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  1. Bring me a XT-40 with IBIS and more 4k record time (20 mins ok for me) and Fuji will gain a user.
  2. Press release already leaked. looking good. https://www.l-rumors.com/press-text-panasonic-s5/
  3. I just wish a X-E4 with IBIS. Never will happen, though.
  4. Of course it is clickbait. As I said, I suspect that the "future brand" was already chosen. And I understand the concerns for the general public being fooled. From my part, I just see videos from a lot of people, much of those not exactly trustworthy (but never see Toneh or Polin, they are just annoying), because sometimes in the reviews they show some point that others did not cover (even found one time or another useful info coming from the master of bullshit, Mr. Ken Rockwell). Buying decision making should NEVER be done with one opinion, and specially without knowing the faults of the desired product - because ALWAYS have more than one problem. (that's why I never bought anything on pre-order, or even in the first months - wait for the weaknesses and the inevitable price drop after some months)
  5. https://www.l-rumors.com/panasonic-s5-spec-sheet-leaked/ "・If you set 4K 60p/30p/24p 10bit, you can record a movie for about 30 minutes, and under the recommended environment, you can resume recording immediately. With 4K 30p/24p 8bit and FHD settings, you can record without time limit (with temperature limit) and support long-time uncut shooting." Here we go again... (albeit Panasonic is probably the best company regarding to thermals)
  6. Like Matt, but the skeptical in me is tingling saying that the choice was already probably made... (my guess: Canon). And the Camera Conspiracies's guy cameo in the video is fucking HILARIOUS. πŸ™‚
  7. Very good teardown of the GFX100 by Roger: https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2020/08/the-fujifilm-gfx-100-vs-salt-water-teardown/ Bullet points for me: - The weather sealing is not so good - be careful with water; - The internal structure of the camera is tank-like (specially in the sensor area); - LOOK HOW IT IS DONE, CANON - you take the back plate of the camera off, HUGE heatsink attached to the back plate, processor with thermal pad in direct contact with the processor.
  8. If Panasonic somehow figured out the AF issues, in my view the S5 could be a hit. For exactly the same reasons that the A7 III was - not the best in any area, but a very good balance for most users with a good price in the segment. The huge size of the S1 line was a downside for many people (albeit, with good reason, praised by a lot of other people). This was solved. If ony Pansonic could release less HUGE lenses...
  9. Hence all the talking about "high frame rates". 2500 for a general camera, yes. But for a, let's say, 4k240 fps and 6k120fps camera? Maybe.
  10. As I said before, always thought that if any other m43 camera would be released, would be a GH6. Now I have some doubts, with the possibilty or form. First, about the state of m43 as a system. After the Olympus news, nothing new - the E-M10 IV was already on the way, was not a new camera. Long ago a GX10 rumor saying that it would be released in the first half of 2020 - nothing. The JIP deal is still under wraps. The future is cloudy - and if JIP don't have the wish to continue the Olympus business, I think that Panasonic will not put much money on it - very few new lenses, if any, probably specialized like the 10-25 zoom - or even keep supporting alone the format. Second, the IR interview. Panasonic said very clearly that wants L-mount to be a standard mount for video. About m43 - lots of "evaluating where to go with the development", and talking about telephoto / supertelephoto / high frame rate. The "H" in the GH stands for "Hybrid" - hence, they were targeted as hybrid cameras, good for video and stills. Alwways was the case since the GH1, but the GH5s breaks the mold, and this assumption could not be right anymore. Now I have two views for the future: - The S5 is the new GH6 - the body looks VERY like the GH5, specially the top plate scheme. Almost the same tech specs - and probably if anything is not there, Panasonic could say "get the S1H"; - The GH6 will be a specialized high frame rate little monster - 4k120p no crop, 6k60p. Maybe they get the GH5s route and make a video only focused model, with a 6k sensor, and some new and unique features, to justify an almost certain price increase, around the $2500 mark. And I doubt that we will se a GH7.
  11. For me it is the Komodo response. Canon never bothered with Blackmagic or Zcam. And with lower priced cameras.
  12. Yep, got the leaked size / weight of the S5, compared to the GH5: GH5 - 138.5x98.1x87.4 mm (camera body only, excluding protrusion) - weight 724 with battery and sd card), 645g body only S5 - 132.6 x 97.1 x 81.9mm (excluding protrusions) - weight 714g (with battery and sd card), 630g body only
  13. Holy shit, I thought that the scales were wrong, played with the file in Gimp but they are right. Made a VERY crude size comparison with the GH5 (got a size comparison between the S1 and GH5 in Camerasize, and used the S1 mount as size reference - sorry for the quality) and...looks like that it is even smaller than the GH5.
  14. It resembles VERY MUCH a GH5. Reinforces my opinion that a GH6 might not exist...
  15. Only me, or the S5 resembles VERY MUCH a GH5, especially on the top plate?
  16. Panasonic interview in Imaging Resource: https://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2020/08/20/panasonic-interview-covid-development-full-frame-micro-four-thirds "Mr. Yamane: Yes, we believe L-mount is a highly optimum mount for video shooting. And so going forward, we'd like to make L-mount a standard of the video shooting industry. Within the alliance, we'd like to discuss how to strengthen our video performance, and make it a kind of a standard for the video shooting world. DE: You hope L-mount could maybe become like the PL-mount, so very popular. Mr. Yamane: Yes. Yeah, this is my personal hope, that L-mount could be the standard format for video shooting." About m43: "For telephoto or super-telephoto, maybe we should go with the Micro Four Thirds, which makes a more compact package with high-zoom. So we are studying the future development plan, including Micro Four Thirds." "Mr. Yamane: We introduced the S-series of full-frame cameras, and we target high picture quality with the S-series. However, there is some video footage which only Micro Four Thirds can realize, in terms of optimum depth of field, mobility, zoom ratio and so on. So Micro Four Thirds is also a precious asset for us to cover video shooting needs. The GH-series has been already used by lots of videographers, and it is used for high-end video shooting by one-man operations. So without fail, by using the GH, customers can make very attractive footage using the characteristics of Micro Four Thirds. We are now studying how we are going to evolve GH series going forward, [to make the most of its advantages]. DE: Hai. (Yes) Mr. Yamane: Thanks to Micro Four Thirds' smaller sensor size, it is good for high-speed response; high frame-rate video" For me, looks like that video would be all in L-Mount, and m43 would be for niche formats. (before calling me m43 hater - I ONLY have m43 cameras)
  17. I guess that people that uses Cxx cameras value such more thing than recording specs. Form factor, abudance of hands-on controls, better thermal management (even without the R5 crippling)...
  18. Unfortunately, maybe it is the case. In the stills foruns that I look, people are giving a damn about the issue and just wanting to know when they could buy it. Only chance is a class action suit - japanese people do not like that kind of thing.
  19. My point is: there will be a GH6? Using GH5 compatible batteries is a good incentive for switching... I always thought that, if Panasonic would release a new MFT camera, would be the GH6. But with no "rumors" flowing, no MFT news since the 10-25 f/1.7...maybe there will not be one.
  20. Or, since a FF camera could use the old GH5 batteries, that the S5 is the GH6.
  21. Hope that Andrew do a very good test with the AF. Still skeptical about the DFD - but if the somehow manage to make it work, it would be amazing. One question about the DFD in L mount: it works with all L-mount lenses, or it is like in m4/3, that it only works with Panasonic lenses and not with Olympus ones?
  22. Just saw the last blog post from @Andrew Reid - NOW I'm curious. πŸ™‚
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