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  1. None of us live in a prison. None of us are slaves. If you think otherwise you lack perspective and, again, display your privilege. Those that think the efforts didn't work don't know how to read and interpret data. In the United States the states that acted quickly did significantly better than those that didn't. The top ten states that had the lowest number of infections per million all faired better than the states that didn't, regardless of the size and population, because they mandated masks, limited gatherings, put caps on how many people can be in stores, etc. This idea that it di
  2. There are fewer things I hate more than false equivalency. You've confirmed everything I've said though, so thanks?
  3. There are fewer things I hate more than false equivalency. You've confirmed everything I've said though, so thanks?
  4. I know over a dozen video professionals that work full time that use Sennheiser G3 or G4 systems every day. I think they'd disagree with you re: whether they're professional pieces of equipment. Do major films and television commonly use them? No. But only a fraction of the users on this board fall into that category and those that do aren't going to be asking this question in the first place. When someone does it's safe to assume they're indie filmmakers/documentarians/event videographers looking for gear that will work for that purpose and fit their budget. When your focus is sou
  5. One of the ugliest aspects of this pandemic has been the reminder of the sense of entitlement so many people have. It was always there but it's really been hitting us over the head every day since the pandemic began. Selfishness has been deemed "freedom" and any attempt to reel in such selfishness has been labeled "tyranny." It's to the point where people compare, without even the smallest bit of irony, that it's equal to slavery. Mind you they make these statements on their phones and computers, with minimal restrictions on what they can say (depending on the platform), while living in
  6. It's a completely natural reaction for ignorant people that have never read a history book to compare it to slavery but not anyone that's remotely reasonable.
  7. I agree that maybe the Ninja V might be an ideal solution instead of buying a new old camera, but if you're set on buying something perhaps the GH5/s with a focal reducer/adapter to use your Nikon glass might be the way to go?
  8. Those are things only you can answer, really, since it's your money! I think though the ew112p is a good bet. You can always get the MK-2 at a later date, or get a nice Countryman or Sanken one. I'm planning to buy a Countryman B3 myself eventually If you can't find a G3 for much lower than the G4 new I would just go with the G4 new. Honestly it might not be a bad idea to go that route just to have the warranty and protection.
  9. It's fine to have a preference but Sennheiser G3/G4s are the most popular wireless systems I've seen here in the US and it's not even close.The only thing rental houses care about is having what people want, and what most people want are Sennheiser kits. I don't think they particularly care about the brand, their only concern is meeting the demand of their customers. @AquilasfxI don't think you'll have any problems going the Sennheiser route if that's what you choose. They're popular for a reason. They're extremely common in the industry, last for a long, long time (I know people who've
  10. "Revolutionary" is a real loaded term. It gets thrown around a lot by camera companies. When thinking of what would legitimately be revolutionary I come up blank. Maybe an ENG style parfocal zoom? A telephoto partner for the 10-25mm, which I don't think would be revolutionary? I don't know. It's a very strange time for Panasonic. I do expect a GH6 and always have, I just don't know what form it'll take. Will it be a technological leap like previous iterations or will it be a minor (underwhelming) upgrade like most of their cameras have been for the last couple of years? I hope for the be
  11. This 100%! And the thing about those measures is they work! That's why I'm so exhausted by these debates. Even when you adjust the numbers to account for its small population, Vermont has the second lowest rates in the country. Why? It's not because it's rural since that didn't spare the Dakotas from having the highest numbers in the country. It's not because it was remote, given it bordered New York and Massachusetts, two states that were ravaged by COVID-19 at one point. It's not because they aren't testing; they're 7th in testing per million. It's because they require masks, put
  12. I apologize to everyone else for the "fucking idiot" part, I should've worded it better but too much time passed before I tried to edit it. I've just lost my patience dealing with people like TheDudeAbides. I try to be respectful of others opinions, but I cannot stand blatant ignorance. Still I should've just ignored it. Sorry everyone.
  13. "Things have been normal in Florida since May" says the guy that doesn't understand why the rest of the country is embarrassed by the state that just last month was averaging almost 20,000 new cases a day and has ignored the experts advice since the pandemic began, resulting in some of the worst statistics in the country. He then compares lock downs to SLAVERY and wonders why people think he's a fucking idiot.
  14. This is an interesting lens but I hope it's properly weather sealed, as I've read a lot of people complain about dust getting into their 24-70mm Art lenses from e-mount and L-mount.
  15. It's been really bad, but fortunately I own my house and all my equipment, so I've been able to get by on remote editing jobs and other side hustles since I have no mortgage or anything to pay. Events and sports have been dead for me, and have been since the second week of March 2020. I didn't accept any weddings for this year because I have a poor autoimmune system and just won't risk it. Very few people have been calling anyway so it's not like I had to turn a bunch of offers down either. I don't really expect this year to be much better than last year unless things get more under contr
  16. I mean it's clearly lazy but it makes sense for them to target those that just refuse to use traditional hybrid cameras. As dumb as it sounds there will be more people willing to use this over the A7siii as their b-cam even if they're essentially the same thing. It's just very disappointing that they didn't bother to beef it up more. It's something I'd expect out of Canon.
  17. I needed 5 rec lights minimum, so this is no bueno
  18. This talk of a great image makes me nostalgic for the OG Pocket Cinema Camera. Nothing I've owned since has come close to it. I don't miss having to rig it up though!
  19. That's a really foolish comparison. I am fine with AF, it's great. What I don't like is how people act as though it's a must have, especially in a cine camera. People discredit cameras because of it. It's silly. As far as your scenario, I've shot close to 100 interviews and have always used manual focus. Most productions I've worked on manually focused, too. Everyone is different, but I wouldn't depend on it.
  20. AF isn't really important, it's just people now write off anything that doesn't have good AF because of YouTube and YouTubers thinking everything, including cine cameras, should be marketed and catered to them. So it's become "important" in a marketing sense, but a cine camera really doesn't need AF and most people probably shouldn't rely on it when using a cine camera.
  21. It's not IBIS but throw this on a cheap shoulder rig and you can definitely get great handheld footage.
  22. It lacks the resolution and frame rate options, anamorphic modes, RAW, and codecs that the Pocket 6K Pro has. And it costs more than twice as much. These are major features that productions want in a camera. If you don't see why this is a far more superior value than the C70 I don't know what to say.
  23. It costs over 2x as much and lacks tons of cine features that the Pocket 6K Pro has. Writing off one of the biggest ones, and one that is most beneficial to actual productions (RAW) really doesn't help your case. But if the sensor is what's most important to you then by all means go that route.
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