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  1. In fact, I was in a Zoom Fuji meeting yesterday (the subject was the X-S10) and they said that Boost mode must be used only with static shots - it is designed to be tripod-steady. If you do some pans or movements, the Boost mode will "fight" and have jerky behaviour.
  2. No "Steadyshot" label on any photos until now - and considering that the rest of the line and the C70 did not have it either, my bets are no IBIS. But the C70 have internal ND...
  3. SAR said just now that the price will be 3795 Euro (from a purported ad in a kit with a 80Gb CFExpress A or a 128gb Tough SDXC card - which could mean a double format type slots). And said that it records 4k120p and NOT 8k - which could means A7SIII sensor.
  4. Well, gyro stabilization comes with a huge crop - problematic with wide angle shots.
  5. Looks like by the size of the LCD hinges that they made the same tilt/flip articulation of the S1H (or maybe is just a flip and the bulkiness is because of the rear vents). For a video camera, controls looks good. The joystick on top is strange, but in video I guess that you don't move the focus point too ofter - and if you need a quick point change (between two subjects), the touchscreen is better. The hotshoe have extra contacts, guess that a XLR adaptor and (maybe) an external EVF is a possibility. In fact, get this form factor, make it thinner, rearrange the controls a bit (back joystick, af/mf switch, a mode dial) and Sony could have a winner A7000.
  6. If real, it would be a very good one - lot of great ideas there. https://www.canonrumors.com/scammed-the-x-tra-battery-campaign-on-kickstarter/ Lots of the bigger photo sites covering the story too and apologizing for the stories thay published.
  7. "Lite"? Maybe a box version of the FP?
  8. Did not tried in my GX9, but this could be interesting: a guy in Personal View forum made this post: "Hey guys, not sure if this was known yet, but I thought this might be useful for some people. I found a way to enable recording video to a *.mov file format using higher bitrates on my Lumix GX9. Specifically recording 1080p (up to 60p) in either 50 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s (or even 200 Mb/s, which is not very useful though since the GX9's UHS-I SD interface only supports write speeds up to 104 Mb/s). The method I used is very similar to the Cine-D trick for the GX80/GX85 back then. It shouldn't break your camera since it is only accessing hidden settings implemented in the camera anyway. I did not compare the footage against the standard MP4 4k or 1080p modes provided by the GX9. In theory this should enable up to 4x higher bitrates when shooting 1080p, which I could confirm after analysing some test footage. The documented options from Panasonic only include 1080p recording up to 28 Mb/s. Here is a html tool that you might use to try it yourselves. https://pastebin.com/mHG1T5Ph Just copy the code into a *.html file and open it using any browser. I posted this on reddit already, but I thought its maybe better put here ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy."
  9. My two cents: the GH6 will have a new sensor, probably 8k (because others have, and the Youtube "experts" will kill the camera if only is 4k), and in tradition of the GH series proabably will have a lot of amazing specs (4k120p for sure, and 10 bit-4:2:2). But still think that Panasonic will stick to DFD, and the camera will sell much less because of it. Maybe if it is a stacked sensor, the could always sample the sensor at lower resolution and with higher fps than the recorded image (the Samsung NX1 allgedly samples its sensor at 120fps, even in 4k) to make DFD more reliable (saw some tests that DFD is much better in 1080p60 than in 1080p24). But still think that wil never be as precise as PDAF.
  10. Don't know the reality on other markets - but here, having a Sim card in the camera would get zero sales. People here use its smartphone SIM for all the mobile traffic. Notebooks and other deviced are used in tethered wifi connections - except a couple of financial market friends, no one have a dedicated sim card for their notebooks or iPads when the devices have the option. Mobile fees are kind of expensive here - and, oddly, data-only SIM card plans are MUCH more expensive than the phone ones. As people don't want to spend more money to have two devices to take photos, people don't want to pay two connections for their devices. Some mobile apps (Panasonic and Fuji) already have the option to automatically import all the photos that you take with the camera. But you still have to open the app and have it connected - the Bluetooth enabled cameras make the connection process easier, but still slow because of the wifi handshake protocol. Direct upload to the social networks, even if the camera suports it, have hassles too: people could want to put some filter (more computational need), cameras would need a good keyboard, with prediction and hashtags, and the most glaring problem: the social networks are closing their APIs for 3rd party vendors. They WANT you to use the app, to monetize targeted ads.
