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  1. If you don't need 10-bit files, take a look at the X-S10 too. Coming from the m43 world, and amateur here too. Liking it a lot, much better than the midranges m43s (GX95, GX9, E-M10 MK III). Pros (albeit did not have much time to proper testing): - Very good colors; - Robust codec (8-bit 4k24 and 4kDCI with 200mbps data rate - the midrange m43 only goes to 100mbps); - Good AF in video - not Sony or Canon levels, but miles ahead from the CDAFs m43 (never tested a E-M1 II/III or E-M5 MK III). Filming my little daughter and the AF is almost flawless (thing that was impossible with the 3 m43 cameras that I told); - Punch-in focus DURING filming; - Focus joystick; - Lenses - the 18-55 f/2.8-4 is a gem. The little f2 primes are good, with VERY fast AF too. Cons: - IBIS is good, better than Sony, but the m43 ones are better; - Menus are kind of messy, almost Olympus levels; - When you change ISO, all the display indicators disapear - hence, you can't change ISO while looking at the histogram (or I did not find how); - No AF tracking in video; - Some problems with Face/Eye AF in video - if 2 faces are visible in the focus area, the AF system will jump between them; - Would like a little bigger LCD / EVF indicators (you have the option to make them become bigger, but it goes to the another extreme, too big and with few information); - Would like to have the dual electronic level indicators always on - normally you only have the horizon level indicator, you could assign a button to toggle to a dual level indicator, but it disappear after touching any button. In general, much better than the middle range m43 cameras . But I second the opinion to have a second look on the G9.
  2. With The Flash, you have to consider the camera's flash sync speed (it exists for it, don't?) And rolling shutter, for sure.
  3. Hard to believe that the eye-focus would be precise enough to get a small focus point - the old EOS3 had only 45 af points. More probably (and still very useful) is that the eye could move a large box around the screen to set the focus area to where the AF mode (zone, Eye Af, etc) starts to scan. Or to move between faces in a scene.
  4. If you don't need internal 10-bit, could add the X-S10 in the list. Really liking the camera. Compared to the GX85 / GX9 (I've owned both): better colors (albeit the GX9 have VERY good color), video AF miles better (not 100% precise, but very usable - in the GXs, unusable), ok IBIS (GX85 and GX9 are a bit better), option to punch-in to check focus during recording (one things that ALWAYS wanted in my midrange m43s), great lenses.
  5. Phones are mass consumer products, and the development are driven by consumer focus groups. If these groups prefer photos oversaturated and hypersharpned, you bet that it will be in the final product. Remember the 60fps interpolation that still came standard for a lot of TV sets - for people like us it is atrocious, but MOST of the people that I know think it is "cool" or never even noticed it... Or it is a new kind of programmed obsolence - again, using TV sets as example, now there are some initiatives to "true cinema image"...which marketing will promote as the new cool thing, to make people buy the new trend.
  6. Steve Huff published some samples, had not looked at it yet.
  7. Well, looks like that the camera will be released tomorrow. 60 mp sensor, PDAF, price $2499.
  8. Never dabbled into this area, but AFAIK the full Camera2 API is almost never fully available in most Android devices. Hence a lot of features are only available for the manufacturer apps. Filmic Pro found some ways to circunvent it, but some features even them could unlock - they even have a app just to list the features available in your phone. For exemple, in my Galaxy S9, 4k60 is only available in Samsung's camera app - not even Filmic Pro could past 4k30.
  9. Don't worry, I was really happy for you all. 🙂 As I said, my work and income was never affected a bit (I work in TI) - all of you, who are real filmmakers, are having a really heavy personal toll. Really want all you guys going back to work ASAP.
  10. Indeed. Just moved from m43 to Fuji, impossible to buy a new cam. But I have a GH2 and an E-P1 in the locker here.
  11. This is the risk: with slow vaccination, here becomes a great playground for the virus mutates itself to a variant that evades vaccines. We became a threat to the world. Forget our government. Our president said last week "when you will stop crying and come back to work?" when we reach the 250000 death mark, refuses to use masks since the beginning, refused to buy vaccines because "this virus is just a flu" and this night his son (a senator) published a video saying "get your masks and shove up your ass" (yes, said EXACTLY that). Our goverment is formed by lunactics. If Langley is hearing - please, do something.
  12. Menawhile, as predicted, here in Brazil things are escalating quickly. Already in the ballpark of 2300 deaths per day, now we are on top of the ranking. South states are already collapsed - lot of cities with 110% of capacity in the ICU's. Troves of people in the 25-40 years old dying with the P1 variant. Here in São Paulo, the largest and richier city, the health system is target to collapse in 10 days. And still, no very strict lockdown enforced - even with the Araraquara example, the 1st city to collapse, the only one that made a more-or-less lockdown (we never had a REAL lockdown in Brazil) that resulted in a 70% reduction of new cases after 12 days. Or the Portugal example (in which @Emanuelcould talk more properly than me). And since the central government demises masks and vaccines (today was announced the fourth REDUCTION of the vaccines available for the month, since March 1st the number decreased by 60%), we will go to the 3000-4000 deaths per day very soon. Again: just hope to be alive to be here in 2022.
