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  1. I think the camera is REALLY beautiful - in fact, the most attractive digital camera just after the Oly Pen-F. I like these "classic looking" models (Oly's OM, most of the Fuji's, Panasonic GXs) because most of the people think that you are using an old camera. More receptive in street shots, security don't bother with it in concerts. I was hoping that the X-E4 would have IBIS (and rear dial / focus mode switch), it would be the perfect camera for me. But Nikon don't have (and I bet that never will have) a strong APS-C lens lineup. And using FF Z lenses defeats all the purpose of this camera. The X-S10 trounces this camera in every regard, except for the looks. Will sell ok, I guess - with lifestyle and japanese people. But not much for everyone else.
  2. 100% reliable AF? Agree - does not exist, even with Sony, that arguably have the best video AF. AF is used in a lot in inadequate situations. Person static in front of a camera? Why AF? You don't even need to change the focus distance - use a S-AF to acquire focus or MF, and do not touch it more. That's why in my last sentence I used the word "reliablish" - not perfect, but realiable enough to give better results than manual AF when you don't have a focus puller or the skill. Gimbal shots, sport action, etc. Or my use case as an amateur. Used m43 middle range cameras until recently, completely unreliable AF for video, hence always used MF for all. No problem in almost all cases (in fact, I love to manually focus lenses). Enter my 2 year old daughter - she never stops, and is almost impossible to focus reliably on her face. Now with the Fuji X-S10 using AF, it is much easier. 100% perfect? Far from it. But in almost 95% of the time, her face is in focus when running around the room - using MF, the focus rate was much worse (and with CDAF, almost unusable). I still think that are use cases that an ok AF system will give better (not perfect) results than a not very skilled MF operator (solo or dedicated). And you still have the option to revert to MF.
  3. In my point of view, I don't know why the AF discussion have to be so binary. Never use AF x always use AF. Manual focus with a good focus puller will always be preferred in professional cinema. It is a well trained skill from the professional focus pullers, it is cheaper to pay a focus puller (considering all the other costs involved) that have to reshoot constantly because of an unexpected AF behaviour, and it offers somre focus creative choices that you could not have (or that would be difficult to reproduce) with an AF system. AF is very useful in solo shots, low budget productions, solo vlogging, or when you don't have or can't pay a focus puller. Or when your production don't have very critical focus nailing needs. Both are more or less adequate depending on your budget / needs. Hence Alexas don't have AF; and hence solo / action /vlogger shooters wants good AF. Different situations, different needs. But with hybrid cameras, that generally are used in lower budget scenarios, AF tends to cover more use cases. And if you have good AF, you can still use MF - the reverse, not. That why Panasonic needs a good and reliablish AF system. Arri not.
  4. Viltrox constantly releases firmware updates, with big improvements. Be sure to check in their site.
  5. This Fuji colorspace problem occurs in Resolve too? (including the 8-bit files that the X-S10 prodeuces)
  6. I've heard exactly the opposite - hence I got the 35 and 50 Fujicrons...but did not had time to test them properly already.
  7. Maybe they make the same deal that Fujifilm did with their amazing 26mp sensor - it is a Sony sensor, but never got inside a Sony or other manufacturer camera. You hand a secret to the competition (Sony) in advance, but much cheaper than make your own sensor. Sony have gains in volume that no one (except Samsung) could match. In fact, Samsung saw the writing on the wall - camera sensors would become a marginal business. Smartphone / surveillance / industrial sensors have much more volume and profits.
  8. Andrew's "anaconda" would be exposed. (seeing your nickname, hold this infamous joke was too hard to handle 🙂 )
  9. @MrSMW, what is the issue with the 35mm f/2? (got it - since I like the 50mm eq. focal lenght - but did not tested it too much; living in a Covid ravaged place does not let too much testing time).
  10. I've got some old glass in the GH2/GH3 days - Andrew's advices in that time were extremely helpful. Got the FD 35mm F/2 (the thorium one) for around $150, FD 135mm f/2.5 for $120, nFD 50mm f/1.4 for $50, Vivitar Series 1 105mm f/2.5 (this lens is amazing) for $70, and the best deal ever, a Contax Zeiss 135mm F/2.8 almost mint for around $100. Seeing the prices now, was the best investment (both in image as in money) ever. 🙂
  11. Very, very sad. Liked a lot his reviews.
  12. If it was really 37bn, it is a scandal even for Brazilian standards (our fascist president spent £350.000 in a 15-day vacation - in proved expenses, corporate card expenses are secret).
  13. Waiting for "real world" tests, since the only tests now are from the usual reviewers community. With that said, some AF tests from the GH5II are somewhat surprising - at least with Eye/Face AF. And there were some subtle tweaks like new sensor coating and firmware details that makes it a interesting camera.
  14. Everyone is taking their time - or maybe the global chip shortage is worse than we know. Fuji will only release new cameras in 2022. The "high-end" Sony APS-C looks like that will be a Panasonic G100 competitor (sarcasm here) with the old "rolling shutter king" sensor.
