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  1. TheRealOG

    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    Recently repurchased the X-H1... Local camera store had an open box with warranty and battery grip deal for $1,099.. Traded in an old T4i... Added the Viltrox adapter EF-FX1 for my Sigma 18-35 and it's a pretty decent machine for images. I still have my 80D because that DPAF is hard to beat (hate to admit it, but that Canon Color science SOOC is still gorgeous...)
  2. I like Canon. They have held a warm place in my heart. I owned a XH-A1 camcorder years ago and worked with the 5Dmkii at the beginning of the DSLR revolution. I owned a C100 MKI briefly and really dug it. The lightweight codec was awesome, but I needed the 60P. I picked up the 80D on a whim and it is absolutely great for my personal stuff. The touchscreen and ergonomics are superb. I was excited and ready to make a commitment to Canon for mirrorless, but it's been lackluster. Everyone else offers better gear for the price. I would of easily ordered the EOS RP for FHD, but damn I'm not that much of a sucker to get fleeced by them.
  3. So... They could do it, but they decided to cripple it intentionally? All of their cameras do 24P. There really isn't a proper justification from Canon's side not to provide 24P in FHD. I understood why they did with the 5Dmkii back in 2008, because it was innovative. This is 2019 and it's the minimum that they could do for people.
  4. TheRealOG

    Canon EOS RP specs leaked, features 26MP sensor and 4K video

    Canon, not only crippling cameras, but now crippling friendships .
  5. Another crippling product courtesy of Canon. This is not surprising and I can't believe people make excuses for it.
  6. TheRealOG

    Tripod with bowl

    I definitely agree. I'll spring for the Miller or Sachtler once I make some decent coin... LOL
  7. TheRealOG

    Tripod with bowl

    I picked up the Benro S7 for my DSLR. It works great for photography as well. I can't justify big dollars on what I actually want. My everyday tripod for work is a hotpod. OH MAN, I love it and the quick release is beautiful, but my shoulder hates me for using it. LOL
  8. TheRealOG

    From 6d to GH3, is it worth it?

    LOLLLLLLL. I see what you mean now. I thought the original statement said "I f'ing hate the GH3 video". You're talking about the merits of the video, I was discussing the actual GH3 as a tool. The video is great and is cutting edge. It was ahead of it's time, especially since everyone has copied that style of narrative in their travel video. It looks like a template for current travel videos, swish pans included. The storytelling is good and so is the cinematography and editing! Sorry if I misunderstood your original comment!
  9. TheRealOG

    From 6d to GH3, is it worth it?

    "I hate that F ing video GH3 or not LoL." is a great statement. It is not a not a critique of the video itself, but a comment on the GH3 itself. You can use any tool that you want to create your work. Use a t2i, an arri, a bowlex, a 5Dmkii with magic lantern... The video was created in 2014, which at the time the GH3 was cutting edge. 4k was not accessible to the masses. I own a canon 80D and owned a c100, and they are my favorite cameras. I have also owned the latest cameras, but I stick with the 80D because I enjoy it. It isn't any better than the GH3. I'm not turning up my nose at that video. Take your blinders off mate. I've been doing video work for a long time, proving myself to a stranger is a zero sum game.
  10. TheRealOG

    From 6d to GH3, is it worth it?

    LOL Ur comment wins!
  11. TheRealOG

    Mean IQ Of dpreview Members?

    My mom doesn't have a basement (I don't want to be exposed to radon) nor do I live at home. Nor am I a constant state of self-loathing. Why would I? This thread has gone by the wayside, which I am thoroughly enjoying!
  12. TheRealOG

    M43 not dead Panasonic S1

    I've owned and sold too many cameras in the past year. I settled on the 80D with the 18-35, 50, and 85. It's a decent hybrid camera that complements my ENG cam as a B-Cam. I always buy used from Craigslist or from the local camera shop. I sold two A7iiis! Haha. The Z6 was fun!
  13. TheRealOG

    M43 not dead Panasonic S1

    I almost picked up the a7iii for $1,500. It wasn't that interesting
  14. TheRealOG

    Mean IQ Of dpreview Members?

    Feeling the repercussions from meddling in other nation's affairs now? 😀