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  1. The problem with only adding cores is that they are only useful if your software could use all of them. Massive parallelism is very difficult to obtain.
  2. For tinfoil hat speech, I have another video forum to suggest to you...
  3. Yep. But already got the 18-55 f/2.8-4 with the XT-20, then the zoom question is settled. Great little lens, must say. Liking the Fuji experience, until now.
  4. Any one ever saw a iPhone teardown? It is a battery, a tiny mainboard, two or 3 camera modules, screen module and some connectors. The BOM cost for this in the iPhone 12 Pro is US$406 (https://www.gsmarena.com/apple_iphone_12_pro_bom_come_up_to_406-news-46442.php), probably much less, since Apple could get massive discounts buying it in bunch. Let's say it goes to US$300. Almost no mechanical adjustments needed, the assembly might be very cheap. Easily the profit is around 300% per unit. Now get a Nikon camera, see the immense complexity of it, the much higher price of a much bigger sensor (made in fractions of quantity of smaller smartphone chips), the amount of mechanical adjustments needed, which translates in much costly labor. Probably the profit is MUCH lower, with more complexity, and in 2019 Nikon sold around 1.73 million units between DSLR and mirrorless. Apple sold around 37,7 million units of the iPhone 11 in the FIRST HALF of 2020. My bets is that they don't give a damn to the traditional camera market.
  5. Same question, specially in video AF. Saw some problems but they released a firmware upgrade to solve them. (just ordered the 85mm 1.8)
  6. Looks like will be available here in mid-December. Hence, 1 month to try a Fuji to get around to see if it fits my needs... Than I saw a used X-T20 with the 18-55 f/2.8-4, 6 batteries (2 original), external grip and flash for about the US used price (for Brazil prices, kind of a bargain) and ordered it. An X-T30 would be better, but used units are very rare and a new body would cost 30% more than the whole kit above. Since my doubs are more in usability terms, photo IQ is very similar with the last Fujis, and video is a little bit worse (4k line skipped, but I liked the samples that I saw), if the X-T20 fit my needs than I will go full Fuji (will miss my m4/3 gear - specially the Olympus 75mm 1.8...).
  7. Well, camera is on stock now, looks like the preorders are arriving. Anyone here got one?
  8. H265 is decoded in hardware, but probably the editor that you use must support it, as usual. Since you use FCPX, and (AFAIK) it already have a native version for the M1 chip, probably will work very well. I agree with Andrew - if you really need it ASAP, order a 16gb Mini, get the heaviest job that you've done in FCPX with H265, and try for yourself, monitoring RAM usage. If it chokes, return the computer.
  9. HUGE media blitz with glowing reviews...remember me the launches of certain images devices that we are used here... 🙂 Looks like the new Macs are really good, but if I was looking to buy one, would wait until some real world users put it to their paces (and maybe the Rosetta caches becomes full). The 16Gb ram (not expandable) max and the restriction of having only one external monitor could be deal breakers to some video editing setups. (and with the "Apple dollar" here in Brazil, you could buy a top last gen Ryzen with 32 gb ram, top video card and 2TB SSD with the local price of the new Mac Mini, and have some money to spare...)
  10. Waiting for our sound specialist @IronFilm to give his remarks. 🙂 But really, no audio level monitoring needed? "Clipped audio could be recovered", is it real? (my interest is for record concert audio, high SPLs)
  11. The Air probably will throttle a lot more because of cooling. In fact, cooling are a problem for a lot of Mac laptops lately... Promising news, but I really would wait for some REAL world tests - as in cameras, first will be the paid reviews...
  12. Never take him a lot seriously, but sometimes he gets one good point or other. Have you ever used the 16-80?
  13. User manual available: http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-s10/x-s10_omw_en_s_f.pdf Take a fast reading through it, comparing it to the two little m43 cameras that I have now (E-M10 MK III and GX9). Looks like have none of the small problems that I have with each one, and a lot of unexpected things that I thought that would not go to a lesser model on the line, like linear focusing option and configurable front / back tally lights. Only weaknesses that I saw so far (again, for a amateur like me) is the so-so Ibis and that the front dial could be clickable (it is fixed). Regarding to lens, I was kind of surprised when the Camera Conspiracies guy called the 16-80 F4 a completed bullshit lens for video. Anyone here used it?
  14. Fuji's DR modes, even for stills, are probably the most confused / undocumented feature of their cameras. Never read a really good explanation on how it really works and the best methods to use it.
  15. I'm using the Galaxy S one or two generations behind the latest model (S9, currently). Good (very good sometimes) for mundane photos, good performance for other uses, often cheaper and MUCH better than the latest Galaxy A or simpler models.
  16. Screen type - never undestood why Fuji made the (almost) best solution for the LCD hinge in the XT-100 and never used it again. I prefer tilt screens too, but undestand the use cases for a flip screen, and the XT-100 have a hinge that pleased both camps. But if I got a Fuji and liked it, for sure will have a second body - always like to have a backup, or have one set for stills and another for video, when possible / convenient. Probably will get both, but for a hybrid start still think that the X-S10 will be better, because of easier switching between stills and video on the fly. And for sure in the future I will talk to you to get some hints, since you had a lot of experience in the Fuji world. 😉
  17. Never used FCP (Windows user here), and when I've tried Warp Stabilizer in Premiere never got decent results. I will switch to Resolve and will try its stabilizer.
