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  1. I am not impressed, Andrew. I was unable to see all the blemishes on people's faces. It is not sharp enough. ?
  2. Andrew, this is what I really like about you and EOSHD, which is the only forum on filmmaking that I regularly follow and care to participate in. I just check other websites to learn about new gadgets and toys
  3. Do you guys have any experience with third-party batteries and any brand you'd recommend? I need two batteries for the weekend until the Power Junkie that I'd backed on Kickstarter ships next month.
  4. I was quite interested in Mix Pre 3 until F8n came out. Honestly, I don't need F8n as it is, in my ways, an overkill for me but the fact that it has the auto mixer built-in makes me excited about it. I imagine that it would be quite useful for live streaming and quick post-production. I hope to see reviews for it. For example, I wonder if the F8n does mix-minus automatically and more importantly when you bring in the audio from a computer, does it also apply audio mixing to that channel? In practice, what it means is that when a remote guest is not speaking, say for example via Skype, you don't send unnecessary hiss and noise to the final mix.
  5. True but for some reason the firmware is not available and according to a customer service reply, as reported in the video's comment section, it will be available in newly manufactured ones. Not sure what it means but it doesn't look promising. I am also looking for information on whether these cheap monitors with false color have the option to set different thresholds/levels in false color?
  6. I am also interested in this monitor; however, there appear to be some problems in 4K where some of the functions do not work correctly. A new firmware has reportedly fixed the issues but it is not available online as far as I can see. Some say it will only come with new devices.
  7. As far as I know, Rode VideoMicro comes only with a TRS cable out of the box so you have to purchase a TRRS cable to use it on your phone. On my Tascam DR100 Mark II, I can't use lavalier mics that require plug-in power. Just make sure the audio recorder you are planning to use supply plugin power. On a side note, I suggest you take a look at Movo VXR10 or Boya BY-MM1 (Same mics) Cable reviewed this mic on his channel. I bought mine for £20. It is similar to Rode VideoMicro but louder and comes with TRS and TRRS cables, shock mount, a dead cat and carrying pouch. Since you already have a Rode VideoMicro and are on tight budget, perhaps you could purchase this mic alongside with a stereo breakout cable and use them on your Zoom H1.
  8. Apparently, square videos generate more engagements according to this experiment.
  9. I’d come across a similar approach while I was looking for film grain solutions.
  10. Also Andrew, for your second question, while you do ripple edit with trim tool, press ~. It prevents connected clips from moving when you ripple edit the main clip.
  11. This version seems great but it is definitely slower on my maxed-out iMac on the projects that I am currently working on. Projects that I was able to edit smoothly despite my relatively slow external HDD struggles with the new version. It seems to me that its due to some bugs being fixed. I know it sounds weird but I used to have problems with audio waveforms where applying compressor or EQ wouldn’t automatically generate new waveforms unless I create a new compound clip. I was able to continue editing and listening to the processed audio but I couldn’t see new waveform instantaneously. This version has fixed this issue and now the waveform generation is instantaneous but my HDD struggles with the processing. I now have to wait a bit for editing or playback. So I am not sure how I feel about this
  12. It is good to see that I am not the only one thinking that Apple's both Magic Mouse and Keyboard are invitation to disaster in terms of ergonomics. I've recently purchased a 2017 iMac. Both wireless keyboard and magic trackpad 2 are still in the box, which I plan to sell them. If you are interested, send me a PM Recently, while awaiting the iMac to arrive, I had to use an 2011 MacBook Pro 13". I couldn't believe how comfortable the keys were on that machine compared to my previous Retina MacBook Pro. It was as if I had typed on a flat surface for so long that I'd forgotten what it is like to type comfortably. I've recently purchased a boxed Apple Wireless Keyboard from 2003 from Ebay. It is a temporary solution until I find a good mechanical keyboard. Also, if you are using a USB keyboard or mouse, especially those with extra buttons and keys, make sure you check out USBOverdrive or similar applications to modify certain keys to your preferences. You can create custom profiles if you like. For example, when you are in Final Cut, you may choose to use certain macro keys to perform certain actions. You can create a dedicated editor keyboard
  13. I am also a FCP X user and I've purchased the top-tier 27" iMac with i7, AMD Radeon Pro 580 W/8Gb VRAM, 8GB Ram, and 512GB SSD. It should be delivered by 6 July and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. I've upgraded from the same model (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014 with 2.5GHz i7, 16GB Ram and 512GB SSD) you currently have. Normally, I was planning to buy a 4K display and use an EGPU to extend the laptop's life. But when I calculate the total cost, it seems more logical to sell the laptop and buy the iMac. I was able to sell my laptop for £1200 and I bought the iMac with higher education discount for ~£2350. I've had quite a bit experience with Hackintosh and I would probably easily build a killer and more powerful system with this budget but I didn't want to bother with its maintenance. That said, if you choose your parts carefully, you can easily build a reliable and more powerful PC with the option to upgrade its internal in the future should you require a more powerful machine in the future.
  14. Give this program a try. I've tried it on your file and although Quicktime still didn't play it, VLC player was able to open it after repair.
  15. In the presentation it is stated hardware acceleration will only be available for 2016 and newer Mac. The rest will have software acceleration.
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