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  1. I would add the Fujifilm X-S10 to the list. Small, have IBIS, good colors, paired with the 18-55 kit is a good video combo.
  2. Here in Brazil is hell regarding to cameras...you almost go gray, since only Canon, Fuji and (kinda) Sony have official sales here (yeah, even Nikon walked out). Still no R8 in the local Canon website. But they have the R7 - using the US$ quote that would be used if I buy the camera in the US ("tourism" dollar), the camera costs here US$ 2640,00, against the US$1499 in the US. 76% increase. Fuji have a smaller gap (was one of the reasons that I switched to them) - the XH-2s have a 33% price increase in US$. Sony don't have a official store, but have some authorized sellers. The A7 IV is around US$ 3718 in one of these sellers, a 48% increase. Nikon, Panasonic, Sigma, OM Digital - only gray. Lots of people buying units from Aliexpress. There are some good sellers, but already saw some units probably refurbished...but the customs here were relaxed in the last years, and probably will get much more restricted now (already see some people taxed); and if they tax right, is a 60% to 100% increase. (bought the Viltrox 75mm f/1.2 for Fuji on that 50 units preorder - a think that normalyy I would never do - counting on that more restrict customs)
  3. I see no signaling from Panasonic about smaller models. Yes, they said that will make smaller cameras, but always saying that "creators" wants them. Creators = vloggers. And since looks like that Panny wants to niche m43 in video, probably their next camera will be a G100 sucessor - as Sony looks like that their APS-C line will be only ZVs... Sensor wise, the m43 is kinda muddy now. Have the great 20mp stacked in the OM-1, but is a expensive sensor. Have the 25mp sensor in the GH6, but looks like it was designed from ground up for video (for still, from what I've seen, is worse than the old 20mp sensor). And the current 20mp old sensor. m43 needs a new sensor, 26mp probably (since APS-C upped their pixel count - for me, 20mp is enough), BSI, non-stacked but with good readout. Kinda a m43 version of the 26mp Fuji. But...no rumors about that. Also, I think that Panasonic is indeed missing a HUGE opportunity regarding the LX100. Everbody paying huge sums for a X100V, and...a LX100 is a much more versatile camera. Still have my LX100 mk I, and for some time I had a X100s; the LX100 trounced it, specially in low light. Put a better EVF (the G100 one is a good candidate), maybe a slightly larger lens that covers all the sensor, or keep the current one (in a 26mp sensor, would result in a 22mp image), a joystick where the rec button is, move the rec button to the top plate, and you're good to go. (I look almost everyday for a good used / new price in a LX100 II - is the only camera that will make me sell my LX100)
  4. Still don't have touch tracking in video, as it have for stills, correct? Video tracking is only for eye/face and AI modes?
  5. Would love to see it too, but I guess that in m43, Panasonic will only go with th GH line and a G100 sucessor - looks like they want to niche m43 in high end video / blogger video. Maybe a G9 sucessor. But I don't see a new GX, and for sure no more LX and FZ lines. In fact, I did not even understand the GH6. The "H" is for "hybrid", and the GH6 is much worse than GH5 for photos, is almost a video camera only. And probably the research for the S5 II PDAF started some time ago, why they did not put it on the GH6, even if it meant a new delay? Maybe the (still not named, no one look for the sensors in microscopes?) sensor manufacturer for the GH6 did not have the tech to do a PDAF one?
  6. HATE that white color on gimbals, attract a lot of attention.
  7. Are you shure that you're not setting Cinelike V instead of D? Cinelike V is very contrasty indeed.
  8. VERY worried about Fujifilm AF after the Firmware 3.0 for the X-H2s. Looked like a very concentrated effort, since it was available for just one model, and the one with the best processing capabilities (faster processor and faster sensor). And STILL don't have any AF Tracking for video except for the "subject" ones. Panasonic already surpassed Fujifilm in their 1st camera with PDAF. My X-S10 misses a lot of stills of my daughter, even when the eye is detected, even with the faster focusing lenses (the Nocticrons). And was not in very fast moving moments, and even in S-AF. Around 50-60% of missed focus. If Panasonic makes a GX10 with the S5II AF level, will be tempted to go back, even thinking that the format is kinda doomed because it is turning into a niche format - "lucky" me that I doubt that there will be a GX10...
  9. Looks like that your prayers were answered. 2 Kg payload, 795g weight. https://www.dji.com/rs-3-mini
  10. Now Fuji will have to up its AF game. It is starting to be kinda embarrassing... If Panasonic do a GX10 with a good EVF, PDAF and Ok video, I will be tempted to come back.
  11. Not exactly for video, but even after leaving m43 I still want a silver Pen F(most beautiful digtal cam ever made) and a LX100 MK II (have an MK I and only possibility to sell it is if I get a MK II). In fact, with all the scarcity of the X100V, I think that Panasonic is losing an opportunity without a new LX100.
  12. Maybe some more tests for AF in stills - looks like a little less precise than in video, but probably is already better than the DFD only in the cameras that you have. Rolling shutter could also be an issue, but you already know it since it looks like the same S5 sensor but with PDAF. Looks like that for your case, is a good way to go - but I would wait for more tests, if possible.
