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  1. Whether this info is real or not, depends on how much you trust the site, but this is very bad news (and kind of confirms what I was feeling): https://www.43rumors.com/will-panasonic-transform-their-mft-product-line-to-focus-on-vloggers/ "I got this from a very reliable source: They will change strategy here. MFT will focus on the V-Logging segment. They don’t see a huge market for a GH6 anymore as most people are moving to Full Frame. So the upcoming GH6 may be more a “Pro Grade” G100. It’s more of an upgraded GH5 in a new body with enhanced mobile integration. Or to make it short – a GH6 may not come with the desired specs and the story of the Pro Video MFT will end with the GH5. G9 is now selling well in India. There are discussions about a Mark II which then also the successor of the GH5 with an additional Video Package to buy (similar of what Nikon is doing). But do not expect a “Big Bang” here. The future of MFT is not yet decided – they are very careful because of the Olympus Imaging Carve out happening soon. And again to mention – Sigma wants them to focus on L-Mount"
  2. They have some history of being stubborn / being "proud"; for years, Olympus had their IBIS, with Panasonic customers claiming an IBIS too, and the Panasonic response was always "we don't need IBIS, OIS is a superior estabilization method, optimized for each lens, yada yada yada...". They were not alone saying that - Canon always made the same remarks on the past, Fuji even said on the record that "the X-mount could not support IBIS"...until it became a very high desirable item by popular claim. Then Panasonic started using it with the GX7 (only for stills); and right after they probably figured out that they could sell MORE Panasonic lenses with OIS coupling together the IBIS and OIS (the Dual IS system), and they gone all-in in IBIS. I hope that PDAF could be the same story - in fact, DFD is kind of the same, since it only works in Panasonic lenses in MFT...
  3. Problem is that the "H" in "GH" is from "Hybrid", AFAIK. Albeit focused in video, the tradition it is that it would be a good stills camera too. That's why they derived it with the S. Maybe they keep the tradition and make the GH6 with the 41mp sensor with 8k30 or 8k60, and your GH5s above to clash with the A7SIII. It would be a good solution - the question is if Panasonic really wants to invest to develop two models.
  4. This is what I call "timing": Sony just announcend that is closing their Brazilian factory, laying off all the employees and will cease to sell consumer products (TVs, audio and cameras) in 2021 here. Only will keep the Games, Professional Solutions Now in Brazil only Canon and Fuji have official sales and support. Probably not for so long.
  5. But do not expect much more than that. Looks like Panasonic will transform m43 in a niche segment.
  6. Probably sending a 10-bit raw signal through HDMI is less processor intensive that recording 10-bit internal - codecs are not the Olympus strenghts. And since Atomos is doing that with a lot of cameras, the process probably is kind of simple to implement - hence Olympus don't have to spend much to implement, or no spending at all; it is Atomos's interest to implement and sell more monitors.
  7. From the initial rounds of "reviews", the bullet points are (as an hybrid camera): - Pro: AF system is better than the A7III (all tracking modes available in video, newer algorithms), new shutter unit (kind of slow one, but electomagnetic - love the one on my GX9), flippy screen (for those who like it), better ev rating for AF (-4 ev), video af transition velocity and sensibility configurable, unlimited record time, weight, better peaking. - Cons: no f*cking front dial, terrible EVF, some reports that IBIS is worse than A7III (new compact IBIS unit), no joystick, no 10-bit at all (even external), same low res back LCD, same old shitty menu, smaller grip (same as the A6xxxx), single card slot, much fewer custom buttons. No interest for me, but for the targeted audience (non pro vloggers), could work. It is very light, have the best AF implementation, some IBIS, could go very wide with the right lens. and it is the kind of people that don't are too much into heavy grading (if any grading at all). When it fell into the $1300-1400 mark (probably in 6 months) could be interesting - but never for pro work.
  8. Same thing that they said in the IR interview: telephoto and high frame rates will be the emphasis on m43. M43 emphasis probably will be high frame rates, 4k120 or 4k240.
