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  1. Honestly I find low light to be adequate on the G85, GX85 and the GH5. It could be better but a little extra light goes a long way!
  2. Not if the Full Frame is significantly bigger! M43 is about smaller bodies and lenses, not just cost. I can carry 3 bodies and 3 zoom lenses in a backpack and it will be nearly equal in weight to one full frame camera and zoom lens. I mean the GH5 with 35-100 lens combined weighs less than the popular 70-200 f/2.8 full frame lenses alone!
  3. Had no idea people at the level of Dave had agents! My mind is kinda blown.
  4. I've never felt limited by M43 when it comes to most of those things, outside of low light. M43 showed though that it can have respectable low light with the GH5S and Pocket 4K. I'm happy with M43.
  5. I don't think you're reading too much into it. I'd expect an announcement in the next couple months.
  6. Whether Canon can deliver on the hype in a timely manner and at a competitive price are all open questions, but everyone else will need to start innovating and pushing forward. That's what's exciting about all of this! Hopefully though it's not just everyone rushing to do 8K.
  7. The A7S is one of those cameras that I drooled over when it first came out. I didn't even care about full frame, it was the low light that appealed to me! The battery life and overheating though 😭
  8. Like even this topic, "How Much do I Make on YouTube" became a subject everyone started copying. Around 6 months ago one of the filmmaking channels did it and then within days a dozen other filmmaking channels all followed and did it too! 😂
  9. I think they do better than $500 but not a lot better! Really it's just a continuation of how advertisers view wrestling on television. WWE has some of the best television ratings for the coveted 18-49 demographic but generates significantly less ad revenue than shows that do far worse with those demographics because of the perception that it's low rent entertainment. The problem with YouTube is figuring out which content appeals to advertisers. Is that channel that races marbles more appealing to them than pro wrestling or some other "fringe" topic? Who knows! YouTube certainly isn't telling us! What we do know is what absolutely DOES generate advertising revenue, but unfortunately that has resulted in hundreds of people producing content that's heavily influenced, if not completely copied, from the same dozen or so YouTubers. It's to the point where there are YouTube channels devoted to showing you how to edit like _________ ___________. It's all homogenized.
  10. Yeah, that's the one thing about these lower end lights. We're really blessed when it comes to quality affordable lighting, but only the bigger companies provide the consistent quality of light across different models, while the budget companies don't because they source a lot of their lights from third parties and then brand them. I'm thinking, given their similar designs, that the Godox COB lights like yours and mine were made by the same company and probably use the same LED's but I've yet to find any videos on YouTube or anyone that has different models they can compare to see if there's a color shift or not.
  11. Ah, I was hoping you could do side to side with the 60w! No worries!
  12. Have you compared the light from the 200w to the 60w? If so are they the same quality of light? Or do they not mix together well? I've had this problem with other lower cost LED's. I love my 60w lights though! Seems they're quite loud, unfortunately.
  13. Most of the content on YouTube is extremely niche content. There are YouTube channels about marbles that have more subs than you or I could ever dream of. If your content though is deemed undesirable to advertisers it doesn't matter. A lot of YouTube content falls under that label. It's also resulted in creativity becoming stagnant on the platform as everyone copies one another.
  14. I personally know people with over 2 million subs and they're definitely not rich or anywhere close to being rich. There are a lot more variables at play. The type of content you make, who watches it, etc. plays a huge role. My friends that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers but deal with pro wrestling content don't get much at all since YouTube allowed advertisers more control over what videos they advertise on and most passed on advertising on wrestling related content.
  15. The 35-100 is a dream for this I've found! I'm so glad bought it!
  16. The Panasonic G9 is a really underrated stills camera. It gets overlooked because it's M43 but it's awesome. The IBIS is a dream! Perhaps look into the a6600 as well, if you're not willing to go the M43 route? It's a little over your budget but not by much.
  17. I was literally coming here to post a link to them myself for the cine zoom lenses videos!
  18. The GH5 with the Sigma 18-35mm/Speedboster combo or the new 10-25mm f1.7 is a killer set up even in 2020. Not to say the S1 isn't awesome. I wanted to pull the trigger myself after using one, but at the end of the day the GH5 was more than adequate. Heck the local production house my friend works at is still rocking GH4s!
  19. I'd edit in 4K and export your finished edit in 1080p. Or just add the 4K footage to a 1080p timeline. No sense it degrading the quality by adding unnecessary transcoding the work flow.
  20. Honestly it's worth every penny if you can get it for $400. You might be able to find it for slightly cheaper on Craigslist, but probably not much. I'd planned on getting a second one but stumbled on a GX85 for $250 and snapped it up!
  21. I think you'd be able to get pretty close with the GH4 if you use a color checker and are willing to put in time. The GH5 or a G9 is probably your best bet though, since it'll give you better flexibility and the colors are closer. Maybe even a G85? It matches wonderfully with the GH5, so it might be able to match the S1? If you use a color checker you'll be able to get most modern cameras to match enough with a little time and effort. It's quite easy in Resolve, for instance.
  22. My only real complaint with the G85 is the 60p in 1080p. Wish it had a higher bit rate.
  23. I really can't think of a better value than the G85. What a gem of a camera! The only contender for better value would be the GX85 but it lacks the mic input and smaller battery. I currently shoot with the GH5 as my A-cam, the G85 as my B-cam, and the GX85 as my C-cam. Can't see much of a need for "upgrading" anytime soon!
  24. I wouldn't count them out.
  25. I was kinda meh at first, especially when people were doing videos without being able to actually show any footage but what I've seen so far is very interesting.
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