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  1. @MrSMW, full leak in the GH6 thread. The camera is so S1Hish that I can see you itching. πŸ™‚
  2. If the DFD works well, looks like a killer camera.
  3. Specs and a HUGE 32 minutes in video leaked, showing the camera in detail. S1H-like hinge and vents confirmed. https://www.43rumors.com/full-panasonic-gh6-specs-and-new-images-leaked/ GH6 specs 25 million pixel PLF-less sensor 100 million pixel high-resolution shooting 5.7K video Sensor read up to 300 fps High-speed read at 4K resolution 120 fps Suppression of rolling shutter Computation processing capacity is about double New Intelligent detail New 2D noise reduction High performance 3D-NR (video) Improved AF performance Processing speed is 3 times faster than before DFD performance evolution New recording mode 4K120p 4: 2: 0 10bit 300Mbps 4K 60p 4: 2: 2 10bit 800Mbps / 600Mbps 5.7K 60p 4: 2: 0 10bit 300Mbps C4K 120p 4: 2: 0 10bit 300Mbps C4K 60p 4: 2: 2 10bit 800Mbps / 600Mbps Recording file method supports Apple ProRes in addition to MP4 and MOV 5.7K 30p Apple ProRes 422 HQ 1.9Gbps Card slot: CFexpress TypeB slot, UHSII compatible SD card slot Weight: 739g Dynamic range boost function: It is possible to shoot a wide dynamic range image at a maximum of 60 fps by synthesizing an overexposed image and an underexposed image in real time. Achieves a dynamic range of up to 13+ stops approaching the full size. The minimum ISO sensitivity is 800, and when using V-log it is 2000, so an ND filter is essential. Image stabilization: Adopts an ultra-high performance gyro sensor and a new algorithm, and has a correction effect equivalent to 7.5 steps. Smooth image stabilization that is ideal for movies. Dark place performance: High-sensitivity noise is much suppressed compared to GH5II while increasing the number of pixels. It can be used normally up to ISO3200. Built-in microphone evolved from 16bit to 24bit. 4 channels can be recorded when using an XLR adapter. Phase-difference AF is not installed, but AF is much better. The AF calculation speed has tripled, the background omission and tracking performance have been greatly improved, and the AF speed has also become considerably faster. There are 315 AF points in the full area. Human, face / pupil, animal + human subject recognition can be used in all AF modes. The focus range can be set with the focus limiter.
  4. How in hell a guy with 500 subs get a pre-production camera, and some OM embassadors not? (we know the answer)
  5. Specially because, as the GH5 II got some features using the S5 processor, probably the GH6 have the same processor that will be used in the next generation of their L mount cameras.
  6. Indeed. Should be standard on all cameras. Fuji made a cheaper version of it in the XT100 (which was enough for me), but abandoned it.
  7. Same boat for me, size is my number one request. Never forget my last trip, one GX85, one LX100 (for my wife), the Panasonic 12-32 (what a gem), 45-175, 42,5 f/1.7, and a Rokinon 12mm f/2. Never felt the need for something else, and everything packed in a little messenger bag. Moved to Fuji because of the (in my opinion) the future of the format (not by quality, but because of the FF craze), because Oly and Panny were never sold officially here in Brazil (almost all my gear was bought in trips in another countries), because Fuji have kind of good body prices in comparison (we have a 60% import tax, cameras are usually double the US price, and some Fujis are sold here 30-50% higher "only"), and, ultimately, because after m43, is who have the smallest lenses. The 18-55 f/2.8-4 zoom is indeed very good for video, the Nocticrons are small and good enough from my needs, the 55-200 have a good size and is very sharp, and got the Rokinon 12mm again. To make it closer to my old m43 system, got a Viltrox 85 f/1.8 to replace the (motferf*cking amazing) Olympus 75mm f/1.8. Zero interest in full frame, because of lens size. Ok, I could play the equivalence game, getting slower lenses, but these tend to be rather lackluster - is some FF system make a buch of very small f/4-5.6 lenses with good quality, maybe I will go there (but I doubt). For me, I trade size and discreetion for absolute quality.
