close behind but definitely both trailing in 2nd place. Colour definitely is subjective - I prefer Panasonic colours with vlog over Fuji and then Canon for me. All have a really lovely image so to me it is then the features which make Panasonic S5ii the stand out, it ticks every box I have and has no real weakness. From great DR, full HDMI, class leading IBIS, up to 10 loadable luts and all kinds of connectivity with monitor and still being able to use touchscreen it is such an upgrade from the Canon R6 and also beats out the R6ii. All at a much cheaper price. Be nice to play around with some anamorphic too, has been a while Another big plus for me - audio was always something Panasonic seemed to take a little more seriously on their mirrorless cameras than others, and sounds like the S5ii takes that up another level. Apparently with pretty clean pre amps it's capable of recording 4 audio tracks 96khz 24 bit and takes Line level in (unusual for mirrorless) and can connect my Sound Devices Mix pre-d when needed.
  10. Just put my pre order in. To me the S5ii is the first mirrorless hybrid with no real weakness. Other than it doesn't have an upward path (which admittedly is enough of a turn off for some. But with the Sigma adaptor seeming to cope so well with EF lens AF, I can see it as a great mirrorless b camera to Canon cine cams) I think Panny have created an absolute powerhouse at a bargain price. Nothing else comes close for the money
  11. Yes from what I've seen there is no real wobble at 20mm on the S5ii, looks useable to me. And for everything else Panasonic IBIS alone is better than IBIS and lens IS combination on either Sony or Canon. And goodbye micro HDMI you will not be missed
  12. Instead of updating Canon R6 with R6ii I'm going to go for the stonking deal with the S5ii and 20-60 and 50mm lenses and use EF lenses with sigma adaptor. The colour science with vlog I think is lovely and makes good use of that great DR, similar to clog2 and I think nicer to grade than slog. I find clog3 on the R6 a bit limiting The only RF lens I have is the 16mm 2.8 which is a great little lens but all kinds of edge wobble with Canon and their not so great IBIS. The 20-60mm on the Panny with its superior IBIS will have none of the weirdness and is plenty wide for me. The 20-60 and 50mm will be great for most AF needs and my EF lenses will be fine with the Sigma adaptor. The Sony A7 series has always left me a bit cold, strange eegonomics and not fun to use and colour never wows me. The S5 felt good in the hand and a bit better built than the R6, am excited about getting the S5ii, ticks all the boxes for me
  13. Wow that is a fantastic deal with the 20-60mm and 50mm being only £400 more. Am very tempted... Was looking at Canon R6ii to replace the very frustrating R6 but with the Sigma adapter looking like you can get decent AF with Canon EF lenses, the S5ii looks a much better camera for me. The Panasonics IBIS is way above Canons, and also the much better DR, full size HDMI, touchscreen which stays on when you connect external monitor. The S5ii is £779 cheaper than the R6ii, even with the 20-60mm and 50mm deal I can also add the Sigma adapter and it still comes out cheaper than the Canon R6ii. I also trust Panasonic more than Canon to give their camera decent firmware support and make it the best camera they can. Sorry I realise this is Sony v Panny thread and I've just added Canon to the mix
  14. Great work Panasonic I've always prefered their image over Canon and Sony and enjoyed their best bang for the buck kind of philosophy, less cripple hammer than the other usual suspects. I hope this puts them back on the map and they accompany this by bringing out a proper fully rigged cine cam (with evf please) to compete with the c70 and fx6. S52 with EVA2 full frame l-mount would be a winning combination, feel like they need both types of camera for video orientated folk to invest in the l-mount lenses
  15. So has anyone got their hands on the R6 mk2? If so is the overheating definitely fixed on 4k 25p am hearing differing reports ? One thing that was really annoying on the original R6 that I can't find an answer for the R6 mk2 is - can you use an external monitor while still using the internal screen and touch focus? I am hoping that especially with the touted external RAW recording that they have not gone cripple hammer here again on the R6 mk2
  16. Samsung could have been amazingly disruptive if they had stuck around in the camera business
  17. The cartel system is very much alive and tolerated in Japan
  18. What's peoples thoughts on the Tascam audio thing on the hot shoe - the thought of XLR cables dangling from that already weak and delicate point makes me wince almost as much as micro hdmi. Attaching a wireless receiver would be ok but not sure about anything more. Would be curious to know if the internal audio quality has improved on the R6ii from the original R6, I have used a Sound Devices MIX pre mounted under the camera and fed the audio directly into R6 and the quality was ok but not as good as Panasonic S1
  19. Do you have a source for this can't seem to find anything concrete? Am trying to put forward a case for this camera at work...
  20. Good luck with the sale, we had been looking at used R5 since the overheating fix but the 30 minute limit makes the new R6ii a better fit. When will you actually be able to get hold of one, the R6 is our primary stills camera and we couldn't be without it for very long?
  21. Ah would love to be able to check out an Onyx OLED screen, how big are they, imagine it's a very different experience to say the huge scale of IMAX?
  22. Hey that's great and all power to you, I'm just pointing out that after what happened with the R5 it isn't too much of a stretch to think that maybe just maybe they could also fix the R6 overheating with firmware if they really wanted to - and then the tight arses I work for wouldn't need to buy a new camera (they won't anyway...)
  23. Looking at the specs the R6 is actually slightly bigger than the R5 but anyway we are just speculating here... maybe I'm just too cynical but after what happened with the miraculous firmware fix of the R5, call me dubious. You seem to be very happy to give Canon the benefit of the doubt and more of your hard earned and that's fair enough.
  24. I have access to an R6 at work and have to say it's the most frustrating camera I've ever used - the image is lovely but the overheating, and 30 minute limit stop me from using it most of the time. The micro hdmi is an accident waiting to happen although I tend not to use it anyway as Canon has slyly stopped the use of the touchscreen if you attach a monitor. They want you to buy the R5 for this simple 'feature' that works on most other cheaper cameras I've used. No idea if the R6ii remedies this but it's Canon so am sure there'll be something missing My main irritation with Canon in all this is that I am pretty sure the 2 main beefs I have with the R6 could be sorted with firmware. They magically fixed the overheating with the R5 but have neglected the lowly R6 wanting folk to spend their hard earned money on the R5 and now the new R6ii. I have a feeling that when they've sold enough R6ii's they will allow the R6 to work without overheating just like they've done with the R5 a while after releasing the R5c. Not sure I want to play that game
  25. Yes it seems to have sorted the 2 main issues I had with the camera - overheating in 4k 25p which would always happen after about 40 minutes whatever the weather, and the stupid 30 minute recording limit. RS should indeed be better, the only other weakness I felt was the dynamic range but that seems to be all across the Canon mirrorless range so not expecting any improvement there. The R6ii looks like a good solid camera that can hopefully be relied on to do a days work
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