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  1. It's a manufacturing supply thing. The majority of their cameras already use the EF mount. Their molds are designed for this. They sell their cameras for a lot less than their competitors, for similar, or better features, they aren't going to change now and lose the little money they make on each camera. Not to mention, they've decided to market their cameras to a larger demographic than just cinema and the majority of those other people use EF lenses, or lenses that easily adapt to the EF mount.
  2. Yeah, his name isn't Tony. I bought clamps from him last summer and he went above and beyond to make me happy while giving me some of the most practical and historical information about my Kowa 16D... apparently they were used on crash cams in 80s action films.
  3. I hope the waitress had a ground guy with a tag line as she placed the tray on that glass... I feel bad for the ants on the ground with the amount of localized pressure on that glass.
  4. Photo seems a little suspect. If this is in their cinema lineup... why does it have a shutter button? If anything, that should be where the record button goes. Also why is there a joystick on the top of the camera? It seems like the worst place for it. Idk, it may be accurate and I am intrigued but it seems like this may be more of a hybrid than a full on cinema camera.
  5. Bigger sensors aren't just about shallow depth of field. They're about depth of field in general. Smaller sensors tend to feel flatter and two dimensional whereas FF and MF places your subject within and inside the image where near to infinity feels like a tangible space.
  6. I meant the FP for photography. I've been looking for a hybrid forever. Obviously, my 5D3 can be used, but I'm looking for something smaller. I'm thinking of picking up an Olympus, though. I agree it's gotten better, but it's still pretty bare. M-mount still seems to be the best. However, I did notice that a c-mount to L-Mount adapter is available that promises infinity focus... so if my math is correct, a 50mm c-mount should cover the sensor. That could be a fun experiment. Agreed about both. Have you tested the crop mode on the FP? Re: aps-c lenses... It
  7. With full frame, 28mm to 35mm are basically street shooting lenses for me. I kinda prefer 45mm to 50mm, but I can go handheld with the former, so they're much more versatile. RE: the Canon 20mm 2.8, I am probably going to buy the lens within the next couple months due to a shoot I'm doing this spring in a car. So if you do get it, please report back with your thoughts and some sample images.
  8. I wish I could use a card writer because I have a bunch of high speed CF cards. With that said, what's the smallest SSD you've tested with it? I noticed SmallRig or Tilta has some new handles that have a space for the SSD built into the handle and one that has SSD and a battery with a record button. It seems pretty slick. On another note, I wish Sigma had chosen a different mount. I understand about their alliance with Panny and Leica, and although Sigma is starting to release some smaller lenses, there aren't enough native lens options to get me excited. More than likely I'd adapt l
  9. Haha, very nice! I'll most likely buy one some day. How do you like it for photography?
  10. @JordanWright but I guess with some of these zooms you're just getting close to your Sigma. To keep it simple, you could look at the Canon 20mm 2.8, or the Tokina 17mm 3.5. I had the older RMC version and I quite liked it. I never used the newer version, but I assume they're similar. If I was in your position, I'd probably go with the Canon. But I'm a huge fan of the 28mm 1.8 and the 50mm 1.4, so I may be a bit bias.
  11. At a half a pound heavier and half an inch longer, than the 11-16mm, you can gain a stop with the Tokina 14-20mm f/2.
  12. I spent a couple weeks going through the lens section on the red user forum and the 11-16mm seemed to be a pretty popular wide option when the Zeiss ZF/ZE lenses were very popular with the Red crowd. Whatever that means, I guess. There's also the older Sigma options... the 10-20mm or the 20mm 1.8. The Voigtlanders are hard to come by on this side of the Atlantic as well. And when they are for sale, the seller usually wants almost what they go for new.
  13. Haha... 'lack of victims." Have you hired a lot of models in the past? For my upcoming short films, mostly horror/thriller I was thinking about going the model route, instead of an actress, since some of the female roles don't have any lines of dialogue.
  14. I think the push/pull aspect of the lens is what's keeping me from buying one. On the other hand, one of my first lenses was the Series E 36-72mm and I kinda liked the ability to zoom and focus at the same time... but that was a long time ago and my priorities have changed I guess.