  8. Almost all OM System videos are people on the outdoors, covered in snow to the waist, shooting under monsoons, base jumping inside an active volcano...their intended demographic for this camera is well defined. (the last one is a joke, IP53 is not rated for volcano swimming)
  9. Word of advice from someone who once bought an Olympus camera right after launch: wait. This camera will be $1999 in 3 to 6 months.
  10. Lots of reviews are saying that OM Digital said it is kind of "homage", and that this is the last camera that will use the Olympus name.
  11. The problem is that the WOW moniker that OM Systems kept saying will now hurt them. Looks like an amazing camera for stills, not so much for video. OM Digital gave all the hints in interviews that their market now is wildlife / telephoto / adventure stills - the video capabilities were upped to the current state, which could be enough for a lot of hybrid shooters. There were some surprises in this camera, some very well thought ones, and some new tech too. The one thing that I was sure that OM will not touch was the menu - and it was completely redesigned. Not perfect (not being touch capable is a huge missing), but the layout is much better now, and have a thing that EVERY manufacturer misses - when a menu item is grayed out, pressing OK will list which other settings are disabling this item. The sensor is a very new one, which looks like have much better low light performance (the Phoblographer guys said that the αΉ•revious Olympus cameras were only ISO 1600 usable for A3 prints, and now got a very good one in ISO 6400). The sensor is a 80mp quad bayer, but with a single lens covering the 4 pixels, and each one of the pixels is used for AF (hence the "quad-pixel AF" moniker. Very interesting stuff, used now in smartphones. The camera looks much better than I expected, ate least for stills, but at US$ 2200 and the now "common sense" that everything less than full frame is garbage, could not be enough.
  12. In this regard, the best thng that could happen to m43 is DJI entering the market full stop. That Lidar AF is amazing. But it will not happen.
  13. After seeing the value of the 35m f/2, I was somewhat torn; if I could sell it for the market prices, it would help to get a newer camera, and probably the lens could arrive in better hands to use it (remember, I'm an amateur, and with Covid and other work issues I barely shoot at all). But I've got the lens, put it in my X-S10 with a passive adapter, and made some clips of my daughter, my wife and my mother-in-law, inside the house. Looking at the images, I understood all the hype, the footage was beautiful. πŸ™‚ Lens will stay here, except if the prices goes much more crazy. Little side note - did not used my vintage ones since I moved to Fuji, but looks like that all the talk about thickness of the sensor stack (Fuji is much thinner than m4/3) is real - the footage from the lens was much sharper than the same lens on my Panasonics. Very sharp, but not in a digital way.
  14. My two cents about all this. Rumour sites: like them, because sometimes it could help you with purchase decisions. But all of them, without exception, should be name "fansites". Never anything could be said there except praise to the brand in question, even if you like the brand, even if you want to give constructive feedback to make the brand you like even better. Brand worship is everywhere - even here.My take is that people invest a lot in a brand / mount and just want a confirmation bias and want to justify their purchase - it is a thing not exclusive to the photo industry, smartphone industry is the same. These people forget some basic things: 1) The brand X could be REALLY better for you, even if everyone say the contrary. Don't get offended by bad things said to "your" brand - no brand is perfect. Filter it, see if it its a legitamte flaw, see if it is really a flaw FOR YOU, and if it is a thing, if you can circunvent it. A problem is only a problem if it affects you. Case in point: AF for video. For some people, it is a very important issue for some people - gimbal people, action people, some wedding cases (@MrSMW gave a very good example of it). It is non issue for other people - all of the movie industry which have amazing focus pullers, people in controlled enviroments, interview shots (amaze me people testing af in static shots videos - why?). It is a issue for you or not? In each case, don't dismiss the other camp, just look if it a issue FOR YOU. 2) ALL BRANDS have good and bad points - and all these point follows the 1 rule, all bad points and good / bad FOR YOU. I was a m43 user. Still love the portability of the lenses, still have a soft point for the format - but it have bad / good points. Moved to Fuji, liking