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  1. As a fellow Panasonic shooter, I'm gonna need them to really deliver something big with the GH6. They need to meet the markets expectations on things like AF because even though that's not a huge selling point for me personally it is for the future of the M43 system. As someone that's heavily invested in that system I need them to keep innovating and stay relevant, otherwise I need to consider making a switch while my equipment still has value. Others in my shoes have already gone the Sony route but I'd really like to stick with Panasonic if they can give me a reason to. Right or wrong, the re
  2. I mean it's cool and all, but I have the same reaction to this that I had to the initial R5 announcement except for the price tag, which is a big woof.
  3. I think it just boils down to what people are used to. When I watch a film that isn't 24fps its jarring. For better or worse, it's the "standard." That translates to others in the video world wanting to film in 24 fps because they think it's more "cinematic" even if they're just YouTubers in their "studio" (aka converted guest room.) The jittering you're noticing might be related to shutter speed more than frame rate? A lot of YouTubers leave their exposure on auto or will set it to aperture priority (blurry backgrounds!) because it's easier and they're more concerned with bokeh than mot
  4. Yeah, unless you absolutely need one I don't understand using an external recorder. It just adds more bulk / effort.
  5. I'm basing this on an interaction with him, plus his Twitter feed and likes, not the fact that he's on LBRY. I only mention it here because I mentioned previously he was on LBRY, and given the stuff he believes it makes sense why. While much of it disappeared as Q-anon accounts were banned, there's still enough to see on his account that shows he embraces toxic views. He literally supported the military stepping in to keep Trump in power. When you believe and help spread disinformation and the same delusional stuff that caused the capital riots to happen, you're a part of the problem. Th
  6. There definitely is a difference, though I don't have experience with recording on a Ninja from a Canon camera in 10-bit. Canon though has always impressed me with their 8-bit files, the C100 being the camera I have the most experience with. I shoot with a GH5 and have found the 10-bit to be really beneficial but I generally use 8-bit most of the time now. I used to film everything in 10-bit but it just was unnecessary for 90% of my work. It's wonderful to have, for sure, but if I don't need that extra data then there's not much of a reason to deal with storing the large file sizes.
  7. Really was bummed out to find that Tom Antos is one of those delusional Q-pilled Trump supporters. It explains why he started posting stuff to LBRY, seems he probably found out about them from the far right vloggers that have moved there.
  8. I'm a subscriber to multiple sites like the NYT, I just have no interest in supporting ones that do what the ___Rumors sites do. The people that run them aren't real journalists that make a living off of the talent of the written word, and web hosting is cheap so it's not like their overhead is expensive. They just do it because they're greedy and are trying to squeeze as much money out of their visitors as possible. There's no reasonable reason that SonyAlphaRumors has 9 times as many trackers as DPReview, which has multiple employees.
  9. Yeah, I don't visit any of those rumor sites but when I do I always use incognito mode. I get its how they make their money, but fuck that.
  10. Couldn't agree more. AF is the only thing I feel like I'm missing out on but the Panny trio I have is more than capable for everything I need. I don't see how getting new cameras would improve things much at all.
  11. Sticking with the GH5, G85 and GX85 for at least another year, probably longer. After 2020 I'm just not in a position to "upgrade" without going into debt, and honestly there aren't any cameras out there that really excite me for my work. Sony did really well with the A7siii but I'd need to either buy 2 or 3 because Sony doesn't really have much in terms of a solid b-cam. Their APS-C cams just don't have good enough stabilization and the rolling shutter is really bad for sports. I do expect I'll be jumping back into the Mac world given the performance people are getting with the new ones
  12. It was a disastrous year for an event / wedding shooter like me. I hope that things get better by summer but I don't have a ton of faith after the shit show these last 10 months have been. The way the US has handled this has been utterly embarrassing, and it's not just the government either. The selfishness, greed and ignorance I've seen has been brutal. I always knew it was there, but it has been impossible not to be beaten over the head by it every single day. And those aren't political statements, they're facts to everyone except the deluded cultists of he who shall not be named.
  13. Merry Christmas to you too Andrew! Here's to a better 2021 for all of us!
  14. What androidlad said. Alternatively you can try one of those upscale plug ins that are out there. They may give you slightly better results but honestly 1080p holds up pretty well when upscaled without them.
  15. It's about consistency, especially when you're working on professional projects. If I deliver 23.98 fps footage to someone that hired me to film b-roll for their feature or documentary, I'm probably not going to get hired again. That footage needs to seamlessly fit into their work flow. Having a hard on for it really has nothing to do with it. If you're personally filming stuff for your own project, then shoot in whatever frame rate your heart desires.
  16. Yep. It's all a grift. Right now there's a lot of money to be made spouting that rhetoric if you have no morals.
  17. Those aren't attacks on the Democratic Party, those are attacks on our elections and pandering to the most delusional of Trump's supporters. You (and he) can claim all you want about how left he is, but it's a ridiculous claim. I'm not religious, but yes my relatives on my father's side are Jews. My great grandparents and their kids left during the earlier pogroms, the rest of the family were never heard from again once the Nazis invaded Lithuania. Free speech is a great thing, but not all speech deserves to be amplified. I know first hand what happens when these ideas ga
  18. Sorry, I'm not subjecting myself to QAnon, white nationalist or unfounded election conspiracies. People are dying and getting hurt because of that garbage. My ancestors were put into concentration camps by those types. A simple scroll through his videos makes the idea that he's "liberal" really laughable. Regardless: Any platform that highlights Newsmax and the other content I see highlighted is not worth supporting.
  19. The second video I see upon going to LBRY is a video intending to undermine the credibility of our election. You don't live in the US so maybe it's just that you haven't seen the damage that has been done by QAnon and other bad faith actors, but you literally cannot go a day without seeing / hearing people that believe this rhetoric or reading about someone being threatened with death and violence because they're "stealing" the election. I don't care about differing views, or being exposed to them. I do care about the spread of disinformation that leads to violence and civil strife
  20. I've been seeing people in the filmmaking community plugging LBRY as a YouTube "pro-free speech" alternative, but their main page basically recommended alt-right and Newsmax pro-Trump videos on my first visit, which makes me think that the people going to LBRY are those so bad that even YouTube banned them, kinda like Parler is with people banned on Twitter. It was weird seeing Tom Antos claiming the only place where his videos can be seen uncensored was LBRY, as if YouTube has been censoring his filmmaker gear reviews. Curtis Judd plugged it the same day. Anyone else notice t
  21. Sad but not terribly unexpected. Companies can just send their products to a bunch of shills that will all create glowing videos praising it and not have to deal with pesky independent journalists and professionals that will ask questions they don't want asked for articles they don't want written. Co-opted media and unscrupulous YouTubers are a lot more appealing to these companies. They don't even have to fly those types out to exotic locations anymore, those folks will do it simply because they're sycophants.
  22. I really only film in 10 bit when I am doing commercial or narrative stuff where I'll push the image hard. 8 bit is more than enough for basic little tweaks for my corporate and event work. I love 10 bit, it's why I went with the GH5 to begin with, but I think a lot of people/projects don't really need it. Most clients don't see the difference anyway! Maybe I'm just being silly though!
  23. Hmm. Even in APS-C mode? I still think it's a viable option. Do you need 10 bit? I know it's nice to have, but for a stationary camera it might not be as necessary?
  24. The record limit on the S5 is just in 4K60p right?
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