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  1. Your ignorance is overwhelming. And I thought you were a real DP the way you big yourself up in that hot air way of yours John Brawley uses BM cameras with Alexa all the time on real sets on big productions. Check out this recent thread for example on dvxuser, the guy is a fountain of knowledge http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?367345-John-Brawley-s-quot-The-Great-quot-on-Hulu&highlight=brawley
  2. It's definitely going to give RED a run for its money. That you can film in so many different resolutions of BRAW is huge ,there's even 6k super 16 mode for documentary type stuff
  3. But I love that they're thinking out of the box and giving something new, why create what every body else is
  4. I said it in the other thread which is now getting a bit fractious but I think they're going for RED's market
  5. Yes I think the hi res BRAW in this camera is going to be much more useful and workable than the huge 8k RAW of the overheating R5. The beauty of being able to shoot at different resolutions in BRAW is genius
  6. apparently it edits very smoothly on 2017 laptops
  7. https://vimeo.com/436209544 RS figures sound amazing, JB says RS is 15ms at 12k and 6ms at 8K.
  8. I think they're going for RED's market more than anything
  9. I guess it's all subjective but I prefer the image quality of the BM Ursa to the Sony and Canon, it's all the other usability stuff where the Japanese companies excel. That it can do 4k 6k 8k 12k Raw opens up all kinds of possibilities
  10. JB has said it's not a Bayer sensor and did 12k edit and colour on 2017 laptop
  11. Ah ok thanks for that. Other than the overheating which is well documented the RS and IBIS are the next things that need testing properly, I've seen some weirdness with the IBIS in some footage so this would need proper investigation
  12. The slow mo does look very nice. I thought Clog2 had the high dynamic range, what benefits are Clog3 over standard Clog?
  13. Apologies if this comes across a bit harsh Mr Super 8 but your ridiculous obsession with the gh5 and blaiming of BM cameras on other threads due to your own lack of knowledge, do you no favours I'm afraid. I don't think I've acome across anyone who consistently talks as much nonsense as you. Other than maybe your lovely President. Still can't tell if its intentional trolling or you actually believe what you are saying. Kind of hope it's the former for your own sake
  14. Sorry to sound like a stuck record but the micro hdmi makes using an external recorder an absolute no in my book. Even with a Smallrig cage and hdmi cable lock and being as careful as possible mine has broken on X-T3. I was only using it for monitoring purposes and could handle it cutting out now and again until it finally died, but if I was relying on the recording it is just not fit for purpose. They are the devils work. Why are Panasonic the only company who seem to realise this and use full size hdmi I would worry about that as much as the overheating. Too stressful
  15. With proper IR filter the BM cameras produce wonderful colour. You should do your research and hire crew that know what they're doing
  16. You don't half talk some bollocks
  17. It is so well documented that BM cameras need IR filter I find it hard to believe any person working in the industry is not aware of this. It is down to you to hire crew who know what they are doing if you haven't a clue yourself
  18. Canon's way has always been to release reliable solid cameras. What is this camera you speak of, are you guessing or is it being worked on now?
  19. I'm not accusing Canon of being lazy I just want them to release a product I can rely on to get me through a day of filming. Instead of trying to overtake everybody else with something unreliable why not just play catch up 1st and give us something with solid 4k 10 bit that will work in every mode, and let their AF and nice colour do the talking to the zillions of Canon lens owners who will buy whatever they release anyway I hope as you say this isn't the new norm with cameras overheating as they all try and out do each other. That would suck
  20. It is indeed subjective and that's cool, and I won't bore you with all the reasons the SH1 is a better video camera to me. I just find it interesting that all Canon fans seem to be OK about these limitations and don't see an issue with overheating in cameras being released at these prices in 2020. Instead they seek to justify it or cherry pick all the other stuff I still have a Canon camera and lenses but don't feel the need to defend them when they release cameras that can't be relied upon in many working environments, which I have to say is something I never thought they would do. They used to be so reassuringly conservative. I congratulate them on finally stepping up and pushing the tech, but they should have made the camera body able to cope with it. Not give excuses
  21. Still a bit disappointing though no? At least for me being able to film without worry of overheating is one of the most important things I thought the R6 had bit of a crop in all 4k modes? The S1H is £3600 the R6 £2500 here in the UK but I get your point. I think the R6 has a lot going for it but there are many ways in which the S1H is a better camera at least for video
  22. You seem to be taking the critique of an inanimate object way too personally. Concerns about over heating and rolling shutter are fairly reasonable for a camera costing £4200. This is 2020 and it feels like we're going backwards in some ways. Amazing tech in a body that can't handle it is nothing new, although very un Canon like. I feel the chasing of headline 8k raw has created a great concept camera that isn't reliable and has compromised the more important 4k which I would argue is the most useful resolution for the majority of people. Feels a bit petty having a dig at another much cheaper camera over supposed preferential treatment.
  23. Yes I was only half joking really - I love manual focus I feel it puts me much more in the scene. Until only a few years ago it was all part of basic camera skills 101, so it's funny when I hear people won't go near certain cameras now because they can't rely on AF. Am not sure how they managed to work in video production before, reliable AF has only really become a thing in the last 3 or 4 years. There are of course times when it can be handy and yes I miss focus occasionally but then so does the camera and when it does I've seen it go bat shit crazy (this was with a Canon C200) I realise this makes me sound like an old man and sorry Logan wasn't singling you out it just made me chuckle
  24. The only one you can do anything about is learn how to focus, then you can buy the S1H 😀 Sorry bad joke...
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