  11. All the survivors will be marked with a red dot. ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Agree with you - I use a very unknown brokerage and even them are blocking AMC and GME eventually. And legal actions will be refuted in the sake of the "sistemic risk" and "liquidity of the markets" argument. I live in a country (Brazil) that make bails with this argument in each 3 to 4 years. The "club" is always protected. And be sure that when this story were not in the front pages anymores, new "market manipulations" laws will be created to make WSB foruns unlawful (here a Telegram forum was created with the same logic and the creators shut it down in 2 days after a direct threat from the CVM, the local SEC).
  13. Right on point. And, yes, trouble ahead for cameras. My guess: in the future will be Leica model for all the survivors. Video will become a niche, with "cube" modular cameras being the norm.
  14. The million dollar question (literally) is to really know how much shorted shares and put options are still in the funds hands. The prices continues to drop, but looks like that the volumes are low (do not have a platform here capable to look volumes on NYSE and NASDAQ). But all this are info coming from WSB - and there are very conflicting info going around there. And shorted shares did not have a due date to come back to the original users, if you rent them again (paying a higher interest rate). Options yes, if you bought a put option there is a due date - that was yesterday or today for the options that the due date were friday. But the morale in the WSB is kind of low.
  15. I'm new to Fuji, had an X100S and recently a X-T20 to get the grips of the system, never had a X-Tx, hard to compare. But my impressions are excellent - have some "mass", no flexes at all, top and bottom plate VERY sturdy. Dials are plastic, but with good quality and much better feeling than the X-T20 (and X-T30) ones. I was using the GX9 and the E-M10 MK III, for me the build quality is much better than GX9 and a little bit better than the E_M10 MK III (albeit the Oly's dials are the best ones). EVF is clearly worse than the X-T4 - same panel as the E-M10 MK III. But is a small camera (looks like a P&S with a grip - for me is a plus, people around are not intimidated); I think that it is better that you try one in a store before purchasing.
  16. SEC will do nothing. In these cases, the financial authorities says that a big player going down could pose as a sistemic risk - like was Lehmann Brothers in 2008. Confirmed by the prices today - AMC and GME were falling, Robinhood restores the GME buys, sharp rise in price, buys blocked again. (in fact, if you still using Robinhood, you deserve it) And AFAIK, brokers could list / delist stocks at their wish. The "marvels" of a free and unregulated market.
  17. I would go X-S10 for stills any day against the X-E4 - IBIS, amazing grip, two dials, more controls. Against the X-T4, not so much. And remember that the X-S10 have 4 custom positions on the mode dial, which you can program for fast switching with different shooting scenarios - which I guess is a very common situation in events and weddings. But for sure you know much more than me about the needs of your craft (not being ironic here). Just I think that the X-S10 is a much better camera than the X-E4, besides styling (and in person the X-S10 looks better than in photos), for a little bit more. I was very, VERY surprised with this camera, much better than I expected.
