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  1. Exactly @MeanRevert. I'm pretty much bummed about that as well. :(
  2. In regards to Resolve, you may have to consider the studio version. I tried the free version of Resolve with h.265 file and it won't read it even with installing the HVEC extension. I had to transcribe to ProRes
  3. Exactly. I got some MD and Canon lenses especially the Tokina ATX Pro 28-70mm. I'll be spotting for an adapter for the X-T3 until then.
  4. I still got my original Pocket, and still love it for what it is. Not to go OT, but I may plan on getting the fujifilm x-t3 for the S35 vid feel, and use my OG as a B-cam or something for street shots or narrative work when the time comes. I been hoping for something big w/ P4K, but I dunno. I'm still keeping my trusted baby with me.
  5. Beautifully shot. Did you use the Konica as well?
  6. So, for a video crop to shoot internal, would it be give or take Super 35 size?
  7. Thanks. So that's almost full-frame, be it an Academy ratio size sensor (ASP-C). Is it true that there's a crop issue (output) from what androidlad posted?
  8. I'm leaning towards the X-T3 as well for video. Is the crop factor in 4K60p at 1.14 or is it higher?
  9. This is awesome. I haven't been successful with Danne's built - for I don't know exactly what I'm doing. Who knew that Canon's EOS-M is right up there with the big boys. ::thumbs up::
  10. Its finale is what gave it away! 😆
  11. Questions: Is that the new build you're using? Is the 3x3 continuous recording in 10-bit or is it the 1x3 10-bit?
  12. Intriguing, @Andrew Reid.. quite intriguing. I too, am interested. @mercer, I felt the same way. I haven't play/test it in a while - the camera was quite limiting until I snagged the Panny G7. I'm revving the batteries and checking this one out.
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