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  1. Manufaturers will not allow it now, afraid of a massive lawsuit from RED.
  2. Gone to do some research in gsmarena, that usually do some very technical reviews. The Fold 4 uses the GN3 sensor, 8160x6144 resolution, and yes, the stabilization is electronic. Since 8k is 7680x4320, probably Samsung is using gyro data to do the stabilization on the fly, using the extra area of the sensor as a "fluctuation" zone to avoid cropping. Probably with more shaky movements, this extra area could not be enough and could be more jumpy, @markr041 could test this. But why Sony and now Blackmagic don't perform this on-the-fly gyro stabilization in their cameras, since both have internal gyro data? Simple - camera chipsets use much older technology and could not touch the grunt power of a modern smartphone chipset. Last note: looks like the Galaxy S22 have an even better sensor (GN5) and uses the same kind of stabilization (it have OIS too, but looks like that there is no option to choose between OIS or OIS+EIS, only both or nothing).
  3. That's why I only mentioned the smallest gimbals out there - I only use small cameras / lenses as possible (that's why I will never go full frame unless there is no option), and the smallest possible gimbal, to attract minimum attention on the streets when travelling. My last setup travelling pre-Covid was a GX85 with the 12-32 and the OG Crane M. Not a single glance from anyone. My current camera is a bit larger (X-S10) but the G6 Max is much smaller than the OG Crane M (it indeed almost look like a bottom handle), probably will not get attention too. But you are right, with a monitor and cable, probably will not be so discreet. And @webrunner5 have a point too, gimbals have a visual very different from handheld.
  4. Probably a small gimbal is the solution. The newer Crane Ms and the Feiyu G6 Max (I have one) and the newer Scorp Mini could easlily handle a OG BMPCC and a 12-35 2.8. Even the original Crane M, that could be bought very cheap probably could handle it.
  5. GX80 works wonderfully with the @BTM_Pix hack to get Cinelike-D. When I had one, used it with Leeming Lut for Cinelike-D and the colors were amazing.
  6. Yep, they revealed today that all the BMPCC cameras (4K, 6K, 6KG2 and 6K Pro - not the OG BMPCC, of course) already had an internal gyro that is now enabled, and the data could be used to stabilize in post using Resolve.
  7. Probably one of the most "one more thing" surprises of the last years - even the BMPCC 4K had the hidden gyro sensor. 🙂 Only problem with gyro stabilization is that a crop is needed - more movement, more crop. In the Grant's demo you can see it clearly, the boat shot have a bigger crop than the person shot. A great thing (in theory could be done in firmware, but probably would spend a good deal of processing power) is that the camera uses the gyro data to estimate the crop and provide a crop box on the fly. Probably kind of complex to implement. But in the 6k, if you already plan to deliver in 4k, you could leave some room for crop already. And the stabilization looks solid, a very welcome feature for the cameras.
  8. Pixies, the band that changes my life. Almost did not believe when I first saw them 18 years ago ("indie" bands almost never comes to Brazil at that time), thought that would be once in a lifetime. Yesterday bought a ticket for me and my wife, to see them for the 5th time, in October, here in São Paulo. Will be my 1st music show in 4+ years... Filmed them in Amsterdam with a Kodak Zi-8 in 2009. Amazing as usual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwHixRVQ3pw
  9. Just saw it now. Wando was awesoming hilarious, the crowd shoot panties (yes) on stage when he was performing, he had a home collection of thousands. Brazil is almost ended. This week, with Bruno Pereira and Dom Philips horrendous murder, ended a little bit more. And will become worse (a lot) until the end of the year.
  10. Yep, one of my gripes moving from m4/3 to Fuji - their lenses are on the bigger side (albeit VERY good optically), except the Nocticrons (have 2). The newest Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 size should be the standard for modern APS-C lenses size.
  11. My wild guess is that a future firmware update will bring waveforms and anamorphic modes.
  12. Did not read all the RED patents, but when everyone cites the RED compression, talk about "raw Bayer data". RED specifically patented raw Bayer-only data, or all kinds of mosaicing formats? Because if it is specifically about Bayer filters, Fujifilm using X-Trans could implement internal RAW.
  13. I think that is to bring some "mojo" to Panasonic, expecting to cater some Leica diehards. Leica sold (stillsellss?) rebranded Panasonic cameras. A lot of their L mount hardware is clearly Panasonic developed (like IBIS). Would not be surprised if a lot of the internals of the L-Mount Leicas are manufactured by Panasonic. About the L-Mount Alliance: it is 4 years old and until now no one is able to ask if DFD only works with Panasonic lenses (like in the m43 world) or with Leicas and Sigmas too.
