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  1. With what it costs already they sell a few ... he would miss anything else that wasn't good, who would buy it!
  2. it is completely irrelevant ... it was chosen instead of Mavo! CADRAGE DIRECTOR'S is a App... https://www.cadrage.at/ I'm on your side, I was saying the same thing but bringing Zcam (similar to Kinefinity) ... even though it's still in preproduction, but it should have prices for our pockets .. E2-S6: s35 6k ....--- $ 2995 E2-F6: Full Frame 6K ...--- $ 4995 E2-F8: Full Frame 8K ...--- $ 5995 http://www.z-cam.com/zcame2/
  3. Full pack clearly Basic only 14K euros 😂😓😒 same people then shot a commercial video for samsung ... but with zcam E2 waiting for S6 - F6 and F8 Friend! : Full Frame, 6k or 8k (zcam F8) and the possibility of mounting any type of optics and other... we are talking about a new generation ... canon: s35, 4k and only ef mount (or pl mount maybe). It seems an old thing, of a past time ... if a person has a Canon ecosystem also c300 all right... it's just my opinion,
  4. The camera is fine ... it's the price that's too high...25K euro
  5. Perhaps we want to say: that the samples seen so far are not so "exceptional" there is still a long way to go
  6. https://www.altalex.com/~/media/Altalex/allegati/2019/tribunale-roma-sentenza-693-2019 pdf.pdf In gran parte Per copia della trasmissione "il Grande Fratello", nel 2012.
  7. None of those have it in the shop to try or demo I think ... and do not just make an announcement on online store ... this also understands a child ... Pre-order you can do it where you want but then you have to buy ...
  8. When they sell the camera from the suppliers, be sure I'll go surely to try it, but it seems that nobody wants to sell it (distribute it). in Europe only one https://hdvideoshop.com/en/kinefinity/4341-preorder-kinefinity-mavo-mavo-lf.html?search_query=mavo&results=14 ... another is no longer europe ... https://www.proav.co.uk/kinefinity-mavo-6k-cinema-camera I can tell you that in Italy in the last three months have been sold between 2000/3000 BMPC4K and any kinefinity 0 some reason is ... (maybe the price!) the BMD like all the others I find at the store near the house.
  9. Yes I confirm, but it was only to give an answer to the price ... I remember that I follow Kine and that the camera is good, but for me not the price that is sold ... I repeat for the third time, the market will make its choice in this discussion.
  10. No I'm saying that most of the old cinema lenses (randomly 85%) in possession of the PRO are s35 ... the LF sensor is for those who fall back on cheap lenses derived from photography, and only marginally to the new FF cinema that are expensive . From your previous question: Sony FS5 / FS7 / F5 - Varicam LT- All Blackmagic- Canon C100-200-300 ... all have lower or equal costs (varicam LT). It is practically impossible to try, because it does not exist (in Italy) ... I tried all the others though ... and then a lot of research, so many movies seen, and so many years of passion. If you have good eyes, a good monitor and experience you can see ...
  11. Perhaps the mistake for many is that the large format is a plus, when it is not so ... the S35 sensor is still the format for cinema ... as a whole, it is not up to par, despite the company's effort to be ambitious. Then the market will do its part ...Attention to buyers could be a very expensive firm card.
  12. This comparison is completely wrong, for accessories and quality ... The two cameras are on two completely different worlds ...
  13. Leaving aside the battles, I think that if kinefinity wants to produce numbers in sales, it must price its photocameras half of what is the current price ... expand retailers and service centers. alternatively, continue to not buy anyone ...
  14. I am like "San Tommaso" who does not believe it if he does not see it. 🤗
  15. But you are a special case 😎 to no count...😉
  16. I did not make any other names for the original price ... even what you have indicated is equally good
  17. I confirm I have a7RII various lenses, practically almost all adapters, but no speed booster ... Maybe, but I'm thinking about a M42 ... 👋
  18. Neat video makes the difference anyway 😎
  19. In my opinion, you are dreaming. I hope I'm not wrong, maybe put a s35 even on a gh5 would be fine. He would already have a buyer here. Panasonic will never make an Aps-c or S35 sensor, in cheap cameras ... It will make expensive Full Frames ... because it makes economic sense, business ...
  20. maxmizer

    Color science

    All cameras have their own character, what a person should understand first is that we see results in front of a Monitor (many times it's cheap) ... So the result is compromised by the monitor, as well as the display software (vlc is correct), a good video card, etc ... To demonstrate this in the link, the colorist uses Eizo pro series ... This is to say that the tests are useless because each of us has very different equipment and tastes not comparable with each other, but even the final result can be comparable starting from the same camera. To tell the truth I do not find any camera with the wrong colors, different, but corrected in post, through a good monitor. I shoot with Sony A7rII and I have a Lg31 and a BenQ 27 ...
  21. maxmizer

    Big is better!

    I was thinking more about a prism solution, similar to shooting in 3D.
  22. maxmizer

    Big is better!

    Your thoughts are!!!
  23. Simple: between P4K only video and (X-T3 - EosR are also Photocameras). if you also want photocamera, the P4K is discarded. Between X-T3 and Eos R, EosR is discarded. The chosen is clear X-T3. If you only care about P4k video it's your choice.
  24. The guy wrong lenses on Fs700, the physical size of the sensor is important! M4/3: 17,3x13 D:21,64 mm Sony S35 like fs700 : 24x12,7 D:27,16 Sony A7S like FF: 36x24 D:43,27 Cookie is: 33.54mm Diameter (New Epic S35mm Format)...like FF reference : https://vmi.tv/training/useful-stuff/Guide-to-Sensor-Sizes-and-Lens-Formats https://www.cookeoptics.com/l/anamorphiclens.html
  25. seems to be a little too expensive ... because it is nothing exceptional in relation to the competitors.
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