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  1. And one more note: that newer anamorphic Laowa Nanomorphs are amazingly cute.
  2. That explain Leclerc's accident. "That guy is not using a full frame, really!!!???? ...oh shit" (bang) Interested in getting one of the FZ's as a concert camera (security in stadiums tend to hate cameras that changes lenses).
  3. A little thing that marveled me in the Fuji X-S10, and I was amazed that only was implemented in m4/3 in the GH6 (I always used mid-tier m4/3 bodies): the ability to punch-in focus during recording (enlarge the image to focus but the recording was not enlarged). Since Andrew already mentioned that you could enlarge the image with little to no loss detail durign recording (a neat trick that I had in my E-M10 III), maybe there is a setting to punch-in focus?
  4. It is not the kind of lens that is the central talk here, but holy shit, the Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 is sharp (and the DOF, even in a Fuji APS-C, is very thin). Photo and center crop.
  5. The Sony A1 have overheating problems with 8k? (really don't know) About Fuji, the rumours say that there will the two cameras - a 40mp that records 8k, and a X-H2s with a new 26mp stacked sensor. Albeit the 40mp model will record 8k, I guess that the "s" model will be more video oriented, with less rolling shutter and probably 120fps modes.
  6. Never had heard about that Steve's ghostbuster channel. Now that he makes hifi review videos, I'm dying (oops) to see his testing a XLR interface with phantom power.
  7. Already said that it here, but repeating myself - this single video made my buy a GH2. 🙂 Awesome colors until today (except, maybe, the greenish skintones, a trademark for Panasonic until the GH5). Noisy by the current standards, but these colors...
  8. He pivoted to high end audio gear reviews - probably is more profitable (no problem for me with that) and less toxic than the camera game. Looks like it is not unusual - in a small channel that I like (Andrew & Denae) Andrew decided to make a channel about the mountain bike restorations that he make (he, his wife and 2 children enjoy mountain biking, and to lessen the bike shop costs he built a personal bike shop at home), and in two videos he got almost 4x the subscribers that they got in many years reviewing cameras. I too have the same impression that Steve never disliked a camera - pointed some faults at most - but he always declared that he only reviews cameras that interested him, hence there is a pre-filter.
  9. Good price, but will wait until it hits $699,00.
  10. Good point. I had this problem with my E-M10 MK III, I guess with MItakon's Lens Turbo II. In my case, probably grinding a little bit the touching part in the adapter could solve, but I bought Viltrox adapters and they worked well.
  11. Yep, indeed a lot of people say that the Leica Vario-Elmar 35-70mm f/3.5 is the same lens reshoused (the controls of both lenses are very similar). I have the version III, I guess (the one with macro). Some time ago I took some shots with my GX9 and it was VERY sharp; since my old lenses are looking sharper in my X-S10 (probably because of the thinner sensor stack, and increased resolution), I will take a spin when I can.
  12. WIll not go through 277 pages of the thread, but the Minolta 35-70 f/3.5, the disguised Leica, was already mentioned here? Will be the next to take a spin with my X-S10, since was already incredible in my m43 bodies.
  13. Yeah, sad day. Hope that are not members of our community in Ukraine, and if it is the case, that they could be safe.
  14. FD 35mm f/2 concave, with a Fujifilm X-S10, full pic and center crop. I guess I could call it a sharp lens (and looks like that Fuji peaking works very well)
  15. One even thrown his camera down a ski jump, I heard. 🙂
  16. From the O-M1 reviews that I saw and quick glances in the GH6 reviews: - O-M1 had a increase in low light sensitivity and, albeit being the same 20mp, lots of reviewers are saying that they found the IQ slightly better than the previous OM-1s. Guess from my RFMY sources (a.k.a. "Right From My Ass') - since it is a 80mp Quad Bayer, but each 4 pixels are treated like a single one (even having a single lens for the group), maybe some sort of trickery are being doing using thes 4 pixel - like a "4 pixel downsampling". - Just saw some stills, but REALLY it looks like a different sensor supplier. Colors look VERY organic, some shots remembered me Fujifilm A LOT. The resolution bump is noticable too, and the dual gain cuold be used for stills too. For stills, it looks like a mixed bag - FPS behaviour is strange, DFD still somewhat struggles for C-AF (for S-AF, I think that DFD is amazing - my GX9 in S-AF easily beats my X-S10), 5k ohotos modes are gone (as their version of Pro Capture), but IBIS looks fenomenal and they gone from no Handheld High Res mode to the best one - 100mp images, and looks like it works very well. For me, it is a sign to a G10 down the road.
  17. About the AF, an opportunity that DJI could have (and probably will not do) - take that LIDAR Af system and the 1000 nit touch display from the Ronin 4D and embed it in a package with an AF motor.
  18. I guess that ISO invariance apply to RAW files, not compressed video (but I could be wrong).
  19. And I was caught by surprise that the GH6 is the first Panasonic camera that you could punch-in to focus (without recording it)? I was sure that the GH5 already have that - is the most loved video resource that my X-S10 have and a thing that I always missed when I used my Panasonics and Olympus.
  20. Forget the audio part - dedicated button to bring the audio settings, and native 4-track audio? @IronFilm will be delighted. 🙂
  21. Some tidbits that i noted in quick readings (don't have time now for full reviews): - As said in the response above, looks like that Panasonic is REALLY not using a Sony sensor this time - that explains the odd 25mp resolution; - AF-ON button, finally m4/3 cameras have a proper one. Hope that it goes down the lines (if there will be any); - The camera have the same weather sealing resistance as the GH5 - the fan part is sealed from the electronics inside; - The promised firmware update to record in external SSD drives using the USB port is a huge bonus; Looks like a very solid camera - and maybe with some tweaks, the AF could work for a lot of cases, for sure less than the competition.
  22. In fact, it is a new excuse - the prior one was that the PDAF pixels degraded image quality (was at that time that it was an issue in Sony and Fuji cameras - the PDAF strips appearing in some light angles). Still don't get it, but now it could have another reason - DPReview said "The GH6's sensor, which we're told is 'not made by the company everyone always assumes we use,' features a dual output gain design. This is not to be confused with the switchable dual gain sensors we've seen in an increasing majority of modern cameras, but instead is closer to the design used in Arri and some Canon cinema cameras. The sensor has two, parallel output paths and at high ISO settings, the output from both paths is combined to give both highlight and shadow detail." It is a hint that it is not a Sony one, and maybe the new manufacturer don't have expertise in PDAF sensors. WHo makes the Arri's sensors?
  23. Kind of - is an old lens, but optically still very good, works well in video, OIS par for the course. Would be nice if it is smaller - the Sigma is f/2.8 constant and it is almost the same size.
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