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  1. Andrew, I saw your shot, that Sony still has problems with the lights, which turns blue, one you can see in the picture in the neon of the train, and even at the end where the light begins to be reflected on the water ...
  2. Varicam 35 test it! in Italian http://www.varicam.it/test_it/test_it.html
  3. Nice review and agree in full, the price is still high, because there are good offers to 3000 Euros for FS700 ...the color is bad (less than A7S which is horrible), and too hot
  4. RX10 is already being distributed all over the world ...
  5. ​they can do very well for crop for old lenses, just think that there are no lens film m4 / 3 except Veydra Mini Primes, who like me has 35mm Kit will continue to be bad ...
  6. Nice article, but I hope GH5 Super35 sensor and low light.
  7. Andrew, I'm sorry that you have not been invited to the beta test, my opinion is that Panasonic has problems with mountain m4 / 3, has a diameter too small, not a FF sensor you can put it back, and if the GH5, panasonic not s35 puts a sensor is out for me, simply because FF lenses on a small sensor do so many problems ... as well as the chassis with the prominence useless limiting construction adapters ... see BMD..Pffff
  8. I say just my opinion: it is not a cinematic lens, I do not see its magic, recommend to SRL magic to try making Kit for cinematic anamorphic lens Example: 24 - 35 - 50 - 85 so let's see if it comes out the magic!!!
  9. ​I think it was because the Magic Lantern has entered the project Apertus .... Canon afraid !!!
  10. Buy additional objective Prominar anamorphic Kowa 16-H with serial number 45303, in excellent condition, no scratches, smears, and other defects. Price 400 €... https://annunci.ebay.it/seller/ca71ce70f842a6ed572bf1565316ce8e24160eae/68842330 http://www.subito.it/fotografia/kowa-prominar-anamorphic-16-h-padova-97536998.htm?last=1 Padua., Italy
  11. tferradans try to put the reverse the diopters
  12.   as everyone knows LA7200 was built for AG DVX ... is not compatible with all lenses, is not compatible above the approximately 50mm, is not compatible with some lenses because, the distance between the objective lens and the lens of the LA7200 is too high (this is improved by putting a diopter from 0.25 or 0.50 between the lens and  LA7200 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci_PM-g1K6c&list=SP219BA51EFE970B89&index=54 ).   What goes well with: Panasonic is the best: 20mm F.1.7   but well with Canon 24-70 f2.8 or Sigma 24-70 f 2.8 Tokina 11-16   just try it   If you want, we do list, where it works well and where not ;)
  13. Ag-la7200 loses 0.1 f, and is excellent with wide lens for me panasonic pancake 20 f 1.7 is the best. I have the 50 f1.8 and the 28 f2.8 zuico OM and work well. So I think will go well with canon FD.   does not work with medium telephoto and telephoto, over 60mm.   also may depend on the construction geometry of the lens, example: does not work with sigma 30 f1.4   Try it   Max
  14. Ohhh thank you very much tferranans I have La7200, and I would like to buy lomo Foton, if you do the test I buy it now, it seems strangely no one has yet done this test.
  15. HI   That it is possible, screw on a foton zoom lens 37 -140 a AG-LA7200, so as to use the anamorphic lens?  
  16. Beautiful thing, but should be thought of in a Metabones adapter type ...
  17. @richg101, which are waiting to answer mail, if you can give me a hellios?
  18. Yes, due step ring, XX-72+ 72mm UV me to pick up the thread (I took a close-up cheap 5$ 72mm and I removed the lens) or xx-77 + step-down 77-72...
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