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  1.   Wow... my last post must of really hit the nail on the head. Now it has vanished! I KNEW I had superpowers! 
  2. Looks like the Movi does have some stern competition now.... awesome! Especially like the sound of the Defy one.   Watch the video here http://defygimbal.com/     And also something else here from BeSteady: https://www.facebook.com/besteadyhome?fref=ts
  3. I agree. The 5D3 raw feature is staggering for the price, also doubling up as an awesome stills camera. Its a lot camera for $3000. I wouldn't even think of starting to compare the FS700 package to the 5D3 because of the price difference, they are totally different cameras. Obviously cant say how close the images are at this point, but for people who have the money for the FS700 package, its a bang load of awesome features to help flow your creativity. Thats what the extra money is for. I shoot a lot on the FS700 (rented) and I could imagine the raw feature being fantastic. It will become a more affordable feature set in the future on whatever comes out when it does. *cough* PANASONIC!!?
  4. Some of us have forgot about the FS700 with all the 5D raw hype. The image from the FS700 to me looks more filmic than the 8-bit you get from the 5D3. With the Metabones Speed Booster and the Odyssey 7Q recorder, you get almost full-frame raw, 240FPS, proper audio inputs, ND filter, the E-mount (which is waaaay more versatile than the EF).... its an absolute beast! For the price, the above FS700 package is the ultimate raw camera (besides its ergonomics which are SHIT). Its image will likely surpass the 5D3. I guess for a lot of us, including me, its very expensive. But well worth it. Although my fast workflow will not allow it, the 5D3 hack is cool and I reckon it will be the start of raw becoming a compulsory feature in cameras within 2 years. Looking forward to seeing a properly made short with actual actors and cinematography on the 5D3 raw (could you peeps doing tests spend time doing that instead? ;) cheeky me ) p.s...... what on EARTH are Panasonic upto? FS700 competitor and high end GH please!!!
  5. Why is everyone talking about Philip Bloom in such a negative way? He can do what he damn wants with his gear, his work and camera choices. If people want to buy his gear for more than retail then let them. If it really bothers people what Philip Bloom does with his time, then they are wasting their own. Why don't you all go out with your hacked 5D3, a BMCC, GH3, GH2 and start comparing the footage of some bushes you have shot. Doesn't sound very nice what I said does it? See my point? Whether its Philip Bloom, Andrew Reid or Arnold Schwarzneggers' left shoe - just chill out, be nice, enjoy what you do and help each other out. I mean, did you know that the 5D3 shoots raw FOR FREE? For those that can, as I said, ENJOY!!
  6. Technical achievements in cameras are awesome as I see them as a way to utilise your creativity and create a better story by using the tools you have in your camera. For instance, I need high frame rates for music videos and this can add an incredible amount of effect to the overall story/performance in the video. I would leave Philip Bloom alone, there's nothing wrong with his opinion. He is fully entitled to his opinion and his love for the C300. Its a great camera for him and many others who see the value in such a product. I do agree somewhat with the obsessing versus shoot something thing though. There are many 'filmmakers' online who seem to only bother doing tests of flowers and trees in their back gardens and raving/discussing about technological advancements, rather than actually making something that truly tests the cameras in a proper structured project. I can see you want to put a halt to this as the thread is about the 5D MK III recording raw video. My conclusion overall is if you want to use it, then do it! If you have reservations, then don't do it! I'm excited about raw, my workflow wont allow it now but I'm sure we will meet in the future.
  7. The benefits of raw are obvious. As long as there is time/money to take on raw for a project I would definitely do it, such as a short film script I'm really passionate about. It would have to be done in the best possible quality I can get my hands on. Due to the pacing/workload of my environment I dont stand a chance right now. Thats why I wait eagerly for better options in the actual cameras we shoot with. In the meantime, I'll keep on shooting and spend the time posting on this forum on the Pocket Cam. See what happens.
  8. I do hope so. Didn't take anyone long to copy the Steadicam. I hope these Chinese people or whoever are working fast! Money waiting!