  18. Yeah, this one with the 18-55 or the 16-80 probably will be my start (always liked the 18-55 but I've got use to the 24mm eq. in my trips. XT-3: yeah, could be another option. But it have two usability-ish issues: no IBIS (I know that the 18-55 OIS is very good, but IBIS stills works better in video) and go back and forth between stills and video (I remember that it was one of your complaints about it). And for hybrid use, PASM dials are better than the usual Fujifilm dials (terrific for stills, not so much for video). The XS-10 even have separated meus for still and video. Grip: yeah, I'm used with external grips (always attached in my E-M10 and GX9), but a grip with a shutter button usually works better than a external grip with the shutter in the original position. Liked the S5 a lot, but FF is a distant options especially now (live in a country that, with all the taxes, photographic material have a 100% increase over US prices, with average income about 50% of US...is like cameras as 4x more expensive here). And I like to shoot a lot in concerts (er, before the pandemic and a small daughter 🙂 ), and crop factors are beneficial in this scenario. Got some amazing shots from far with m43 cameras with the amazing 135mm f/2.8 Contax Zeiss.
  19. I think this one is not intended to be a professional camera, as the XT-30. Of course it could give you professional results, but is not the target group. Their target is me, I guess - amateur / enthusiasts. My current cameras are a Panasonic GX9 and a Olympus E-M10 MK III. Thinking about leaving it because allt he signings that the m43 ship is sinking - or, at least, became a niche. Also, use my cameras both for movies and stills. Have zero interest in full frame ones, because I like to travel light, and (with few exceptions, as the Sigma 45mm 2.8 L-mount and the Rokinon primes for Sony), the lenses are huge. Ok, I could play the equivalency game comparing to m43 (2 stops for DOF, climb two stops in ISO for exposure), but even then you could not bypass optics physics. Hence, the logical step (for me) is going APS-C. Canon M-mount is even more dead tham m43 - the "new" M50 just proved that. Nikon Z APS-C? Looks like that will not have too much options of lens in APS-C native (as in the SLR days - and probably 3rd parties will not put much effort to it). Sony? Best AF in class, but the A6xxx ergo are atrocious, their IBIS is a POS, and the rolling shutter is terrible. Very few APS-C lenses, and looks like that they stopped the development for APS-C. My only path could be Fuji. And compared to my current setups (or even my preferred choice now in the m43 world, which would be the E-M5 MK III), the XS-10 looks better in almost every regard (except, maybe, IBIS in movies - let's see how it would perform): - For stills - a bit more resolution (26 vs 20 mp - albeit even 16mp was ok for me), 1 stop better for low light (VERY important for me), better C-AF (albeit I almost always use S-AF, and in this case the differences are minimal); - For video - better specs all across the board (compared to my cameras / the E-M5 MK III - the GH5 and G9 have better specs, but are large for my needs), video AF functional (not perfect), ok EVF (looks very similar to the E-M10 MK III, which is ok for me),. And looks like they solved all the the problems that I saw in the XT-30 - 30 min limit in 4k vs 10 min (is enough for me - 10 min was a deal breaker), IBIS, decent grip, easy switching between video / stills modes, Ergos looks ok. Probably this will be the on that will make me switch systems - albeit the rumors says that a X-E4 is in the pipeline... Most of the people here are not the target audience for this camera. I am.
  20. About size, Fujirumors already posted a "size preview" of the camera, made by one of its sources: Smaller than Xt-4, bigger than the XT30. Also the controls are different from usual Fuji, with a PASM dial. "Top Plate According to our sources, the Fujifilm X-S10 top plate will have 3 dials, of which 2 will be unmarked and one will be a PSAM dial (more or less like they are on the super-discounted Fujifilm X-T200). So, there won’t be any top LCD, like there is on the Fujifilm X-H1. This might explain also why Fujifilm decided to call it X-S10 and not X-H10 (or “mini X-H1“), as the top LCD is one of the unique standout features of the X-H line compared to all other Fujifilm X series cameras. Other than that, right on the top plate there will be also a Q button, an ISO button and a dedicated video button. And yes, of course there is a shutter button 😉 Backside There will be the usual MENU, AF-ON, AEL, DISP/BACK, DRIVE, PLAYBACK button. There is no D-Pad, but there is a Joystick. Front There is a front command dial. There is no focus mode selector (the M-C-S switch)"
  21. For me (personal use only), is almost the camera that I'm waiting for ages to Fuji doing - just preferred a rangefinder body. 4k60 would be good, but (for me) is not a deal breaker. Time limit, yes - 10 min is ok most of the time, but when shooting concerts I need a little more time for some songs (already had troubles with the LX100 with 10 min). 30 min would be awesome, 20 min would be enough, 15 min still kind of a stretch.
  22. Did not see anythong different in AF. "Dedicated lens control" probably is because is supports a LANC control, and "Deep Learning" is a fancy name for subject recognition. Bet it is still DFD.
  23. Maybe not, considering that Z-Cam could be forced to stop their production very soon because it uses HiSilicon chips.
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