  15. It is exactly me. 🙂 Have zero problems gone into concerts with GX7 / GX85 / G9 / E-M5 / E-M10. Most of the time security thinks that they are film cameras (it is the cause that I prefer rangefinder style cameras with silver color...). And since I moved to Fuji, the X-E4 not having IBIS was a huge dissapointment. Will have to see how the X-S10 will look to the security - it is small, hope that they thing is a point&shoot... Lenses wise, Fuji could come close for concerts. The 55-200 is f/3.5-4.8 - considering a 1 stop gain in light gathering by the APS-C sensor, the 35-100 f/2.8 would be a f/4 constant, the Fuji would be a little darked in the tele end. https://j.mp/2SPAsuN Size wise, very close. Weight wise, not so much. But both MUCH smaller and lighter than a FF.
  16. I moved to Fuji, but if the prices tank, will get back some stuff. Will keep my GH2 and E-P1, since they value almost nothing, and were the cameras that ignited photo and video with me. My Oly 45mm have some external marks (caused by a loose step up ring in the same bag compartiment...) and probably will stay too. One of the Panny zooms, the 12-32 or the 14-42, probably will stay also. But I will buy a E-M5 MK III in a hearbeat if the used price goes down.
  17. Dunno how it is in other countries, and, remember, I'm an amateur, not a professional. But I'm offloading my m43 lenses and bodies after switching to Fuji (with a VERY bitter taste, started in photo / video with a GH2 and love the format), and in the Marketplace m43 groups in Facebook (very bad to sell, but very good to advertise) the GX85 is the most sought camera. Sold mine in less than 5 hours (!). It is a hit with musicians trying to make their own videos, and with people make country (called "sertanejo" here) and gospel music videos. Lesser known wedding video people loves it too. If they think that GH6 is a dead end, make a GX or G camera with no record limits and PDAF, and with full sensor readout. Could even be only 8-bit internal. Price it 899 USD and probably will be a hit. If fact, the X-S10 is exactly like that. 8-bit internal or 10-bit external, good (not amazing, but miles ahead Panasonic) video AF, good color, 30 min limit. Even have things like punch-in focus during recording, a thing that the GXs and G lines never had, and was a VERY strong point for me. If Fuji make the IBIS works a little bit better for video, and sort some weird behaviours in video AF, will be a MASSIVE hit in the 2nd hand market here soon - and will make them move a lot of lenses.
  18. For me was weight. Last trip (pre-pandemics) through europe was with 2 bodies and 4 lenses, all inside a messenger bag, did not even noticed the weight. FF bodies are coming to the same size of the bigger m43s, but the lenses could not shrink. Kind of if you consider equivalencies - but generally the low aperture FF lenses don't have good optics. Moved to Fuji, which is closer that what I could got to the m43 (Sony APS-C line is a joke), but the weight gain is already noticable. Fuji need more lenses like the Nocticrons or good XC ones.
  19. About the GH5 II - the battery is now the S5 battery. Maybe they will use the S5 LSI and bring the same video modes and AF. Probably PD-USB delivery too. Maybe use the G9 EVF - albeit this is unlikely. The less probaly option would be starting to use PDAF - ironically, the best decision. Would suddenly make the camera VERY interesting.
  20. Problem is that people don't want to pay for quality info. And forget that nothing is free - you are paying for it in one way or another.
  21. Still offloading my unused equipment through the local equivalent of eBay, no problems until now, but it is always a stressful thing - lots of scamming buyers reported. I record a video of every product that I sell - a video with no cuts, showing the product, it cosmetic state, show that it is functioning, and the packaging process from the beginning to the end, showing external details of the packaging (if the buyer records the "opening" of a fake package), and the label of the package. When buying, do a video (with no cuts) recording all the opening procedure and turning on the product. Still have to use the online sells because, except for low priced items, buyers (myself included) prefer to have some degree of safety to get their money back - it is the price for living in a place where scam people is a common practice. Or to be received with a real gun inside a subway station and have your goods stolen is a real possibility. Hence, for middle to high priced items, in person negotiations are very rare. Still have two cameras to go, will have to hope for the best. Just wished that we had a KEH or MPB here in Brazil - local camera stores only want to pay 40-50% of the value of your goods.
  22. Just a clarification, if someone thinks that I could be talking about @BTM_Pix AF module, which have it's own thread here - not at all. It looks like an amazing product, fair priced, and not fake "promoted" at all. I'm talking about the Luminars / DxO / backpack companies / kickstart gizmos.
  23. Even worse for me is the blatantly "promotion" of editing photo softwares / crownfunding products in most photo/video sites. A new software or crowdfunding product appears, and instantantly it is "featured" in dozen of sites at the same time. (The how I was tricked to get Luminar, that piece of s*it). The X-Tra battery scandal exposed how it works, but to no avail - the same practices continues.
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