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  1. Nope. Their camera is huge and has space for a mechanical 6 stop nd that cycles through those stops switching small filters.
  2. I am just woundering are Sony actually interested in producing some high quality apcs cameras anymore? Or they are protecting their A7 lineup? Cos it seems to me, that A6xxx lineup surves sort of as an entry/beginner/vlogging camera purpose atm. I would love to see some cutting edge redisigned completly new a7xxx cameras from Sony. Doing 8k video, 4K120, 10 bit and all that fun stuff.
  3. Our insider sensor guru has arrived 😁 Well at least its some newest sensor tech. A1 is pretty dope.
  4. Yes, a tech for small e-vnd for mirroless is not there yet. I assume it should be some sort of on-sensor tech. Or a very thin minituarized version of current e-vnd.
  5. Amazeballs

    Fuji XH-2/S

    So specs are pretty hot atm: XH-2: 40mp New Samsung isocell sensor / Stacked BSI sensor design Possible 8k60, 6k120 ofc 10 bit 422 etc Imrpoved IBIS and AF Price under 2500$ This all sounds just too good imo. Just add to this a nice screen and build-in nd and I'll have to switch from my beloved Sony A7s3 🤷 Camera introduction - end of May
  6. My first drone was Parrot Anafi - dont reccomend it to anyone. Now I have Air 2S and its very good. Geofencing could be avoided with some hacks and i basicly like it in all aspects, great drone pretty nice 5.3k video quality. But I am definitely gonna try a cinewhoop next.
  7. Went with A7siii I would serioslly consider GH6 if it would arrive at least a year and a half earlier. It took them too long.
  8. So aside from failed AF (as expected) its a really nice cinema camera and in my opinion the price is justified for the specs it provides - 4k120, 6k60, DR boost, best in class IBIS, internal Prores.
  9. ok, I change my mind, this review is da best 😁
  10. the best review so far the IBIS looks just on another level compared to everyone else Wanna see more tests of it, with Dual IS2 or e-stab combined, etc..
  11. So after wathcing like 4 or 5 youtube reviews I can say that this is a very good video camera for hand held video shooting where you don't need AF. No gimbal. But.. you probably don't need one cos IBIS is so good. I am actually not a fun of gimbals and if I didn't swtich to Sony A7S3 and sold all my MFT gear I would be interested in this camera for sure. This camera plus SB and Sigma 18-35 is still a very sweet package for hand-held video shooting. I wounder if they have an ability to record gyro data like Sony cameras to use it later with something like GyroFlow and if it will work in conjunction with its IBIS unlike Sony, please Andrew test it. Wanna see more IBIS tests.
  12. Amazeballs

    Olympus OM-1

    I kept thinking what could a great MFT product and I got an idea that I think has some potential: What if.. DJI would make a much more compact a stripped-down version of their Ronin 4D in MFT format? Like a middle-ground between their tiny Osmo and huge and expensive 4D. They already done it actually with their Zenmuse drone gimbal. Now just update it with Ronin 4D tech, make it as compact as possible and that would be a very intresting product. Now DJI is a company that could surpise everyone.
  13. Amazeballs

    Olympus OM-1

    I could imagine MFT holding its ground (for video makers), if they would implement some key innovations, like: - build-in nd - some sort of super IBIS that combines their awesome mechanical stab with digital and creates a gimbal-like stabilization - big bright 5 inch display, so you don't need to fiddle with an external monitor - DJI like focusing system But that is just my imagination 😁 nobody gonna implement that. P. S. And I personally am OK with FF-like size, if they would do something like that
  14. Amazeballs

    Olympus OM-1

    Sadly I must agree that MFT is dying. It would probably still exist in some sort of form for much longer beeing an open system I would imagine some manufactureses still produce MFT gear once in a while, but if OM and Pana fail to make any siginificant money out of those cameras they WILL shut down their MFT camera divisions. This is just a reality.
  15. Seems like a good incrimental upgrade but not a revolutionary one. AF is DFD again.. phfff. I am glad I've swtiched to Sony afterall. I love Panasonic cameras and hope they survive a forever shrinking market. At least with one of their systems.
  16. Amazeballs

    Olympus OM-1

    Thats not a valid argument anymore. Those "3rd party lenses" as you call them are all premium quiality. Even new Samyangs are and Tamrons or Sigma lenses can compete with first party lenses from Sony in a heartbeat. I am glad that used m43 gear is becoming more accesible cos frankly I always though of it as overpriced.
  17. Amazeballs

    Olympus OM-1

    Ok, let's do a fact check on this one. MFT vs FF. 1. Olympus 12-100 f4 - 1300$ 1. Tamron 28-200 f2.8-5.6 - 729$. Same weight.. but in terms of m43 it has f1.2-2.8 aperture! And its almost half the fricking price! Nice macro capabilities as well. 2. Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 - 1300$ (534 gramm) 2. Tamron 17-28 f.28 - 900$ (420 gramm). Yes, the range is a bit smaller, but f1.2 in MFT terms plus its even lighter. So in no way MFT lenses are cheaper or smaller, lets forget that crap already. Add Samyang tiny 1.8 primes for Sony E and you are set. So if you pick up a Sony A7IV and those two zooms, you will end up with quite a cheaper set. Olumpus: 2200 body + 2600 for those 2 zooms = 4800$ total Sony: 2500 body + 1600 for 2 zooms = 4100$ total Now, it doesnt mean that FF is better in all occasions, all depends on your use case. Just dont see any price\size advantage over it from MFT.
  18. Now if someone could hack Sony firmware and make sort of a Magit Lantern.. that would unlock very interesting possibilities, including 48mp still on A7S3 Binning design would actually explain why A74 has better lowlight than A7S3
  19. Noice. I bet it will replace gopro for cinewhoops.
  20. I hope BM makes some smaller and more compact monitors in the future. I like BRAW but their monitors are huge and ugly. Sadly BM do not seem to care about compactness that much.
  21. Just a casual Kiev girl I found on Tinder. There are lot's of girls of her type here, in Ukraine.
  22. Specs look awesome, but does anybody has an estimate on its weight? I bet its heavy 😉 Double camera idea is nice, smartphones are doing it for a decade. I love my Air2S size and weight and don't want to go any further. Actually I would love them to slim it down.
  23. Actually my strong desire for the described above Pocket 3 have faded out after I have purchased Air2S couple of days ago and tried its tripod mode (after a proper hack). Check this out (just a quick test). Its shot at 5.4k 24fps in Dlog with minimal grade. Those kind of slow slider-like shots are exactly what I needed from a pocket camera. But this one has much better range of motion, stability (that floaty camera feel), quality (it doesnt look smarphone-like or gorpo-ish at all) and DR is also at a decent level. Hurray. Probably would still get a proper next-gen Pocket for some shots when you don't want to hustle with a drone, but now I am not in a hurry.
  24. Just shoot something about a suffering black child in africa. Splash lots of sentimentall colors all over it. And you got it!
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