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  1. Don't even need the hack - the GX9 have Cinelike D and V natively with firmware 1.1 🙂 Used a lot with Leeming Lut, lovely colors. My mentioned better colors were in stills - best colors in all the GXs that I had.
  2. GX9 colors are even better, at least to my tastes. When I bought the GX9, was in a good bundle price from a friend, that had the 12-60 (the non leica version) included; my intention was to keep the lens, sell the body, and continue to use the GX85. Instead, the (loved) GX85 gone. The GX9 was trounced because of the esxtra 4k crop, which is really a bad thing. But the return of the tilt EVF (loved it in my GX7), much faster operation, better eye AF, better colors (again, to my taste), and return of the dedicated AF mode switch, all this won me. Now I'm on Fuji, but I still miss it.
  3. @Andrew Reidpost mentioning Stevie's Digicams...my go to site when choosing my first digicam, a Powershot A20. Some weeks ago I remembered it, went to discover when it ended...was when Stevie himself died. Loved DC Resource too, Jeff closed the site to work on DPReview, and left some years ago. Good times.
  4. Even less than that. For me, just add a flip screen, a tad better EVF, take off the 4k crop, PDAF, and (specially) bring some "film" recipes to attract the same target. Once I had a X100s and a LX100 - and the LX trounced it for me. Better AF, much more flexible with a zoom lens, and (surprised) trounced the X100s in low light. I know that the X100V is a different beast, but I still think that the LX100 are more versatile. Still have my LX100 MK I, by the way, is my go-to camera. Pretty, very small, you choose the focal lenght on the fly.
  5. These are times where people use Camera Conspiracies as a serious site to get technical information...(no joke, each day I see more people using him as a tech reference)
  6. I knwo that Amazon needs to cut costs, but close a website with THIRTEEN people on staff? Jeff Bezos have a bigger crew just to clean his balls.
  7. Chris and Jordan, yes. Let's see if someone will get the DPReview site.
  8. Forums were toxic as hell. But their Comparison Tool helped me a lot.
  9. But Amazon have almost infinity storage. They could keep the site open as an archive. (but probably they won´t because will remember everyone that they killed it)
  10. I kept thinking that Panasonic is missing a golden opportunity here to put a LX100 III in the market.
  11. https://www.dpreview.com/news/5901145460/dpreview-com-to-close
  12. 2 days ago, hearing about the tragic death of Ben Kweller's son (very sad news indeed - Ben almost died from monoxide carbon intoxication when rising to success, stopped his career for 9 years, and was just coming back to form, and is a very gentle guy), I remembered that I shot videos from some song in his Rio's concert in 2012 with a Vivitar Series 1 105mm f/2.5 Macro made by Kiron. Never used it as a macro, but as a tele...maybe is the sharpest old lens that I have, tied with the Contax-Zeiss 135mm f/2.8. In fact, is so sharp that it looks like a modern lens. Got it for around US$90, with original box, just returned from CLA - it is pristine, without a single dust spec, to this day. Good times. This was the video - GH2 with Sanity hack, no Ibis or manual focus aids. Vimeo dropped the resolution to 720p, the original file is much sharper. Another remembering - the GH2 mics were superb, the audio is from the on board mics, only with a little EQ. And all my thoughts to Ben - after this gig he spent hours talking with the fans, taking photos, always with a smile in his face. Hope that that smile returns soon.
  13. If Nikon had IBIS in their APS-C cameras, and Sigma release their 18-50 f/2.8 for them, would sell a lot of both.
  14. Much better than the GX85 in C-AF - in fact, just used this weekend to film my daughter, and worked very well.
  15. I would add the Fujifilm X-S10 to the list. Small, have IBIS, good colors, paired with the 18-55 kit is a good video combo.
