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  1. Hey y'all! I am putting up my used Pocket 4k with 3 Meike & Rokinon MFT lens set with the Metabones EF to MFT adapter. I have a wedding to pay for, so I am unable to keep it as I am still invested in my a7s iii ecosystem. It comes with the Meike 12mm, 16mm, 25mm lens and a Rokinon 35 DS MFT set. The Blackmagic is used, but in great condition (no Resolve key). I am also include 4 LP6 third-party batteries and charger. They are in excellent shape. Included is an excellent condition Metabones electronic EF to MFT (non-speed booster). These prices are below Ebay. This is a $3,500 package, but I am selling it for $2,150. This will include PayPal G&S, shipping, and insurance. CONUS only! Best regards
  2. If you want the best bang for your buck? You should dip your toes in the Fuji system. Pick u up a used X-T3 with a battery grip and an adapter. You should be good to go. Fuji has nice codecs and F-Log and the Eterna profile. It'll have 4k 60P too. You can save yourself a lot of headaches and figure out if you want to be dealing with 4k. The 1080P image coming out of it is really nice too. I have owned one too many cameras at this point, but I did upgrade to the a7s iii. I enjoyed the my Fuji cameras which included the 2 T2s, T3, 3 X-H1s, 2 X-Pro2s and the x100F. The image is beautiful, especially if you want to add the speed booster. I ended up with the a7s iii because I had a discount, and I wanted a no-compromise camera for my style of shooting. I do event stuff and the image OOC is finally nice.
  3. I had the a6500 and sold it to move over to Fuji and a couple of other systems. I ended up with the a7siii and while pricey, I feel that is is a system that I can see myself keeping for the next 3 years and actually see a ROI. Image is great, codecs are plentiful, and the AF is great. I paired it up with the Sigma 24-70 and an ND adapter and I feel that I am ready to roll. The AF is reliable, battery life is great, I don't worry about the recording limit. Being able to shoot 4k60P when it becomes necessary is a huge plus. It fits my current needs, and I see it fulfilling my future wants.
  4. Yeah!! Haha. Weather has been nicer these days than snowmageddon.
  5. No one here will laugh at you for that question. I recommend adding an external recorder to your D850 like the Ninja V. It'll give you the additional monitoring capabilities of a cinema camera. The D850 is a fantastic camera and very capable! I'd love one. The color science is fantastic and it matches 95% of the capabilities of other cameras. I have the a7s iii, but I have been shooting on 1080P at 30fps. That what people have paid me to shoot at. I shoot 4k 24 for family stuff. However, I don't see a need to shoot 4k 60P in the near future. Very rarely will anyone with money ask me to shoot at the frame rate. Maybe for fun or on a special project, but I highly doubt it. You have all of the necessary frame rates and slow motion. I find myself delivering in 1080P for paying client. I have only shot 4k twice in the past couple of years for freelancing (which isn't much), but most folk don't seem to want to be there yet.
  6. I've owned the a7sii, a7iii (twice), a6500, a7riii, and now the a7siii. The a7siii is by far my favorite tool. It addresses many of my issues (including recording limit/battery). The a6500 is a nifty camera also, especially if you add the cage. The a7sii was great for lowlight, but my perspective was skewed with the color since I had owned the a7iii first. However, if you can pick one up for under a grand, pick up a battery grip (with two batteries), and install the memorytweak app (which allows you to record pass 30 mins), you can't go wrong. It would match the color of the FS5 much more nicely. However, the a7riii covers u with the battery, dual slots, decent video too (1,600 or so)! The a7iii will definitely allow u to have most things for under $1,500 used. It's my rec if you're on a budget. An extra couple hundred from the a7rii, but you won't have the temptation to replace it anytime soon!
  7. The A7iii will be a fantastic investment. The 4k image is fantastic, the battery life is even better, has dual card slots, fantastic AF, enough megapickles for photos, and you can use the EOSHD color profile!
  8. Most citizen journalists aren't that great. They don't have the experience, patience, or ability to detach themselves from covering an event. Yuh, they usually need cash so they'll go for click bait material in order to remain relevant. There are amazing citizens who are better than traditional journalists, however those are few and far in-between.
  9. 1.) I’m a full-time photojournalist. I do have encounters with AP PJs out in the field. If they are churning and burning, they probably won’t shoot log as they upload and send their video to other press agencies. They in turn do not have the luxury of color correcting before air. If they are shooting an investigative piece or something long term where they have time and crew to put it together, yes they may shoot LOG. Business is deadline driven, "Make slot, not art". SLOG introduces an unnecessary workflow when your slamming video together. Not enough time to render and transcode that.
  10. LOL! Sony has been the only imaging company courting news organizations for the past couple of years. They have taken over where Canon and Nikon used to dominate. They're the only ones still sending reps to orgs such as the NPPA and other folk. There's a good chance that they were offered about 20% or more off of their gear. A9 is definitely much more suitable than anything coming out of Nikon mirrorless for PJ work. The big move probably has to do with video too. Sony video is good and flexible enough for video straight out of camera. The XAVC Intra codec is more than enough for video. Smart move by the AP. Also, no need for SLOG video at all!
  11. Is this the lowest you’re willing to go? You open to some trades?
  12. What are your thoughts on the a7sii? Still worth it for video these days?
  13. You can get the $200 off. Just give them a ring and ask for the discount. You can get it done over the phone.
  14. You wanna talk policy, but also legitimize conspiracy theories? Are you afraid of facts? Wanna keep spewing whatabouism?
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