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  1. Is this the lowest you’re willing to go? You open to some trades?
  2. What are your thoughts on the a7sii? Still worth it for video these days?
  3. You can get the $200 off. Just give them a ring and ask for the discount. You can get it done over the phone.
  4. You wanna talk policy, but also legitimize conspiracy theories? Are you afraid of facts? Wanna keep spewing whatabouism?
  5. Canon C100mkii will solve all of your problems. Picked up a used one online (ebay or so) and you'll be good to go. Great . Features out of the box and will improve your workflow dramatically. Your 1DXmkii will help you with the slowmotion and the gimbal work too. I suggest getting the Sigma 18-35, DPAF works great on it and will also be amazing with the 1dxmkii (covers the frame with video, especially with the crop. The DPAF is really awesome on it too with it.)
  6. Canon didn't need to do much, they just needed to give a bit more. The EOS R can't even compete with the X-H1 coming from Fuji. IBIS and slow motion and codec are better, minus the DPAF. Dual card slots and a cheaper price would of been great. They should of launched it at $1,799 out the door and it would of sold quite heavily. More RF users, more Canon cameras out in the wild.
  7. lol the Canon excuses. The c200’s slow motion is pretty bad compared to what’s available from other DSLMs! If I pay 6-7k for the c200 pkg, the DPAF won’t be enabled with the 120fps. What’s so great about DPAF if you can’t use it at will? C100mkii... DPAF can’t be used throughout the whole sensor, unless you’re using an USM lens, and even then it’s the slowest of the bunch. C300 doesn’t have slow motion. The only camera with decent slow motion is the 1dxmkii, but you need to use MotionJpeg... Ugh. They don’t have the best color science. The video is hella mushy.
  8. Just spoke with a Canon Rep in my local camera shop. He says that there will be 30, 60 and 120FPS in HD.. It's essentially the EOS RP.
  9. LOLLL... "Tastes evolve"... Dude, intentionally crippling features that existed before and get removed is a butthead move. "NO ONE NEEDS 1080P 24, 30, OR 60. 120FPS IN 1080P AND 4K 30P IS WHAT I NEED". It is a terrible b-cam to the EOS R or even the 80D. I've been looking forward to something like this for a bit. The simplicity of the Canon 80D was great, just needed a bit sharper video. The X-T2 still outperforms it, minus the DPAF.
  10. Try updating the firmware on the adapter and on the H1. You might also need to change the IS setting on the H1 to "continuous" as opposed to just "press only"
  11. You're not an old fossil. People have become accustomed to mediocrity. Composition, framing, and sequencing rarely exist. They've been supplemented by the "floaty" gimbal look. People are always chasing the next LUT, raw recording, but rarely "how do I improve" my work with intention. All of these tools are supposed to be chosen for a reason. Three medium-shots back to back in 120fps is not visually appealing. Great work still requires heavy rigs and heavy rigs mean: union sets, decent money, people being professionals, insurance, purpose, and making a living. The H1 is my vote for a great hybrid camera!
  12. It's a different beast these days. Sometimes, that C-camera is your main rig... Some packages are based off of iphone/snapchat/ig/cctv video that you drop on your timeline. That sometimes becomes the sole purpose for the package. When you're making deadline no one cares about your parfocal lens or steady shots. Larger markets don't even use sticks and do the pan to nowhere. Some days, I get tired of lugging the hotpod with the ENG cam, but I still do it. A c100 would be nice, but that b4 lens is amazing, with that doubler and macro. You can literally shoot anything. LOL I went with the H1 over the X-T3 because IBIS, better price, nicer grip. I picked up the package with the battery grip (which comes with two batteries) for $1,099 (open box). You won't get the two additional batteries with the X-T3 grip. I've also adapted the Sigma 18-35 with the Viltrox EF-FX1 adapter (really nice!).
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