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  1. Exactly the shot that I've saw. Loved the colors.
  2. Just remember that the payload is not very high.
  3. If someone have a VEEEEERY low budget for a motorized slider (and a small camera), I have this gizmo and it works well: https://www.amazon.com/Kingjoy-Motorized-Electric-Photography-Smartphone/dp/B073XNVFZQ/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  4. Holy shit, this still looks great.
  5. Just looked now, joined here July 26, 2013. First comment, in your post about the first rumours about the GX7 (which I bought when launched). But probably was just a reader for a long time before - got my GH2 (still have it) after knowing about it and the hacks here. Still have your GH2 shooters guide, bought my first manual lenses because of it (even my concave FD 35mm f/2, which ended as a very good investment...). It's been a long and pleasant ride. Already told you that EOSHD is almost single handed responsible for my video / stills passion (and this become a personal gap filling staple in my life, bringing me kind of a MEANING to life that I've always missed). I've read EOSHD almost every day since I've discovered it - and considering that the other filmmaking site that I've discovered about the same time is turning into a conspiracy theory site, this daily visit is even more valuable to me. I'm no professional, I work in IT, stills and video are just a passion. It is hard to gave advice when filmmaking is not my living income, and even more that I don't have a website that is my main income (which is obviously your concern beside the passion). But I will try. COVID put a lot of stress in everyone - here too. Will not digress to much about me - I was kind of privileged to work from home since March of last year, no income reduce, no cases in the family. But my state of mind is in a all-time low too, 3 cats died in one year (2 of them with me in 15+ years, was really a part of my life that gone), haven't touched my cameras in almost 2 months (too much work, a 3 year old daughter, and having to move to another house for the 2nd time in 12 months), and living in a insane country with a genocide president. Much less problems than most of the people here, but stressing. And in the past year, I saw a lot of photo / video sites and channels having being affercted by this general felling and / or the state of the photo/video "ecospace" state. Ming Thein got fed up, stopped his (amazing) blog and go full time to be a watch maker. Kirk Tuck had a very similar post than yours some days ago. Even Gerald Undone looks like fed up by making the same videos all over again, in his last post (of course it could be just marketing - being a skeptic is almost a constant state on these days). I think that there are some causes to it. Gear is becoming unexciting, compared to past years. From the 1080p24 of the 5D MK II to (now the beginning) of the 8k cameras, it was a rocketing climb in the quality and availabiliy of the filming tools. Not only in resolution, but in codecs, colors, AF, IBIS, things that we can only dream about in the GH2 days. But there is not so much to grow - 8k, 10-bit everywhere, better AF, more RAW formats and probably global shutters. But the jump in final quality would be nowhere near of we got in the past years. The cameras releasing pace already become much slower, and the prices are rising. Ming Thein had a good concept of "point of sufficiency" - that most of modern cameras are already too good for most of the people; that changing to a better camera don't make their output better. And I think that people are already starting to realize that - buying a newer camera, spending tons of money and seeing that the results are not improving in the same magnitude. I started to see more and more channels talking about techniques and primary filmmaking concepts - even with smartphones. Framing, focusing, grading. Most catering to (probably) the most growing market in flmmaking - youtubers, low budget music filmmakers, amateurs. I can speak from my point of view of an enthusiast - and by no means I want to sound detrimental to the bunch of pros here, a lot of them that I like and learn A LOT from. But I miss the amateur side of EOSHD, the less cutting edge equipment side of it. Just open you GH2 guide, as I have it now here. Look how much info there was NOT camera related. This is what is valuable now. I have a friend that become a good an very booked photographer - and, since this is the market now, he needed to improve the video side of his business, for clients and for his personal channels. He started to do some Stories videos with simple tips on how to make moblie photos better - VERY simple tips, and extra light (that could be only a flashlight), posing, very simple tips. His audience exploded. And on the other side, he NEVER asked me any gear related tips. He is a Canon shooter, loved the R5 and the R3, but have no plans to buy one. For his work, it's 5D MK III and his iPhone have more than enough quality (and even for some simple videos for his clients). But he DEVOURS filming technique sites - lighting, composition, grading, editing. And it works - he started making videos about 5 months ago, and the quality jumped massively, using the same gear. Since I started to offload my m4/3 gear, I entered in some trading forums, and seeing some of the work of the buyers. In m4/3 forums, the rage are not the GH5 of Blackmagics. Are the G7 (yes) and, mostly, the GX85. And lots of people are doing music videos (specially funk, rap and country ones) with very good quality with these tools - not the most cinematic ones, not good for my tastes, but in a look that their audiences like. I sold my GX85 for a gospel rapper, and he is all in into grading in Cinelike-D, cheap vintage lenses and framing - his budget is near to none. All these people could not buy an R3, Canon Cxxx, or a Red. They are not interested in gear review - they already have the ones that they could afford, or what they could afford was already reviewed to death in the past. They starve for information in HOW to shoot, not in WHAT to shoot. Of course I'm in a 3rd