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  1. Just an update to my own question, apparently Panasonic is going to release a “Lumix Webcam Software” in September/October to enable webcam mode for some of its cameras, including DC-S1H, DC-S1R, DC-S1, DC-GH5S, DC-GH5, and DC-G9 models.
  2. They do not, unfortunately. What they have, as I described above, is a new view mode in the tether application that removes all display information and creates a clean window so that you can capture that window with a streaming software, which means that you can’t use it directly in your conferencing application unless you go through a few extra steps to create a virtual webcam.
  3. Rather than providing a clean feed window for live streaming in their tether application , which is then to be captured by a streaming software, do they have any plan to enable a webcam mode in their cameras, similar to what Canon, Fujifilm and more recently Olympus have done?
  4. I am not impressed, Andrew. I was unable to see all the blemishes on people's faces. It is not sharp enough. ?
  5. Andrew, this is what I really like about you and EOSHD, which is the only forum on filmmaking that I regularly follow and care to participate in. I just check other websites to learn about new gadgets and toys
  6. Do you guys have any experience with third-party batteries and any brand you'd recommend? I need two batteries for the weekend until the Power Junkie that I'd backed on Kickstarter ships next month.
  7. I was quite interested in Mix Pre 3 until F8n came out. Honestly, I don't need F8n as it is, in my ways, an overkill for me but the fact that it has the auto mixer built-in makes me excited about it. I imagine that it would be quite useful for live streaming and quick post-production. I hope to see reviews for it. For example, I wonder if the F8n does mix-minus automatically and more importantly when you bring in the audio from a computer, does it also apply audio mixing to that channel? In practice, what it means is that when a remote guest is not speaking, say for example via Skype, you
  8. True but for some reason the firmware is not available and according to a customer service reply, as reported in the video's comment section, it will be available in newly manufactured ones. Not sure what it means but it doesn't look promising. I am also looking for information on whether these cheap monitors with false color have the option to set different thresholds/levels in false color?
  9. I am also interested in this monitor; however, there appear to be some problems in 4K where some of the functions do not work correctly. A new firmware has reportedly fixed the issues but it is not available online as far as I can see. Some say it will only come with new devices.
  10. As far as I know, Rode VideoMicro comes only with a TRS cable out of the box so you have to purchase a TRRS cable to use it on your phone. On my Tascam DR100 Mark II, I can't use lavalier mics that require plug-in power. Just make sure the audio recorder you are planning to use supply plugin power. On a side note, I suggest you take a look at Movo VXR10 or Boya BY-MM1 (Same mics) Cable reviewed this mic on his channel. I bought mine for £20. It is similar to Rode VideoMicro but louder and comes with TRS and TRRS cables, shock mount, a dead cat and carrying pouch. Since you already ha
  11. Apparently, square videos generate more engagements according to this experiment.
  12. I’d come across a similar approach while I was looking for film grain solutions.
  13. Also Andrew, for your second question, while you do ripple edit with trim tool, press ~. It prevents connected clips from moving when you ripple edit the main clip.
  14. This version seems great but it is definitely slower on my maxed-out iMac on the projects that I am currently working on. Projects that I was able to edit smoothly despite my relatively slow external HDD struggles with the new version. It seems to me that its due to some bugs being fixed. I know it sounds weird but I used to have problems with audio waveforms where applying compressor or EQ wouldn’t automatically generate new waveforms unless I create a new compound clip. I was able to continue editing and listening to the processed audio but I couldn’t see new waveform instantaneously.
  15. It is good to see that I am not the only one thinking that Apple's both Magic Mouse and Keyboard are invitation to disaster in terms of ergonomics. I've recently purchased a 2017 iMac. Both wireless keyboard and magic trackpad 2 are still in the box, which I plan to sell them. If you are interested, send me a PM Recently, while awaiting the iMac to arrive, I had to use an 2011 MacBook Pro 13". I couldn't believe how comfortable the keys were on that machine compared to my previous Retina MacBook Pro. It was as if I had typed on a flat surface for so long that I'd forgotten what it is like
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