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  1. Curious to know who makes this sensor - dunno if Sony announced something like it. And someone knows who is the misterious manufacturer of the GH6 / G9II sensor?
  2. This is interesting - GFX100II testes with a lot of lenses, and compared to a Alexa Mini. The take with the Baltar looked VERY good. (ops, forgot that the site is banned here, but could be found with a quick google).
  3. About size: if I work with still / video, the G9II will not be a problem at all. But as an amateur, using on the streets or travelling - yep, attracts attention. And about form factor (and since it would need a completely new retooling): big attracts attention, too small is bad to hold. Ideal: big grip with small body. Since small cameras with larger grips always get complaints about "pinky" finger without support, and since I agree that thickness of the camera does not attract attention and almost nobody complains about it...why not make the Sigma Quattro H style the other way around? Make the grip tall, and the body smaller. The battery could be slimmer and taller, making room for components / IBIS / EVF on the body. The camera part that is "seen" on hand would be small. One problem: would not stand up by itself on a table. Just make a sliding "feet" on the opposing side of the grip - it even could be double duty as a port cover.
  4. Yep - but not so much when it is a "rangefinder"-esque camera. That's why I prefer it, not because of nostalgia. But...no new GXs, no Oly Pen-F II (the E-M5s / E-M10s do not attract too much too), Fuji dumbed down the X-E4 and probably will never put a IBIS on it, the X-Pros are beautiful but kinda big, the Nikon Z30 lack an EVF and IBIS...it is a shame that only Sony makes rangefinder cameras with EVF, IBIS, good af and good video.
  5. This. Is clear that Panasonic will cut the costs to the max in their M43 line. Newer lenses? Reash of the older ones. Newer camera? Use the S5II body. That's why I think that will never be another GX camera. They think it is not worth it - "smartphones killed it", and maybe they are right. A new GX would need a serious investiment in a new body. A bigger battery (since all the new cameras have big batteries - is a problem that Fuifilm have too, and their solution probably will never pair the old small battery with a camera with IBIS), 10-bit video, no record limit (for me a camera of this size could easily keep the 30 min record limit for thermal reasons, but since the others are not limiting...), a better evf...can't see they doing that. They even did not made a newer LX100 with all that demand for X100Vs.
  6. Maybe the BURANUS? "Where the black magic happens" 😄
  7. And about size: my last mft camera (and the best, loved it) and my current APS-C camera. The one on the right have 6.2k open gate 10-bit 4:2:2, in H265 or All-I. 4k60 with a 1.1x crop. 1080p120 fps (did not count the 240fps option because is crap), a huge battery, and PDAF (in fact, the AF works much better than I expected, after the last firmware update). Lenses? Yep, the Fuji branded ones are bigger, but not so much. And a Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 is the same size of the Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8, even being made for a larger sensor - yep, don't have OIS, but IBIS takes good care of it, and is even much cheaper. The Nocticrons are small, too. MFT should be the perfect EDC / travel cameras. Newer lenses should take the Sigma zoom route - ditch the OIS and make a 12-35 f/1.8, or a smaller 2.8. Compact f/3.5 zooms. Pancake primes. Make them cool - just look the X100v lesson. But they gone in the opposite direction.
  8. I fact...OM Digital could have the best budget camera today if they will. Even just need to make the same thing that they did with the OM-5 - put a superior camera (the E-M1 MK II) in a smaller body (E-M5 MK III). Put the EM-5 MK III internals on a E-M10 body, PDAF included, bring back the "full" menus from the E-M10 MK II (could keep the simplified menu for newbies, make it an option), and sell it for $499. $599 even.
  9. I just want that the newest stuff (anamorphic modes, waveforms / vectorscope, Reala film sim, AND FINALLY general tracking for video) would trickle down for the X cameras with the same X-Processor 5. But since Kaizen is dead, I guess that Fujifilm will play the old segmentation game. Waveforms / vectorscope I guess that could arrive at the X-H2s. Anamorphic modes too, but I did not looked at the resolutions needed. Reala...as far as I remember, Fuji is not updating the film simulations in the cameras. But general video tracking, would be idiotic not to trickle down to all the newer X cameras. Have hopes to get it in my X-S20 - since is one of the few things that I miss in that camera - but...I bet not.
