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  1. Yes you don't buy the Ursa 12k to then shoot in 4k at high compression rates
  2. But it has no IS and Sony IBIS is not great. Anecdotal but I've read that the AF on the C70 is no better than that of the C200 which from my short test wasn't that great. Canon doesn't seem to be able to put the top AF from their stills cameras into their cinema cameras
  3. https://petapixel.com/2020/10/15/next-fuji-x-t3-firmware-update-will-more-than-double-autofocus-speed/ A little bit of love still for the XT3, AF improvements
  4. What are peoples options for a decent run around zoom with IS? The 17-55mm 2.8 had a big vignette on the c200 and I think will do the same here - it could really do with a version 2. The 18-80mm T4.4 Canon lens is wonderful and has servo but is also expensive. That leaves the good old 24-105mm f4 plus speedbooster (still quite a chunk of money) but then your AF is compromised (only covers 60% I think I read with speedbooster). The 18-135 stm lens is good for outside run n gun but slow and not a very exciting image The RF lenses are all full frame so not wide enough Any decently priced zooms with IS, it seems Canon like Sony have been neglecting s35 on the lens front these last few years?
  5. except an evf... That z-cam looks good but is still a big lump - suddenly you've got hdmi lead, power to think of (and another lead). This little camera is going to become very unwieldly quickly.
  6. What do you do in bright sunlight? My ageing eyes struggle to hold the camera far enough away to be able to focus on a small screen these days but even in my youth I have always much preferred looking through a viewfinder. The way you suggest using the camera is way too low an angle for my liking most of the time And i disagree about it being steadier but anyway don't want to digress too much. Still an exciting camera but I won't be getting one mainly for that reason. The same reason I didn't get an EVA1
  7. This will be horrible for handheld without an evf, waving the camera in front of you like the good old days of dslr. No thanks. So annoying this seems to be the way camera companies are going with their small cameras. Would rather use a mirrorless hybrid and put up with screw on nd filters and audio than that
  8. Canon cinema cams are definitely going for it this year, they're after Sony's share of the market. The c300 mk3 sensor is fantastic, but I don't see any evf (crucial for me) and is the screen on the back flippable or fixed, haven't seen any images of the back? Nevertheless sounds like a great little camera, the FX6 is going to have to match it for specs - if it has the FX9 colour, an evf, and possibly IBIS, and with the variable nd and full frame it would bring something different and be able to compete
  9. Yes I prefer the Panasonic cameras and colours to the Sony and Canon too but thought this was an interesting comparison of the 2 current flavours of the month
  10. Really interesting comparison with the R5. 8k RAW on the R5 is very impressive, in the bread and butter 4k modes the A7s3 seems to have the edge particularly with DR and lowlight (although there is a lot of smeary NR going on with the Sony) The R5 needs those other Clog modes and of course to sort out the overheating
  11. Will be interesting to see how this compares with the new RF Canon Cine cameras, it needs to have the colour science of the FX9 rather than the A7s3 to really stand a chance imo
  12. Some gorgeous shots by Note. This camera is the most interesting of all the new releases imho, am bored of the overheating mess that is Canon, and the disappointingly video like images of the A7s3.
  13. I use the Mix pre-d with XT3 and did the same with the GH5, found it was best to set the audio level to manual lowest setting on the camera and let the Sound Device lovely pre amps do all the work. Got decent quality audio, the Panasonic was a little cleaner than the Fuji so hopefully the S1 is similar
  14. If I had a penny for every time... AF was discussed in a Panasonic thread Zombie skin tones in a Sony thread Cripple hammer (& the new kid on the block - overheating) in a Canon thread I'd be able to buy all of them and still be complaining about not having the perfect camera. The Japanese cartel is alive and well
  15. Interesting development but having had a micro hdmi break on me even when clamped in a cage (fortunately only for monitor not recorder) , I wouldn't want to rely on that for recording all day, especially if you can't record internally for back up. Too many other things to worry about when shooting all day without playing Russian roulette with overheating and those shitty connections
  16. I've not had a problem using flog in 10 bit in Resolve. Other folk have used HLG to get the same maximum DR as flog but I haven't tried that yet as flog and eterna lut I've found has given me great results. In very low light I have switched to using Eterna internal with DR400 as it makes for a cleaner image
  17. Where did you get 16 from, Canon? I think it's the best camera Canon have released since the original C100 but usable DR is another thing. Arri sensor seems to have 14 or 15 usable depending on your tolerance for noise and they're top of the pile This is gleaned from Cinema 5d with a SNR of 2.0 Alexa 14.0 C500MKII 13.1 A7SIII 13.0 C300MIII 12.8 E2-F6 12.8 FS7 12.7 S1H 12.7 UMP4.6 12.6 C300MKII 12.3 BMPCC6K 11.9 BMPCC4K 11.6 XT3 11.2 R5 10.9 GH5s 10.7 A7SII 10.6 C300 mk3 is pretty impressive still, hopefully the R5 gets Clog 3 for a slight improvememt or even clog2 to compete with Canon's cinema cameras but at the moment it is relatively low This new rf mounts camera would hopefully get all flavours of clog too
  18. There's already a thread about this may be they can be merged. Exciting development though, this would be a worthy successor to the C100 if true...
  19. The XT3 is a great camera for video and photos, best value hybrid in my opinion. You may want to get a spare battery or 2 though, they don't last quite as long as I would like (or get a power bank for all day shooting)
  20. Hmm looking at that Trust Yourself film maybe it's the grade but am not falling in love with the colours of the A7s3 yet, skin tones look a little lifeless in places. It definitely seems to be lacking the lovely colour science of the FX9, has anyone seen any great footage from the camera yet? I read somewhere I think on here that Philip Bloom felt image was up there with the FX9. I can't handle watching his full length feature film to find out if thats' true but didn't like the grade on his Prores RAW film
  21. I would 2nd the above, those Nikon zooms are great although very heavy. If you can stretch to the newer 2 touch version then you'll have one of the finest long zooms there is
  22. Fuji. I don't need full frame and I do more video than photography so other peoples needs will be different. Still prefer its colours to any of the new contenders and the AF in video is good enough for my occasional use Was Panasonic before then, these 2 companies I feel try hardest not to disappoint and give the user as much as they can without as much holding back. Nikon may get there too with the Z6s, am looking forward to see what improvements they bring
  23. I know I was being slightly facetious although once the penny eventually dropped (took nearly 8 years) and I realised Canon were not going to give me what I want (at least in a hybrid camera), it became quite liberating and much less frustrating to invest in a company who seem to be happier to give what many of us want without the good old cripple hammer. Am still kicking myself that it took me so long to work this out
  24. 2nd hand is even better, let the early adopters be the beta testers and wait for the camera to have all its quirks sorted before buying is my usual philosophy. Although I have bought from Panamoz before with no issues (so never got to test their 3 year warranty claim, be interested to hear if they do honour it properly)
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