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  1. My feelings exactly. The 60/120p slow-mo is cool and all, but what about the 24p, 30p? How about showing what it offers in 1080p. One can only hope.
  2. According to the poster who shown the teaser (I believe he brought back the first part of it) in the summary. It supposed to be shown on Blackmagic's Youtube channel sometime. Just thought I share.
  3. They look awesome. I'll check it out.
  4. Another low light test from the P4K
  5. And, it's still in Beta, so who knows. It'd be nice if they implement it on the P4K once they've rolled it out for the Ursas.
  6. Wow! Can I say that this would be a... game-changer!?
  7. Awesome. If that isn't "filmic", I don't know what is - at $1200+. Excellent clip by the way.
  8. More footage: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K : Mountain Bike https://youtu.be/7U_O5YBret0 ...and on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/288090282
  9. Well @Snuff that's awesome, I got the same one, too. It's a very nice lens, maybe not the genuine f2.6/2.8, but just as good nevertheless. It might be a dream to behold for the new P4K.
  10. THANK YOU - @CaptainHook @John Brawley Mark Wyatt and Andreas Neumann for all those footages. I truly believe is right up there with the Ursa and the BMD team really worked hard in providing the tools for independent filmmakers, videographers, and cinematographers. My hats off to you guys. I see my Xmas dreams be coming true.
  11. Aw shucks matthere beat me to it! See the YT version the post 'up' mine... hehe!
  12. Interesting images, so far. Looking good from here. Two clips in two days...? Hmm, they might be clueing in on something.
  13. They're going to show their camera at an expo in Austin TX on August 23 (as per their tweet via BM Support). Just thought I put that out.
  14. Hello, Yes, I would like to see your ungraded tiffs. They're all excellent
  15. @mercer, @DBounce and others... Those Canon Cinema cameras are quite interesting (with the C100 being in low price) - be it 4K or 1080p. I'm torn between both - P4K or Canon Cxxx... What's an enthusiast gotta do, lol? ?
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