  14. In fact, forget my previous post asking Fuji to hire a video specialist for its IBIS. Just stuff a kestrel inside. https://t.co/VhTNh0pGLz
  15. The video features of the camera, specially codec-related, really drawn the attention to the video sid of it, but I'm interested (for curiosity and prossible trickled down the line - I'm a midrange body guy) to see more tests of the stills performance. Ok, the supposed "stills centric" camera would be the next X-H2 non-S, with 40mp, but this is the wildflfe / sports model (the 40mp model reportedly will not have a stacked sensor). The dedicated grip with MIMO WiFi and Ethernet reinforces that. The buffer sizes are amazing, the fps rates too, but the AF performance is crucial in this scenarios. Did not saw a really dedicated anamorphic mode (the open gate was cited as an option for multiple crops), but probably we will see it in a future firmware update. Anamorphic is getting attention, lots of newer lenses, probaly will be implemented, with more video tools too, like a waveform viewer. About AF and IBIS performance...already a bunch of reviews from smaller reviewers praising it (it becomes norm from ALL manufacturers). I would wait for a production version and more "calm" reviews. For now, albeit they are kind of hated here, I'm more in the camps of Chris & Jordan in their review - AF is better but still not on par with Sony and Canon, and IBIS for video looks the same of the X-T4. But the firmware is not final (almost all reviewers got bugs, even locking the cameras and needing battery removal), better wait the production version. I think that Fuji need to snatch someone from Sony / OM Digital / Canon that have a video focus approach - I always have the impression that thay use the same "logic" for AF and IBIS for both stills and video, and they are different animals. In stills, AF needs absolute precision and IBIS need a stable fram at all costs. For video, AF precision is desirable, but between a slight unprecise focus point is preferrable than a hunting image to achieve focus perfection - is better a single movement to a point a (very) little out of focus than pulsing. And IBIS must priorize smooth movement that a fast movement to stabilize - better drift than jump. Both AF and IBIS must have different logic for video and stills.
  16. As a software developer, I'd be afraid if they used agile, probably the camera will be refactored every 3 weeks. 🙂
  17. And one more note: that newer anamorphic Laowa Nanomorphs are amazingly cute.
  18. That explain Leclerc's accident. "That guy is not using a full frame, really!!!???? ...oh shit" (bang) Interested in getting one of the FZ's as a concert camera (security in stadiums tend to hate cameras that changes lenses).
  19. A little thing that marveled me in the Fuji X-S10, and I was amazed that only was implemented in m4/3 in the GH6 (I always used mid-tier m4/3 bodies): the ability to punch-in focus during recording (enlarge the image to focus but the recording was not enlarged). Since Andrew already mentioned that you could enlarge the image with little to no loss detail durign recording (a neat trick that I had in my E-M10 III), maybe there is a setting to punch-in focus?
  20. It is not the kind of lens that is the central talk here, but holy shit, the Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 is sharp (and the DOF, even in a Fuji APS-C, is very thin). Photo and center crop.
  21. The Sony A1 have overheating problems with 8k? (really don't know) About Fuji, the rumours say that there will the two cameras - a 40mp that records 8k, and a X-H2s with a new 26mp stacked sensor. Albeit the 40mp model will record 8k, I guess that the "s" model will be more video oriented, with less rolling shutter and probably 120fps modes.
  22. Never had heard about that Steve's ghostbuster channel. Now that he makes hifi review videos, I'm dying (oops) to see his testing a XLR interface with phantom power.
  23. Already said that it here, but repeating myself - this single video made my buy a GH2. 🙂 Awesome colors until today (except, maybe, the greenish skintones, a trademark for Panasonic until the GH5). Noisy by the current standards, but these colors...
  24. He pivoted to high end audio gear reviews - probably is more profitable (no problem for me with that) and less toxic than the camera game. Looks like it is not unusual - in a small channel that I like (Andrew & Denae) Andrew decided to make a channel about the mountain bike restorations that he make (he, his wife and 2 children enjoy mountain biking, and to lessen the bike shop costs he built a personal bike shop at home), and in two videos he got almost 4x the subscribers that they got in many years reviewing cameras. I too have the same impression that Steve never disliked a camera - pointed some faults at most - but he always declared that he only reviews cameras that interested him, hence there is a pre-filter.
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