world country, and this is the scenario here. But (I guess) that in US or in the EU kind of happened the same. The people that were here since the beginning evolved to pro filmmaking, have the best or best-ish tools, and already have a very good knowledge of gear. Here still is one of the few places that pros discuss pro specs instead of fighting - and this is a valuable thing that must happen. But it is not anymore a place that a newbie would come to find useful info for a newbie. And I guess that it made EOSHD missing renovation. You and all these amazing guys here have a lot to TEACH. Keep talking about the latest gear - new people learn a lot about it too. But this is a thing that mostly stills / video youtube is doing - with a lot of corporate backing. But teaching how to use these tools - these guys are not doing it. How to compose. How to focus, how to grade, how to edit. How past hardware could bring amazing results. How to make good filmmaking without cutting edge gear. Revisitng the GH3, GH4, GX85, older Blackmagics, 5D mk ii AND iii, lower Fujis, the Olympuses. And older, and newer manual lenses. EOSHD, in the older days, catered to newbies, enthusiasts, and mobile pros - simply because the tools that all these could use were the same - GH1, GH2, OG BMPCC, 5D MK II and III, E-M5 MK I. The market changed, mobile pros and whealthy enthusiasts have the current top gear (FF mirrorless and top APS-C gear). But newer filmakers, amateurs and enthusiasts were getting older and cheaper gear, and it is sufficient to them (my main camera now is the X-S10, and is more than enough for me and my skills). This new public need to know about lenses, techniques, grading. They need what you have in the GH2 guide. And maybe with this public, you will focus less in tech - and more in technique. In how to extract the best result with less, having more constraints. And maybe you find your joy again. Do not do the same that all other sites do. With this, you could get a new public. Better yet, you will not bother with what the Northrup-ish sites are doing, or if they are being paid to do, which will be good to your mental health. Forget them. Your "Tokio Storm" (https://vimeo.com/31835141) was probably one of the most mind-blowing pieces of my life. I WANTED to do that. And I still want - holy shit, it still looks AMAZING after all these years. This was you, this was EOSHD. And I miss that. Sorry for the long post - and yes, all this could be bullshit, and just my personal point of view, and not valid in the grand scheme of things at all. At last, just wanted to point how EOSHD is important to me, as a person. And how you was, and is, important. Just wishing that you find that what is best for you. Take care of your mental health. Find the best way for you. And thanks. A very big thanks. That will not be big enough, never.
  6. Yeap, this Cullmann would be a good solution for the gimbal - in fact, the one that I had looked like a lot this other Cullmann. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/511754-REG/Cullmann_CU_40440_Medium_Quick_Release_Assembly.html But afaik the plates only work with their plates, no? Still have the solution to remove the strap to put the camera in the gimbal - I use PD anchors too, but releasing both anchors to remove the strap is time consuming too.
  7. Dunno how many here use the cameras in a hybrid way (stills + video), having to switch modes frequently, but could be a good topic to discuss. My case: when (I could go back to) travelling, generally use one cam to shoot stills and video. And, for video, frequently want to put it fast in a small gimbal, take the shot, and remove it again to come back to stills. Of course, this means having a quick release in the gimbal and a plate in the camera. Long ago I settled with Arca plates - currently, besides some generic plates and clamps for tripod work, In trips I use a Peak Design Standart Plate (https://www.peakdesign.com/collections/clips/products/standard-plate-v3) on the camera: small and still compatible with Arca (kind of, no secure pins for example). In my gimbal, in the last trip, used a very small arca clamp, like this one (https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Release-Compatible-Arca-Swiss-Included/dp/B07NB2RSFZ/ref=sr_1_27?dchild=1&keywords=small+arca+clamp&qid=1632921831&sr=8-27). It worked, but putting the camera on the gimbal involved: - Putting the camera on the clamp; - Align precisely the camera in the clamp in a previously balanced position; - Tight the clamp knob; - Take the shot; - Untight the clamp knob; - Remove the camera. Once I had a drop-in clamp for a Manfrotto-ish plate in a tripod that would work much better: just drop the camera in the clamp, the plate have the same format as the clamp chamber (no alignment needed), lock fast with a lever, and to remove just open it with the lever and take the camera out. But in my last trip, did not found anything like it for Arca. Today I've saw that Pgytech released a solution that is exactly that: https://www.pgytech.com/products/snaplock-plate-adapter. A small Arca plate (that looks like very similar to the PD one), and a autolock plate. Just drop the camera in there (with the quick release on the gimbal), take the shot, press the button and remove. And that Ulanzi have a system that solves the other part of the question - removing the camera from the neck strap (where I have the camera for stills) to put it on the gimbal - https://www.ulanzi.com/collections/quick-release-system/products/falcam-f38-quick-release-camera-strap-clip. Put this on the neck strap, press to remove the camera from the clip, put it on the gimbal, take the shot, return the camera to this one, move one. Just one caveat - the plates from both systems looks like that have the same dimensions, BUT maybe they are not compatible (the plates for both do not fit in Peak Design clips, for example). The Pgytech have the gimbal solution, Ulanzi have the strap solution, but don't know if their plates are compatible. Anyone used any of these sytems, or know some similar system? (the most important solution for me is the gimbal part, have to be like the Pgytech clamp).