  15. Thanks for the link. I may keep an eye open for one. I had one of the cheaper 28-70mm 3.5-4.5 D zooms and it was pretty okay optically, but I didn't love the focus ring. It did have 9 blades, so that helped with my overall impression of the lens. I feel like the AF-D lenses have a slightly more modern rendering than the ai-s lenses and although I've been dying to get a copy of the 35mm f/2 D, I read you can only change the lens to MF on the camera body and since I don't own a Nikon camera, I don't want to get stuck. I have the Nikon BMPCC speedbooster for my Micro, so I am trying to
  16. I love Tokina lenses. I have the 24-40mm 2.8 that I've always loved. I should bring that out the next time. I could really use a long zoom. @BTM_Pix has recommended the Nikon Series E 75-150mm that's intriguing.
  17. I have to watch myself here, I have the non-ai lenses, a couple 50mm f/2, a series e 50mm 1.8, and two ai-s lenses... the 35mm 1.4 and the 85mm f/2. I bought the 85mm to go with my Kowa 16D, but I haven't tested the set up yet. Oh yeah, I also have the non-ai 45mm 2.8 that I have yet to test, but that's kind of a weird lens. Before I started using these non-ai lenses, I was thinking about buying new ai-s lenses or as new as I can get based on their discontinue date. But now I'm not so sure. I'm considering keeping the non-ai lenses and picking up a couple of the AF-D lenses. How are
  18. I was going to suggest the Samyang 16mm as well. I briefly used my friend's and it has a nice mix of a vintage/modern look in its rendering. Also the Tokina 11-16mm has always been a popular wide option if you don't mind a zoom. Otherwise, Voigtlander has the 20mm 3.5, if speed isn't an issue. It will also closely match your Zeiss and Voigtlander also makes the highly regarded 40mm f/2 and 58mm 1.4 if you ever want to build out a set. https://dustinabbott.net/2016/04/voigtlander-color-skopar-20mm-f3-5-sl-ii-review/
  19. I paid $40 for the Nikkor-SC 50mm 1.4 and it's proving to be one of the best lens purchases I've made. @kye is correct, I also have the 105mm 2.5 from the same vintage. I haven't used it yet, though. I already owned the 28mm f/2 when I picked up the 50 and at the time I was more worried about some other lens set. I think my priorities have been backwards for a while now. I'm thinking about filling in the blanks with the 35mm f/2, 85mm 1.8, and one of their wider angles. As of now, I have less than $300 invested into the 3 lenses so I'll be on the lookout for some of the other non-ai lense
  20. After a long year, I've spent the first couple weeks of 2021 reevaluating my gear and what I really need for 2021. In the process, I decided to revisit some of the inexpensive lenses in my collection. I have some plans going forward which involves a slate of micro short films. I'd like the productions to be as bare bones as possible using humble equipment. Luckily, I was able to get out and shoot some test shots for an upcoming thriller/mystery short entitled "Under the Boardwalk" I brought the Takumar 50mm 1.4 and an old Nikkor 50mm 1.4. Here are the results of my test... Takum
  21. Once you paste the link, do not hit enter right away. Wait for the video to embed. If you're trying to paste a Vimeo link, make sure your original link isn't on the Description or Comments tab or it won't embed either.
  22. It's definitely not a perfect scenario, but if we were shooting in perfect scenarios, we'd all own, or have access to an Alexa. So compromises need to be made. Of course, you are making good points. But I always think something I shoot could end up being B&W anyway, so I like to have a look at the footage in monochrome. With my 5D, I've never had an issue, but I often switch back and forth between color and B&W while monitoring. With the older Panny's I've used, CineLikeD usually had weird skin tones anyway so it didn't matter too much. I assume with their newer cameras and the vLog LU
  23. This video helps to explain how Panasonic's focus peaking works and its settings. With my past Panny cameras, I was often frustrated with their focus peaking implementation, but when you could see it, there was no question it was in focus. I ended up monitoring in B&W using red lines to make it a bit easier.
  24. Happy Holidays! Since Covid-19 has made shooting possibilities pretty limited, I've decided to shift to micro short films. Here are some test frames using the Canon FD 50mm 1.2 L...
  25. I've heard great things about the IQ of the Sigma, and I'd probably choose that over the Tamron, unless you are looking for primes to pair with it... the Tamron 35mm and 45mm get pretty good reviews. Good luck.
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