  13. Looks like that the control scheme is much more D850ish oriented.
  14. Thanks. We will take care (even much more now). In the meantime, one hospital in the south of the country bought refrigerated containers to put the dead bodies - it's morgue is already full. Another south state, Santa Catarina, have 200 people waiting for a ICU bed and 16 died today. Will become worse, here.
  15. Man, I wish that I was there now (my best friend lives in Wellington). Here in Brazil will be probably the most tragical month in the last decades. The Amazon corona variant looks VERY deadly and transmissible - we had the first 200.000 deaths in the first 11 months, and the next 50.000 in...two months. Cities around here with 200.000 to 300.000 people had already collapsed - there are no more ICU units available. Zero. People are starting already dying waiting for a ICU unit. I live in São Paulo, the biggest city here (12 million people), and there are no more ICU units it the 5 biggest private hospitals of the city. Public hospital will have no more units soon too. The death rate of 30-40 year old people (with no comorbities) are climbing steadily. Only in the past week, 4 relatives of friends of mine had died of Covid. Vaccination? EUA is giving around 2 million shot per day. We have 6 million...since Jan 17th. And our president continues to sabotage any big vaccination effort. The most available vaccine that we have is the chinese Coronavac, but it refuses to buy too much of it because it is made by a state facility from the local governor, which is his political adversary (and another SOB). It refuses to get the Pfizer one too.Only moved to get 20 million doses fron Indian Covaxin because...the negotiation have a middle company the is involved in various cases of corruption. And only shows in public without masks (even getting children in his lap), saying that masks causes "suffocation" and don't prevent Covid. The result: Brasil is becoming an open field to Covid evolve, due to the lack of vaccination - with a low percentage of people vaccinated, it becomes easier to the virus to evolve by natural selection. We will become a threat, and probably will become pariahs in the world. I just want to be alive in 2022, since is almost certain that I will not be vaccinated in 2021 (i'm almost 50 years old).
  16. Probably because (as in MFT) Panasonics only works in DFD mode with Panasonic branded lenses - which is an idiotic decision. Maybe in L mount they included the Leicas in the DFD tables.
  17. The new lens is not in Camerasize yet, but even with the bigger Sigma 24-70, the size difference is not so much: https://j.mp/2NGzUFd
  18. I'm one of the amateurs here; my job is TI, government company. Very, very lucky in the financial side - moved to home office since March 2020 (a thing that I would want even without Covid - ZERO needs to waste 1h30 commuting every day, and have more resources, like better monitors, than in my workplace), no income cutting, could stay safe. Work exploded in pressure though - our team take care of two systems, one that demanded 95% of the work (10 people in the team), the other make a statistical report and basically ran once a year. But this 5% system became used as the database of the government emergency money distribution, and now take most of the team (that is constantly making 10 hours day shifts). I'm one of the few that is taking care of the larger system - my workload almost quadrupled. With a 2 year old that could not go to school (it opened this week, but opted to keep her in home - the Amazon variant of Covid is starting to spread throughout Brazil and already collapsed some smaller cities near here, in one week the ICU cases simply DOUBLED), my wife taking care of her (and not working), one of our cats dying and probably another one dying soon, and almost no outdoor / resting time, the head is melting away. And I REALLY could consider myself fortunate - a father of a friend died from covid last week, several friends got Covid, even staying at home (none have serious problems, thank god), most of my friends are having VERY hard times to pay the bills. And we have a genocide president here that is doing almost nothing to get people vaccinated. Just hoping to get through this with sanity. And moving out of the country when possible (Brazilians will became the parish of the world because of the criminal government) and when economy rebounds. There is no hope left here.
  19. I agree with you. But since one of the full frame users preferences over smaller formats is that is easier to work with wide angle shots, it is an important factor.
  20. Olympus said that their 6 stop IBIS is hard to improve because of the Earth rotation...I guess that when you power up this Canon the planet will go backwards (hope that prices too).
  21. I've gone to Fuji - but, remember, I'm an amateur. But in the midrange bodies, comparing the X-S10 to the E-M10 MKIII and GX9 (the bodies that I have), the Fuji is vastly superior. Miles better video AF, great colors, and when I saw that you can punch-in focus during recording (one thing that I've ALWAYS wanted)...
  22. Well, Panasonic was working on something: https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/18/22289331/panasonic-farting-cat-robot
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