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  1. I just feel like we're years away from it becoming viable for lower end users, and higher end users probably aren't going to use h.265 anyway over ProRes and compressed raw. To me the promise of h.265 is on the delivery end more than anything.
  2. It's still a pain in the ass to edit for most people that use a lot of these lower end professional/cinema cameras, and h.264 is already in wide use at this level. There aren't really that many benefits to it, outside of smaller file size, is there? I also don't sense much of a demand right now.
  3. This is both very promising but also kind of disappointing; the performance boosts are impressive and they seem to be giving you good value, but I hate that Apple is going back to a more closed off system. The switch to Intel really opened things up, especially when it came to 3rd party programs. It also makes me wonder how easy it will be for those 3rd party developers to re-write or port their programs to use the new processors.
  4. I was actually blown away at how small this is when seeing a picture of it in someone's hand. This is gonna sell like crazy to wedding videographers, I think.
  5. I stopped using Resolve 16 when multicam editing became too difficult for my system when it worked flawlessly with 15... And I don't think it's just my system, since I know others have had trouble. I'll probably try this out to see if it's better, though. Fingers crossed.
  6. What were the lenses you used? What made ya go with the GH4/5? Did you find shooting in low light to be a problem? What would you say was the most difficult thing? BTW! It looks good! Please let us know when it's available!
  7. External RAW is nice to have if you need it, but having to send your camera in is ridiculous. 10 bit is much more useful for 99% of the work most of us do... Give us that, internally, please. I want Nikon to succeed, it's better for everyone, but c'mon.
  8. Same. It's incredibly frustrating, because I'm in a state that actually did well (Vermont) but I can't go to any of the neighboring states for work without having to quarantine because they didn't do so well. And even if I could, it's not worth the risk to myself or my loved ones.
  9. The first thing I thought of was the Tokina 11-16mm but that's APS-C. Do you absolutely need 11mm? Is your budget in the $500ish range? You can often get a good deal on Rokinon/Samyang lenses used. They're faster than the Irix, and are pretty decent lenses especially for the price, though the Irix likely has better build quality. Reviews say the Irix is soft wide open, so be aware of that. The Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 would go really well with your 18-35mm but I think it's $1100, so that might be too much.
  10. Actually I don't think you can use this with the Inspire 2, you're probably looking at one of the Matrice drones. Which are like $5600 without gimbal and camera.
  11. There aren't really any cheaper options... The DJI Inspire 2 w/o gimbal and camera is $2600.
  12. These specs always sound good, but when a client actually sends me video from their iPhone to use in a project it always looks soft. Granted, they're not professionals, but I've never really been blown away by video shot on any phone.
  13. This camera isn't meant for most people here. Yes, it can be used for a lot of our work but the work flow is obviously not geared towards it.
  14. Yeah this is mostly meant for live multicamera and studio set ups. It's actually quite compelling for that use. Very few people here though will need / want this. If I was still doing live streaming I'd consider getting a couple. Still, it makes a lot more sense than the original cine camera rumors lead me to believe, though I'm not sure how popular this will end up being.
  15. Shutter angle was one of those things I never knew I wanted until I got the original BMPCC and then the GH5. I'm very happy that they're adding it to the S5 and it makes it, with the kit lens, look mighty tempting.
  16. Does the S5 allow you to set shutter angle?
  17. I'm in Vermont, so even our "metro regions" are pretty small. Our biggest city has less than 50,000 people! I live in a town of under 3,000!
  18. Strange, I've used them a lot on other gigs and have had very few problems but I'm in the US, so I didn't know if maybe you were using ones that use a busy / crowded frequency in your country.
  19. I know a half dozen people who've relocated to Atlanta from NYC and LA in the last two years. Housing is more affordable and there's a lot of work down there on medium to big productions.
  20. What country? Could it be a frequency issue?
  21. Indeed. For a lot of people they'll never reach that point, because they're not using them that often but I do think it makes sense to pay a little more for something that'll last you for years and years. After 5 years of heavy use my Azden set, while pretty good, has started to go and they charge $50 each for the transmitter and receiver to replace the batteries. Those Sennheiser kits meanwhile will last until the components give out (so maybe forever?) and take regular batteries, which is great for long gigs. As someone that usually goes for more budget stuff, this is one of those times I wi
  22. Once you're getting into $250 or more, it might make sense to just spend extra and buy a used Sennheiser G3 or G4 kit. I have used some of these lower end systems and I've been pretty happy with them sound wise, but I've come to realize that they're not the best long term investment. I'm not a fan of the internal battery direction a lot of these companies are taking, as while it helps make things smaller it also means they have a set shelf life. Just my opinion though, as I get increasingly annoyed by my Azden Pro-XD holding less and less of a charge over time. Lol!
  23. I don't think you should be banned, but I hope that you really did learn a lesson. You're not a bad person, just insecure. We all seek validation to some extent, but don't try and create it artificially. In doing so you not only lied to us, but more importantly you lied to yourself. Have some pride, man.
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