  10. Looks like a very good camera. Same GH6 sensor with PDAF, but looks like they changed the mode that it worls, and now the DR in low iso is decent. High ISOs, from the lone review that I saw that tested it (Hybrid Shooter), not so much - 1600 is already noisy. As most of people here, my desire was a new GX with this tech, but the Panasonic ethos for m43 looks like "minimal investment". Newest lenses are just newer versions of the existing ones with better coatings and a Leica badge, most of the G9II chassis is based from the S5II (even the new bottom grip is the same for both). Did not see a GX model of this plataform, not even a G95II. Maybe a G100II for vloggers, with PDAF but no IBIS (to clash with the ZV-E10). Possible, it is - the X-S20, without the EVF bump, is exactly the same size of the GX9. Just put the bigger battery slanted (how it was on the GX7), a decent EVF (could be the 2.36 that everyone uses), and I would be very tempted to go back. Or, with the X100v sold out everywhere, a LX100 III with a decent EVF, PDAF and tilt LCD like the X100V. Would bought it in the pre-order (still hunting for a LX100 II in a good price, only way to get parted with my LX100 OG).
  11. My Ulanzi fan just arrived. Must admit, is a cute little thing - all metal, bright little display, and the flow generated is more than I expected. And the two questions I have about it were solved: - The suction cups will really stick to the back of the cameras? It came with two adhesive stick that you put on the back of the camera, and the suction cups will adhere to that. - How it measure the camera temperatue? There is a sensor in the bacl (looks like a infrared one) to mesure the surface temperature. Will try to do some teste when I have some spare time.
  12. What app to use to record gyro data on your phone?
  13. G9 II for sure. With PDAF, will be an interesting camera - unfortunately, not for me anymore. (if it was a GX10, yeah, I would be tempted)
  14. About all these hot new cameras (pun intended): I agree that would be much better them to not overheat. And for me is intentional: it is segmentation. For instance: the X-S20, the A6700 and both the new A7C have a plastic back panel, behind the LCD. If they really want to help dissipating heat, they could do a metal back panel. Specially in the Fuji case, where you can specifically put a fan there. Panasonic also showed in the S5II that you can incorporate a discreet fan without raising the cost. It is segmentation. Same thing with the LCD mechanism from the A7RV - solve one for all the tilt / flip debacle, should be standard for all new cameras. Fuji also made a similar solution with the XT100. But...want more, pay more. If you want to pay less, you have to deal with the limitations. I could use my 1.0 liter car to tow a heavy trailer? For sure, but will not be a very good experience. Not defending the manufacturers, but it is how it works in all markets. Will be this until someone breaks the mold and all need to follow.
  15. On MFT, DFD in Panasonic cameras only works with Panasonic lenses, Dual IS only with Pansonic lenses, Olympus Sync IS only with Olympus lenses. Don't know how Panasonic is playing their ball on L Mount. (for instance, I like Panasonic a lot) On Fuji, my Viltroxes are fine with the new X-S20. But they are very active on firmware updates (albeit I think that could be one more for the 75mm 1.2, there is room for improvement)
  16. Looks like "cinematic" now is "go WB warm" (lots of video / stills "cinematic" are like this now).
  17. You could check your card serial number on WD site: https://support-en.wd.com/app/warrantystatusweb
  18. Older (the newer was bought more than one year ago) Sandisk Pros, zero problems with them - dunno if the current huge problem with their external SSD could reflect in their newer cards. Waiting for 2 Sabrent V60 256gb UHS-IIs to arrive.
  19. Well, quick test, very unscientific one, but here we go: 6.2k 30p, Long Gop 10bit 4:2:2 360mbps. Camera on Boost mode, filming a TV screen with a movie playing to give a harder time for the codec (if you test in a static shot, in theory the encoding work could be pretty minimal in a long gop). Face detect running too, getting faces on the tv screen. Temperature set on the menus to "High", back LCD in open position. Extreme Pro V30 200 Mbps card. Room temperature, 24 deg celsius, 70% humidity. First overheating warning (yellow) appeared around the 25 minutes mark. The red warning appeared very soon after, around 29 minutes. But the camera never shutdown, ran for 45 minutes until the 128gb card was full. Camera hot to touch, much than usual, but not close to cause a burn. With an infrared thermometer (not a very precise one) marked around 38 degrees on the back, where the fan could attach. The bottom plate was hotter, arounf 42 degrees, but you can hold the camera on the bottom without disconfort. The grip was hot too, around 40 degrees - removed the battery and card right after, battery hot but no so much, card was hotter. Was expecting worse, since the red warning appeared so soon. Since the battery was a source of heat, probably feeding energy with a PD charger could extend the run times (and probably mandatory if you want continuous takes bigger than this, albeit the battery just dropped one bar). Will do the same test in a hotter day under the sun (probably some months from now, it's winter here). Guess that yeah , a shutdown is a possibility under hot sun.