it too. FOR ME, it is working better than m43 - but I will never say that m43 is crap IN ALL INSTANCES. And yes, even liking Fuji, there were some point that m43 is better (could changing ISO with a huge overlay screen without histogram to choose the right ISO is my number one point). No brand is perfect. NOTHING is perfect in this life. Is just a brand, for fuck sake. Don't worship it. ============================================= About internet trollism: in the past, information was spread by media outlets. Interests aside, at least, in most cases, it was vetted for somewhat reasonable people, in both "sides" - and I live in a country with media dictated by interests for the last 50 years; even then, there was more reason than the current times. People still don know how easy is to "make" trending news nowadays - a little bit of money invested in specialized companies with dedicated teams with robots could make anything relevant. And I'm a TI guy, REALLY know how easy is to do it. For 95% of the people, if "everyone" (in your bubble) is talking about it, it is true. Because it is kinda was in the past - lies where spread because of interests, but insanity was more or less filtered. Bad for our dreams of free speech and liberty, but now we were seeing that freedom without knowledge is troublesome. And no, I don't see a solution for it in the shor term. For my part, I hear everything - even from some disgusting sources. Register it in the head, in 95% of the cases is bullshit, but even now and them you could get something good. Case in camera industry: Ken Rockwell. 95% of what he says is VERY bad, but I've got some good tips from him. Never will spread his word, but for my personal filter, is useful. These are very dark times - sometimes I wonder if it was a good idea to bring a 3 yeas old girl to this world. But it is too late, and I just wish I can help her to live in this sea of hate. Hope I can.
  15. Albeit I've departed from m4/3 to Fuji, I love the m4/3 system, because of the small lenses - for an amateur like me, m4/3 have more than enough quality for both stills and video (switched only because of the incertain future, both Olympus and Panasonic were never officially sold here, and I use mid-range bodies and looks like the format will become specialized in high end video / wildlife / telephoto). The body of the OM-1 already leaked, is a child of the E-M1 MKIII and the E-M1X after a party full of booze. πŸ™‚ No big changes from the other Oly bodies (good to see a dedicated AF-ON button, though). More of my concern were the high and strange bitrate numbers - looks like they are using the same codes, which were the problem of the Oly cameras. They never get to the said bitrate, are kind of soft (compared to Panasonic - which for some could be an advantage) and lacked in chroma department. Let's see how they perform in the new camera. There were interface problems too. Never had advanced video tools, like waveforms. I bet that they will keep one of the things that I hated most with Olympus - fixed screens layouts, like if you want a histogram you have to sacrifice something else. But their colors are good. When I had the E-M5 MK II, it's video quality was very bad compared to my GX85 - until a firmware with a video upgrade came (I guess that was v2. 0). Still never bothered too much, when shooting the Olympus was for stills and the GX85 for video. Just for the sake of testing, one day made a short clip in a Jose Gonzalez concert - oh boy, until this day just wish that I've recorded the full song. Still was a little bit soft than the GX85, but it was MUCH more organic - was probably the best image that I've got from that venue. AF, yes, looks the one that everyone wants in the GH6. @Dave Mazealready shown how good it is, and you can search for a guy named Nigel Barros that uses cheap gear and now is using a E-M1 MKII. From what I saw, is not Sony / Canon level, but looks like better than my Fujis. And the hated Jordan and Chris used an Olympus in the recent video review of the newer Leica,you could looks and takes some conclusions. I don't think that the OM-1 will be a contender for the GH6 for video, but for hybrid work, and with (probably) better AF and stabilization, could be an interesting option (and for stills will probably be better than the GH6).
  16. Probably this is the case. Olympus is no longer a camera company, is a medical company. Since OM Digital is a small spin-off with an uncertain future, probably they don't want their names linked if the JIP makes bad moves.
  17. Probably this is the case. Olympus is no longer a camera company, is a medical company. Since OM Digital is a small spin-off with an uncertain future, probably they don't want their names linked if the JIP makes bad moves.