  13. And, ironically, the AF of my X-S10 is kinda of ennerving me now... (please Panasonic, make a rangefinder S5 II, even with some capped video specs - spoiler, will not happen, hehehehe)
  14. Indeed - even worse than previous Panasonics. Hope it could be better with a firmware update.
  15. Holy shit - looks like Panasonic have a winner, at least for the price. If only Panasonic had PDAF since the beginning of the L mount, market could be very different now. Looks like @MrSMW will be a happy camper. And, if I had the intention to move to FF, as an amateur, this could be my number one choice.
  16. Saw that mention for a smaller camera, and hope that it would be another GX. But my bets are on a G100 sucessor - that`s the way that I saw Panny going with m43 - high end video (GH line) and vlogger. The 9mm (amazing lens, one that I would buy in a heartbeat if I've stayed with the format) is target for the second crowd. The revamped 12-35 is for the first (albeit good for stills too). But before these two lenses, only the f/1.7 zooms. I need an EVF - I use my cameras both for stills and video. For the same reason, like rangefinder-like cameras, because they attract much less attention. And looks like they are disspearing - no GXs from Panasonic, the Pens are dead, only have the Fujifilm X-E4 (which was the camera I was expecting most but...no IBIS and much less controls than the X-E3, it was a replacement for the X-A line, for me a big deception) and the Sony A7C (interesting size and looks, but with a terrible EVF, bigger lenses, and I doubt that will be a A7C MK II). I'm for small size too. Gone to Fuji since was the almost only way to go (other APS-C mirrorless lines are a joke - the Canon R7 is very interesting, but almost no lenses and DSLR style). Fuji zooms are very good and comparable in size with the m43 zooms in size, weight and price - but a tad larger for my tastes (that's why I never had a Oly Pro zoom in the past). Hope that more lenses like the Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 appears - large aperture, smaller size, good plastics to keep the weight down. No interest in FF for the moment. Except the A7C, all bodies are "look at me I'm (pretending) to be a pro" DSLR style, and zooms are much bigger. They could get my attention if the make small zooms with f/4 or 5.6 with very good quality - which I doubt that would appear. Yeah, you can get small primes, but (specially for travel) I need zooms. WIll always love m43 - my Pen E-P1 and GH2 will never be sold, as the Panny 12-32 and the Oly 45mm f/1.8. Miss the 45-175 zoom (is exactly the kind of zoom that I'm talking about - small, light, good IQ).
  17. If ultimate changing speed is not an issue, was a very good choice. F38 works very well, very sturdy.
  18. Agreed. Very strange indeed, because the last time thet I've used an Oly for video was the E-M5 MK II in 1080p. The resolution was not good (compared to the 1080p from Panasonic at the time), but the colors were wonderful. Much better than in this video.
  19. I moved from m43 just because I don't see this kind of camera in the future. In Panny camp, do not see another GX model, maybe a Gxx at last. Looks like they plans for m43 is niche video, GH6 and vlog cameras. The last lenses releases indicate that too. In Om Digital camp, only probably a O-M10 (but if they do the same move of the O-M5, and package a E-M5 MK III in a E-M10 body, plus mic input and with PDAF, could be a VERY interesting camera). But their future is unclear - and they are betting heavily in the wildflife / adventure crowd. A GX9 with pdaf, better EVFand mic input would be a perfect camera for me. But I doubt that t will exist.
  20. Some things that I've noticed just now. - Saw no photos of the card slots, but someone remembered that ProRes should mandate the use of CF Express cards; this could be one difference between both models (SD Cards only for the S5II, CF + Sd for the S5IIX. - The camera have active cooling. You can see vents underneath the front hump of the EVF and on the sides of it.
  21. https://www.l-rumors.com/fully-leaked-s5ii-s5iix-and-14-28mm-specs/ Looks like that the X have ProRes and IP streaming functions. Still, strange to have a specific model just for that.
  22. Got the Falcam F38 too, I think I even opened a thread here some time ago. Since I'm an amateur, my need for a quick release is, when travelling, rapidly put / remove a camera from gimbal when doing movies or stills; and to have another QR in a neck strap to carry the camera when not doing both. PGYtech Snap Lock is perfect for the gimbal part (very fast removal and mounting), but I have a lack of confidence to use it in a neck strap - all the weight of the camera would be supported by the two locking tabs on the QR. The QR have a 10 kg payload, MUCH more than I need, but...if it fails, camera goes to ground. But if the intended use it to switch between gimbal and tripod, would be my choice. Got the Falcim, because they have a special base made to use with straps, and it have locking pins - when using with a strap, all the weight is supported by the locking mechanism, and, if it fails, the two security pins will hold the camera. Cons: mounting / demounting takes a little more time. Falcam have another system, F22, that is smaller - could not find the payload of these, but since is used to connect handles, it might be sturdy. Manfrotto made a similar system to the PGY, but bigger (and probably more expensive): https://www.manfrotto.com/global/collections/supports/manfrotto-move/
  23. Love this lens. In fact, will be one of the few m43 lenses that I will not sell.
  24. I like his reviews, even when I disagree in some points. Had a A1000 because of his review, was an amazing value at the time. I liked what I saw form the Aircross S, but after using a little this kind of gimbals with two holding points, impossible to come back. Is SO much comfortable.
  25. Good point, no mounting points. Remembered that Feiyu had a Rosetta attachment, but is for the Scorp C / Scorp. Will take some time to proper test mine (amateur here, and this time of the year is busy), and have no FF cameras.
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