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  1. Holy shit. 4k120 without crop with global shutter. If the DR problems of global shutter were avoided, they just laid the foundation for the future sensor tech.
  2. I have the Sigma on my X-S20. Amazing little thing, almost never used other lens after getting it. Should be the template for newer m43 zooms - if Sigma could do a 18-50 F/2.8 covering APS_C with this size, a small 12-35 f/2 or even f/1.8 is doable.
  3. Yep, and a small and fast zoom lens (yes, it extends when powered on, but to carry is much smaller. And being a zoom, for me, is a big differentiator compared to the X100 and GR. Much more versatile, and for the target groups, don't having to worry to change lenses is a huge selling point. Never used a MK II - have the MK I, and it have a huge problem: the worst JPEG engine that I've ever saw in m4/3. Beside the usual green cast of the GH4 generation, it is mushy as hell. But the RAWs without problems, same as every m43 camera; but having to post-process takes a lot of the charm. From waht I've heard, the MK II have the same JPEG pipeline of the OG G9 - hence the better Panasonic color science of that time. Having a touchscreen mitigates a bit the absence of a af joystick - I used it a lot in the GX85 and GX9, a joystick is better, but lcd touchpad is close.
  4. Should say that it is the 1st Osmo Pocket that got my attention. The 1 inch sensor look a huge upgrade on low light. Still think that the images looks oversharpened - but I guess that one of the clip-on filters is a black mist-alike, could make it a little less edgy. And someone (Moment?) could do a magnetic tele adapter, could be interesting. Still prefer my camera (the X-S20 with a Scorp Mini gimbal does not attract much attention), but the portability and the convenience of this new Pocket is amazing. Looking for good 24p footage.
  5. I'm telling this for ages - there is a hole in the market because of lack of availabitlity of the X100v, and Panasonic could easily enter with a new LX100. In fact, I still have the OG LX100, and for some time I had a X100S too. The LX100 crushed the X100S (the old X100 lens is crap in short distances - and the biggest surprise was the LX100 being MUCH better in low light). A LX100 III with PDAF, a better EVF (could be the 2.36mp panel that a lot of cameras uses today), a tilt screen like the one in the X100V, and make some color profiles with their partnership with Leica. Would sell a lot. But no - just discontinued the LX100 II and, guess what, the used prices now are the same as new (sometimes even higher).
  6. Waiting Tony Northrup talking on the Sphere with only the pimple in the front of his nose in focus.
  7. In fact, I guess is trying to capture a trend kinda started with Fuji: don't spend time in post processing (or if you are not versed with it). I've put a film recipe from a guy (a "Portra 400") that is looking so good that my X-S20 become a camera just using this preset and the Sigma 18-50. And if you want to tweak it after, you still have the RAW file.
  8. If some manufacturer managed to do very compact and very good quality f/5.6 zooms, I would move to FF.
  9. Never recorded in log, started now with the X-S20. Will have to study a lot, because all my log gradings until now have the color quality of a Barbie cam.
  10. As the amateur here - almost no plans. Loving the X-S20, and in Fuji world, would be only interested in this camera repackaged in a X-E3 body, IBIS included. And this will not happen. Lens wise, shop closed - the customs rules were stricted a lot here, and now buying a lens means a 92% increase from US prices...but was a thing that I predicted, hence I bought almost all the lenses that I was planning for the future. Will play more with my vintage ones - the Canon FD 35mm f/2 Concave works very well in the camera, and I have the guess that the "Leicanolta" MD 35-70 f/3.5 will work too. Will almost halt buying gear - I'm 52 now, wish to retire at 65, have a wife and a 5 year old child, and have nowhere near the conditions to stop working at 65 and kept them in a confort life. Time to start saving seriously.
  11. Can't post the link here because it is on CineD, but never heard it before, and though that is VERY interesting. A cinema camera built with Raspberry PI, with the parts costing around $250 (if you use the super-8 sized Raspberry PI HQ camera - but there is a user that used a 20mp m43 sensor), including a 4-inch touchscreen, that records 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW in USB-C external drives. https://github.com/schoolpost/CinePI/wiki/Build-Guide
  12. Exactly this one. Almost glued to my camera, barely use another lens nowadays. Works as a native Fuji regards to AF, and works good with IBIS - X-S20 IBIS is better than the X-S10s, but m43 Panasonics and Olympus still are a bit smoother.
  13. Go for it. I'm loving the camera - but, as I said, my previous cameras were CDAF MTFs. When you have some spare cash, take a look at the Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 - is almost glued to my X-S20. And, for video, I think it is even a bit better than the Fuji 18-55 (which I have and love, but will probably sell).
  14. 24p movies with this one will be very expensive. 🙂
  15. Not a definitive conclusion, but is better than the X-S10. Standing still, with IS Boost on, is very steady - but if you need to pan, have to put the IS Boost to off, since it "battles" a lot with pans. In regular mode, with pan, looks like that it fights less than the X-S10, albeit not silky smooth as an Olympus. Or as a dedicated gimbal. Did not see great differences than the X-S10 - but the previous model did not had 10-bit recording, and never tried F-Log before. As expected, the FLog and Flog2 modes have much better dynamic range, specially in the highlights. But I'm a novice working with log (and suffering to color grade it).
