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  1. Noice. I bet it will replace gopro for cinewhoops.
  2. I hope BM makes some smaller and more compact monitors in the future. I like BRAW but their monitors are huge and ugly. Sadly BM do not seem to care about compactness that much.
  3. Just a casual Kiev girl I found on Tinder. There are lot's of girls of her type here, in Ukraine.
  4. Specs look awesome, but does anybody has an estimate on its weight? I bet its heavy Double camera idea is nice, smartphones are doing it for a decade. I love my Air2S size and weight and don't want to go any further. Actually I would love them to slim it down.
  5. Actually my strong desire for the described above Pocket 3 have faded out after I have purchased Air2S couple of days ago and tried its tripod mode (after a proper hack). Check this out (just a quick test). Its shot at 5.4k 24fps in Dlog with minimal grade. Those kind of slow slider-like shots are exactly what I needed from a pocket camera. But this one has much better range of motion, stability (that floaty camera feel), quality (it doesnt look smarphone-like or gorpo-ish at all) and DR is also at a decent level. Hurray. Probably would still get a proper next-gen Pocket for some shots when you don't want to hustle with a drone, but now I am not in a hurry.
  6. Just shoot something about a suffering black child in africa. Splash lots of sentimentall colors all over it. And you got it!
  7. Getting at macro video with A7S3. No dedicated macro lens have been used. Check the video description for more clues.
  8. Especially when its actual rolling shutter is minimal/best in class.
  9. Also I whish: 4k120, 5.4/6k at 60 Much improved hdr working in at least 4k Bigger screen, maybe some sort of flip-out style Dont mind if Pocket becomes bigger as a result of all that
  10. We need Pocket 2S with 1 inch sensor. They can just stick one inside from Mavic Air 2S, its pretty good. And give us its 5.4K recording as well.
  11. So I am torn apart between Sony's own 35 1.8 and Samyang 35 1.8 Samyang is sharper (!) especially at corners.. but not sure that I need that sharpness, cos I plan to use this lens wide open for portrait\detail shots Samyang is 70 gram liter than Sony, another plus. Nut sure that those 70 grams would mean a lot though. Sony has better magnification - 0.24x vs 0.17x and much better close up picture quality - that's a big plus Sony literally has zero focus breathing! Which is again quite important in my book. Samyang has some breathing, not heavy, but visible. And finally.. price - In my country, I can get Sony for about 100-120$ more then Samyang. Which one should I get??
  12. I was just testing a native Sony Imaging Edge App and I was surprised at how good the latency and the image resolution are on A7S3. The problem is - there are ZERO tools for filmographers on it. Yes, you can actually tap to focus right on your phone screen, but that is it. No LUTs, No zebras, No peaking.. NOTHING. I mean even the tools that Sony already provide in camera, we are not talking about fancy things like false color, parade, waveforms, etc.. Another big problem - the image starts to lag as soon as you hit record. And another one - you are not able to preview recorded clips (why??) If someone could make a 3rd party app that would solve that.. oh boy would that be awesome. I know there is an app that does this partially for iOS called FieldMonitor, but nothing for Android
  13. Solved that again myself You need to format a card as an exFat on PC first. That is cos my card was 32gb only. Probably wont need that on 128 or 64gb card, but if it happens - that formating trick might help you as well.
  14. I've got into an extremely wired situation. I've been using a Lexar V60 card that worked perfectly with all the A7SIII recording modes I need except 240fps. Sony wants a V90 for that. So I bought a separate card for that option. I went with a Kingston Canvas React Plus which has nice reviews and scored a second place after Sony own card on a Sony A7S3 speed test (you can observe it here - https://www.memorycard.guru/-Cameras/Sony-Alpha-7s-III). So.. imagine my surprise, when I injected the card in the camera, formated it there.. and nothing worked! It records only as a V30. Not even V60 material is recorded and of course no V90! Sony gives me warnings and won't let me record anything rather than 4k24 most basic codec stuff! Anybody has any idea? I wrote to Kingston already. I did a CrystalDisk test on my PC and it shows 308 read and 244 write speed.
  15. I have figured it out myself: 1. Its possible with 2.0 firmware upgrade. Hurray! 2. Also possible, need to turn off HDMI display in settings
  16. We defiantly need an app for that. With some basic functions like applying a LUT, False color, etc. I have connected my Sony A7S3 to this setup and the lag is minimal, very usable. Much better than GH5, no wonder everyone was whining about its lag - it is quite severe. I would love to use it instead of a dedicated monitor, cos of compactness and phone being always with you in the pocket. Its very travel friendly. And now we have modern phones with peak brightness of 1800 nits. We need this guys. I wish I knew how to program apps.
  17. I also used mostly adapted EF glass on GH5 and I know AF would never be any good on those (Sigma 18-35, Tokina 11-20, etc) so its another bummer. Buying 10-25 and 25-50 does not seem very practical - heavy, expensive and both cover the range of 24-105 which is alltogether cheaper, lighter on most FF systems (being a single lens). I can get 35 1.8 200 gram Samyang prime for 400$, or 18mm 2.8 that is 160 gram. Can I get an AF equivalent for MFT? Nope, just heavy manual 0.95 primes with blurry edges. GH5 with speedbooster and 18-35 = 1700 grams A7S3 with Tamron 28-75 = 1280 gram. And you get much more range, albeit no 24mm and 2.4 vs 2.8.. but with perfect AF Anyway, I am glad I've switched.
  18. Already bought A7S3. And now selling GH5 will all its lenses. It took Panasonic just way too long, tired to wait. Sony has an advantage of a)superior low light b) superior AF c)smaller faster cheaper lenses (Tamron zooms, Samyang primes, etc), d) probably better DR. So I am not worrying. But Pana had superior ergo. Do I need 6k60? Not that much.
  19. The movie was terrible, Screen Rant is on point everywhere. Its dumb to its core. And abuse of Toneh was completely unnecessary and very disturbing.
  20. So apparently you can now use casual Sony android 11 phones as an HDMI monitor via HDMI-usb-c cable. But applying logic one would wonder if it would work on ANY android 11 phone. It should in theory. I have Xiaomi K20 and I found this Sony app but it didn't work neither with HDMI-to-usb-c cable or via a dongle solution that works with any OTG app. Or maybe someone need to create a separate app for this. With all the proper monitor goodness tools.
  21. Which adaptor are you talking about? Please share.
  22. So I got A7S3 and a bunch of questions along with it. 1. There is no active stab in S&q, but why? I want to record in 60p and view it in 24p so I know what I shoot. Is there any other way to do it with active stab? 2. When I connect my hdmi monitor, the camera screen goes black. How should I tap to focus now? Is there a way to keep my display on?
  23. I would go with e-mount if it was possible. The biggest assortment of lenses for all tastes and budgets.
  24. Getting one for myself soon. Time to finally step my game from the infamous GH5. Still trying to wrap my head around which lenses to grab. I want Sigma 28-70 2.8 as a main workhorse lens Samyang 35 1.8 for gimbal work and absurd amount of bokeh And for wide, I am torn between Tamrons 20mm semi-macro and 17-28. I can get the latter for around 600 usd. But I do love macro and Samyang and Tamron 20 2.8 have almost the same weight, which will let me swap them on the gimbal without much rebalancing. Hard choice.
  25. 25 1.4 has linear focus wheel
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