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  1. maybe it does not depend on Davinci, but on your computer ... if I were you I would try to download the latest free version !!!
  2. My personal opinion: It does not seem so cheap to be 1.86 m4/3 crop!!!
  3. however I can not understand all this excitement for this stupid boy. Where I live, it is the same Italian state that publishes killings, people laughing for the dead after a tragedy, and much more, without any restraint or compassion !!! Example:
  4. If you have time, you can do a gh5s test with a Lomo vs Sony s35
  5. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2527336/technical?ref_=tt_dt_spec
  6. @Andrew Reid you did tests with s35 lenses.
  7. Meanwhile, now a Sony a7rII is easily found at 1900 euros ( 2200 NEW) in Europe. We must see if Panasonic is better than the Sony BSi at s35 ... but I think that Panasonic has come late ...
  8. for me, little light depends on whether the sun is not yet high in the sky, or if you have lit too few light bulbs...or it's night...
  9. @Neumann film my opinion: that is beautiful lens.
  10. Lord, I have not offended nor given the incapable of anyone, in Italy for an offense in the press like this one risks the criminal conviction ... https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffamazione
  11. Also for the trick (incorrect video) forget to have the quality of image that is proposed to us! Price in Euro
  12. That anyway then you have to calculate the sensor differences with the lenses. That is, it is true that between S35 and m4 / 3 there is little difference ... but I work with S35 sensor and s35 lenses it's all another work ... https://www.abelcine.com/fov/ 49.6 mm: http://i65.tinypic.com/azcpqr.png
  13. If the sensor is not s35, I do not see professional operators to make mathematical operations with focal ... I think it's just low light oriented to counter A7S series
  14. 1) I use manual cine lens (autofocus only for photos) 2) Sgammut3.cine is not indispensable, color science is what it is !!! 3) and 4) little difference 5) - 6) - 7) EVF from A9 - Better ergonomics - At least double the battery life !!!!!!!!!!!!! something had to be done 8) S35/FF switch with a button! this is very good! 9) Bright LCD during 4K recording - USB3.1 tranfers - Dual SD card - Improved FF quality - Improved IBIS - Proxy recording! I use Shogun Inferno!!! gimbal and post production... I would be very happy that they would do A7SIII with sensor S35, but I do not think they do it
  15. What a disappointment, no news on the video side ...
  16. The Panasonic LA7200 is an anamorphic adapter that creates a 1.33x stretch, so any camera shooting 16:9 will output a Cinemascope ratio for footage for post. I used with my various lenses, Canon EF and FD, Olympus OM, Panasonic, Lomo ecc... It also includes the front and rear lens caps. This adapter uses the taking lens to focus and doesn't need an adapter. It's been a great lens for me to learn with and is great for making the foray into anamorphic shooting.
  17. I can not decide between OST 801 or 802, what is your advice?
  18. I don't agree, all those who are professional and have beautiful cinelenses are stopped by the small sensor, I would have preferred not to have the ibis, but the s35 sensor ... SpeedBooster is the only canon lens
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