  16. For me, was this case. Not as good as two SDs, but much better than a single one. Caveat: looks like the MicroSD could only storage photos, not video. For stills, all the usual options are available. A Nikon guy on Gerald I'mdone told a very plausible story: cameras with big grips put the battery sideways inside the grip, leaving room on the body for circuitry / IBIS, and the two SD slot could go on the other side. In this camera, since it would have no big grip, the battery is inside the body and there is no room for the two SD cards. But the SD and the Micro could be fitted next to the battery with almost the same space as a single card slot. And this is not meant to be a "professional" camera, if it had a single slot, nobody would find it strange - as in the A7CII.
  17. Talking about the X-S20 itself - since I was a CDAF m43 user before (my first 2 PDAF cameras were the X-T20 and the X-S10), I could be easily impressed, but I'm liking a lot the camera. Must confess, more than I expected. Was in a music festival this weekend. First test (and one of the reasons that compactness and discreetion are top priorities for me): festival stated that "professional cameras" are forbidden. Attached the 55-200mm on the camera, facing down the ThinkTank bag, only the back of the camera visible. Security saw the size of the camera, did not even bother to ask to take a look. 🙂 Shooting music festivals is a scenario that I'm used to - but, again, using m43 cameras. Always got good results, once even was published on the official Franz Ferdinand instagram channel. Face detection with m43 usually could not detect the face from distance, but single point usually worked, and with low light and bad stage lighting I usually switch to manual focus, focus on the mic stand, put the focus a touch farther and get good sharp photos. The X-S20 not only got the faces all the time, but 90% of the time, find the eye of the subject, at 200mm, even with the singer occupying half the frame. With daylight and stage lighting. Never had so many keepers in a concert. And one of the singers and the festival channel already published some of the photos. 🙂 It is another league from the X-S10. Made two videos, but since I recorded in 6.2k 10bit 4:2:2, will need to work with proxies, and I'm still a beginner in Resolve, will need some spare time. Tested with the internal mics in Auto level, could see that the bass is distorted, was a experiment to see the levels needed, but apart from that the sound was good for internal mics (much better than all my GXs and the FZ1000). AF again was getting the eyes 100% of the time, will see the precision at the footage. Still have to test it more, but my doubts about having to go to Sony to get good AF were killed. From the tests that I saw with screen recorders with the A7CII, A6700 and some other cameras, I see minimal differences. For me, ths one looks like a keeper.
  18. In fact, I was expecting that the fan would not make ANY difference, hence it is a plus. And since a tiny fan could make this improvement, for sure the cheaper Aliexpress versions would perform the same or better, which is good news.
  19. Lol, kinda is. But the camera was hot to touch only under full sun continuously; in shade, or in the music festival that I was, it got barely warm. For me use (20 min clips maximum), did not need a fan at all - bought it just for the low price and as a preventive measure. But again - if the back of the camera was metal, probably it would never overheats. Guess that Fuji was worried about someone melting the LCD, but it was just a case to show a message to open the LCD screen when the temperature get above some level.
  20. Very interesting camera. Is a Z6III-ish, not a Z6II repacked, with a lot of surprises. The option (for stills) to link the AF point to the IBIS, and the sensor moved to stabilize the AF point is VERY interesting. Never thought about it. All the newer AF algos since it uses the same processor as the Z9/Z8. Good video modes, not outstanding, but for the intended target, more than enough. Very good buffer for stills. And a lot of people are hating it, but I loved the idea of the second card slot is a MicroSD. Almost the same space taken from the camera as a single slot, but with a backup option (for stills). VERY clever. In fact, if I was on the market for a full frame camera (as an amateur), this one surpassed the A7CII and the S5II for me.
  21. From what I've read, it is the same underlying sensor, but tweaked - the values for the Dual Output Gain were changed (which I think that involves changing the circuitry), and with PDAF (with masked pixels). Hence, no PDAF with firmware upgrade.
  22. Just tested it on my X-S20.
  23. Call me impressed, the little thing works. Could not reproduce exactly the same conditions - the sun moved and I had to transfer the camera to the window around the 20 mins mark, hence it had a little bit of more air. But was under the sun, became very hot as before. The Ulanzi fan was used on full speed. If the footage is long, good idea to use it plugged on a power bank / USB charger, with 25 mins the internal battery was around 50% (then I plugged it in). The yellow warning appeared on the 25 min mark, and the red around 33. And the camera never shutdown until the 128gb card is full, on the 46 minute mark. The integrated temperature meter was kinda useless - yellow on the 39oc, red on the 42oC. Another bad thing - even with the back film applied, the suction cups do not work very well; pressed the fan a bit to stick from time to time. Needs some "baby caring" in a tripod, and for run and gun it will fall for sure. In the Fujifilms, I would mod it to use the srews that the camera have. To summarize, it works for tripod use, even a bit better than I expected. But have some caveats.
  24. Well, torture tested today - heatwave here in Brazil, 39oC outside, around 30oC inside. Put it in a small tripod in my room, no ventilation, and under direct sun (in a black camera...). 6.2k, 10-bit 4:2:2, 360 mbps, with a v30 Extreme Peo card (which gets somewhat hot - my v60s are on the way). Static scene this time. Yellow warning around 15 mins, red on 20 mins, shutdown in 30 mins. Camera very hot, maybe bad to handhold - but when under the sun, i mean it, the tripod legs were very hot too. In the weekend I made a 10 mins recording in a music festival, under the sun too (but arguably in better conditions than today's test), with the same settings, no heat warning whatsoever. For my use, more than enough. Will try the Ulanzi fan now.
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