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  1. Has anyone ever used the Sigma 24-70 OS EF-mount with the Fringer adapter?
  2. TBH i would go buy the Sigma 24-70 2.8 EF OS if I knew the AF was going to be smooth. That plus the 18-25 1.8 would cover every usage case I would ever come across. My experience so far is that it jumps, and doesn't really stick to faces so I 99% of the time use the zone AF, and its OK but still jumps a bit even when whats in the zone is perfectly sharp.
  3. RIght on. I am enjoying my 18-55mm. The OIS is spectacular. Thats what gave me the idea of the T4~ So I could have IBIS on my old Zeiss stuff. I use the Fringer and 18-35 combo, its alot of fun, but the AF is really jumpy and it hunts even after it finds focus, so for alot of run and gun work it was always stuck in MF mode. I was hoping to hear that the issue with Viltrox lenses and jumpy AF was fixed, that is a major bummer! Kinda crosses those off of the list.
  4. Huge bummer. It still works, just the ports are fried. So if I keep to SD cards we are good! My new major focus is glass. My ONE and only Fuji lens is my new 18-55 and tbh I really love it. I plan on getting some kind of mist filter for it, but what I really need is something FAST with good AF. Apparently those two things are hard when searching for native Fuji glass. Tbh these new Viltrox lenses are looking good.
  5. I actually have a Mixpre on loan from SD right now. Its so good!
  6. My Pocket4K is defective unfortunately, cost more to fix than its worth used. But you are 100% correct. I shouldn't be replacing my XT3 with an XT4. I should be adding it in.
  7. Ahhh i am definetely struggling with it haha. I would honestly say I do 50% gimbal work 25/25 sticks and handheld.
  8. Also, in that same price bracket I could entirely build out my audio wireless rig.
  9. Great test! Thanks for letting me know. So, I had a thought pop up. I could probably get 1100$ish for my XT3 used. Is it worth the upgrade to go to the XT4 for IBIS and the larger battery? Also with the same amount of $$$ I could get 2-3 new lights, or an XF lens or two. Also with my new RSC2 I can see my handheld use shrinking a bit. The gimbal is so small yet the footage looks like a dolly shot. 12/10 impressed with that little guy.
  10. Thanks! Ill keep in mind the XT3 has a smaller battery.
  11. Sorry if I missed that earlier! This is great. How long does one last ya?
  12. How do you do that? Is that something the XT3 can do as well?
  13. Atomos own site says 150mins for a 1TB AtomX drive at HQ - too late, already bought option 2 and skipped the Ninja for the Shogun.
  14. I am having a really hard deciding between these two setups. As I am probably going to be on the gimbal 70-80% of the time, I have to consider that. 1. Ninja V +Cage + WD kit + Ronin RSC2 Basic kit - $1335, and I can't use RavenEye on the RSC2, only 150mins record time at HQ. 2. Shinobi + Cage + RSC2 Pro kit + 2x more (i have 5)V90 Prograde Cards ~ $1390 but I have RavenEye, and 400 mins of record time, only at 400mbit HEVC. I lean toward 2, because of how much I use gimbals for my workflow, but also having a robust codec is important to me.
  15. Almost done! Ninja is coming this week, so I am excited. Gunna put it on top of the mini handle dead center. Footage is fantastic out of this kit lens, total clean and colors are great. Adapting my Resolve Powergrade to Fuji has been a struggle, so probably going to start that over from scratch entirely, but worth it. Thinking of getting a new gimbal to replace my AK4500. Not going to lie, was extremely let down with that product. It simply is not smooth. The new Ronin RSC2 seems like a great fit.
  16. Oh I would bet. From what I can see, is this around 27MB a second at 422HQ?
  17. Thank you again! This is extremely helpful. I was just weary of getting the wrong drive, as Atomos's guide was super vague. Yea 899$ is sounding like a rip now, gunna quote myself all of this stuff and see how it all looks.
  18. So I am seeing a few different versions of those WD Blue SSD's. Atomos's chart just says "Blue" so I do not wanna mess that up. Does it require anything else or can it just be added on? B&H sells that kit with the SSD's and batteries and seems like an OK deal at 899.
  19. Extremely helpful thank you! What preamp is that? It is nice and small.
  20. Big time resurrection here., just want to be respectful and not start another thread. I can only assume in the last 24 months, these issues are now non-issues with HDMI cables and formats. Is there a "BUY THIS HDMI CABLE FOR ZERO ISSUES" link anyone has? Zero mood to mess around with any of this, so I will just buy the correct one the first time around. Same goes for SSD's. The ATOMX seems like the obvious choice , but that extremely vague Atomos chart mentions the WD blue models, which I have wholesale cost access too, so I could get them for nothing. I have too many of the big boy NPF batteries and charging docks, so I am set there.
  21. I totally agree with you when I used adapted glass, when I rented the XF stuff it was on-par with my A73 in my own tests, of course. I could be way off base.
  22. Very cool. Did not know that. Most of the features of these new gimbals, just stop start, and charging sounds awesome. Can these new Ronin's mount a monitor like the Ninja on it? I have a Fieyu-tech (spelling?) that even fully charged is just not... stable. No amount of tweaking has ever made it work really well so I have given up on it. Trying to plan out kitting the XT3 right now is a total pain. I have everything BUT audio figured out, but well see when it all gets here.
  23. Hello everyone. Recently decided to take the XT3 off the shelf and kit it out for run and gun filmmaking. Few questions on rigging, and I need a second or third opinion. 1. Rigging. I currently have a P4K entirely caged out with V-mount battery, monitor , and shotgun mic (NTG5). I really like that setup, but wouldn't mind if it was much smaller. I have the battery grip for the XT3 but it makes it quite tall, and you also can't charge the internal battery with it, so I need to take 2x chargers everywhere I go just for the body. The Anker has about 5 batteries worth of charge on it, so I would love to use that. 2. I am 33/33/33 tripod, gimbal and handheld. I have OIS lenses for handheld, and a Ronin RSC2 on the way, so I think we are good there. It mostly relates to ^^. I want to kit out this camera to make it truly usable for mobile filmmaking, but adding large cages and power supplies seem like the opposite direction.
  24. Great point. Totally outfitting the Fuji for hybrid shooting is probably the best bet. So can the Fuji be charged by a Ronin RSC? since I do 50/50 gimbal and tripod work I would definitely want to make sure I could switch from other the other and still maintain consistent power and audio.
  25. I think I might have to sell a lens or two and get some native glass.
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