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  1. I have said lens when I tried it with the Original Pocket. I got the Viltrox and it seem to work for me. I've been contemplating on getting the 4K or the 6K. Yet, once the P4K gets the firmware update, it will have something that would be close to Super16 crop. Can't wait to see more.
  2. I agree! That's the sweet spot right there.
  3. I have been intrigued last Thursday when they announced the 6k version of the Pocket. Hits/misses, but very exciting times in the videography field. I'm not gonna hold my breath in purchasing as I feel their stock can be a bit dicey. I witnessed the P4K orders and long times for stock and ship so I'm not hard pressed - probably next year or a few until they are solid. Funny they're pushing P6K fast than the P4K so, there you have it.
  4. How can we ever forget that episode "The Long Night". Where the DP chastises the viewer that we need a new TV or calibrate in order to view - this coming from a Alexa or Red. Like other's said, lighting is key to engage the audience, not leave out of it.
  5. Exactly @MeanRevert. I'm pretty much bummed about that as well. :(
  6. In regards to Resolve, you may have to consider the studio version. I tried the free version of Resolve with h.265 file and it won't read it even with installing the HVEC extension. I had to transcribe to ProRes
  7. Exactly. I got some MD and Canon lenses especially the Tokina ATX Pro 28-70mm. I'll be spotting for an adapter for the X-T3 until then.
  8. I still got my original Pocket, and still love it for what it is. Not to go OT, but I may plan on getting the fujifilm x-t3 for the S35 vid feel, and use my OG as a B-cam or something for street shots or narrative work when the time comes. I been hoping for something big w/ P4K, but I dunno. I'm still keeping my trusted baby with me.
  9. Beautifully shot. Did you use the Konica as well?
  10. So, for a video crop to shoot internal, would it be give or take Super 35 size?
  11. Thanks. So that's almost full-frame, be it an Academy ratio size sensor (ASP-C). Is it true that there's a crop issue (output) from what androidlad posted?
  12. I'm leaning towards the X-T3 as well for video. Is the crop factor in 4K60p at 1.14 or is it higher?
  13. This is awesome. I haven't been successful with Danne's built - for I don't know exactly what I'm doing. Who knew that Canon's EOS-M is right up there with the big boys. ::thumbs up::
  14. Questions: Is that the new build you're using? Is the 3x3 continuous recording in 10-bit or is it the 1x3 10-bit?
  15. Intriguing, @Andrew Reid.. quite intriguing. I too, am interested. @mercer, I felt the same way. I haven't play/test it in a while - the camera was quite limiting until I snagged the Panny G7. I'm revving the batteries and checking this one out.
  16. I agree. $2000+ for the camera, when you can actually (pre-)order it for $800 less? Might as well get a Canon C100 or the Ursa and be done with it. Like some others, not in no rush to get it. Wait until all pre-orders are done for it to sell solid. The camera itself is looking good so far.
  17. I was wondering the same thing. I think with the .71 (I got the Viltrox EF-M2) doesn't vignette, but the Metabones .64 does. Again, these are my figures.
  18. Sorry that isn't mine (I wish it was). This is someone else's.
  19. I believe so. The Pocket and Sigma 18-35 - a match made in heaven, I think.
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