  20. Will do a test with mine here - not the best conditions now (the temperature here dropped to around 23oC), and only have a V30 card (a 200Mbps Sandisk Extreme Pro that until now worked without glitches with 6.2k, but probably will generate more heat). But will try to record in Long GOP instead of ALL-I (this probably generates even more heat), with the LCD open (since the back was made to get the fan, probably there is some heat spreader there).
  21. I'm using 10-bit 4:2:0 in my X-S20 because 10-bit 4:2:2 have no hardware decoders on Nvidia cards, only 10-bit 4:2:0. From what I've searched, keying, like you said, is the most visible difference, and contrast on the edges (hence the better keying in 4:2:2). Looks like some very pushy grades are better with 4:2:2, too. For me (personal use), I think that 4:2:0 will be enough - never had a 10-bit camera before, I guess that 8 to 10 bit is a much more noted upgrade.
  22. Yep - will upgrade my computer on Black Friday, and heavily thinking about a Mini M1 or M2. But there is some hurdles: - I use 3 monitors - not exactly for photo / video editing, but for my (real) work. Rarely use the 3 simultaneously on one computer - generally 2 are on one computer and one on another - but today I can use the 3 if needeed and manage it by software. With a M1 or M2, or I got a Pro model (which is more more expensive), or have to manage it using a HDMI switch (using 2 monitors max) or some gizmos that I found. - Software issues: some softwares that I use do not have Mac versions, one specifically recently got one but somewhat limited compared to the Windows one. Guess I could use it with Parallels, but have to see. - Price: Buy it from Apple here is out of question - the Mac Mini M2 price is almost 140% higher than in US (yep, you see it right, 140%). From another channels, I could get it for a 100% increase. In fact, is MUCH cheaper to get a round trip ticket plane from Brazil to USA and buy the computer... Considering internal prices, in fact, for the estimated price of my upgrade, i could get and used Mini M1. Since my old computer is completely fine for everything that I need except video editing, and since it is old, the resell value is very low, maybe I will keep it and use the Mac only when doing photo / video editing...
  23. Still want to test my X-S20 - it is winter here, so it will not be the best case.
  24. Another point that is bothering me right now: the lack of testing some details point, coupled together with (looks like) the companies refusing to answer some technical details. Some examples: - Electronic shutter for stills: what are the penalties, if any, besides rolling shutter? In the past, I remember some smaller Panasonics reverting to a lower bit depth when using it. Tested in my current cameras, the RAWs have the full bit depth, but it is real bit depth or less bits wrapped in a bigger bit depth "container"? There is a dynamic range penalty? Never find a correct (and justified) answer. - Always is said that a 4k image downsampled from a larger read in camera render a better image than a 4k crop of the sensor. Looks logical - but why the image quality from the Open Gate cameras (hence, using a 1:1 readout of the sensor) are showing no image penalty? - Which cameras have (or not) plug-in power for using external mics? Good luck to find out. Every review is the same topics over and over. Taking the X-S20 for example: no one mentioned that the Face / Eye AF is not only better, but is totaly different than before, you have to use is a very different way. No comparison between the penalties of using lower data bitrates - is 360mbps and 200mbps much different? Or 10-bit 4:2:2 and 10-bit 4:2:0 - I've discovered this is a HUGE topic for Windows users this week, because Nvidia cards only have decoders for 10 bit 4:2:0, you could have the best RTX 4xxx card and your 10 bit 4:2:2 footage will only decode using CPU; and only the newer Intels CPUs with iGpu have hardware decoders 10 bit 4:2:2. Everything is very shallow.
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