  8. Second that, amazing colors. Do you remember what hack you was running in this one, @Andrew Reid? Still have my GH2 here, when I have time to use my cameras again, want to try it again.
  9. Already saw a manufacturer (don't remember which) that used the "Hybrid AF", using PDAF in the initial stages to know what direction to go, and using CDAF in the final stages for precision (was Sony?). Maybe this will be the "way out" for Panasonic - "we are using PDAF and DFD combined".
  10. Will mention just that - the Olympus XA. Have one and love it, genius touches sparkled everywhere - the clamshell mechanism (that doubles as lens cover and on/off switch), the insanely light shutter button, very good and compact lens, the size. Was more amazed by it than from my newer digtal cameras. If OM Digital have the idea to make a digital version (once I made a post in other forum saying how it could be done), probably would sell boatloads. Never will happen, though.
  11. Still not tested the custom modes in my X-S10, but lots of people already said that the Custom modes only works for stills there. The X-S10 does not have a dedicated stills/video switch, like the X-T4 - both the movie mode and custom modes are in the PASM dial; hence, in theory you could not have separate stills and video custom modes. Will try to test it - could be some kind of collective error; lots of people still says that the X-S10 left dial could only be used to change the fim simulations, and it is not true (the menu layout makes it looks like it is the case, but you can assign lots of functions to the dial).
  12. Just remembering that the dial custom modes on the X-S10 just work for stills, not for video.
  13. Dunno how various ToF implementations works, but AFAIK ToF only can do a spot-target AF like mode (our @BTM_Pix could probably enlighten us about this).
  14. Remember that our @John Brawley made very interesting articles about the camera (and very good footage) when it was released. https://johnbrawley.wordpress.com/
  15. Interview with Panasonic. https://www.cined.com/panasonic-lumix-discussed-an-interview-with-yosuke-yamane-san-about-the-gh5-ii-gh6-and-more/ Like the impression that I've got in the Andrew's inteview with him, looks like no PDAF in the GH6. "Of course, we have received various opinions from our customers, and we recognize that image-plane phase-detection AF is superior in terms of subject tracking. On the other hand, as represented by deep learning, we are improving AF performance by strengthening algorithms that utilize the video signal processing technology which we are good at. We are currently developing the next-generation system with the aim of making it even more practical, so please wait until the day we can provide it."
  16. Camera companies are some of the most proeminent haters of open standards that I know.
  17. https://www.fujirumors.com/teac-announces-development-of-tascam-xlr-audio-adapter-for-fujifilm-mirrorless-cameras/ Anyone was aware that some Fujifilm models had a hotshoe with a digital interface?
  18. With AF out of equation, consider the Panasonic GX85 - very cheap used or even new (I prefer the GX9, but not the best for wide shots).
  19. Because chipsets for ILCs are ages behind the tech embedded in smatphones processors. And will stay that way - because chip design and manufacture are very expensive things, and even the worst phone sells in much higher numbers than any camera.
  20. From what I got from the interview, and the "I need the FULL FRAME LOOK" craze, forget internal NDs on the GH6 - it will make the camera bigger, and in this case almost everyone will say "the only m43 advantage is being mobile and compact, this bigger body is shit".
  21. Interview with Panasonic: https://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2021/07/21/panasonic-qa-interview-with-yosuke-yamane-head-of-lumix Interesting info about the GH5II and a little about the GH6 - but considering how much time is spent in the interview about DFD, maybe is not a good sign to a move to PDAF.
  22. Dunno how it is working in L Mount (in fact, never saw any statement from Panasonic), but in m43 DFD only works with Panasonic native glass - even with Olympus lenses, DFD don't work and the camera falls back to traditional CDAF autofocus. For sure DFD is not working in your case.
  23. Maybe because it is a use case that is not important to him (this is not a endorsment to Richard). I'm an amateur and use my cameras as hybrids, but never used aperture priority mode in video (will try, indeed); your use case for aperture priority in video (get sudden moments that appears) is very valid, but for me (until now, this could change) is a non-issue. Some things that are glaring faults for me probably are non-issues for others. For example, in my transition from m43 to Fuji, the thing that I'm hating most is that when you change the ISO, a full screen overlay enters (as in a lot of Fuji changing settings screens) and the only info that appears is the ISO number. You don't have EV metering and, most important, the histogram on screen to adjust the ISO until the highlights are not blown (ok, zebras appears); but why the change could not be as aperture / shutter changes, only the value change in the full info screen? For me is a big hassle, and saw zero references of it in all Fuji reviews that I've saw. Probably is not an issue for other people. And all reviews could have these kinds of personal bias.
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