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  1. Please take that video off, don't offend a people ... anyway ...he was just old in that old video first learn history ... in Italy not in a foreign country. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giulio_Andreotti has nothing to do with Canon
  2. I agree, but their devaluation is so high !!! by now not much to see ...so much garbage... I thought a product like this https://pro.sony/ue_US/products/handheld-camcorders/pxw-z90 would be the best for the kind of live performance you do ...
  3. errata corrige by google translate: I understand very well, but it produces so much with little artistic quality ...
  4. I understand very well, but it produces so much with little artistic quality ... it's not that I have to explain ABC of filmography, if you know how to make a real movie...The lenses are manuals example: https://fjsinternational.com/primes.html
  5. I don't know what kind of filmography or if it is only videography like youtuber ... my advice is to find one or more people that help you to shoot without Af, but with the followfocus ... like everyone ... because you are blocking yours artistic expression ... Red monstro and Panavision DXL2 are 8K, was also announced by Zcam E2-F8 at 8k in October
  6. I'm afraid that the magic of Arri (or Panavision) ... is in the sophisticated electronics behind the sensor ... and firmware.. after which any post processing is easier just in consideration of the raw matter ...
  7. if you: prosumer you don't need this AF...we are serious ... on semi pro and pro they might not even put any Af, and I hope they (Sony, Panasonic, Red, Bmd...ecc) do it as soon as possible!
  8. also for me, EF mount is not usable...🤷‍♂️
  9. Try simple man = Human ( also not gender) Humanfilm.com = UmanaFilm.com (italian language is available) or HumanaFilm.com ( Latin language is available)
  10. If you put it that way, I think you're right! but only for food ...
  11. Scuse Off topic Cabbage!!! ... because I was not born English ... Here in Italy everything costs more expensive ... for a used fs700R the sellers want 2.5 -3 k euros electronics - cars - house...
  12. Not to mind your own business, but ... how much did you pay for it?
  13. maybe you stay in Europe first!!! https://c7adapters.com/en
  14. You're missing out on silly things, the B2B sensor market is different from the consumer camera market ...
  15. My opinion is that you are not understanding ... a little wrong Andrew praising too much the dowries of the s1, it is a good camera but it could be better, on the other hand it is too dastric, even if it is true to say which is more "video" and less "cine" ... Z-cam appearance! Meanwhile, have you seen this?
  16. It seems clear to me that it is not the camera that has those serious problems, but a bit of inconpentence in post ...
  17. With what it costs already they sell a few ... he would miss anything else that wasn't good, who would buy it!
  18. it is completely irrelevant ... it was chosen instead of Mavo! CADRAGE DIRECTOR'S is a App... https://www.cadrage.at/ I'm on your side, I was saying the same thing but bringing Zcam (similar to Kinefinity) ... even though it's still in preproduction, but it should have prices for our pockets .. E2-S6: s35 6k ....--- $ 2995 E2-F6: Full Frame 6K ...--- $ 4995 E2-F8: Full Frame 8K ...--- $ 5995 http://www.z-cam.com/zcame2/
  19. Full pack clearly Basic only 14K euros 😂😓😒 same people then shot a commercial video for samsung ... but with zcam E2 waiting for S6 - F6 and F8 Friend! : Full Frame, 6k or 8k (zcam F8) and the possibility of mounting any type of optics and other... we are talking about a new generation ... canon: s35, 4k and only ef mount (or pl mount maybe). It seems an old thing, of a past time ... if a person has a Canon ecosystem also c300 all right... it's just my opinion,
  20. The camera is fine ... it's the price that's too high...25K euro
  21. Perhaps we want to say: that the samples seen so far are not so "exceptional" there is still a long way to go
  22. https://www.altalex.com/~/media/Altalex/allegati/2019/tribunale-roma-sentenza-693-2019 pdf.pdf In gran parte Per copia della trasmissione "il Grande Fratello", nel 2012.
  23. None of those have it in the shop to try or demo I think ... and do not just make an announcement on online store ... this also understands a child ... Pre-order you can do it where you want but then you have to buy ...
  24. When they sell the camera from the suppliers, be sure I'll go surely to try it, but it seems that nobody wants to sell it (distribute it). in Europe only one https://hdvideoshop.com/en/kinefinity/4341-preorder-kinefinity-mavo-mavo-lf.html?search_query=mavo&results=14 ... another is no longer europe ... https://www.proav.co.uk/kinefinity-mavo-6k-cinema-camera I can tell you that in Italy in the last three months have been sold between 2000/3000 BMPC4K and any kinefinity 0 some reason is ... (maybe the price!) the BMD like all the others I find at the store near the house.
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