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  1. Honestly, I think you could ignore camera releases for this year. 2020 hit a benchmark with so many great tools at more affordable prices.
  2. You've got the wrong end of the stick. I was asking what laws people like yourself needed so much, that we couldn't get before? What did you personally have no control over being in the EU? Why can nobody just provide a simple explanation? I guess we'll just leave it as that a these questions seem to be impossible to answer.
  3. I don’t agree that the Remain argument was snobby either. We’re certainly not snobs. I just found it to be more factual, basing most of its argument on what will go wrong (Project Fear). The Leave argument is like a feeling of patriotic inspiration experienced after a speech by Farage. “We can make our own laws” blah blah. What laws? What laws do you so desperately need in your life that the evil EU have stopped? Then the response.... “we want our country back”. Back from what? Why can’t they tell us, factually, what they want back? I just want a simple, everyday explanation of gett
  4. I agree with the behaviour from the Remain camp, who in a lot of ways were just as bad as the woefully dishonest Leave campaign. It muddied the waters - which I believe is a strategic technique used by Dominic Cummings, called the Ooda Loop. But the bigger culprit in this “muddied waters” is technology, namely the truth twisting on social media. What is actually true? What is right? Honestly, I think these days a lot of people can’t speak for themselves and will just recite a series of memes they’ve seen and base their truth on that. I went the Remain route, as brushing all th
  5. The Covid contracts have had similar treatment. Same old story. Im still waiting for somebody to give me a simple explanation as to why they voted Leave or jumped onto the Tory vote. I guess it doesn’t help when the low educated gather their news from memes. The sharing of “information” is a shit shoe of the truth. Some people don’t like to admit it, but I think it’s immigration. Foreigners taking their jobs and all that. Will Brexit / Covid / Dominic Cummings’ eye test kill filmmaking? No, because artists are going to get more pissed off, grab their cameras and make films to
  6. This. It is important a country is in control of itself, certainly. But I’ve yet to hear any real, tangible day to day benefit of leaving. What will I benefit from by walking out the door, and going about my day? Can someone tell us please, without going on about the political funfair and it’s system? Where’s that £350mil a week for the NHS for instance? Every visit I’ve made to the hospital, for whichever reason, is unbelievably long. Can’t we fund it properly so we can cut down waiting times, more people get seen and have a higher chance of survival? It’s those things that mat
  7. I think of these things in the most simple terms, such as, what impact will it have on my life, and what has happened? Simple day to day things like: - Takes longer to queue at the airports. - Can’t use my UK streaming accounts abroad. - Some shipping fees from Europe are more expensive. - EU muscians I work with are now cautious about travelling to the UK due to added costs, hence less income for me! - Cancellation of funding for EU funded projects, back to the drawing board. I’ve personally felt no benefit, and so far I can’t see what benefit there will be fo
  8. @Andrew Reid - I agree on so many levels. It's at a point so monstrous and disorientating it's just.... f*cked. You're around Manchester aren't you? My space is open. You could occupy one of the (many) empty coworking desks with free coffee etc, bitch about celebrity Youtubers, play with my C70 and film the empty sad streets around the utopian Ancoats area. It's dark and raining.
  9. I feel the pain mate. As well as this virus turning life upside down, it has also exacerbated personal issues in relationships and with my mental wellbeing to the point that everything is like a sludge of clay. I strongly agree with your views on internet and truth. When people are using memes as their “news” source, there’s a big problem. Then comes the nonsensical behaviour of our Governments. Nothing can be trusted but we trust in our own stupidity. Social media and internet control is a pandemic in itself, that’s got out of control. It’s a crazy illness that affects us dee
  10. @Andrew Reid, I agree. 2020 was a behemoth of a challenge. Mentally it’s been awful but I think I’ve done well to persevere and pursue a change in direction. 2021 doesn’t change anything, it’s just a number. I’ll just continue and crack on. You’re right about Youtube. Anything that becomes oversaturated starts spitting out trash so it’s harder to see the better layers underneath. Many camera “reviewers” spend half a video giggling and skateboarding. They don’t represent the industry and make it feel glamorous. It isn’t. We don’t have to watch them. I don’t anymore. The A
  11. Thanks, they are just extremely expensive at the moment.
  12. The video is for a guitar pedal brand, and the track was recorded especially for this video. I need more time with the C70 and I need to see how it is with RF lenses (but they are $$€€££!!) Id say it’s definitely worth the price tag. It fits in everything a video camera has into a very helpful (and innovative) form factor. You just pick up and shoot, no messing around. It’s the form factor of the future, in my opinion. Its always nice to have RAW, however I barely use it. For its purpose, I don’t think it needs it. But is always nice to have. The footage is very high dy
  13. Shot 70% shot the C70 and 30% A7SIII. More coming soon!
  14. Have a beautiful festive break, and kick some ass in 2021!
  15. Looking forward to using mine, although I expect it will perform a bit better in FCP. Not even took it out the box yet, not had the time! Have to wait til new year.
  16. I have it but I haven’t even took it out the box yet. Too many projects.
  17. I think you could grab pretty much any camera now and make the audience believe it looks like a “real film”. @kye notifies sone great points. It’s more about what’s in the scene, and how that is coloured and lit. Sure, cameras like RED, Blackmagic, Arri all have a special feel to the motion. No doing about it. But the audience will barely notice. At the same time, most consumers have “TruMotion”, “Smooth Motion” switched when watching films on TV. They rarely notice it, but they notice production design, colour and performance quality above all else.
  18. Thanks. Yes they are at the moment. I like the A7SIII much better for video than the R5, hence why I've been using them together as an experiment.
  19. I would share some of my footage but can’t as it’s paid work. But I can tell you now, it’s massively different from the A7S2. They don’t meet in the same ballpark. Most footage you see online isn’t the best. Here’s a simple one I shot. Wider shots are A7S3. Tighter shots are C70.
  20. I’ll let you guys see this. I had the chance to try out the C70 and A7SIII side by side on a very simple shoot. Using 4k100fps and 4k50fps. I have more interesting projects to show soon!
  21. I’ve not noticed any difference other than it’s much more edit friendly in ALL-I but much higher data rates. I haven’t compared them side by side as I haven’t had time, but nothing has jumped at me. The new M1 macs fly through all the codecs, so the benefit to ALL-I if you have an M1 isn’t as prominent. On the FS7, XAVC-I I wipes the floor with XAVC-L. Every camera is different.
  22. The colors still being Sony is a myth. I’ve used it on various jobs now and it’s very different than before. Much better. I can match it to the C70 colors in about a minute.
  23. Use V90 cards. Get used to the joystick as it’s a stubborn little bugger. Other than that, it’s very easy to shoot with.
  24. I have a music video to show soon in the A7SIII, and some brand work on C70. I can tell you now, the C70 is a much better form factor to shoot with, but, the A7SIII is a monster. That camera is insane.
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