  9. Aaaaaand...my suspect delivered it in the first line of the review! 🤣 https://www.thephoblographer.com/2020/09/15/using-the-sony-a7c-with-leica-m-mount-lenses-is-an-overdue-dream/ "Pick it up, and the Sony a7c will trigger a feeling. It’s bound to feel like a Mamiya 6 or Mamiya 7 rangefinder camera. "
  10. Just as a reminder about compact cameras for people researching, but for @ThomHaig it probably would not fulfill it's AF needs: LX100 and LX100 II. I'm offloading a lot of my m43 stuff, but my LX100 will never go. It's a VERY good lens that comes with a camera for free. 🙂 My 2nd camera in all my trips (generally in hands of my wife), amazing versatility, very small, I simply love it. Ditching my X100S as my everyday bag camera and the LX100 will get the job (when I could go out again because Corona).
  11. I like the "rangefinder" format for a hybrid. Just by the fact that people think it is an old camera and be much more relaxed in presence of one; instead, point a DSLR-like camera in their direction and their disconfort is evident - or they think you are a creepy. I remember my GX7 days, people even come to my to see "a film camera". Getting into concerts with no problem with security (the main reason that I always have a "rangefinder" camera (these days, a GX9 - only time security did not allowed me to enter I was with the GH2...). Last trip I used a GX85, even attached in a Crane M, and nobody gave a damn. One time, I was taking photos in a market, people never noticed or smiled to the camera, and a guy with a D3500 (!) stopped by my side, pointed the camera to a booth that the clerk smiled to me, and the booth guy became pissed. Normal people do not like "DSLRs". But this contraption...no front dial, very few custom buttons, VERY small evf, horrible placed AF-ON button...nope.
  12. Just wait some photo reviewers saying that it looks like a Mamiya 7...
  13. It is a thing that I intend to do more in the future. Pandemic hit hard here - almost 6 months inside the house, working hard (in IT - as I always stated here, video / stills is for personal pleasure), almost no way to alleviate pressure, always tired, my 15 year old cat died last month. And my house have very bad lighting, and my almost 2 yr old daughter runs to the camera every time that she sees it, making hard to do candid shots. 🙂 Lots of mobile shots, though. And with all the burden of this year, and with my VERY bad memory, recalling these mobile shots made me realize that that I forgot most of the memories of my child as a baby; these stills and short clips brought all back, they are invaluable for me now. We cannot forget that images are a very powerful way to make us visualize our life path. C-rolls, on a very personal level, could be the best footage that we could ever do.
  14. Holy shit, in full flesh is even worse. No front dial, no joystick, almost no custom buttons, af-on in a very bad spot... Sony was always kind of a ergo nightmare, but they outdone themselves.
  15. First picture leaked. Looks like the result of a Panasonic GX85 and a Sony A7III having a date and forgetting to use condoms. Talking seriously - as in the A6xxx line, no front dial AGAIN, Sony?
  16. Ouch. If one of these crashes to the ground, at least one people will be dead. (owner of the insurance company, by heart attack)
  17. The problem is that the common thinking now is: - "I need the full frame look - DOF so thin that only the eyelashes are in focus, will move to medium format" - "I need to shoot ISO 102500" - "Smaller sensors are garbage"
  18. Or maybe because a person would only buy one lens for the foresseable future, instead of buy a new one when they change systems? Love Sigma, but let's not forget that they are a business, and needs to sell products.
  19. I'm offloading all the m4/3 equipment that I don't use constantly. Worst case, I will have a minimum kit to use for some years until the market consolidates.
  20. Japanese translations are complicated. A lot of people are supposing that "video" and "business" means surveillance cameras. Worth read the full article, I thought that the tone was not so rosy.
  21. Slightly out of thread, but since I'm looking at Fuji: how this works - or not - with the XT-3? How many steps are needed to switch "functions"?
  22. Roger put a very detailed disassembly on LensRentals right now. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2020/09/taking-apart-the-canon-r5-mirrorless-camera/
  23. It is even sadder with the GX9 / G90, with the additional crop. Have a GX9 and, except fot the extra crop, is a much better camera than the GX85 - speed, color, tilting EVF (amazing for tripod work), even the AF is much better (and useful in video in some scenarios).
  24. But the one in the link is for the E-M5 / E-M1 line, no? The battery is larger than E-m10's.
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