  18. Looking at the development of this GME/AMC story very closely - put a couple bucks in both to see what hapแน•ens. In fact, if I was a financial journalist, would start right now to get deep in the events to make a book, for sure will be a good one, with a lot of lessons - and probably a bad taste in the end. But would be very good to show how the gears of the machine works. About the stocks behaviour, purely from a trading point, between the Redditors and the funds. At friday, the prices were remarkbly stable after the usual jump in the pre-market - looks like the reddit had won. I guessed that probably the funds would spend the weekend developing a tactic together, and it looks like the case. Friday was a critical day because was the last day to trade a lot of stock options - granted, did not research to see the gross numbers of the options. This options are a big part of the Redditors strategy - the other (and probably bigger) are the shorted stocks, which did not have a due date but you have to rent them and pay interest rate, that probably is going higher by the day too. These are their assumptions. Yesterday both stocks dropped their price very sharply and continuously during the day. And are having another huge drop now in the premarket (GME at 156 and AMC at 9.91). To know what exactly happend you have to do a lot of digging in stock statistic sites - which I don't have the knowledge or time to do. Could be sells from people that cannot handle the losses (the late ones that arrived at the party) or, most probably, short ladder attacks orchestrated by the funds, since it looks like that the volumes are not very big. Don't know exactly the NYSE timings for the exercise of the options, which will make the funds that have put options buy GME/AMC shares; in teh WSB some people say that it is today. If it is the case, probably the funds will spend the day on the phone coordinating operations to make the price drop the most that they can, before having to buy the stocks to cover their puts and lower their losses. But if I was a hedge fund, besides the short ladder attacks, I would have used the high volatility created by WSB to profit, shorting even more GME stocks before the orchestrated actions that they know will make the price go down - WBS have millions of user, but hedge funds have billions of money. Or even mounted a straddle option operation, which will profit if the stock goes very high or drop a lot (don't know the actual volatility numbers to see if it would be profitable, probably would be). Rooting for WSB, but the odds probably are not on their side. And if the SEC would take a side in the question, for sure will be in the funds side - at least saying that "intervention was needed to prevent a sistemic risk to the market" or something like that.
  19. X-E4 was an immense bummer for me - it was dumbed down all around in terms of controls, and no IBIS. Since you are versed in Fuji, I guess that a if you take a look at the X-S10 you will be very pleased - got one, loving the camera, as an amateur.
  20. Or what was left from Olympus - now specialized in endoscopes and rectoscopes - release a special line with the motto "to see the other side". The Olympussy.
  21. Probably. At least looks like that they've put a proper heat spreader inside - since the body is made of magnesium, they probably will have better recovery times compared to the Canon. https://www.sony.com/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras/ilce-1 Basically they made a competitor to the single-digit Canons and Nikons, but with 50mp. I guess that it is the dream from your sport shooting years, @BTM_Pix ๐Ÿ™‚
  22. Just an update, got my X-S10 this week. Not too much time to play with it, only some stills - but liking it a lot. Lens collection grew up too: 18-55f/2.8-4, "Fujicrons" 35mm and 50mm f/2, the 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 and a Viltrox 85mm f/1.8. Need just a Rokinon 12mm f/2 to complete my equivalent set on m4/3. Camera is VERY small (looks like a point&shoot), but the grip is huge and very comfortable.
  23. I had moved on - m43 was more than enough for my amateur needs, but as an amateur (aka my gear do not bring me income), I could not have the luxury to sit on a inventory of 2 bodies, 10 lenses, 2 speedboosters, etc if m43 dies. And here in Brazil the exchange rate is soaring and now a lot of gear that I have could be sold with the same price (and sometimes above) that what I've paid, which is uncommon. Hence, selling all my m43 gear, gone to Fuji. Second lesson - buying everything used, in good condition (all my m43 gear was bought new). Already got an X-T20 (with the intention to test if I like the system - was a sound YES), a 18-55mm f/2.8-4, a 35mm F2, a 50mm F2, everything is excellent shape (the 50 was virtually new), with prices about 60% of the new ones. On the way a 55-200mm pristine with HALF the price of a new one. Just need a Rokinon 12m f2 to mimic the m43 gear that was intended to keep. Just one new piece of gear - a X-S10, arriving tomorrow, only because the lauch price was around 20% more than in the US (usually the difference here is around 50 to 60% more, sometimes 100%). Already have two more bodies (an E-M10 III and a GX9) to move, and most of the lenses. In the end, will have a good profit in the operation. But if I was not worried about the future, an E-M5 MK III would be perfect for me. In fact, if m43 goes wrong and the prices drop, probably will get one and some of the lenses back.
  24. In m43 realm, yes, I think that they will release the GH6, maybe a G9 sucessor, and probably will leave - or making just specialized gear like the BGH1. In full frame, really don't know.
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