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  1. I think there's a middle ground: I think that people should expect at least minimum level of quality from a $200 wireless system, especially from a company like RODE. That is to say, people should rightfully expect the thing to work as advertised. I'd also say though that a $200 wireless set may not be the best choice when shooting something like a wedding, where you've got one chance to nail everything. There's just too great a chance that something will happen. That's why I use a Zoom H1 and a lav. Definitely not fancy but I've never had it fail on me, which is more than I can say for most (all?) wireless systems I've worked with.
  2. There's actual documentation citing the exact opposite! It's beating a dead horse at this point.
  3. The a6400 still overheats in 4K after 30 minutes or so.
  4. I don't blame you, Canon cameras produce such lovely images without having to do a lot of processing. It's hard to beat them when it comes to images straight out of the camera. I think the S1 though is still an excellent stills camera. I've found it to be more pleasing than Sony, for instance.
  5. Hurricane Images https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsON_KDLnm51-VqDwXiPcVA Hurricane Images has some really insightful reviews. They're very editorial heavy and very thoughtful. I highly recommend checking him out!
  6. 8K is just a way to sell TVs. As stated previously, the screen size needed to get the benefits of 8K is far larger than most people will ever have. The average TV size in the US is under 50 inches. You'll need a TV at least twice the size to begin to see the benefits of 8K. We haven't really even achieved the benefits of 4K yet! I don't even know how much of the country can even stream 4K yet. From a production standpoint, 8K has some uses. For most of the users on this forum, they don't really NEED 8K even if they WANT it.
  7. I haven't seen much of anything on its photo capabilities other than a Panasonic rep saying that it can do everything the S1 can do.
  8. I trust Panasonic when it comes to the GH6, so I'll take a wait and see approach, but that's a lot of MPs.
  9. If there's a reason to it's fine, but I'm not a big fan of it as a stylized choice, though there are always exceptions.
  10. This is one of the sillier things ever said on here. That's a $5500 camera. The X-H1 is a $1300 camera. That you need to spend $5500 on a Canon camera to get the features you can from a camera that's 1/4 the price is an issue. They want all of that for under $5500 😂
  11. I mean it's funny, because when you look at all the channels that have "DSLR" in their names almost all of them now shoot on Sony or Panasonic.
  12. It's obviously not a scientific poll, or based on sales figures, but just looking at YouTube these days is pretty telling: Sony and Panasonic have really taken over the enthusiast video market, at least in North America. Part of it is how aggressive they were, particularly Sony, in targeting those users. The other part though is that they were far more competitive in not only features but price. The G7 is still popular with YouTubers and low budget shooters, even after 4 years. It's still hard to beat when it comes to features and price. For the advanced shooters you then had the G85 and GH5, which both are still excellent values. The A6300, A6500, and the A7iii were of course all big releases for the YouTube and enthusiast filmmakers, too. I think you can really trace Canon losing their dominance in that space to how slow they were to roll out 4K in their lower end cameras. They were so late to the party, and when they arrived they crippled the auto focus. By that point Panasonic and Sony had already unleashed affordable 4K cameras for people to buy. I think a lot of the people that bought the G7 and the A6300 would've gone with the latest Rebel or EOS M if they'd had 4K offerings, even with crippled auto focus. Why go the Canon route though when you could spend the same amount, or less, and get a 4K capable camera? Canon is Canon. The name will always carry weight with average consumers and top level professionals, but I think they've lost the enthusiast and lower budget market that they pretty much created. Each move to cripple things only make it worse. It's not what I'd be doing if I were them but what can ya do? I have the exact opposite experience. Outside of the bigger channels that can afford higher end Canon cameras, or who have a relationship with Canon, Sony is by and far more popular. It's not even remotely close.
  13. I don't think Sony is capable of putting out an A7Siii that can meet people's expectations right now. At minimum people will expect 4K60p in 10 bit 4:2:2, right? Think about how massive of a technological jump that is from anything they've released in the A7 series so far. I think it's telling that not only did they not do 4K60p or 10 bit in the newest A7R but they didn't even increase the data rate for 4K at all, which is something Sony shooters have been asking for for years. Can they double the frame rate, do 10 bit, and have the data rates needed for those advancements? If the A7RIV and A6600 are any indication, I gotta say I'm pretty skeptical. Maybe it's the segmentation game, but I'm really not sure why you'd leave 4K60p, even in 8 bit, out of a $3,500 camera unless you're just not able to do it. I think I'd have to ask the same question for the $1400 flagship APSC camera too. Sony has been very smart. It's hard to imagine that they've decided to coast, especially given the rapid developments over the last year.
  14. What do you mean more specific? These are all wide angle lenses that would do what you requested, most in the price range you gave.
  15. One of my favorite YouTubers. What I thought was really interesting, and encouraging, is that Panasonic themselves had a Sigma lens on the camera. It's one thing to be a part of an alliance, but to feature another company's lens on your camera during a launch event shows me that they really are working together well. I think that's great.
  16. The Panasonic 14mm f2.5 can be bought pretty cheaply. 12mm f2 Rokinon / Samyang is another option if you don't mind manual lenses.
  17. Canon should just shoot in 480i and really save everyone some money!
  18. They're not trying to push people to buy the C200 instead of the 90D. They are clearly trying to push those users towards the EOS R entry model, which magically has these features. It's literally common sense. What changed in the last year? Couldn't be the debut of their FF mirrorless and RF mount, could it?!
  19. Things move at such a rapid pace in the camera industry, the A7iii launch seems forever ago. I don't think it's completely fair to call them the new Canon since they're not really crippling the camera by removing features, at least not to the extent Canon has, but it's quite concerning that they're releasing new cameras without much improvement to rolling shutter (which has always been a huge issue), image stabilization, ergonomics, bit rate, etc. all while re-using old sensors. You don't need to revolutionize with every release but there should be far more improvements than just a better battery and a headphone jack.
  20. On paid jobs I use both slots to record things just in case I have a card failure. It hasn't happened yet, thankfully, but I'm terrified that the day I don't do it will be the day it happens!
  21. Yeah, between the crappy IBIS and the wobbling in the corners... 🤮
  22. I'd be miffed if I purchased something without knowing I'd have to pay for a firmware update, as opposed to an increase in price for a camera I hadn't purchased yet.
  23. The crop in 4K doesn't bother me that much because there's probably a legitimate reason for it since they're doing full frame 6K. Unless there's some reason I'm missing. ProRes is also not something I was expecting. Besides the costs of licensing it, I don't know that your Canon, Sony, Panasonic, etc. want to give Apple control over such an important aspect of their cameras (codec.) It would be nice as a feature though for those that want it, of course. The ability to record to an external SSD drive would've been wonderful though. The ability to record an entire day of lectures without needing to change cards multiple times would've been a game changer for me.
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