  18. Have to share a little story here. The year is 2012, starting to shoot stills and video more seriously, just got an GH2, influenced by a british guy which have a video site with DSLR / mirrorless cameras. Funny that the guy put "EOS" in the name of the site and the rage there was hacked GH2s (the GH3 was just launched). The same guy had a GH2 guide in which he recommends some vintage lens to use. One of then was the Canon FD 35mm f/2, which he praised a lot - got one in eBay, compared to the other FDs that I've got, was kind of expensive. Liked the lens; one "problem" was the yellowish tint of the thorium element. The british guy said that it was a pleasant characteristic, but my copy had a VERY strong tint, cheap ND filter like. With the "Ikea lamp" method, in 3 days the tint was much lowered, and yes, now it is very pleasant. I known that the prices were raising, specially after that popular video (very good, indeed) that tested each one and compared the FDs to the Canon cinema lenses. My copy have the concave front element (got by luck, was not filtering the seraches by it when I bought), which I know that is more valuable too. Paid US$ 199,00 in 2012, very good shape, optical elements pristine. Got a look at the prices in eBay this morning. HOLY SHIT. Thanks, british guy, a.k.a. @Andrew Reid. πŸ™‚
  19. I have this one, got almost mint in 2015. Is probably my sharpest vintage lens, used it to shoot concerts and is insanely good. Still in the same price range that I've got (around US$ 160), for me is a no brainer.
  20. Always feared it, but proper dry cabinets are extermely expensive here. Gone to found some cheaper solution. First, tried convert an old cabinet as a dry one. Dry cabinets are sealed(ish) cabinets with some kind of Peltier cooler in reverse - it condenses the humidity and send the water to the outside. My home solution was to buy a small home dehumidifier, put inside a sealed(ish) cabinet with a humidor-controlled relay to turn on and off the dehumidifier (as stated in the Zeiss article, if the humidity drops below 30% it is bad for the lenses - greases start to solidify). Kinda worked, but was not reliable. The final solution was much more simple: - Bought a bunch of sealed plastic food containers (kinda like this one - the important parts are the rubber seal and latches on the lid); - Cheap digital higrometers, one for each box; - A huge bag of silica gel (don't know if it is urban legend or not, but bought the orange colored ones - the blue ones have cobalt, and some say that when heated, to remove the humidity when saturated, releases carcinogen fumes); - A set of little organza bags. Put the cameras / lenses in one box, an organza bag filled with silica gel and an hygrometer inside the box, and close it. The hygrometer goes to around 40-45% of humidity, and if you don't open the box very often, stays under 60% for months. When it reaches 60%, change the silica of the organza bag (the silica could be heated and retores to the original state). For me, have worked VERY well - never a single case of fungus, and very little maintenence (and cost).
  21. Yep, it's a partnership, with DuLens: https://photorumors.com/2021/12/30/schneider-kreuznach-is-bringing-back-the-famous-iscorama-54-anamorphic-lens-adapter-with-the-help-of-the-chinese-company-dulens/ "Crappy chinese lens" is becoming a thing of the past.
  22. In fact, the statement in the (translated) article is: "Canon's SLR flagship model is known as the "EOS-1" series, the first of which appeared in 1989. The latest model "EOS-1D X Mark 3" released in 2020 will be the last model in fact." He is talking about flagship DSLRs. Maybe they could release some midrange models (the Rebels still are VERY sought after here). even some kind of 5Dish model. But probably they will just keep selling the current models until there is no more demand.
  23. This lens had one of the best video AF in my GX9. In fact, for vlogging product shots (that ones which you put the product in front of you, AF picks it, and goes back to your face when the product is removed) it worked VERY well.
  24. In fact, I always used AWB until a shot that I've taken on a trip - with a GX85, by the way. It was climbing the stairs in the center atrium of the British Museum in London with a gimbal. Even more strange, the atrium is completely flooded with sun light from the ceiling, which in theory should have caused no troubles with AWB. Don't know if the camera picked the warmer tones of the surrounding walls, but from the bottom to the top of the stairs the white balance shifted back and forth around 5 times, ruining the shot. Still forget almost all the times to lock the white balance while filming (I'm an amateur, after all), but this case changed my mind about AWB - now I almost only film my daughter inside home, and with my X-S10 sometime I noticed some AWB shifting too.
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