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  1. I'm generally pretty hard on YouTubers but Gerald is harmless and doesn't claim to be anything more than someone that enjoys gear, enjoys talking about gear, and enjoys making videos about gear. He's pretty transparent in my view. It's definitely not for everyone but I also don't think people go to him to learn about the actually art of filmmaking.
  2. Yeah, from what I've seen / heard there's no real difference optically between the FF and S35 lenses. You're better off saving money and getting it in M43 or EF mount (if you're looking to adapt.)
  3. It's just very strange though that they are using a Sony sensor. One has to wonder why?
  4. I get why they made it the second native ISO, since it is meant for ultra low light situations, but I agree 12,800 is too high for most people. I think most folks that bought the A7siii would've been just as better off waiting for an A7IV. It never made a ton of sense to me for these people, many who never shoot outside their "studio" or in anything other than sunlight, to get a camera meant for low light conditions but that's YouTube these days.
  5. I am judging this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ fwiw.
  6. They're very, very similar but if I had to choose I'd go with B. The shadows aren't as crushed and the blues pop a little more.
  7. No overheating issues either? ---- There aren't a ton of great budget camcorders out there these days unfortunately. Most are terribly outdated. The ZV1 or something like the Lumix DMC-FZ2500, which has internal ND, is probably your best bet.
  8. Either way, in addition to processing power, I imagine you'd need a huge buffer to handle outputting slow motion via HDMI unless it was limited to a couple seconds.
  9. That was my initial thinking but I think they are talking about outputting slow motion to an external recorder and are using "monitor" in a different context.
  10. Oh! Do you mean outputting slow motion via the HDMI? Doh!
  11. I don't think that's possible but I'm not a physicist.
  12. I believe the Hero4 Black was the first with 4K. I don't recall it being very great 4K though. Anything short of being in bright sunlight didn't look very good, if I recall correctly. The GoPro Hero5 Black had better 4K but it sells for about $150US used it seems... At that point you're better off just spending the extra on the DJI Osmo Action imo.
  13. Anything can be used for a consumer user ha ha, I just wouldn't expect it to be any good. Your best bet is to just spend the extra money to get something that is decent. Not sure what else to say!
  14. I love them so much and still keep an eye out to finish my set. What really impressed me was how good they are wide open and overall how sharp they are without being too sharp like a lot of modern lenses are. I think I paid $90 shipped for the Rokkor-X 50mm f1.4 and it saddens me that the days of finding deals like that are long gone!
  15. I suppose you could see if there are reviews for them on YouTube? I'm not sure how unbiased they'd be though. I'd expect poor image quality and image stabilization from any new camera in that price range. DJI, Insta, and GoPro put years of development and research into their cameras which is part of the reason they're more expensive. I'm not sure how much research and development a random Chinese company does that puts out a 100 euro action camera.
  16. I'm not sure that you'll find a decent action camera for under 100 euro/120 dollars, at least not new. You could probably find an older used GoPro for around that much? I'd go with the DJI Osmo Action if you go new. It's under $200 US, has 4K 60p and excellent stabilization. But anything under 100 euro? I wouldn't buy anything new for that, as I'd expect the quality to be poor.
  17. What's a budget action cam to you? Have you considered the DJI Osmo Action? Have you considered buying a GoPro 7 Black used?
  18. I love my Rokkors and when I bought them they had arguably the best cost for quality ratio out there. FD prices had taken off, but Rokkors hadn't. The Rokkor X 50mm 1.4 stands up to some Leica lenses I've used, for instance.
  19. The value isn't there in that lenses that were once ridiculously affordable are now not at all affordable. It's not an indication of their quality, it's that for many of us the initial appeal was how cheap they were to buy. You could create a set for a couple hundred dollars, now you can't. Are they worth what they're going for now? Most are, but now they're out of a lot of budget filmmakers price ranges. It's only gotten more so since they're getting snapped up by companies that re-house them into cine lenses and charge an even greater premium for them. The market has sadly shifted from
  20. He'll be missed very much. He was so articulate, informative, and he never fell into the click bait trap that has ensnared so many others. Someone said he was the Bob Ross of M43 and he really was. I hope that those that haven't seen or read his stuff take the time to check it out. He was very passionate about it all.
  21. David Thorpe passed away on May 25th. For those that aren't familiar, David was a huge proponent of M43 and shared his love of photography on his blog and YouTube channel. A message from his family can be read in the description of this video: His channel is well worth checking out. He was a very thoughtful reviewer. His blog is also excellent: https://m43blog.dthorpe.net/
  22. They already have this. I imagine it'll work with the GH6 too.
  23. newfoundmass

    S1H ii

    That site is run by 43rumors so they're fairly reliable, though that L2 rating means it's from a unverified source. The S1H still feels fairly new, so I'm not sure that it'll be coming within the next year. That seems awfully fast. I wish there was a way to gauge how well their full frame cameras have done. That would be my primary concern when it comes to going that route; is it a healthy system to invest in? Will it be around for a long time?
  24. The shallow DOF WAS ridiculous but overall I'm not sure what people were expecting from the film. It was meant to be dumb fun and it was pretty successful at it. My biggest complaint was they didn't make better use of the Vegas premise. With all the other nonsensical stuff, that there wasn't a brightly colored scene on the Vegas strip at night with all the lights going and just utter total mayhem happening is inexcusable.
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