  16. Here in Brazil is hell regarding to cameras...you almost go gray, since only Canon, Fuji and (kinda) Sony have official sales here (yeah, even Nikon walked out). Still no R8 in the local Canon website. But they have the R7 - using the US$ quote that would be used if I buy the camera in the US ("tourism" dollar), the camera costs here US$ 2640,00, against the US$1499 in the US. 76% increase. Fuji have a smaller gap (was one of the reasons that I switched to them) - the XH-2s have a 33% price increase in US$. Sony don't have a official store, but have some authorized sellers. The A7 IV is around US$ 3718 in one of these sellers, a 48% increase. Nikon, Panasonic, Sigma, OM Digital - only gray. Lots of people buying units from Aliexpress. There are some good sellers, but already saw some units probably refurbished...but the customs here were relaxed in the last years, and probably will get much more restricted now (already see some people taxed); and if they tax right, is a 60% to 100% increase. (bought the Viltrox 75mm f/1.2 for Fuji on that 50 units preorder - a think that normalyy I would never do - counting on that more restrict customs)
  17. I see no signaling from Panasonic about smaller models. Yes, they said that will make smaller cameras, but always saying that "creators" wants them. Creators = vloggers. And since looks like that Panny wants to niche m43 in video, probably their next camera will be a G100 sucessor - as Sony looks like that their APS-C line will be only ZVs... Sensor wise, the m43 is kinda muddy now. Have the great 20mp stacked in the OM-1, but is a expensive sensor. Have the 25mp sensor in the GH6, but looks like it was designed from ground up for video (for still, from what I've seen, is worse than the old 20mp sensor). And the current 20mp old sensor. m43 needs a new sensor, 26mp probably (since APS-C upped their pixel count - for me, 20mp is enough), BSI, non-stacked but with good readout. Kinda a m43 version of the 26mp Fuji. But...no rumors about that. Also, I think that Panasonic is indeed missing a HUGE opportunity regarding the LX100. Everbody paying huge sums for a X100V, and...a LX100 is a much more versatile camera. Still have my LX100 mk I, and for some time I had a X100s; the LX100 trounced it, specially in low light. Put a better EVF (the G100 one is a good candidate), maybe a slightly larger lens that covers all the sensor, or keep the current one (in a 26mp sensor, would result in a 22mp image), a joystick where the rec button is, move the rec button to the top plate, and you're good to go. (I look almost everyday for a good used / new price in a LX100 II - is the only camera that will make me sell my LX100)
  18. Still don't have touch tracking in video, as it have for stills, correct? Video tracking is only for eye/face and AI modes?
  19. Would love to see it too, but I guess that in m43, Panasonic will only go with th GH line and a G100 sucessor - looks like they want to niche m43 in high end video / blogger video. Maybe a G9 sucessor. But I don't see a new GX, and for sure no more LX and FZ lines. In fact, I did not even understand the GH6. The "H" is for "hybrid", and the GH6 is much worse than GH5 for photos, is almost a video camera only. And probably the research for the S5 II PDAF started some time ago, why they did not put it on the GH6, even if it meant a new delay? Maybe the (still not named, no one look for the sensors in microscopes?) sensor manufacturer for the GH6 did not have the tech to do a PDAF one?
  20. HATE that white color on gimbals, attract a lot of attention.
  21. Are you shure that you're not setting Cinelike V instead of D? Cinelike V is very contrasty indeed.
  22. VERY worried about Fujifilm AF after the Firmware 3.0 for the X-H2s. Looked like a very concentrated effort, since it was available for just one model, and the one with the best processing capabilities (faster processor and faster sensor). And STILL don't have any AF Tracking for video except for the "subject" ones. Panasonic already surpassed Fujifilm in their 1st camera with PDAF. My X-S10 misses a lot of stills of my daughter, even when the eye is detected, even with the faster focusing lenses (the Nocticrons). And was not in very fast moving moments, and even in S-AF. Around 50-60% of missed focus. If Panasonic makes a GX10 with the S5II AF level, will be tempted to go back, even thinking that the format is kinda doomed because it is turning into a niche format - "lucky" me that I doubt that there will be a GX10...
  23. Looks like that your prayers were answered. 2 Kg payload, 795g weight. https://www.dji.com/rs-3-mini
  24. Now Fuji will have to up its AF game. It is starting to be kinda embarrassing... If Panasonic do a GX10 with a good EVF, PDAF and Ok video, I will be tempted to come back.
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