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  1. Indeed. Someone as skillful as Mattias could use any camera, but the Canon EOS R helps him achieve his vision easiest. The $200 challenge should have shown people that it's not just about specs. We're incredibly lucky to have so many tools at our disposal, whether your budget is $200 or $2,000,000 there's no short supply of cameras that can help you create your vision. The issue with Canon, and I think some people maybe forget this, is not that their cameras are inadequate but that they take features away that hinder creativity while every other manufacturer has done the opposite, at least to some extent or another. Do you need 24p? No. Do you need DPAF in 4K? No. Can you use excessive crops? Yes. You can still create works of art with these cameras, even if it hinders your creative vision. But why should you have to, when you can use a GH5, X-T3, a6400, or hell even an old T3i? You shouldn't have to deal with those limitations because Canon decided they wanted to segment the market more and take away features in their lower end models that they've included for years.
  2. That's an unnecessary shot. @Mattias Burlingalways emphasizes that it's the right camera for him and his work flow, which is more than fair. Just because it's not an ideal camera for you doesn't mean it can't be for him. We all have our preferences and what's important to us. For him SOC color is more important than other specs. And that's OK. I don't see why it bothers people.
  3. I'm guessing early next year they'll announce the GH6.
  4. The FW code is really ridiculous. I get why they do it but a 4 week wait?!
  5. I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it's hard, especially after you've watched each video and they all essentially say the same thing as if they were given talking points. I like D4Darious too a lot. I hope he doesn't change what makes his channel great.
  6. I wanna keep this on track, and will be adding other channels as I find them and hope others do too, but this is today's example of what frustrates me these days about a YouTube. (see attached) You know when the "influencers" all got their free gear because they all literally post their "reviews" at the same time. I'm not sure if it's because there's some kind of embargo or if everyone just rushes to release theirs first, but when you see everyone posting theirs at the same time it: 1. Hits you over the head that they all got the gear for free. 2. Tells you they probably rushed to make the review, which isn't very helpful from an editorial or quality stand point. What I'm trying to say, and I'm not sure if I'm succeeding, is try to appreciate and actively support those that post genuine content that helps educate and inform. While I was a bit critical of Caleb Pike's EOS R coverage, he's someone that I appreciate and respect because he buys most of the stuff he reviews, and continues to put out educational stuff, proving that you can be successful without becoming a shill. Anyway, rant over! 😂
  7. Which is why ultimately I'll probably wait until the end of 2020 I think keeping them is the smarter move for now unless you're in a position where you need to "upgrade." Better to see how things play out I think.
  8. The S1 is $300 cheaper right now in the US (maybe elsewhere too?) I'm not sure though if it's permanent. Yeah, that's one of the reasons I haven't pulled the trigger. It's nice to be able to adapt lenses but I'd like to have some decent afford native lenses to use too.
  9. Welcome to EOSHD! Hopefully you stick around! And I'm just happy to help others find useful information and content! Thank you for your work! 😊
  10. With the price reduction it's really tempting but the cost of lenses is just way too hard to swallow. I'm so impressed with the stabilization. What a feat, really.
  11. I've seen a lot of Canon apologists but this 24p stuff might take the cake.
  12. Their reason is obvious: they don't want filmmakers using these cameras. I'm not really sure what part of that is hard to understand. I'm sorry but your argument is quite asanine. Just a few posts ago you argued that Canon might have to pay extra license fees for 24p, which is ridiculous, and now you're acting like an expert? The mental gymnastics you're doing right now to argue what is blatantly obvious is insane. Seriously, you wrote all that man to excuse CANON, who has a history of handicapping their cameras! Please, think that last sentence over a bit. All that, like the reason Canon cripples their cameras, goes without saying. No one said otherwise.
  13. Why is Canon even releasing EOS M cameras at this point? What was the last lens they released for it?
  14. That's the thing, every camera company has all the necessary code already written. The hard part was finished years and years ago and now it's just a matter of going in and changing fields to lock or unlock things. They could literally change a zero to a one in the code unlock 24p.
