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  1. Now this is interesting. Mike Johnston, as Chief Editor of Photo Techniques, commissioned a series of three articles on bokeh back in the 1990s, and he added an "h" to "boke" (Japanese "boke-aji", lit. "quality of the blur") so people wouldn't pronounce it as rhyming with "broke". It has caught on -- I mean, the spelling with the "h" -- in the English language enormously, while the Japanese have moved on, nowadays, to a different term, viz. "outto fokasu". Go figure. He could also be credited for anointing Leica's 4th generation 35mm Summicron (last generation pre-asph, designed by Walter Mandler) the "Queen of bokeh" for rating it 10 out of 10 (one of three lenses that get this rating) for its bokeh rendering. What many people fail to realize is that Johnston specifically refers to the bokeh rendering of this lens at f/5.6, not at f/2 where people are baffled why the rendering is very far from 10 out of 10. So yes, we should be talking about the rendering of the bokeh at different apertures, and especially while stopped down to f/4 or f/5.6. It is wrong to assume that bokeh is only about blurred background in the widest apertures. [Edit] Here is a recent article of his, where he revisits this ongoing tale. Also note that his latest article is, rather coincidentally, also on bokeh. https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2019/11/what-is-bokeh-and-the-dogs-nose.html
  2. Some calculations. A "pixel-to-pixel" 3840x2160 crop from 3882x2912 yields a 0.87x crop factor. Good news for owners of native G lens; much less so for owners of full frame lenses. But I guess most FF lenses except super-wides should cover it in practice, i.e. wide open at portrait distance or stopped down at infinity. For those looking for the MF look: 0.87x0.71 roughly yields a 0.62x crop factor, i.e. 6x6 and 645 lenses with one-stop speedboosters should all have image circles big enough to cover it. The Cooke Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus Series has the following focal lengths (all in mm): 32, 40, 50, 75, 100, 135, 180. Putting them on the anticipated new "GFX 100 H" would yield the equivalent angles-of-view of 16, 21, 25, 38, 51, 68, 91 (all in mm) lenses. Someone would surely do an image circle test soon after this open gate anamorphic mode has become a reality. My guess is that the four at the tele end (75, 100, 135, 180) should comfortably cover. .
  3. This is exciting. 0.79x0.71 gives us roughly a 0.56x crop , very close to the entire image circle of a 6x6 lens. The 16x9 crop of this sensor is around 0.92x (on the current GFX 100 - a 16x9 rectangle cropped from open gate would yield a slightly larger crop ), i.e. most FF lenses should be able to cover it. A 645 lens with a speedbooster (0.92x0.71 => roughly 0.65) would cover it, too.
  4. Kinefinity Terra 4K can do 4K 125p and is definitely under $15000.
  5. UHD 60P 102Mbps DCI 4K 24P 237Mbps Presumably then, DCI 4K 60P ProRes RAW over HDMI to Ninja V should be doable, right?
  6. I'd also go for the M9. If so, the lens is 61 years old, i.e. was produced in around 1957. A rigid 50mm Summicron?
  7. Exactly; and it isn't only Cinema5D over Andrew Reid, it's also Cinema5D over Philip Bloom (who lives in London, AFAIK). We've known for ages that subscriber count doesn't count, nor does view count; what counts is the number of buyer decisions positively influenced by practitioners like Andrew Reid and Philip Bloom, who both have large and trusting followings. Both speak their minds, but that hasn't stopped, e.g., Kinefinity from asking Bloom to test their new cameras, and this has been key to Kinefinity's becoming a presence in this very competitive market.
  8. That makes their choice of those who were given early access of their new cameras more, not less, mystifying, right?
  9. BMD is a manufacturer of niche products, and as such must be able to locate where a large bulk of potential (and actual) customers are; so Andrew has a point here, viz. BMD has totally missed a golden opportunity to connect with a large number of potential buyers. They should take a leaf out of other niche players in the industry: Red has its own forum, and forum members could seek out some senior members who have early access to new models for comments and guidance; by a similar token, PhaseOne has a good and reliable presence in getdpi. I'm also quite amused at Andrew's reference to Cinema5D. I first came across them when I was going through coverages of trade shows, and their Youtube coverages have been the most cringe-worthy of all, by a country mile. I have come to skip them almost all the time and only watch them if they are the only channel that covers a certain product; this has happened a few times to my annoyance. Yet I agree with most fellow members here that Andrew should not have published that rant. It doesn't do him much good; but it does enhance my trust in him enough that I've just registered as a forum member and composing my first post. YMMV.
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