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  1. I was referring more to the major players. Yeah, in a battle between Apple and Red I'm not sure any of us win. It may open up compressed RAW for most of us, but giving Apple even more control and dominance makes me uneasy. Which may be Apple's intention. I know some don't think they have any interest in a camera company, but they're making moves in the streaming market, which ultimately leads everyone into producing their own original content. Apple looking to gain a foothold into the cinema industry isn't unrealistic.
  2. I'm hoping they'll find a way to make Fusion more intuitive for the rest of us, because I really have tried to learn it. I honestly feel dumb for not being able to figure it out.
  3. There are plenty of reasons for manufacturers to be resistant to adopting ProRes, between licensing fees and concerns about giving Apple that kind of control over their business. Companies like Blackmagic and Arri don't really have a reason not to use it. The rest? Not so much. And RAW video? I think you'll see a lot of them doing what they already do, which is protect their high end lines that will have it. The only one that I could see giving RAW video to lower end cameras any time soon is Panasonic.
  4. How so? There are quite a few companies that allow recording to ProRes or Raw externally. Wanting them to die seems rather irrational. Atomos does need to diversify, but I think people are in for a rude awakening if they think that ProRes and/or RAW video will become a feature for all cameras any time soon. There is a reason Nikon was the ideal partner for Atomos to unlock RAW via HDMI since they have no cinema lines to protect. There's a lot more preventing that stuff from happening than RED.
  5. I've been using the free version of Resolve and have pretty much overcome any learning curve I had, outside of Fusion which I still can't wrap my head around. I plan to upgrade but have been waiting on whether or not I pull the trigger on the Pocket 4K or not (decisions!) It feels good to be out of the Adobe system overall. I'm quite pleased with Affinity Photo and their apps. I just need that After Effects replacement!
  6. It is easier to speak your mind about an American/Western company when you live in Russia and are unlikely to ever face legal repercussions for the things you say, whether they're truthful or not. The Russian court system doesn't give a shit about some Western company wanting to launch a civil suit against a Russian national.
  7. That would certainly explain why they would defend this with all their might and in ways that might come off to others as aggressive. It's the difference between losing that advantage now vs. When the patent ends and everything is fair game.
  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but this goes way beyond just compressed RAW; compressed RAW is merely what Apple is concerned with. As I understand it each patent builds upon RED's previous patents, so in theory if those initial patents were found to have been obtained through deception then every patent that built upon those initial patents would probably be illegitimate. That's why it could affect everything from REDCODE to their Mini Mags and other "proprietary" accessories. If you compare it to a house of cards, if you take one card away you risk bringing the entire thing crashing down. It's a very fascinating case and the implications are quite huge given it has given RED a significant advantage over their competitors.
  9. What may ultimately work in RED's favor is technological ignorance, regardless if they are in the right or the wrong. Even as some one that knows quite a bit about cameras, reading their patents and descriptions makes my head spin/ache. Their opponents, if they have a case, will need to be able to make their case easy to digest for a judge to make sense of.
  10. I haven't read the entire thread but what's with 50 fps being the max in 6K? That's kinda weird, no?
  11. You're in the minority, re: wanting an 85 inch TV. There's only one room in my home that could accommodate a TV that large and even then the room isn't wide enough to comfortably watch it.
  12. You can always tell who lives in a bubble and who doesn't by threads like this. Most people I know don't even have room for an 85 inch TV. The vast majority of people will never own a television that can benefit from 8k. Hell, I don't know that most will ever own a TV that displays the benefits of 4K.
  13. You're being really negative and for no real reason lately, and have been pretty rude when doing so. Please keep your negative opinions to yourself because they add nothing and you keep beating multiple dead horses. The statistics don't support that claim at all. ----- Back on topic: As someone said earlier, 4K still hasn't been universally adopted yet, and frankly most folks would be hard pressed to see the difference between 1080 and 4K video given your average TV size. I don't expect most people will be able to tell the difference between 4K and 8K for the same reason.
  14. This is great for those that genuinely need 6K but I see very little reason to get it over the 4K if you don't need that extra resolution. I do think though that it undermines the Pocket 4K, which seems foolish to me. My guess is that it was being developed at the same time as the 4K and uses pretty much the same tech. Wonder if the S1H being announced made them decide to go to market sooner than they'd planned?
  15. The lens will retain value and can continue being used in the event you upgrade to a better M43 camera. The LX100 though is a 5 years old camera and will continue to decrease in value. Better to invest money on things that will retain value, in the event you want to sell or upgrade.
  16. That'd be a terrible investment. I'd definitely get the lens instead.
  17. I believe the mark II also adds dual IS 2.0 or whatever. At least it shows up that way when I use it. It's a very convenient lens. I wish they made a constant aperture variant!
  18. No one that has actually seen S1 footage would call it "unbelievably bad." What a weird thing to say, even if trolling.
  19. What are you shooting? Is there a lot of quick pans and movement? That can cause issues: more deliberate movement with two hands on the camera can help cut down on handling noise as your body acts as somewhat of a shock mount. Using your body to point and move, as opposed to just pointing the camera in a direction, will give you steadier footage and can help eliminate handling noise. Buying or building a better stock mount is also a very good idea. You still might get some handling noise though if you do rapid movements; unfortunately that's kinda unavoidable.
  20. Peter Gregg seems like such a nice, jovial fellow. Makes me feel bad I'm such a cynical asshole. Honestly that Sony needs to even add a setting where you can adjust the heat level allowance says all there needs to be said about their overheating issues.
  21. I haven't but this lens is interesting. https://youtu.be/qvF8AkR8BDs
  22. I get all that but I think I'd just get a used GH5 at that point, if only for the better sensor. Or the Pocke4K. Don't really see the advantage of this over those two, outside of it being a couple hundred dollars cheaper. But by the time you add an external monitor, mic, etc. you're in the same ballpark as the others really.
  23. Eh, hard pass then. They really need work on their marketing. Keeping track of all the variants is confusing. I also don't think we needed a stripped down cinema camera with a five year old sensor, maybe that's just me though? It doesn't seem that much more advanced than the E1 that they ran a fire sale on a year ago.
  24. Ah, I didn't see anything about raw shooting, just pro res, but that would make sense since, as it is, there's not much of a market for it given the Pocket 4K. Z CAM really needs to get better with relaying that info. Promised features they discuss on the Facebook page (where I guess that info comes from) should be on their other platforms. I think I'd still probably go with the Pocket 4K for the couple hundred more.
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