  9. I think raw is awesome and that a lot of the negativity towards raw is that feeling of climbing a mountain. As a GH3 owner, I'll be likely hobbying it out with The Pocket Cinema Camera, and I'll probably roll out a few 'money shots' first on some of my projects. The use of the GH3 for now means I can hit my fast turnaround on music videos, which is usually literally days. Image quality matters and I think this development from ML will hopefully bring these features and more into cameras like DSLRs properly very soon. Canon behave strangely! They could totally dominate the market and choose not to. Oh well. Maybe Panasonic will finally release an FS700 competitor with a lovely RAW codec. (what on earth are they doing?) We shall see!
  10. For me, this will only be exciting if its a proper feature built into the camera by the camera company. Then again I have absolutely no time in my schedule for RAW video until it becomes more seamless. At least I can practice being a better filmmaker with my current tools until the time and technology is right. ML have done something cool, and I hope this will push camera brands to give us better features to utilise our creativity.
  11. Well the crew changes here and there for every project, but we more or less have the same crew for every shoot. We have one person directing and producing, I do all the camera stuff and editing, plus we have a few work experience kids.   So there are only 2 of us really doing the creative stuff (plus the Make Up artist) whilst everyone else (about 2 to 3 kids) help out moving stuff around, holding lights etc...   Thanks for checking the videos out!
  12. The MoVi is way too expensive but I found the technology exciting. Rather than be hyped about RAW cameras and the latest Blackmagic camera, I'm more interested using my current camera and using new production gear to pull off more complex, interesting, cinematic shots with small crews, tight budgets and timeframes.     So anything below the MoVi is of great interest to me. Much more so then all this camera talk! I do ideas, not specs ;)
  13. These music videos will not be to everyones taste, but heres a bunch of videos I've shot and edited on the GH3. My business uses 2 of these on a regular basis.    Lenses used are SLR Magic 12mm & 50mm, Panasonic 12-35mm and a bunch of Canon FDs (amazing!)   I hope it will be a nice break from all those wonderful test videos swarming Vimeo. Love the camera!   SKAM 'Massacre' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbHP8LuWDDk   Exit State 'Pull The Thread' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mufwp5shhro     Liberty Lies 'Someone Else'  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjNXVZeTPbk   The Sun Explodes 'SevenThreeOne' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDpeqKVSyJM   Davoodi 'Party Life'  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFba6-mLwLo   Second Shepherds 'Everyday'  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL-5fESjXCw
  14. How has this product not been mentioned pretty much anywhere with all this craze about the MoVi? (hang on - Vincent Laforet didn't promote it ;)  )   There is clearly going to be 'budget' type devices living under the sparkle of the MoVi, and I'm very interested in them. No more info around on this Relentless model whatsoever. 
  15. Exciting news for videographers, however my opinion is that a lot of us are going nuts for it far too early. I cant knock the work Magic Lantern do (very impressive) but all this talk of the Canon 5d Mk III being the new 'king of the game' seems a bit silly. My understanding is that there could be a very hungry RAW recording format working in the Mk III flawlessly. Its super cool because of its low light and full frame sensor, plus the loved up DSLR form factor. If it takes off then its awesome for those who have the time, resources and money to handle the huge lovely files and trust their camera won't melt into oblivion. If anything, this advancement will become overshadowed by other camera developments very quickly. At the moment, we have a Black Magic Pocket Camera that will shoot RAW and 1080p ProRes out of the box with no potential issues for very little money. If the ML development really does cause a disturbance, I would be least surprised if a company like Black Magic announced another cinema camera with higher frame rates, a better sensor etc.... then suddenly BANG. Everyone wants that! My point is, its a great development. Will i be buying into it? No - because I expect this will be history once an inevitable, 'proper' out-of-the-box advancement is available on the market with the benefits of the Mk III features, and more, with the peace of mind it won't break. I hope everybody does go nuts for this Mk III RAW thing. Just means we get better cameras in future. :)
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