  15. <brain exploding gif> If Canon is at a point where they have to cut 24p as a cost cutting measure then they're on death's bed. That's not the real reason, but still. "Guys, we gotta cut expenses." "Let's cut 24p." "You're a genius Roger, you just saved the company." Canon includes 24p in their sub-$200 Vixia camcorders! 😂
  16. Nigel is great. He's very talented. I also like Scott. His wedding behind the scenes is crucial for any beginniner these days, they're so thorough. Not sure I'll get a lot out of his newer direction though. I'm happy though that his business is growing!
  17. Canon accidentally sets off filmmaking revolution, 10 years later people act like there hasn't been a decade of people using these cameras to shoot films.
  18. IT'S CANON! The company that has a history of removing features even as they charge a premium! They're not saving money cutting out 24p, BUT even if they were it'd be fucking indefensible and NOT "smart" at all. Seriously, what planet are you living on?!
  19. What kind of mental gymnastics do you gotta play to try and spin getting rid of 24p as a "smart move?" Yo, like Canon of you want, there's nothing wrong with it, but c'mon.
  20. Thank you! I always try to support and encourage these kinds of channels when I find them because I want them to know it's appreciated, no matter how many views or subscribers they have.
  21. What are some of the lesser known YouTube channels that you find to be informative / helpful /whatever for Filmmaking? Most of these channels have under 10,000 subs when I think they deserve more. Felicia Smith https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0VID5nSIk6QDC65bHym7TQ I stumbled upon her channel and there are videos that I wished I'd seen when I first started, especially the "What's in a camera assistants bag?" video that goes over tons of things I had to learn "the hard way." I also think it's cool that she adds another female voice to filmmaking. Not enough of those. DIYCameraGuy https://www.youtube.com/user/DIYCameraGuy I think he has some cool little tricks up his sleeve. I wish he was more active, but when he does make a video I almost always get something out of it. Gaffer & Gear https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgN351K45vTrozaadFPXlA What I like about this channel is how in depth he gets. Again this is stuff I'd wished I'd seen when starting out, and is helping me shore up some of my weaknesses when it comes to production and filmmaking. Lucas Pfaff https://www.youtube.com/user/erish2k5 I like Lucas's channel because he reviews a lot of budget gear, and has also started getting into stuff like anamorphic shooting, something I'm starting to dip my toe into. TL;DR Filmmaker https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAsianFilmmaker7 I've been dipping my toe into narrative work, and I've found his videos to be pretty helpful. He also does quite a few reviews on budget gear. I do worry though that he's becoming another YouTuber that gets free gear in return for reviews. Video Gizmology https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv23Zj2x11HHN-NG3fU_64g He owns a lot of equipment! I'm not quite sure why, ha ha, but he does. And he usually does a pretty in depth overview for quite a bit of it, and will do comparisons. ----- I feel like the filmmaking/production community on YouTube has changed a lot over the last couple years, and not for the better. While you still can get a lot out of them, education and teaching has taken a backseat to everyone wanting to become an "influencer." Get those free trips, free stuff to review, get that ad revenue, etc. So I just thought maybe I'd turn some people into some channels that really are helpful and have yet to fall into that cycle. Hopefully they help someone! Please share some of your own!
  22. I don't disagree that it's preventing innovation, but what's the most likely outcome here? Apple cementing itself even further. We're exchanging one greedy overlord for another.
  23. It was their first foray into mirrorless, I'd cut them some slack. They did quite a bit right out the gate, more than I expected. They also probably don't want to introduce internal RAW in their entry level full frame mirrorless camera.
  24. While true, a lot of revenue would be lost by the influx of third parties that would be able to release accessories that Red was once able to sell for thousands of dollars. Those Mini Mags that started this I can almost guarantee have a significantly higher profit margin than their actual cameras. Those cameras need those "proprietary" accessories to function, and are a huge part of RED's business. RED cameras were designed that way for a reason. Creating your own ecosystem, while using patents and legal threats to keep others from selling third party products, wasn't an accident.
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